Cleansing and detoxifyin

Cleansing and Detoxifying
By Tommy Priester
As we breathe, drink, eat and live we are exposed to a myriad of toxins. Some of these poisons are; exogenous estrogens, radiation, pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides, herbicides, plastics, de-natured foods, polluted water, heavy metals, molds, bacteria, viruses, bad oils and much more. Our bodies are always cleansing, this is how we stay healthy. When we are assaulted to the point that toxins start to build up, then we need to take action. Healthy elimination would be about 2 to 3 bowel movements daily (during fasting 2-4 movements daily). Also having several urinations daily, not to mention sweating daily is important. If we become sluggish then those toxins begin to build up and are the beginning of dis-ease as we know it. I call it toxic re-absorbtion. Our body is taking toxins and hormones from the colon into all of our cells. Instead of cleansing the cells, they become burdened and start to break down causing dis-ease. Loss of memory, sluggishness, tired after a good sleep, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, digestive difficulties, eye problems, skin problems, tooth issues, constipation, chrones disease are just some of the dis-eases caused by over toxification. We don’t need to go on. What we can start to see is that all disease can be helped if not cured by cleansing out the causative factor (the toxic re-absorption). Notes on cleansing
These notes apply to any cleanse you choose. Clean purified water or distilled is essential. ½ your body weight in oz. of water daily minimum. It is imperative that all products be from an organic source! You must eliminate all caffeine, sugar, cigarettes and alcohol. If you are on medications you should consult your doctor on taking only what you need. While cleansing you should have 2 to 4 bowel movement daily. You may need to use bulking agents like fresh ground flax seeds, psyllium husks and herbal laxatives like cascara sargrada to promote bowel movements. You also need to sweat regularly (20 min. daily). You can go to the spa or take baths with bath salts or work out or go to the sauna. Exorcise is essential, yoga, cardio, tia-chi, etc.(20 min. minimum daily). Create a plan: What is needed, how much, how often…get your supplies ready. Tools: Blender and a juicer are needed to juice veggies and fruits. Hot water bottle, mixing jars and containers. Products: Water (Spring, filtered, distilled), organic fruits and veggies, frozen berries, olive oil (extra virgin 1st. cold pressed) apple cider vinegar, herbal detox teas & laxative teas, aloe vera juice, miso pastes, lemons, flax seeds, psyllium husks, charcoal capsules, pro-biotics, digestive enzymes and green drink with spirulina. Cleansing methods
Pure water fast; Is great for up to 3 day cleanses but not good for long term because the body starts to break down muscles and also stops eliminating. Colonics and enemas: Are a great way to cleanse the colon but don’t reach deeper into the system, unless you do coffee enemas that cause the liver to dump its toxic load into the intestines. Herbal de-tox teas: Are great as they can work on detoxifying the whole system. The lemonade cleanse: Is great as it cleanses the whole system after about 7 days and the longer you are on it the deeper it cleanses. Juice fasting: Is also a great way as it relieves the system from the burden of digesting and also detoxifies the whole system. Food cleansing combined with juice fasting and herbal teas is a very good way to de-tox. There are several tests that you can do through your medical practitioner that can show the results of your cleanse or the need to cleanse. Hair analysis: Is good to find heavy metal toxicity and to determine mineral absorption. A full blood screening: Is also good to check all your blood counts, liver enzymes and blood chemicals. It also can determine viral and bacterial loads. Stool sample: Tests for candida over-growth and other bacteria and parasite issues. Ph tests: Are very important to show the acid alkaline balance. The Seven day de-tox
It starts with a 2 day water and lemon water fast. Use herbal de-tox teas during this phase. When starting this fast it can be helpful to take: Charcoal- 1 capsule 3x’s day, Vitamin C- 500 mgs 3x’s day, Milk thistle- 1 capsule 3x’s day to alleviate toxic side effects from starting to cleanse. Next: Is a 5 day foods cleanse. 1st: Upon waking between 6am-8am drink 8 oz. water with pro-biotics followed by another 8oz. of water with the juice of ½ a lime. Then a fruit smoothie or fresh fruit, and or soaked prunes. At 9am drink a mixture of: 2oz. cranberry juice concentrate, 6oz. water and 1tbsp. fresh ground flax seeds (keep them refrigerated). At 10:30-11am drink 16oz. veggie juice and eat up to 10 soaked almonds. Drink 8 oz. water ½ hr. after. Lunch: About 1pm eat a salad, some steamed veggies with 1tbsp. oil added with fresh lemon or lime juice or apple cider vinegar. Also take dig. enzymes. At 3-3:30pm drink 16 oz. veggie juice, with some celery if you need more food. You can eat an apple or pear. After have some herbal de-tox tea. Dinner 5:30-6:30pm: Drink veggie juice and or veggie miso soup with steamed greens and 1Tbsp. Oil, (season with kelp and or dulse). Don’t forget your dig. enzymes. Don’t drink water with food, inhibits proper digestion. 7:30 drink water fiber mixture. Nighttime 8-9pm: 1 to 2 cups de-tox tea. With this fast you can aid the de-tox process by doing colonics or enemas/coffee enemas. Doing a bath with bath salts helps de-tox through the skin. No longer than 18 minutes and finish with a 60 second cool shower. Can be done every night. You can skin brush two times during the day to increase circulation and lymphatic detoxification. The Master Cleanse
Also known as the Lemonade Cleanse Dissolves toxins and congestion through out the body. It cleanses the liver, kidneys, skin, lymph, blood, digestive system and glands. This cleanse will dissolve the plaque that has formed and coated the intestines blocking proper assimilation. Stop all intake of any foods that may cause any food sensitivities. Stop all sugar, alcohol, simple carb’s, junk foods, dairy products and meat proteins. Pre-cleanse Drink a blend of tea for 7 to 10 days. I like using herbal teas to cleanse the blood. Herbs like: red clover, burdock, nettles, yellow dock, dandelion, bupleurum, sarsaparilla, meadowsweet, st john’s wort, cleavers and fringe tree. How to make lemonade 2 tbsp. Lemon or lime juice (approx. ½ a lime). 2tbsp. Pure grade B maple syrup. 1/10 tsp. cayenne pepper or to taste. 10 oz. Water medium hot (only use pure water). I found it best to make enough for a whole days worth to take with me to work. 1-1/2 cups lemon juice 1-1/2 cups Maple syrup 1 tsp. cayenne pepper 120 oz. water This makes almost a gal. I drink this in 8oz. doses through out the day up to 12 glasses per day. During this cleanse you shouldn’t eat any thing or take any supplements. If you are working out or sweating a lot, feel free to drink extra water. It’s very important to have 2 to 3 bowel movements per day. To help this you can start off by drinking an herbal laxative tea at night and in the morning. Every other day drink a quart of warm salt water upon waking. This will cause a complete intestinal flush. 1 quart warm water add 2 tsp. Celtic sea salt (don’t use table salt). Shake it to dissolve and drink entire quart at one time. This can be done up to 3x’s a day if needed. It will cause some discomfort and bring on 1 or more bowel movements. You should also take 1 tbsp. Pure extra virgin olive oil 2x’s daily. For the first two days make up 2 quarts of juice. 1qt. fresh squeezed OJ or grapefruit juice to 1 qt. Water. Diluting the juice helps your system ease back into its working mode. Drink slowly. Keep drinking ½ your body weight in oz’s. of water daily. Third day: Drink the juice mixture in the morning. Keep drinking ½ your body weight in oz’s. of water daily. Eat a couple of pieces raw fruit for lunch. For dinner eat a fruit or raw veggie salad (be sure to chew your food into a liquid before swallowing). I like miso soup and sea weeds with a bunch of cooked watercress. It’s also good to start using a little (1tsp.) bulking agents (ground flax seed and psyllium husks). When breaking a fast wait at least 5 days to re-introduce meats, dairy, eggs etc. It would be best to stay off sweets and simple carbohydrates permanently. Now you can start to eat other foods and start towards a normal diet. Liver gallbladder Flush
Start with 6 days of food cleanse same as the 7 day de-tox (above) Needs: 6 quarts apple juice, 1 quart epsom salt, 1 quart extra virgin olive oil, 8 pink grapefruit or equal amounts orange and lemon combined, and two pint jars with lids. Drink a quart of apple juice. It can be diluted with water by 50% if it feels too uncomfortable. The malic acid in the apples softens the stones in the liver and gallbladder and helps their passage. Avoid cold and overly hot drinks and food. Only eat small meals. Timing: Start on a Sunday (if possible set it up so that you start 6 days before the full or new moon), on Friday evening you start the actual flush. Fri. 6pm: Drink 6 oz. of the mixture : 4 Tbsp. Epom salt (magnesium sulfate) with 24 oz. water in a jar and shake it up. 8 pm: Drink 2nd 6 oz. of epsom salt mixture. 9:30pm: Start mixing grapefruit juice 6 oz. to 4 oz. olive oil in a jar and shake for 15 minutes. 10pm: Stand next to bed and drink entire mixture at once. If you can’t take the taste try drinking through a straw. It can be sweetened with a little grade B maple syrup. Lie down ASAP for 20 minutes, lie as still as possible. You should have some pillows propping your head and torso up. Or you can lie on your right side with your legs pulled up. Try to go to sleep. If you need to eliminate do so but start looking for the stones. Saturday: 6-6:30am: Drink your 3rd 6 oz. epsom salt mixture. You can drink some warm water before if your thirsty. Its best to stay upright and even do some light exercise like yoga. 8-8:30am: Drink last 6 oz. epsom mixture. 10-10:30: Drink some freshly pressed or juiced fruit juice. In ½ hour you may eat 1-2 pieces of fresh fruit.1 hour later you may eat some food (I like to have some soup made up). By the next morning you should be back on the diet you were on before Friday night but without the apple juice. You should feel the difference now. During the flush if you catch your elimination in a screen and rinse it out you will notice all the stones that came out of the liver and gallbladder. This process is best done once a month for six months to make sure you have cleared all the stones and stop the tendency to make them. Alternate Liver Gallbladder Flush
Starts with a 2 day mild food fast similar to 7 day cleanse. You can eat or better yet juice veggies and eat fruits like peaches, figs, pears and soaked prunes. Blend up a mixture of: 8oz. carrot juice, 8oz. each of: peaches, pears and 5 soaked prunes and ¼ cup prune juice, 1 bunch of chopped parsley and 2 tbsp. powdered psyllium seeds. Put in blender and liquefy for 3-4 minutes. Drink 2 cups every 4 hours during the 2 day pre cleanse along with soups and lots of water. At night and in the morning you should be drinking an herbal laxative tea to get the bowels moving or you can do enema’s 2x’s daily. Coffee enemas are also very good at clearing toxins out of the liver. For the next 3 to 5 days continue food cleanse. Drink a mixture of 8tbsp.olive oil, 3tbsp. grapefruit juice, 1tbsp. grade B maple syrup and 2 tsp. apple cider vinegar (mix in a closed jar shake vigorously and drink). You can do this for up to a week. This will clear out the stones. Again if you tend towards stone formation you may be smart to do this cleanse a few x’s in 6 months. 1 tbsp. Lecithin granules every 3 day’s is a good preventative for the tendency for stones. It’s a good idea to drink 1-2x’s daily 1tbsp. Aloe vera juice to 1 cup warm water, to help to continue the cleansing (1 – 2 weeks). Kidney Cleanse
To clear gravel or stones from kidneys and bladder take herbal formula for 20-30 days. One oz. each: Marjoram, cat’s claw, comfrey rt. Two oz. each: Fennel seed, hydrangia, uva-ursi, gravel rt., marshmallow rt. and golden rod. Mix dried herbs into a container shake and seal. Use 3 heaping tbsp. to 16 oz. water, cover and let stand (infuse) over night. In the morning bring to a boil turn off and drink ¼ cup, up to 6x’s daily (1 hour before or after food). Do this for 20 days consecutively. This will cause a releasing of gravel, mucus and stones. You may see dark releases of urine, this is a sign of the kidneys detoxifying. It’s a good idea to follow your third liver cleanse with a kidney cleanse. There are many herbs that have cleansing actions. Just to name a few: Liver and blood = Alteratives: Dandelion, blue flag root, buckthorn, milk thistle, red clover, burdock, yellow dock, licorice, blessed thistle, stillingia, figwort, stinging nettles, sarsaparilla, wild yam, elder flower, oregon grape root, chaparral, and yarrow. Kidneys: Juniper berry, uva-ursi, parsley, corn silk, yarrow, ginger, gravel root, marshmallow, golden rod, cleavers, horsetail, watermelon seed, wild ccrrot, etc. Anti-inflammatory: Slippery elm bark, chomomile, calendula, cat’s claw, St. John’s wort, and meadowsweet. Demulcent: Comfrey, irish moss, marshmallow and slippery elm. Diaphoretic: Boneset, elder, peppermint, cayenne pepper, garlic and ginger. Laxative: Dandelion, buckthorn, rhubarb root, yellow dock, aloe vera juice and senna. Supplements
*Charcoal- 2 caps. or 2 Tbsp. powder 10 min. before meals. Binds to the toxins released into the bile from the liver. Turmeric- 4 caps. or 1tbsp. in 2oz. warm water after meals. It is a liver protector and bile stimulant. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant actions. *Flax seeds-1-2 tsp. 1x daily. Grind and mix in 8 oz. water. *Psyllium husks- 1 tbsp 2x’s daily in 8 oz. water. *Lecithin- 500 mgs 3x’s day. It liquefies bile and stops the formation of stones in liver and gallbladder. *Cod liver oil- 1tbsp. 2x’s daily It controls and fixes calcium. Glycine- 1500-3000 mgs daily between meals. It is an amino acid that helps to build glutathione levels and detoxify the liver. *Alpa Lipoic Acid- 600 mgs 2x’s daily: (Diabetics should avoid ALA, instead use N-acetyl cysteine1200 mg daily); antioxidant (ALA protects cell damage on a genetic level), increases glutathione levels, antiviral, chelation agent, neurotonic, liver regenerative, normalizes blood sugar levels, stops mucus formation in the lungs and helps the release of heavy metals. NAC(n-acetyl-cysteine)- 500mgs 3x’s daily between meals. It is a precursor to glutathione. It prevents mucus in the lungs, increases immune response and helps to regulate liver detoxification. L-glutamine- 500 mgs 3x’s daily with meals. It heals leaky gut syndrome by healing and thickening the intestinal walls. It prevents the passage of bacteria, viruses and larger particles of food from being absorbed into the blood. Vitamin E Succinate- 200 IUs 3x’s daily with meals. It prevents muscle tissue break down and is a potent anti-oxidant. It potentiates Vitamin C and Selenium in cartilage and skin repair and flexibility. *Vitamin C with bio-flavanoids- start @ 500 mgs and build up to 2000mgs 3x’s daily before meals. It is a potent anti-oxidant, immune stimulant and anti- microbial. It encourages elimination and is a cofactor in collagen synthesis and repair. Betonite clay- 1tsp. in 8 oz. water. It binds to and draws toxins out of the tissues. Vitamin A- up to 10,000 IUs daily. It is a powerful anti-oxidant Vitamin B-complex- 100 mgs daily with a minimum of 12.5 mg B-5 daily; cartilage growth and repair and cognitive abilities. Selenium- 200 mcgs daily; Immune stimulant, antioxidant, antiviral and protects the tissues from microbial damage (cofactor with glutathione synthesis). Zinc Picolinate with Copper- 20-30 mcg daily; It is a potent anti-oxidant, immune stimulant and encourages collagen repair. Liquid multi-vitamin and liquid multi-mineral daily. *Probiotics- (refrigerated source only). A minimum of 2.000,000 good bacteria per day. I suggest 6 caps @ night and 4 caps in the morning. Undecylcenic acid- 2 tablets 3x’s day between meals to kill yeast (candida). Wormwood- 2 caps. Taken for 3 days while on fast to kill parasites. Papain- 1 tablet 3x’s day for 1 week. Take while on fast to kill parasites. References: The Real Vitamin and mineral book: By Shari Lieberman, PhD and Nancy Bruning The Amazing liver and Gallbladder Flush: By Andreas Moritz Heinerman’s new encyclopedia of Fruits and Vegetables: By John Heinerman Get Healthy Now: By Gary Null The New Holistic Herbalist: By David Hoffman, Herbalist The Master Cleanse: By Stanley Burroughs Seven Day Detox Miracle: By Peter Bennet, N.D. and StephenBarrie, N.D. Today’s Herbal Health: By Louise Tenney, M.H. Edgar Cayce”s Guide To Colon Care: By Sandra Duggan, R.N. Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management: By Bernard Jensen D.C., Acid & Alkaline: By Herman Aihaea The Healing Clay: By Michel Abehsera


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