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Mædica - a Journal of Clinical Medicine Update in Diabetology Cristian GUJA, MD, PhDa; Radu LICHIARDOPOL, MD, PhDa,baThe National Institute of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases „Prof. NC bThe University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila”, Bucharest, Romania S everal important developments in the does not decrease the frequency of cardiovas-diagnosis and treatment o

Das biblische fest chanukkax

Das Biblische Fest Chanukka im Vergleich zum christlich-heidnischen Weihnachtsfest Der Hauptunterschied zwischen diesen beiden Festen ist der, dass Chanukka zwar schon stattgefunden hat und der damals entweihte Tempel in Jerusalem wieder eingeweiht wurde, doch hat Chanukka noch eine prophetische Bedeutung die das Weihnachtsfest nicht hat. Abgesehen davon wurde Yashuah nicht am 25. Dezember im Jahr

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Expediente 2484-D-09 H. Cámara de Diputados de la Nación PROYECTO DE LEY Texto facilitado por los firmantes del proyecto. Debe tenerse en cuenta que solamente podrá ser tenido por auténtico el texto publicado en el respectivo Trámite Parlamentario, editado por la Imprenta del Congreso de la Nación. El Senado y Cámara de Diputados,. Publicidad Electoral y de Actos

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Curriculum Vitae Date of Birth: 20/10/1980 Nationality: Iranian Marital Status: Married Address: Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Mobile Phone: +98-918-735-0619 E-mail: [email protected] Education: BSc.: Department of chemistry, Faculty of Science, Razi University, Kermanshah, IRAN (2004). MSc.: Department of chemistry, Faculty of Science, Razi Univ

Why you could need msm -

SAFE PAIN RELIEF. . . EVEN of hay. It is important to supplement most FOR CATS . . . MSM ! . . . diets with a pure source of MSM. Nutritionists, vets, & horse owners report acclaimed by vets and horse studs for its contribution to equine health care and pet sulfur, an element that is essential in the throughout the equine and pet industry in the US, being relatively new


(2010 年) 1) Nakano A, Kato H, Watanabe T, Min KD, Yamazaki S, Asano Y, Seguchi O, Higo S, Shintani Y, Asanuma H, Asakura M, Minamino T, Kaibuchi K, Mochizuki N, Kitakaze M, Takashima S. AMPK controls the speed of microtubule polymerization and directional cell migration through CLIP-170 phosphorylation. Nat Cell Biol. 2010 Jun;12(6):583-90. Epub 2010 May 23. PMID: 20495555. 2) Higo S, A


Scheduling: 972-612-6525 Fax: 469-484-2326 Diagnosis (All test/procedures ordered must have a diagnosis and reason for testing) Physician's Signature (required for order) To request radiology images or reports contact us at 972-566-7226 3-D Reformation BILATERAL Fluoroscopy Nuclear Medicine Radiology Rapidscreen Chest CAD will be completed on all


LIDOKAIN BIZTONSÁGI ADATLAP 1907/2006 EK rendelet (REACH) és 1272/2008 EK rendelet (CLP-GHS) szerint 1. AZ ANYAG/KEVERÉK ÉS A VÁLLALAT/VÁLLALKOZÁS AZONOSTÁSA 1.1. Term ékazonosító A z anyagnak egyelõre nincs regisztrációs száma, mert a regisztráció késõbbi idõpontban várható, vagy az éves gyártott mennyiség alapján regisztráció nem szükséges, vagy a R

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General Medical Information Name: _________________________________Date: ______________Age: __________ PAST MEDICAL HISTORY YEAR ILLNESSES ________ ( ) Heart trouble (angina__) (heart attack ___) (Heart failure ___) (Heart murmur __) (valve ________ ( ) High blood pressure ________ ( ) Stroke ________ ( ) Ulcers (stomach ___) (duodenal___) (colon___) ________ ( ) Diabetes

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*Instructions: The proofreading document below is designed to challenge your proofreading and editing skills. The document may contain missing demographic information, incorrect headings, misspelled words, misplaced punctuation, and other errors within the document. First, print the document, locate the errors, and mark the changes that are necessary in pen. Then refer to the answer key to ch

Pediatric inflammatory bowel disease: highlighting pediatric differences in ibd

Pe d iatri c I n flam mator yBowe l Dis eas e :Hig h lig hting Pe d iatricDiff ere nces in IBD Crohn disease  Ulcerative colitis Inflammatory bowel disease  Pediatric Evidence-based treatment algorithmsInflammatory bowel disease (IBD) includes Crohn disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis(UC), and is often diagnosed in late childhood and early adulthood. IBD is thoughtto develop as a result of

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IAPP on novel genetic and phenotypic markers of Parkinson's disease and Essential Tremor (MarkMD) Grant agreement no.: 230596 SUMMARY OF MARKMD Project objectives Find genetic markers (CNVs) associated with Parkinson’s disease or Essential Tremor (WP1 and WP4) Test genetic markers in patients‘ cohorts and detailed clinical phenotyping of patients (WP2 and WP4) Test genetic mar


In the name of God I-PERSONAL INFORMATION Name : Gholamreza Family : Goudarzi Date of birth: 1977 Place of birth : Boroujerd, Lorestan Province, IRAN. Marital Status: Married Religion: Islam Academic Rank : Assistant Professor Address: Medical Microbiology Dept. Faculty of Medicine, Lorestan University of Medical Science, Khorramabad, Iran. Tel:

De angelsaksische verschuiving

Research summary* Anglo-Saxon vs. European capitalism Drifting apart, US and EU politicians follow underlying economic trends Politically, the European Union and the United States are drifting apart. But as we all know - since Karl Marx or Bill Clinton, depending on our age - economy always comes first. Actually, the economic cultures of the 'old' and the 'new' world were already moving


PROgRam CSH Asia/ICMS Joint Conference on Tumor Microenvironment Suzhou, China November 13-17, 2012 TUESDAY, NovEMbEr 13, 2012 GreetiNGS isaac P. Witz, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel Introductory Remarks KEYNoTE LECTUrE Introduced by isaac P. Witz robert C. Gallo , Institute of Human Virology, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, M


Chronic Myeloproliferative Disorders • Research Paper Pegylated interferon for the treatment of high risk essential thrombocythemia: results of a phase II study Background and Objectives. Patients with high-risk essential thrombocythemia requirecytoreductive therapy in order to normalize the elevated platelet counts. We evaluatedthe efficacy and toxicity of pegylated interferon in high-ri

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Helyezés Iskola név Helység Pontszám Szilvási Ált. Isk. Felsıszilvási Tagint. Lágymányosi Bárdos Lajos Kéttannyelvő ÁI. és Gimn. Váci Utcai Ének-Zenei Általános IskolaSzent-Györgyi Albert Ált. Isk. és Gimn. Álmos Vezér Gimnázium és Általános Isk. Kırösi Csoma Sándor Általános IskolaApáczai Nevelési és ÁMK 1. Sz. Ált. Isk. Timaffy László Pe

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C A S E S T U D Y The Use of Capnography and NPPV in Hypercapnic Respiratory Failure Jhaymie L. Cappiello, RRT RCP Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC A 73-year-old male with a complex history of COPD, hypertension and previous myocardial infarctions presented to the emergencydepartment in severe respiratory distress. The patient was placed on Noninvasive Positive Pressure Ventila

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KEEP BANKING SECRECY AND PRESERVE GLOBALIZATION Avoid undermining democracy and competition IMD Chemin de Bellerive 23 PO Box 915, CH-1001 Lausanne Switzerland Tel: +41 21 618 01 11 Fax: +41 21 618 07 07 [email protected] http://www.imd.chKEEP BANKING SECRECY | Avoid undermining democracy and competition Keep banking secrecy and preserve globalization Global leaders at the G20 Summit in


Ineffectiveness of topiramate and levetiracetam in infantile spasms non-responsive to steroids Open labeled randomized prospective study Adel A. Mahmoud, MD, FRCP, Tamer M. Rizk, MD, FRCPCH, Ahmed A. Mansy, MD, Jaffar A. Ali, PHD, Mohamad A. Al-Tannir, DMD, MPH. ABSTRACT respond to prednisone (2mg/kg/day in 2 divided doses) were recruited and randomized into 2 groups

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For the use only of a Registered Medical Practitioner the range that could be expected in patients with normal liver function. In patients with severe hepatic insufficiency the AUCs were 2 to 3 times higher than in the patients with normal liver function. No dosage adjustment is recommended for patients with mild to moderate hepatic insufficiency (Child Pugh Classes A and B). However, in patie

February 12, 2004

You are scheduled for allergy testing on: ______________day ___________________date ________________time Preparation: Attached is a list of medications to discontinue for skin testing. Please read the list and follow the instructions for any medications you take on the list. Fill out the allergy questionnaire completely , it helps us gain an understanding of your symptoms and wh


mwb-3142-codex.pharma.-.deel.i.book Page 115 Monday, March 21, 2011 10:48 AM Koninklijk Besluit van 22 januari 1998 wetenschappelijke doeleinden noodzakelijk voor en(Het in het vorige lid bedoelde etiket dient niet tebinnen de perken van hun beroepsnoodwendigheden. worden aangebracht op de recipiënten waarin farma-Indien deze verwerving geschiedt in het kader vanceutische specialiteiten

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Enalapril Enalapril is used to treat mild, moderate or severe heart failure and high blood pressure and is usually used in combination with other medications. It is available as 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg and 20mg tablets. The usual dose for dogs is 0.25mg/pound by mouth given once a day. (sold per tablet) What is Enalapril? Enalapril is used to treat mild, moderate, or severe heart failure

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IV – Résultats groupe fumeur 6 - Arrêt du tabac Avant d’envisager la population « fumeurs », il faut souligner que sur les 51 autres personnes interrogées dans l’enquête, 8 personnes (5 hommes et 3 femmes) sont des ex-fumeurs, dont l’arrêt du tabac date de moins de 5 ans. En demandant aux salariés fumeurs s’ils avaient déjà arrêter de fumer, 54 y ont répondu


陕西师范大学物理化学精品课程 SUPERCRITICAL CARBON DIOXIDE AS A UNIQUE REACTION MEDIUM INTRODUCTION Supercritical fluids are becoming increasingly important in industry partly in response to the adverse environmental impact of solvent use and disposal. Carbon dioxide has received special attention as a result of its easily accessible supercritical point (31 °C, 75.8 bar


PRISE EN CHARGE MÉDICO-CHIRURGICALE DE LA RHIZARTHROSEᕢ L’infiltration de la trapézo- métacarpienne L’infiltration intra-articulaire de la trapézo-métacarpienne fait partie des gestes quotidiens de la rhumato-logie interventionnelle ■ Sa principale indication est la rhizarthrose ; très rarement, elle peut aussi soula-ger une arthropathie post-traumatique ■Dr Henri Le


BIZTONSÁGI ADATLAP A 453/2010 EK, a 1907/2006 EK (REACH) és a 1272/2008 EK rendeletek (CLP-GHS) szerint. 1. SZAKASZ: AZ ANYAG/KEVERÉK ÉS A VÁLLALAT/VÁLLALKOZÁS AZONOSÍTÁSA 1.1. Term ékazonosító 1.2. Az anyag vagy keverék m egfelelő azonosított felhasználása, illetve ellenjavalt felhasználása Élelmiszeripar,gyógyászat,fájdalomcsillapítóazonosítot felhaszná


In patients with Fredrickson Types IIa and IIb hyperlipoproteinemia pooled from 24 controlled trials, the median (25thand 75th percentile) percent changes from baseline in HDL-C for atorvastatin 10, 20, 40, and 80 mg were 6.4 (-1.4, 14),8.7 (0, 17), 7.8 (0, 16), and 5.1 (-2.7, 15), respectively. Additionally, analysis of the pooled data demonstrated consistent Lipitor® and significant decrea

Protocol for administering acetaminophen

PROTOCOL FOR ADMINISTERING ACETAMINOPHEN Acetaminophen is the generic name of the medication that is commercially available under the following brand names: Atasol, Tempra, Tylenol and other house brand names. Under the Educational Childcare Regulation, acetaminophen may be administered without medical authorization to a child receiving childcare, provided it is administered in accordance


MEDICATIONS TO USE WITH CAUTION No summary can take the place of careful discussions with your health care professionals. Few patients consider visual symptoms as being related to their medicine. However, when you realize that your eyes are really just an extension of your brain, an organ which is extremely sensitive to many drugs, it is not surprising that vision can be impaired by a


Kohji Murata, MD, Kazuhisa Yatsunami, PhD, Eiichi Fukuda, Satoshi Onodera, PhD, Osamu Mizukami, MD, PhD, Gen Hoshino, MD, Tsutomu Kamei, MD, PhD Kohji Murata, MD, is at the Shimane Institute of Health did not improve when conventional treatments such as sulfony- Science in Izumo, Japan, and in the department of comple- lureas and/or α-glucosidase inhibitors were added to their diet


Revised 03/07/05 Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology / Musculoskeletal Section Baseline Vertebroplasty Patient Questionnaire Patient Name : Patient Street address : City / Zip Code : Home phone # :( ) ______________________ Work Phone #: ( ) Sex :________________ Weight :__________________ Date of birth :___________________ Social Security #: Contact person ot


TERMS OF SALE Interpretation “ACCEPTANCE FORM” means the Sel er’s written acceptance of the Buyer’s order; “BUYER” means the person named as Buyer in the order form or the Sel er’s Acceptance Form; “CONDITIONS” means the standard terms and conditions of sale set out in this document and (unless the context otherwise requires) includes any special terms and conditions agr

Colonoscopy preparation instructions

Colonoscopy Preparation Instructions You are scheduled for a colonoscopy in our endoscopy center on . The facility is located at 347 East 37th Street. Plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time of the procedure. Shortly after checking in at the front desk, the staff of the endoscopy center will direct you from the waiting room to a changing area. We provide locked storage


SISC CO-PAYMENT REFERENCE GUIDE Medco manages your prescription drug benefit at the request of SISC. Your plan gives you the option of getting your covered medications through the Medco Pharmacy ® mail-order service or at a participating retail pharmacy. The chart below provides a summary of your prescription drug benefit co-payments. When you use a participating When you use the T


Synthesis of a-L-Threofuranosyl Nucleoside TriphosphatesKeyong Zou,1 Allen Horhota,3 Biao Yu,2 Jack W. Szostak,1 Larry W. 1Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and Department of Molecular Biology,Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts 02184, and 2State KeyLaboratory of Bio-organic and Natural Products Chemistry, Shanghai Institute of OrganicChemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 3

15 de septiembre

15 de Septiembre Hace tiempo, un día como hoy ocurría. - Día Internacional de la Paz "La paz, el desarrollo y la protección del medio ambienteson interdependientes e inseparables." (Principio 25 de la Declaración de Río sobre el- Guatemala ? Independencia (1821) ? Fiesta Nacional. - Nicaragua ? Independencia (1821) ? Fiesta Nacional. - Honduras ? Independencia (1821) ? Fies


L'EBRAISMO NELLA CULTURA OCCIDENTALE La Bibbia non è un libro su Dio, ma un libro sull'uomo. Chi è l'uomo nella Bibbia? Un essere postonel travaglio, ma che ha i sogni di Dio: il sogno di un'umanità che sia veramente la Sua immagine,che rispetti la saggezza, la giustizia e la misericordia; il sogno di Dio di non essere mai solo , ma diavere un egnere umano a compagno nel dramma continuo de

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The Centre For Women’s Reproductive Care Harvey Ward MB ChB, BSc(Med), FCOG (SA), MMed (O&G), FRANZCOG Obstetrician & Gynaecologist WHEN YOUR DOCTOR PRESCRIBES CLOMID You have been advised to take Clomid (Clomiphene by thickening mucus in the cervix and impairing citrate) also sold as Serophene. This is a mild sperm penetration. Recent studies suggest a fertility drug,

Bcn quantity limits_jan 2007_112906.xls

Blue Care Network - January 2007 DOSE OPTIMIZATION PROGRAM Antidepressants Cymbalta (Nonformulary)* Emsam (Nonformulary) Paxil CR (Nonformulary)* Pexeva (Nonformulary)* Prozac Weekly (Nonformulary)* Wellbutrin XL (Nonformulary)* Antidiabetics Actoplus Met (Nonformulary) * Avandamet (Nonformulary) * Byetta (Nonformulary)* Duetact (Nonformulary)* Antihype

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My Daughter Parents' Newsletter - July 2009 Welcome to our end-of-term newsletter, bringing you up to date on the latest hot topics in education and how they affect your daughters. Here at MyDaughter we’re very excited about the changes which are coming soon to We've listened to your suggestions and requests so do check out a more dynamic and user-friendly site from mid-August. We al

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FOR COLONOSCOPY-GOLYTELY/NULYTELY/TRILYTE PREP FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS, NOT THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE PREP BOTTLE!!! PLEASE READ TODAY 1. All aspirin and aspirin containing products should be stopped at least four (4) days before your procedure. Any iron supplements should also be stopped for seven (7) days prior to your procedure date. Call your primary care physician regard

Take action before it's gone

Copyright (c) 2006 Los Angeles Times Take action before it's gone By Marnell Jameson, Special to The Times Los Angeles Times Monday October 16, 2006 TRYING to prevent hair loss is not a new male obsession. For all we know, cavemen spent time staring into pools arranging their residual tresses into primitive comb-overs. What is new, however, is that today's remedies actually work — at


Effective January 1, 2014, these medications will be excluded from benefit coverage. You may continue taking an excluded medication but you will pay the full price for the medication . We encourage you to use one of the lower-cost options shown in the flyer. Medication Lower-cost option(s) Medication Lower-cost option(s) Amnesteem, Claravis, Myorisan, Sotret, Zenatane Fluticaso

La coerción reguladora en la esfera nuclear

Compendio de Medidas Coercitivas Medidas Administrativas SUSPENSION Y REVOCACION DE AUTORIZACIONES. Al amparo del Decreto–Ley Nro 207 “Sobre el uso de la energía Nuclear“y la Resolución Nro.25/98 del CITMA Reglamento “Autorización de prácticas Asociadas al empleo de las radiaciones ionizantes” la autoridad competente podrá disponer la suspensión o la revocación

Proposta tesi 2003-2004max(ab).xls

PROCEDURA PER L’ATTRIBUZIONE DELLA TESI DI LAUREA A.A. 2003-2004 1. Contattare il/i docente/i che propone/propongono la tesi 2. Dopo aver avuto assenso verbale da parte del docente ritirare in segreteria didattica il modulo per l’iscrizione alla tesi 3. Nel caso si tratti di tesi preclinica richiedere al docente di indicare la sede dell’attività professionalizzante (se no

115.209_01_11~ behandeling met infliximab.doc

Behandeling met infliximab Ter behandeling van de ziekte van Crohn en colitis ulcerosa Inleiding Uw arts heeft een behandeling met infliximab voorgesteld. Infliximab is een krachtig middel ter behandeling van de ziekte van Crohn of colitis ulcerosa. Het vermindert de ontstekingsactiviteit en helpt daarmee bij de ziekte van Crohn ook om

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Bibliography -- Drug Abuse ========================================================================= 362.29 BAY Bayer, Linda N. Crack & cocaine. Philadelphia: Chelsea House Publishers, [2000]. Note: Describes the effects of crack and other forms of cocaine on the body, the dangers of abusing them, the reasons why people use them, and ways to prevent an addiction or get help. 362.2

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Sanofi-aventis Press Release with Cabazitaxel in Patients with Advanced - Results Demonstrated 28% Improvement in Overall Survival - Paris, France - May 27, 2010 - Sanofi-aventis (EURONEXT: SAN and NYSE: SNY) announced today the updated results from the Phase 3 trial, TROPIC, that demonstrated the investigational drug cabazitaxel plus prednisone/prednisolone, significantly i

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MASTZELLTUMOREN DES HUNDES DÜRBAUM, M. Zusammenfassung: Mastzelltumoren stellen eine häufige cutane Neoplasie des Hundes dar. Sie variieren stark in ihrem Erscheinungsbild, lassen sich aber relativ einfach mittels Feinnadelaspiration diagnostizieren. Therapeutisch kommen vor allem Chirurgie und Radiotherapie in betracht. Die Prognose ist vor allem abhängig von histologischem Grad und


Acetaminophen F (Paracetamol) 5 - 25 g/ml toxisch: > 100 g/ml N-Acetylprocainamid F (NAPA) 6 – 20 g/ml toxisch: > 40 g/ml Acetylsalicylsäure F Analgetikum: 20 – 50 g/mI Antirheumatikum: 50 – 250 g/ml toxisch: > 400 g/ml Aspirinwirkung siehe in vitro Blutungszeit Ajmalin F 0,05 – 1,0 g/ml toxisch: > 5,0 g/ml Amantadin F

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BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH Provide the following information for the key personnel and other significant contributors in the order listed on Form Page 2. Follow this format for each person. DO NOT EXCEED FOUR PAGES. hebdap EDUCATION/TRAINING (Begin with baccalaureate or other initial professional education, such as nursing, and include postdoctoral training.) A. Positions and Honors. R


US Track & Field Athlete, Camarena-Williams, Accepts Sanction For Rule Violation Colorado Springs, Colo. (October 4, 2013)- USADA announced today that Jillian Camarena-Williams of Tucson, Ariz., an athlete in the sport of track & field, has tested positive for a prohibited substance after using a prescribed medication, and has accepted a six-month sanction for her rule violation.

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FICHA TÉCNICA O RESUMEN DE LAS CARACTERISTICAS DEL PRODUCTO NOMBRE DEL MEDICAMENTO Lansoprazol Stada Genericos 15 mg cápsulas duras gastrorresistentes EFG Lansoprazol Stada Genericos 30 mg cápsulas duras gastrorresistentes EFG 2. COMPOSICIÓN CUALITATIVA Y CUANTITATIVA Cada cápsula contiene 15 mg de lansoprazol. Cada cápsula contiene 30 mg de lansoprazol. Excipi

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Marshall ABE's Reading for Today's AdultsLevel 7.0 Story 19 West Nile Virus Pre-reading What do you know about the West Nile Virus? What questions do you have about it?Definitions: Potential – is able to happen; possibleCentral nervous system – the brain and spinal cord; contains millions of nerve cellsPermethrin – a widely used insecticide that has been classified as a carcinogen be

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Mulberry Bush Nursery, Walshaw - Newsletter August 2009 Welcome  We would like to welcome all new parents to the nursery. We hope your children enjoy their time with us and that you feel happy with the care they receive. Refurbishments We have recently had a new roof fitted to the existing building. As well as improving the appearance of the building, it will help keep it be

Sharon b

Sharon B. Mannheimer, M.D. Date of Preparation of CV Personal data Sharon Mannheimer Birthplace: Cleveland, OH Citizenship: US Academic Appointments 9/10-present Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine (in Epidemiology), College of Physicians & Surgeons of Columbia University, New York, NY 1/11-present Assistant Dean, Student Affairs; Columbia University Affiliation

Healthcare academic literature summary grid.xls

Appendix A - Tracked Clinical Trials using SMS as the primary communicaitons method PRO= Patient Reported Outcome, NS= Not Statistically Significant Duration Purpose of Message Intervention Outcome Measures Actual Results (Only P values ≤ 0.05 Reported) (months) A mobile phone text message service consisting of daily reminders to use an inhaler, health education tips, and

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LEY NACIONAL 22421 CONSERVACION DE LA FAUNA CAPITULO I - DE LA CONSERVACION DE LA FAUNA ARTÍCULO 1º. - Declárase de interés público la fauna silvestre que temporal o permanentemente habita el territorio de la República, así como su protección, conservación, propagación, repoblación y aprovechamiento racional. Todos los habitantes de la Nación tienen el deber de proteger

Guidelines for emergency management of individuals in schools

Emergency Management Guidelines for Individuals in Schools with an Unknown History of Anaphylaxis or Severe Allergic Reactions Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Maryland State Department of Education Maryland State School Health Council MARYLAND STATE SCHOOL HEALTH SERVICES GUIDELINES Emergency Management Guidelines for Individuals in Schools with an Unknown

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DOMANDA DI PARTECIPAZIONE (allegato A) Spettabile ALOT Scarl Via Cipro, 16 25124 Brescia Oggetto : avviso pubblico per la selezione ALOT di una Collaborazione Professionale per il Supporto alle attività del progetto: “ECORailS” Il/la sottoscritto/a _________________________________________________________ nato/a _________________________________________ il_____________________


CAPITALCORP INVESTMENT WEEKLY MONDAY JULY 20, 1998 WHAT'S INSIDE JULY 13 — 17, 1998 Economics & Strategy Confidence, properties remain Technical View WEEKLY VOLUME LEADERS counter WEEKLY TOP GAINERS counter WEEKLY TOP LOSERS counter http://www.capitalcorp.com.my and http://www.mir.com.my/lb/fund This report is prepared by Capitalcorp on the basis of


VIAGRA® Consumer Medicine Information What is in this leaflet It does not take the place of talking to 2. you are using amyl nitrite 3. you have heart or blood vessel Before you take problems that make sexual intercourse inadvisable 4. you have suffered a heart YOU MUST NOT TAKE attack or stroke in the last 6 VIAGRA IF YOU ARE TAKING ANY NITRATE MEDICA


Sehr geehrte Patientin, Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Sie erwarten ein Baby! Die Schwangerschaft ist eine spannende Zeit, denn von Beginn an verändert Ihr Baby nicht nur Ihren Körper, sondern auch Ihr tägliches Leben. Während der gesamten Schwangerschaft ist Ihr Baby von Ihnen abhängig, denn nur Sie allein geben ihm alles, was es zum Wachsen und Gedeihen braucht. Zu lernen, was Sie in d

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1ère partie : modules transdisciplinaires - Module 11 : Synthèse clinique et thérapeutique. De la plainte du patient à la décision médicale. Urgences - Objectif 176 : Prescription et surveillance des médicaments psychotropes chez l’enfant et l’adolescent Rédaction : V Vantalon, S Mouchet, MC Mouren - Relecture 2008 : JP Raynaud Objectifs : Connaître chez l’enfant et l�


Asthma Questionnaire Duty of Disclosure (Insurance Contracts Act 1984) Your Duty of Disclosure Before you enter into a contract of life insurance with an insurer, you have a duty, under the Insurance Contracts Act 1984, to disclose to the insurer every matter that you know, or could reasonably be expected to know, that is relevant to the insurer’s decision whether to accept the risk of

Informations générales année scolaire 2012-2013

Répartition des classes à Ermsdorf : Informations pour la Noms et prénoms des rentrée scolaire 2012-2013 Nombre d’enfants titulaires 1) Enseignement fondamental – CYCLE 1 Ressorts scolaires d’Ermsdorf : Heures de classe à Ermsdorf : Personnel enseignant cycle 1 (précoce) : Horaire des classes du cycle 1 après-midi Personnel enseignant c

compensation letter

SOP 17, Completing Deposit Applications — Civilian and Post-1956 Military Service Title Updated 6/01/2002 Updated 09/06/2001 Deposits for Civilian Service Personnel Office Upon request for information from the employee, follow instructions outlined in Handling Service Credit Deposit and Redeposit Applications and Certifying SF 2821, Agency Certification of Insurance Status .


Evolution and Human Behavior 27 (2006) 259 – 269Male steroid hormones and female preferenceMarkus J. Rantalaa,*,1, C.J. Peter Erikssonb, Anssi Vainikkaa, Raine Korteta,2aDepartment of Biological and Environmental Science, University of Jyva¨skyla¨, P.O. Box 35,bDepartment of Mental Health and Alcohol Research, National Public Health Institute, Helsinki, FinlandInitial receipt 8 September

Luis omar ontiveros

Mina Amezcua 3726 Las Vegas Blvd, Suite 309w, Las Vegas, NV, 89158562-842-5024 [email protected] EDUCATION 2009-Current University of Nevada School of Medicine, Las Vegas, NV OB/GYN Residency Albany Medical College, Albany, NY , M.D. University of California – Los Angeles , C.A. B.S., Psychology-Biology CERTIFICATE/LICENSURE 2011 RESEARCH EXPERIENCE 2011-


Alimentos desde e até quando? Maria Berenice Dias www.mbdias.com.br www.mariaberenice.com.br www.direitohomoafetivo.com.br Devem ser qualificadas, no mínimo, de tormentosas as questões que a definição do marco inicial e do termo final de vigência do encargo alimentar suscitam. O surgimento de dúvidas em sede doutrinária e de uma infinidade de posições díspares na ju

322/dpp pulmicort

How to use your Pulmicort® NebuChamber ® 1 This information comes from the video that shows you the right way to use your Pulmicort NebuChamber. This is a specially designed inhaler device that delivers a measured dose of medicine straight to your lungs. 2 The arrows point to the parts of the Pulmicort aerosol canister NebuChamber that appear in this demonstration.

10 m dream proxy e_1803.ps, page 1 @ normalize ( 10 m dream proxy e.indd )

M DREAM INWORLD LIMITED (Incorporated in the Cayman Islands with limited liability) FORM OF PROXY Form of proxy for use by shareholders at the extraordinary general meeting of M Dream Inworld Limited to be held at Phoenix Room, The Charterhouse Hotel, 209-219 Wanchai Road, Hong Kong on Thursday, 29 October 2009 at 10:00 a.m. and at any adjournment thereof. (note b) shares of HK$0.0


Neuropsychiatric Sequelae of Traumatic Brain Injury The authors review the psychiatric disturbances associated with traumatic brain injury. Theyhighlight the close link between traumatic brain injury and psychiatry and provide an overviewof the epidemiology, risk factors, classification, and mechanisms of traumatic brain injury. Theydescribe various neuropsychiatric sequelae, and the respective t

Formulaire d'inscrip11-12.doc

MUSIQUE MUNICIPALE DE PLAN-LES-OUATES ECOLE DE MUSIQUE BULLETIN D’INSCRIPTION Année scolaire 2011 / 2012 Je soussigné inscris mon enfant comme élève. ………………………. Prénom : ………………………. …………………………………………………… No :…………………………………………………………………………………�

Vellacott votes against more money for gun registry

Saskatoon: Maurice Vellacott would like to draw your attention to this press release issued by the MELISA Institute: FOR RELEASE ON FRIDAY, MARCH 8TH 2013 @ 9am EST Scientists discuss relationship between abortion and violence against women New York, March 8th 2013 – Scientists of the United States of America, Ireland, and Chile met this week in New York to discuss recent sc


Digital kommunikatör H EJ H A N N A ! Jag läste på Facebook att ni söker en vass digital kommunikatör, och jag blev genast intresserad eftersom jag brinner för webbkommunikation och sociala Den här sajten är min ansökan til jobbet. Jag kan givetvis skic ka över papperskopior om du så önskar, men jag tror nog att du kan bilda dig en uppfattning utifrån det du ser här. J


El síncope, que se define como la pérdida brusca y con recuperación es-pontánea de la conciencia debida a caída de la perfusión cerebral. Es por lotanto una pérdida del estado conciencia y el tono postural transitorio que norequiere de maniobras especiales para su recuperación. Debido a la condi-ción de recuperación espontánea, el síncope no es mortal, pero si valor pro-nóstico con r

Product name: solution 975 white lithium grease hmis codes: h f r p



A graph consists of a set of objects called Description vertices and a list of pairs of vertices, called edges . tures, with vertex A represented by a dotThe edge joining A to A is called a loop ,labelled A and each edge AB representedand the graph is called a loop multigraph . by a curve joining A and B . A general graph is one with possible loopsdata or relationshi


International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences Raj S et al. Int J Res Med Sci. 2014 Feb;2(1):360-361 www.msjonline.org Case Report Cartap hydrochloride poisoning: a case report Sumesh Raj*, Sheetal S. Department of Internal Medicine, Sree Gokulam Medical College, Trivandrum, Kerala, India Received: 4 November 2013 Accepted: 13 November 2013 *Correspondence: �


Journal of Indian Research (ISSN: 231-4155) Vol.1, No.4, October-December, 2013, 60-65. A TALE OF TRANSITION – EVOLUTION OF CREDIT RATING AGENCY INDUSTRY AMIDST A DECADE OF CRISIS Dhruv Priyadarshi Nijhawan* Stuti Priyadarshni Nijhawan** ABSTRACT During the last decade, the global financial regulators have witnessed some large multinational organizations collapse


RAZONANDO CON LOS MEDICAMENTOS UTILIZACIÓN DE MEDICAMENTOS EN EL PACIENTE ANCIANO Óscar Pérez Quintana1; Heliodoro Ibáñez Bargues2; Teresa Benavent Company3 1. Médico de Familia. Servicio de Urgencias. C.S.I. Carlet. Departamento de Salud 11. 2. Médico de Familia. Servicio de Urgencias. C.S.I. Sueca. Departamento de Salud 11. 3. Médico de Familia. Servicio de Urgencias.

Neo-emedyl dragees gi

GEBRAUCHSINFORMATION: INFORMATION FÜR DEN ANWENDER Neo Emedyl Dragees Lesen Sie die gesamte Packungsbeilage sorgfältig durch, denn sie enthält wichtige Informationen für Sie. Dieses Arzneimittel ist ohne Verschreibung erhältlich. Um einen bestmöglichen Behandlungserfolg zu erzielen, muss Neo Emedyl Dragees jedoch vorschriftsgemäß eingenommen werden. - Heben Sie die Packungsbei

Dyspepsia (printer-friendly)

http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/584173_print Authors and Disclosures Eamonn M.M. Quigley , John Keohane , Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland From Current Opinion in Gastroenterology Dyspepsia Eamonn M.M. Quigley; John Keohane Posted: 12/12/2008; Curr Opin Gastroenterol. 2008;24(6):692-697. © 2008 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Abstract and Intr

Bod410449 105.125

Marketing Silence, Public Health Stigma and the Discourse of Risky Gay Viagra Use in the US The online version of this article can be found at: can be found at: Body & Society Additional services and information for Marketing Silence, Public HealthStigma and the Discourse ofRisky Gay Viagra Use in the USAbstract This article analyzes the rise and fall of a public health �


MEMORANDUM INFORMATIVO | LEY CONTRA EL LAVADO DE DINERO ANTECEDENTES: Con el objeto de proteger el sistema financiero y la economía nacional, el pasado 17 de octubre de 2012 se publicó en el D.O.F. la Ley Federal para la Prevención e Identificación de Operaciones con Recursos de Procedencia Ilícita (Ley Contra el Lavado de Dinero), la cual entró en vigor el pasado 17 de julio de 2013. L


CURRICULUM VITAE ! JOSE M. DI DIEGO ! EDUCATION Buenos Aires University, Argentina Degree: M.D. POSITIONS HELD Research Fellow, Favaloro Foundation, Bs As, Argentina. Postdoctoral Fellow, MMRL, Utica, NY, USA. Research Scientist, MMRL, Utica, NY, USA. Program and Laboratory Manager, Experimental Cardiology Department, MMRL, Utica, NY, USA. ! ACADEMIC AND PROFESSIONAL HONORS


Mount Jerome Crematorium Ltd. Mount Jerome House, 158 Harold’s Cross Road, Dublin 6W. FUNERAL DIRECTOR’S CONFIRMATORY ORDER FORM Place of Death (if different from above) . Age . Sex . Religion . Date of death. Mode of disposal of cremated remains: For burial in grave in Mount Jerome CemeteryNB! ASHES OF DECEASED ARE NORMALLY AVAILABLE FOR COLLECTION 3/4 WORKING DAYS AFTER THE

Physician update - general november 2010

November 2010 Refer a Patient Polyp detection during colonoscopy not always influenced by A study of 4665 colonoscopies performed at Mayo Clinic shows thatwhen the procedures are performed in half-day blocks by differentphysicians, there is no difference in the adenoma detection rate from Physiatrists uniquely qualified to address obesity-related physical, mental and social costs


MARINO FELICE s.n.c. di Marino F. e F. Via Caduti per la Patria, 41 12054 COSSANO BELBO CN Data Inizio Analisi 04/12/2012 RAPPORTO DI PROVA n° 12T01645-It-0 CAMPIONE 12T01645 Descrizione dichiarata: FARINA BIOLOGICA DI Triticum Monococcum ENKIR Lotto/Codice:: 011113Richiesta via Internet n° N0077/12 del 03/12/2012 8.02.16. - Data arrivo campione 04/12/2012. n° 1 sacchetto.


__________________________________________________________________________ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contacts: FDA Approves Merck’s LIPTRUZET ™ (ezetimibe and atorvastatin), a New Product That Can Help Powerfully Lower LDL Cholesterol LIPTRUZET Approved for Patients with Primary or Mixed Hyperlipidemia, as an Adjunct to Diet When Diet Alone Is Not Enough WHITEHOU

Microsoft word - szerves kémia - mintafordítás.doc

THEORY OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY (by dr. SZÁNTAY Csaba) 3rd, Supplemented Edition MŰSZAKI KÖNYVKIADÓ, BUDAPEST, 1984 Dr. DEÁK Gyula, University Lecturer, PhD. of Chemical Sciences Contributed to the samples: Dr. MAJOROS Béla, Cert. Chem. Eng., Univ. Assist. Lecturer, Copyright: Dr. SZÁNTAY Csaba, Budapest, 1970 ISBN 963 10 0682 4 (3rd /revised/ editio


An Approach to Interpreting Spirometry TIMOTHY J. BARREIRO, D.O., and IRENE PERILLO, M.D. University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, Rochester, New York Spirometry is a powerful tool that can be used to detect, follow, and manage patients with lung dis- orders. Technology advancements have made spirometry much more reliable and relatively simple to incorporate into a routin

Microsoft word - publication2004

Brown M, Jacobs T, Eickolt B, Ferrari G, Teo M, Monfries C, Qi RZ , Leung T, Lim L and Hall C (2004). α2-Chimaerin, Cdk5/p35 and its target CRMP-2 are essential components in Sema 3A-induced growth-cone collapse. J. Neurosci. 24(41):8994-9004. Bu X, Wu X, Ng NLJ, Mak CK, Qin C and Guo Z (2004). Synthesis of gramicidin S and its analogues via an on-resin macrolactamization assisted by a

Type of presentation: poster

Category I: Chance-related Heterogeneity Type of presentation: Oral Quantifying the Amount of Heterogeneity in Meta-Analysis: A Comparison of Methods Knapp G Department of Statistics, University of Dortmund, Germany In random effects meta-analysis, several confidence intervals on the between-trial variance have been proposed. These confidence intervals can be broadly categorized in


R E C OM M E NDE D I NT E R NAT I ONAL C ODE OF PR AC T I C E FOR T H E ST OR AG E AND T R ANSPOR T OF E DI B L E FAT S AND OI L S I N B UL K CAC/RCP 36 - 1987 (Rev.1-1999, Rev.2-2001, Rev.3-2005, Rev.4-2011) This Code of Practice applies to the handling, storage and transport of all crude or processed edible oils and fats in bulk. Three types of deterioration can occur in oils and fats dur


Available online at www.sciencedirect.comBiomedicine & Pharmacotherapy 62 (2008) 104e109Biological effects from electromagnetic field exposure anda Department of Oncology, University Hospital, SE-701 85 O¨rebro, Swedenb Sage Associates, Santa Barbara, CA, USAReceived 6 December 2007; accepted 12 December 2007During recent years there has been increasing public concern on potential h

012 histamine-provocatietest

Histamine- provocatietest Wat is een histamine-provocatietest? Sommige mensen, bijvoorbeeld astmapatiënten, hebben last van overgevoelige luchtwegen die sterk reageren op bepaalde prikkels van buitenaf. Temperatuurverschil en, rook, mist, luchtvervuiling, lasdampen en al erlei andere oorzaken leiden bij deze patiënten tot veranderingen in de longfunctie. De prikkelbaarheid van de lu


2010 Additional Year Application Mesa County Cost-Share for Control of Noxious Weeds Keep this sheet for further reference . Please read thoroughly and fill out the Application carefully and completely. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Questions can be directed to Jude Sirota, Mesa County Pest Inspector, (970) 255-7120. 1. This application is for a cost-share for tr

Effect of common antimicrobial agents on the function of megasphaera elsdenii ch4, a lactate utilising probiotic for ruminants

Effect of common antimicrobial agents on the growth and metabolism of Megasphaera elsdenii NCIMB 41125, a lactate utilising probiotic for ruminants. By J. APAJALAHTI1, P.H. HENNING2, C.H. HORN2, S. ALAJA1, and A. KETTUNEN1. 1Alimetrics Ltd, Koskelontie 19B, FI-02920, Espoo, Finland, 2KK Animal Nutrition, PO Box 10520, Centurion 0046, South Africa Acute lactic acidosis is a rumen f

Mitec satellite50-th/e

SatelLite50-TH/E Combined humidity and temperature logger Description Operation SatelLite50-TH/E is a compact two-channel datalogger The built-in electronics are powerd from a single for connection of an external combined termperature standard 1.5V battery. This reduces the battery cost to and humidity sensor. SatelLite50-TH/E is characterised one-tenth of the special 3.6V Lithiu


MORRISON ZION EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH Hope From Heartburn How many of you here are going to go out to eat for Mother’s Day today? Raise yourhand. Don’t be shy; just raise your hand. If you’re going out to eat for Mother’s Day,raise your hand. Raise your hand so I can see it. You have one little guy going but notthe rest of the family, huh? It’s nice that we take mothers out to

Microsoft word - ae-01-0001_annex_ver3.1_eng_pdf変換用.doc

Annex of AE-01-0001: Environment Related Chemical Substances Control Guideline 1/15 Environment Promotion Department, Quality & Environment Division Annex of AE-01-0001: Environment Related Chemical Substances Control Guideline 2/15 1. Purpose The purpose of this guideline is to clarify the classification of environment related chemical substances contained in parts, materials, sub-mate

Microsoft word - haesbaert rogrio.doc

Anais do X Encontro de Geógrafos da América Latina – 20 a 26 de março de 2005 – Universidade de São Paulo DA DESTERRITORIALIZAÇÃO À MULTITERRITORIALIDADE Pretendemos com este trabalho dar continuidade à nossa crítica ao discurso da desterritorialização (especialmente em “O Mito da Desterritorialização”, Haesbaert, 2004) através do aprofundamento do debate sobre a noção

02-18e_priority chemicals.doc

OSPAR CONVENTION FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE MARINE ENVIRONMENT OF THE NORTH-EAST ATLANTIC OSPAR List of Chemicals for Priority Action (Up-date 2002) OSPAR List of Chemicals for Priority Action (Up-date 2002) Type Group of substances / substances EINECS No Identified at †: Lead country: Background document A: CHEMICALS WHERE A BACKGROUND DOCUMENT HAS BEEN OR IS BEI

Life support concession application form

Life Support Concession/Notification of installation of life support machineDoes a member of your household use a life support machine?All households with life support users should complete this form to ensure their electricity retailer and/or water authority are awareof the presence of a Life Support machine at their residential address. If the electricity and/or water account holder holds an


B.O.C. y L. - N.º 221 Martes, 16 de noviembre 2004 I V. OTRAS DISPOSICIONES Y AC U E R D O S 2.– Sus órganos de go b i e rno y administración tendrán su sede en la loca-Y A D M I N I S T R ACIÓN T E R R I TO R I A L3.– En lo que respecta al personal al servicio de la Mancomunidad seregirá en todos sus extremos, por lo determinado en la Legislación deRégimen Local. ORDEN

Hot topics in epidemiology

Hot Topics in Epidemiology Excerpts from Colorado Department of Public Health and CONTENTS: 1. UPDATE - Influenza Surveillance o Mesa County o Colorado o National 2. Reports of Pediatric Influenza-related Neurologic Illness 3. NEJM - Emergence of Ciprofloxacin-Resistant Neisseria meningitides in North America 1. UPDATE - INFLUENZA SURVEILLANCE Mesa C


FAQ - DOMANDE FREQUENTI SULLA “MENOPAUSA PRECOCE” Associazione Menopausa Precoce ONLUS CODICE FISCALE: 93069850381 ISCRIZIONE ALBO PROVINCIALE: n. 74948 del 22/08/2007 - Ferrar a Queste sono le domande più frequenti riguardanti menopausa precoce e POF (premature ovarian failure). Le risposte sono state elaborate da alcune nostre Socie e poi sottoposte ad una del e due ginecolo

Microsoft word - heartmath interventions and cardiac arrhythmias _2_.doc

HeartMath Interventions and Cardiac Arrhythmias Numerous patient case histories and reports from health care professionals have documented dramatic improvements in people suffering from cardiac arrhythmias after using HeartMath interventions. Patients have often reported being able to stop or attenuate arrhythmic episodes by using a HeartMath technique in the moment that symptoms are e


Originally published February 14 2008 Private Study Links Vaccinations to Neurological Disorders by Heidi Stevenson (NaturalNews) Studies financed by pharmaceutical corporations and government agencies - which are now largely under the control of big pharma - keep stating that there is no link between autism and vaccinations or thimerosal. As a previous News Target article, ( these studi

There was a time when medical science believed it was invincible

DRUG-RESISTANT ANTIBIOTICS Michael C. Sherrin Nov. 2004 [email protected] There was a time when medical science believed it was invincible. With the development of antibiotics, once life-threatening bacteria like gonorrhea, syphilis, tuberculosis, and scarlet fever became treatable ailments. In 1979, the World Health Organization declared success in ridding the world of small


Hautabszesse bei Kindergartenkindern: Schwere In beiden Familien wurde der Versuch ei-ner Sanierung unternommen. Hierzu Verl ä ufe durch Panton-Valentine-Leukozidin- wurden bei allen Familienmitgliedern die bildenden Staphylococcus aureus Skin Abscesses in Kindergarten Children: Severe Courses Due to Panton-Valentine Leukocidin Producing S. aureus ▶ Dekolonisation der Na


Molecules 2007 , 12, 772-781 molecules ISSN 1420-3049 Chemical Composition and Antimicrobial Activity of the Essential Oil of Algerian Phlomis bovei De Noé subsp. bovei Christos Liolios 1, Hocine Laouer 2, Nacira Boulaacheb 2, Olga Gortzi 3 and Ioanna Chinou 1, * 1 Department of Pharmacy, Division of Pharmacognosy, Chemistry of Natural Products, University of At


NATIONAL SENIOR CERTIFICATE PHYSICAL SCIENCES: CHEMISTRY (P2) EXEMPLAR 2012 MARKS: 150 TIME: 2 hours This question paper consists of 15 pages, 1 data sheet, a periodic table and an answer sheet. INSTRUCTIONS AND INFORMATION Write your name in the appropriate space on the ANSWER BOOK. This question paper consists of NINE questions. Answer ALL the questions. You may u


Defective Drugs Accutane Accutane (also known as isotretinoin) is an acne medication manufactured by Roche Pharmaceuticals. Accutane has come under scrutiny by the Food and Drug Administration due to psychiatric side effects, including birth defects, lupus, inflammatory bowl disease and suicide. Acetaminophen and Liver Failure (e.g. Tylenol) The drug found in Tylenol and many other over the co

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Press Release: A corporate tenant’s failure to submit CIPRO Annual TPN, South Africa’s only specialist property credit bureau and developer of the industry’s first rental payment profile of its kind, has revealed that the latest Company and Intellectual Property Registration Office (CIPRO) report confirms 760 thousand companies and close corporations were deregistered in July. CIPRO i


Bibliografia e sitografia Laboratorio sulle donne del Risorgimento Aa.Vv. 2011 Donne del Risorgimento . Bologna: il Mulino. Antolini Paola 2006 Vivere per la Patria . Trento: Museo Storico in Trento. Antonelli Quinto 2008 I dimenticati della grande guerra. Trento: Il Margine. Artom Sandra - Calabrò A.Rita 1989, Sorelle d’Italia . Milano: Rizzoli. Banti Alberto Mario 2011 Sublime madre


3712 MacArthur Blvd. Ste 208. New Orleans, LA 70114 Treating Polycystic Ovary Syndrome with TCM Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is the most common endocrine disorder among female in reproductive age. The name of the condition comes from the appearance of numerous small cysts along the outer edge of each ovary and enlarged ovaries. In PCOS, the eggs in t

(microsoft word - ontologia del lenguaje.actos lingu\355sticos.doc)

R a f a e l E c h e v e r r í a O n t o l o g í a d e l L e n g u a j e Ontología del Lenguaje RAFAEL ECHEVERRÍA R a f a e l E c h e v e r r í a O n t o l o g í a d e l L e n g u a j e CAPITULO 3: LOS ACTOS LINGÜÍSTICOS BÁSICOS * ANTECEDENTES Tal como lo hemos señalado previamente, según nuestra concepción tradicional, el lenguaje describe la realidad. Cuan


The first drug I’m going to talk about is one that’s been around for years and its primary use is to help control blood sugar in type 2 diabetics. What’s interesting - if you are struggling with your weight and carry an excess of 20 pounds of fat, you may already be on the verge of being diabetic. You are most certainly insulin resistant at this point, however, and this is something you shou

2002 chambliss comunicato

COMUNE DI PIETRASANTA Assessorato alla Cultura COMUNICATO STAMPA Contatto Stampa: Alessia Lupoli “Alessia Lupoli” <[email protected]> Mostra: CONSUMER BLISS Artista: Carolyn Chambliss Inaugurazione: 1 giugno 2002 - ore 18,00 Date esposizione: 1 - 16 giugno 2002 Locazione: Sala dei Putti, Chiostro di S. Ag

20100111 ummc_maric 1512.xls

Recipient Report: Grant or Loan Version: 1.1 Prime Recipient Reporting Information Award Type* Award Number* Final Report* Award Recipient Information Recipient DUNS Number* Recipient Account Number Recipient Congressional District* Award Information Need Help Finding Award Information? Funding Agency Code* Awarding Agency Code* Award Date*

!plegtigheid 4_mrt_13:!!plegtigheid4 12-07.qxd.qxd



o que caTam as mãos do caTa-dor? uma experiência com caTadores da ascaVap em parceria com o insTiTuTo de arTe conTemporânea inhoTim Mariana Guimarães [email protected] Este artigo tem como objetivo apresentar e narrar a oficina de arte-educação realizada com trabalhado-res da Associação de Catadores do Vale do Paraopeba – ASCAVAP – Brumadinho, MG.1 O trabalho foi rea



Addition of thalidomide to oral melphalan/prednisone in patients with multiple myeloma not eligible for transplantation: results of a randomized trial from the turkish myeloma study group

European Journal of Haematology 86 (16–22)Addition of thalidomide to oral melphalan/prednisonein patients with multiple myeloma not eligible fortransplantation: results of a randomized trialfrom the Turkish Myeloma Study GroupMeral Beksac1, Rauf Haznedar2, Tulin Firatli-Tuglular3, Hakan Ozdogu4, Ismet Aydogdu5, NahideKonuk1, Gulsan Sucak2, Is¸ık Kaygusuz3, Sema Karakus4, Emin Kaya6, Ridvan A

New advisory: k&l gates firm financials 2013

NEWS ADVISORY Pittsburgh – K&L Gates LLP today reported results for the year ended December 31, 2013 as reflected in the following table comparing 2013 and 2012 performance data. The results are stated on the modified cash basis of accounting used for U.S. federal income tax purposes. Other than the pro forma financial information and headcount and practice data, the information he

Common complaints and remedies of pregnancy

COMMON COMPLAINTS AND REMEDIES OF PREGNANCY ACHES/PAINS You may take regular or extra strength Tylenol as directed on the package instructions. For backaches you may also apply heat on a low setting or apply ice to the painful area. For abdominal pain we recommend rest, Tylenol and a warm tub soak. If you are more than 24 weeks and less than 35 weeks pregnant and are having more than

29 daypitney haglund

29 DayPitney Haglund 4/25/07 11:44 AM Page 1 The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel New Jersey Supreme Court Reins In Appellate Division’s Expansive Tort Conflicts-Of-Law Analysis Benjamin E. Haglund, already diluted its interest in applying its Marc D. Crowley and Amy Valentine McClelland DAY PITNEY LLP The New Jersey reversed a decision rendered last year bysion’s

Study_penile_extender_device_treatment_penile_curvature_peyronie's disease.pdf

ORIGINAL RESEARCH—PEYRONIE’S DISEASE Use of Penile Extender Device in the Treatment of Penile Curvature as a Result of Peyronie’s Disease. Results of a Phase II Prospective Study Paolo Gontero, MD,* Massimiliano Di Marco, MD,† Gianluca Giubilei, MD,‡ Riccardo Bartoletti, MD,§Giovanni Pappagallo, MD,¶ Alessandro Tizzani, MD,* and Nicola Mondaini, MD§*Urology Department, Universi

Gi-motility - esophageal manometry advisory.pdf

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – DEC. 1, 2003 MEDIA ADVISORY NEW GUIDELINES SET STANDARD ON TEST TO DIAGNOSE ACID REFLUX, HEARTBURN AND OTHER DISEASES OF THE ESOPHAGUS FINDING & IMPLICATIONS: Although a test called esophageal manometry has provided the best diagnostic tool for healthcare professionals to diagnose suspected diseases of the esophagus, there are no uniform standards to g


Vorbeugung gegen Brustkrebs – Was gibt es Neues? Vortrag von Dr. Marianne Krug Die Zahl der Frauen, die pro Jahr an Brustkrebs erkranken steigt stetig. Nach den Zahlen des National Cancer Institutes, USA, ist diese Zahl in den 25 Jahren von 1973 bis 1998 um mehr als 40 Prozent gestiegen. Und dies trotz großangelegter Vorsorgemaßnahmen, die von vielen Frauen gewissenhaft in Anspruch genommen w


What are the main responsibilities of a pet owner? How does one care for a pet? What does a pet require? The answers to these questions are addressed in this article contributed by our Deputy Chairman, Dr. S. Sivagurunathan. With our main focus this year being on responsible pet ownership, we felt it would be appropriate to highlight some key points on the subject for the benefit of our members.

Fifth-wheel campers manitoba

Fifth-Wheel Campers Manitoba Fifth-Wheel Campers Manitoba - Fifth wheel campers are trailers which are towed by pick up trucks using a specializedattachment mounted on the bed of the truck. This allows the camper to be mounted over the rear axle of the pick up and thereforethe truck supports the camper weight. Purchasing or renting a camper is among the best methods to see wonderful sights wit

Microsoft word - amia2009.doc

Extraction of Conditional Probabilities of the Relationships Between Drugs, Diseases, and Genes from PubMed Guided by Relationships in PharmGKB Martin Theobald, Ph.D1, Nigam Shah, M.B.B.S., Ph.D2, and Jeff Shrager, Ph.D3 Departments of (1) Computer Science, (2) Biomedical Informatics, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305 USA Abstract Suppose, for example, a patient is given

Microsoft word - hypothermia in nuerosurgical patients

Diagnosis and Management of Hypothermia in Neurosurgical Patients By Avery Jackson, MD Dear Colleagues: I came across an article that I wanted to share with you that was put together by Powers and Friedman out of Duke University Department of Neurosurgery regarding hyponatremia. It is in Contemporary Neurosurgery. I found it to be extremely helpful in the management of hyponatremia.

Draft ordinance no

SANGGUNIANG PANLUNGSOD PRESENT : Vice Mayor ABSENT : Councilor By unanimous vote of the members present, the following City Ordinance was enacted: CITY ORDINANCE NO. 2004-032 Authors: Councilors J.E.S. Binay, Jr., J.S. Wilson, N.S. Pasia, A.C. Pimentel and E.V. Tolentino, Jr. AN ORDINANCE ENACTING THE MAKATI CITY VEHICLE EMISSION CONTROL CODE AND PROVIDING PENALTY FOR VIOLATI

Microsoft word - sermon september 27.doc

Sermon for Romsey and Lancefield Uniting Churches 27th of September, 2009 Psalm 124 Some parts of the Bible need to come with an “R” rating – they’re full of sex and violence, and are completely unsuitable for children. The Book of Esther is one of those parts. Esther’s an unusual Biblical book. For one thing, it makes no mention of God at all. Despite being Jewish, it

Health form

METOCHOS CAMP HEALTH INFORMATION FORM The information on this form wil be used at the discretion of the camp staff to ensure care and attention is given to the health of this camper. All information is considered personal and confidential. Name: ___________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Name (s): ___________________________________________________________ If the above is


ON IMAGES OF WEAK FANO MANIFOLDS II Abstract. We consider a smooth projective surjective morphismbetween smooth complex projective varieties. We give a Hodge the-oretic proof of the following well-known fact: If the anti-canonicaldivisor of the source space is nef, then so is the anti-canonicaldivisor of the target space. We do not use mod p reduction ar-guments. In addition, we make some sup

How much caffeine is too much

How much caffeine is too much? Latest studies show moderation is key By Karen Collins, R.D. Updated: 3:03 p.m. ET Dec. 3, 2004 A day without a latte, cup of tea, or caffeinated soft drink is unthinkable for many people. Yet caffeine poses some health risks. Although individuals seem to differ in their vulnerability to caffeine’s influence, if drunk in moderation, the risks appear negligible.

Microsoft word - steve hayes by new harbinger.doc

New Harbinger's interview with Steve Hayes Interview with Steven Hayes on his book Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life New Harbinger Publications: In Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life, you contradict some of the most central tenets of psychology. You say for example that, “accepting your pain is a step toward ridding yourself of your suffering,” and “we assume that.suffe



Microsoft word - colin 54.doc

LA METODOLOGÍA EN LOS TIEMPOS DE LA POSMODERNIDAD BASES PARA UN NUEVO LIBRO DE METODOLOGÍA EN CIENCIAS SOCIALES El objetivo fundamental del texto es identificar los elementos constitutivos del saber metodológico para dar cuenta de los cambios en dicho campo en los tiempos de la postmodernidad. La pluralidad social, la coexistencia de paradigmas y la crítica a la linealidad progresista son

Articulo para pm farma 17 de abril.doc

investigación cualitativa El autor analiza el potencial que brindan los estudios cualitativos en el área de la salud e intenta conciliar a conversos y detractores, explicando la necesidad de datos cualitativos y citando ejemplos reales. Descifrando la caja negra Por Aníbal Marrón Menéndez MG Business & Research Solutions n el área de healthcare y por cierto

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Please list all medications (even over-the-counter medications and herbal supplements). Note all strength and dosages. Bring this along with your visit. Do you know of any blood relative who has or had: (Circle and Give Relationship) Stroke ______________ Tuberculosis __________ Blood Disease _________ Arthritis _________ if diagnosed by a doctor, is it __________ Rheumatoid Arthritis ___________

Msds no: 002784

MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET Date Issued: 01/13/2000 MSDS No: 002784 Date-Revised: 05/11/2011 Revision No: 5 EVERCIDE® Permethrin 10% EC 2784 1. PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION PRODUCT NAME: EVERCIDE® Permethrin 10% EC 2784 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: A Long Lasting Livestock and Premise Spray. PRODUCT CODE: 002784, EPA REG. NO. : 1021-1736 ACTIVE INGREDIENT(S): Permethrin


Introduction GOLD 2006 PRESENTATION Tertiary bis-phosphines of the form R P-(CH ) -PR (n = 1 – 4 and R = Me, Et, t-Bu and Ph) and cis-R PCH=CHPR (R = Ph) are often used as chelating ligands for a wide range of transition metals.[1-4] These ligands have shown wider applications in metal complexation reactions and have attracted much attention, especially in the fields of medicine and cat


1.1.30 Let G be a simple graph with adjacency matrix A and incidence matrix M . Provethat the degree of vi is the ith diagonal entry of A2 and M M T . What do theentries in position (i, j) of A2 and M M T say about G?Proof. Since A is symmetric, the ith diagonal entry of A is the dot product square of thevectorIn general, the dot product square of a vector is the sum of the squares of the entri


Referenz 1 ) Parkinson Study Group. Pramipexole vs levodopa as initial treatment for Parkinson disease: A randomized controlled trial. JAMA 2000: 284:1931-38. 2 ) Parkinson Study Group. Pramipexole vs Levodopa as Initial Treatment for Parkinson Disease. A 4-Year Randomized Controlled Trial Arch Neurol 2004: 61:1044-53. 3 ) Corbin A et al. Maintained pramipexole monotherapy treatment


INHALED CONTROLLER MEDICATIONS Medication Name Medication Class Recommendation Doses-Strengths ♦Pricing Comments Aerobid (flunisolide) CFC $88.38/ 250mcg No shaking required; 3 primes to start and reprime after Alvesco (ciclesonide) HFA Inhaled Corticosteroid (ICS) 12 and older $155.98/ 160 mcg 10 days without use. Dose indicator in increments of 10 $105.99

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Medication Order Writing Audit – Guide for Reviewers This document is a reference for those auditing prescription orders in an institutional setting (hospital or personal care home). The guide is designed to be comprehensive in assessing orders both for completeness and for use of abbreviations known to increase the risk of medication errors. Depending on whether a facility or region plans to i

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Equivalency Study of MicroSolv Brand Syringe Filters and a Customer’s Current Filters in their SOP’s by the Customer Filter Compatibility Any filters used in the dissolution should not affect the concentration of the active ingredient. Filter compatibility was performed by testing the Final Standard Solution for 25mg potency and the 24mg tablet dissolution sample w

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4. Show Patient - Hold a mirror approximately 16 inches away from the patient’s face and let them examine their smile. a. If the shade is not what you or the patient wants, remove the BLOCK-OUT Try-In Paste from the LUMINEERS and tooth surface with a Skubes® or a clean, dry brush. Reapply a new shade of BLOCK-OUT Try-In Paste and check the shade again. 5. To Remove

Halacha and psychological treatment dilemmas and conflicts

Halacha and Psychological Treatment Dilemmas and Conflicts Seymour Hoffman, Ph.D. Abstract Two of the many issues that present halachic-treatment problems for the orthodox mental-health practitioner are the issues of honoring parents and treatment practices, and confidentiality and religious obligations. The clinical-religious aspects of the above are analyzed and discussed, via cor

Erprobung von hilfsmitteln bei infantiler cerebralparese

Erprobung von Hilfsmitteln bei infantiler Cerebralparese mit der Bewegungs- und Ganganalyse Überblick Wegen meiner Tätigkeit am Spastiker-Zentrum München befasst sich mein beruflicher Alltag hauptsächlich mit der infantilen Zerebralparese und anderen neuroorthopädischen Erkrankungen. Zunächst werde ich einen aktuellen Überblick über die Zerebralparese und die Spastik geben und


Providence Health Care Pulmonary Diagnostics Requisition IMPORTANT: Please indicate site below St. Paul’s Hospital Mount Saint Joseph Hospital 3080 Prince Edward St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3N4 TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT PLEASE FAX REQUISTION Not all tests are available at both sites. SPH ONLY indicates testing is only available at St. Paul’s Hospital APPOINTMENT DATE:


Prof. Dr. med. Maximilian Spraul Chefarzt der Medizinischen Klinik III Interdisziplinäres Diabetes-Fuß-Zentrum, Mathias-Spital und Jakobi-Krankenhaus, Rheine Mathias Spital Frankenburgstraße 31 48431 Rheine [email protected] Tel.: +49 (59 71) 46411 Fax: +49 (59 71) 4 23 16 95 Beruflicher Werdegang 1977 - Studium der Betriebswirtschaftslehre an der Universität Mannhei

Comment se passer des medicaments servier

COMMENT SE PASSER DES PRODUITS Preterax ® Médicament à remplacer par: ramipril ou SERVIER? l’enalapril + hydrochlorothiazide si une Preterax ® Source: Revue Prescrire • Pas d’indication dans l’HTA en 1ère intention Arcalion® Médicament inutile. • En 2e intention pas de supériorité par rapport fonctionnelle non remboursé par la sécurité sociale


Washington Legal Foundation Advocate for freedom and justice® FDA LIMITS ON DUAL TRADEMARKS TREAD ON PATIENT SAFETY AND LAW On April 19, 2001, in a typical example of FDA “podium policy,” Jerry Phillips, FDA’s AssociateDirector for Medications Error, took the microphone during the Annual Meeting of the Food and Drug LawInstitute. He announced that there were too ma ny “unne c


MOLYDUVAL Biolube G Glycerin Glycerin of high purity, serves as an emollient, humectant, solvent, and lubricant in personal care products. Competes with sorbitol although glycerol has better taste and higher solubility. Toothpaste, mouthwashes, skin care products, shaving cream, hair care products and soaps Glycerol is a component of glycerol soap, which is made from denatured alcohol,


2009 H1N1 Who is at greatest risk of infection z Wash your hands often with soap and water. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand rub. 2009 H1N1 flu (sometimes cal ed “swine flu”) is a new with this new virus? z Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Germs influenza virus that is spreading worldwide among people. So far, younger people have been more

Camp manatawny

General Introduction: In order to promote the health and well being of our campers and staff, the camp administration has adopted the following policies and procedures. These will be reviewed annually and updated as indicated. 1. Each camper and staff member must have a health history form on file at the beginning of the camp session. This history must include pertinent medical history, immuniz

Calmaben gi englisch

PACKAGE LEAFLET: INFORMATION FOR THE USER Calmaben – coated tablets Active substance: diphenhydramine hydrochloride Read all of this leaflet carefully because it contains important information for you. This medicine is available without prescription. However, you still need to take Calmaben coated tablets to get the best results from it. - Keep this leaflet. You may need to read it a

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DOWNRIVER COMMUNITY SERVICES NURSE MIDWIFE - CERTIFIED POSITION DESCRIPTION I. OVERALL DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES In collaboration with an obstetrician, provides primary obstetrical/gynecological healthcare to essentially normal women, including prenatal care, postpartum care, gynecological care and family planning within the scope of training and in accordance wit


Makowska J., Kowalski M.L. Rola mobilizacji szpikowych prekursorów komórek zapalnych w rozwoju . Alergia Astma Immunologia, 2003, 8(2), 59-68Rola mobilizacji szpikowych prekursorów komórekzapalnych w rozwoju zapalenia alergicznegoRole of progenitor cells in the pathogenesis of allergic inflammationKatedra i Zak³ad Immunologii Klinicznej Uniwersytetu Medycznego w £odzi, ul. Pomorska 251,

Drugs: telmisartan and amlodipine

Enobosarm, a selective androgen receptor modulator, prevents muscle wasting in advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) By R.M. Hadfield, PhD SYDNEY, Australia -- October 31, 2013 – Enobosarm was well tolerated and increased lean body mass in patients with advanced NSCLC according to a poster presentation here at the 15th World Conference on Lung Cancer (WCLC) on October 30. Jeffrey

Guidelines for metabolic monitoring

GUIDELINES FOR METABOLIC MONITORING Metabolic Monitoring Tool incorporates recommendations from various guidelines and consensus statements regarding the assessment and ongoing monitoring for metabolic syndrome in patients receiving antipsychotic medications. It is recommended that the Metabolic Monitoring Tool be filled in whenever a client is started on an atypical antipsychotic. A ne


LESEPROBE Deutsche Bibliothek – CIP-EinheitsaufnahmeEin Titeldatensatz für diese Publikation ist bei derTeil I:Die Wahrheit über Rauchen und Nichtrauchen Lektion 2: Frieden schließen mit dem blauen Dunst! Schon 1000-mal probiert? So bleiben Sie rauchfrei!Lektion 3: Raucher sind keine Menschen zweiter Klasse!Lektion 4: Die Lüge vom fröhlichen Nichtraucher! Lektion 5: Die Lüge v

Curriculum vitae

Pasaporte-RUT: Nacionalidad: Fecha de Nacimiento: Teléfonos: Correo electrónico: Título: Institución: Departamento de Psiquiatría y Salud Mental Oriente Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Chile 1994 - 2001: 2001 – 2004: Hospital del Salvador, Universidad de Chile 2003 – 2005: Hospital del Salvador, Santiago de Chile 20

Résumé des caractéristiques.

Résumé des Caractéristiques du Produithttp://afssaps-prd.afssaps.fr/php/ecodex/rcp/R0124988.htm 1. DENOMINATION DU MEDICAMENT SELOZOK L.P. 23,75 mg, comprimé pelliculé sécable à libération prolongée 2. COMPOSITION QUALITATIVE ET QUANTITATIVE Pour la liste complète des excipients, voir rubrique 6.1. 3. FORME PHARMACEUTIQUE Comprimé pel iculé sécable à libération prolong

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CONTINUOUS NEBULIZER TREATMENT Page 2 of 7 PROCEDURE FOR MASK DELIVERY Check physician’s order. The continuous bronchodilator nebulization therapy (CBNT) order should include treatment duration and total number of mg and/or cc to be delivered per hour. The physician’s order may also include a desired FIO2. The CBNT must be reordered after the completion of the initial therapy. Id

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The format of this leaflet was determined by the Ministry of Health and its content was checked and approved by it on Dec2013 Summary of Product Characteristics NAME OF THE MEDICINAL PRODUCT Eltroxin® Tablets 50mcg Eltroxin® Tablets 100mcg 2. QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE COMPOSITION Eltroxin Tablet containing 50 mcg (0.05mg) or 100 mcg (0.1mg) anhydrous thyroxine sodi


GI_800_638954.qxp 19.08.2008 15:24 Seite 1 Gebrauchsinformation: Information für den Anwender Magaldrat 800 - 1 A Pharma® Wirkstoff: Magaldrat, wasserfrei 800 mg pro Kautablette Liebe Patientin, lieber Patient! Bitte lesen Sie die gesamte Packungsbeilage sorgfältig durch, denn sie enthält wichtige Informationen für Sie. Dieses Arzneimittel ist ohne Verschreibung erhältlich. Um ei

801645 1095.1099

International Journal of Obesity (2001) 25, 1095±1099ß 2001 Nature Publishing Group All rights reserved 0307±0565/01 $15.00www.nature.com/ijoPAPERGastrointestinal side effects of orlistat may beprevented by concomitant prescription of natural®bers (psyllium mucilloid)H Cavaliere1, I Floriano1 and G Medeiros-Neto1*1Department of Clinical Medicine, University of SaÄo Paulo Medical School,


Nutrition Volume 19, Numbers 11/12, 200316. Carpenter KC, Roberts S, Sternberg S. Nutrition and immune function: a 1992size, the place of residence of the subjects whether living at homeor in institutions, and the baseline status of the subjects. In several17. Sano M, Ernesto C, Thomas RG, et al. A controlled study of selegiline, alpha-studies, single nutrients were used. Zinc supplements c


Mental Health America of Franklin County 2323 W. Fifth Ave. Suite 160, Columbus, OH 43204 Telephone: (614) 221-1441 Fax: (614) 221-1491 Medications/Treatments: General Guidelines A Guide For Families, Friends, Board And Care Homes, Caregivers And Patients Prescription medications are helpful in reducing symptoms in people suffering with a mental illness. As with any medi


Bactericidal activity of combinations As high level acquired resistance to conventional antibio- of Silver–Water Dispersion™ with 19 tics is frequent, it seems reasonable to use combinationtherapy in order to achieve bactericidal synergism. Active antibiotics against seven microbial silver solutions have shown marked activity against provenbacterial-resistant strains. Hence, a ra


Essentials MS can affect your emotions as well as your body. Although this has been recognised since MS was firstdescribed in the 19th century, it is only more recently thatwe have begun to understand more about how MS candepression cause changes in mood and feelings. 1 There are now many treatments available to help manage these often upsettingand difficult aspects of MS. Medication, talk

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Fasting weeks at Pirchner Hof Hotel & Farm in Tyrol – Austria Sensible dieting – spelt based and à la Hildegard von Bingen Living a life of excess and overload can easily result in imbalances and being thrown off kilter; reasons are an inappropriate diet, insufficient relaxation and lack of exercise – often combined with emotional conflicts, an altogether un

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Alternative properties of Artemisia (Asteraceae) phyto-extracts to anti-malarian ones: preliminary bibliografic review on nemato-toxic effects. Institutes: Fondazione I.Ri.Di.A., Museo Naturalistico degli Alburni, via Forese - 84020 Corleto Monforte (SA: Campania). e-mail: [email protected]. C.R.A. – (ex-I.S.T.) Unità di ricerca per le colture alternative al


1 st YEAR BOOK LIST 2013-2014 Surname_______________________ First Name__________________ Address______________________________________________________ Tel No: ____________________________Mobile:____________________ Email: _______________________________ If you wish the books to be ordered for you please mark with a tick the books you want and the order should be returned in an e

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MEEM 3501 Product Realization I General Course Information Summer 2006 Instructor Who am I? I grew up in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago (Park Ridge). I attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where I received my B.S. (1988), M.S. (1990) and Ph.D. (1992) degrees, all in Mechanical Engineering. I spent 7 years at U. of Michigan before coming to MTU in 2001

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T.038-3330222 F.038-3331878 E-mail: [email protected] www.masterfloor.nl Description Peran EPW Sealer is a 2-component water-soluble epoxy, and is available as transparent or pigmented with a gloss or matt finish. It is applied in thicknesses of 150-250 µm. A normal thickness after two coats is approx. 175 µm. Applications Peran EPW Sealer is a simple and wear-re


Sexually Transmitted Sexually transmitted Diseases diseases are bacterial or viral infections. They cause untold misery. Prevention is essential. The pharmaceutical industry has developed many medicines, and research continues in various directions. What are sexually transmitted diseases? Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), also commonly referred to as


You’ve got your reasons to quit. We’ve got a program that works. Tired of your tobacco habit? Whether you smoke, chew or dip, Cleveland Clinic’s Tobacco Treatment Center can give you the one-on-one support and resources you need to lead a tobacco-free life. Let us create a customized plan based on the latest scientific evidence that will help you succeed. 1. We Tailor a TreaTmen

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Page - 1 - of 8 SDV8000 Laboratory trials 2009 AN INVESTIGATION OF THE ANTIMICROBIAL EFFICIENCY OF SAGE SYSTEMS STEAM AND VACUUM CLEANING SYSTEM “SAGE STEAM” Information and statistics reproduced with permission of copyright holder Page - 2 - of 8 SDV8000 Laboratory trials 2009 1.0 Introduction Sage Sanitizing Systems Ltd are in the business of providing technological s

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MALARIA INDICATOR SURVEY MODEL WOMAN'S QUESTIONNAIRE IDENTIFICATION (1) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


P R O G R A M A de Control de Mosquitos Virus del Oeste del Nilo Protección Personal Contra los Mosquitos Usando Repelentes Estado de C O N N E C T I C U T Protección personal usando repelentes que contienen DEET La sustancia química DEET — N,N-diethyl- El programa estatal de vigilancia y meta-toluamide — es el repelente de insectos

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Pumpkin Upside-Down Pie From: Kari Young Ingredients: 15 oz. can pumpkin 12 oz. can evaporated milk 1 cup sugar 3 eggs 2 Tbsp. ground cinnamon 1 Duncan Hines Butter Recipe Yellow Cake Mix 1/2 cup chopped pecans 1 cup melted butter 8 oz. cream cheese, softened 1 cup sugar 10 oz. Cool Whip 1/2 cup grated coconut Instructions: Line the bottom of a 9x13 inch baking dish with wax pape


Countercurrent chromatography: a worthy technique for the direct measurement of liquid-liquid partition coefficients 1 Area de Quimica Analitica, CCEE, ESTCE, Universitat Jaume I, 12080, Castello, Spain 2 Laboratoire des Sciences Analytiques, CNRS, Université de Lyon 1, Bat CPE-308, 69622 Abstract chromatography are: (i) a high loading capability, (ii) a very simple solute retention

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Curriculum Vitae Datos Personales: Fecha Nacimiento: 9 de diciembre de 1964 Historial Académico: Gestión de Proyectos Informáticos . Institut Català de Tecnologia. 21 h. Administración SonicWall Firewall . Infolan. 16h. Notación UML . Institut Català de Tecnologia. 15 h. Usabilidad en páginas web . Institut Català de Tecnología. 15 h. Herramientas de desa


Web site: www.geocities.com/riversidecoc Purim: Why Not Bow? In chapter three of the Megilla , the scroll of Exodus 17:8-16 tells of the battle and concludes “the Esther, King Ahasuerus decrees that all should bow LORD hath sworn that the LORD will have war with down to his courtier, Haman. All the servants in the Amalek from generation to generation.” As Moses said king’s ga

Miele energy tablets

Safety data sheet According to EC Directive 2001/58/EEC Identification of the substance/preparation and of the company/undertaking Identification of the substance/preparation Miele energy tablets with glass care formula Use of the substance/preparation Company/undertaking information claro products GmbH Vogelsangstraße 1 A-5310 Mondsee Telefon: 06232-2626 Telefax: 0623


The following is a list of the most commonly prescribed drugs. It represents an abbreviatedversion of the drug list (formulary) that is at the core of your prescription-drug benefit plan. The list is not all-inclusive and does not guarantee coverage. In addition to using this list,you are encouraged to ask your doctor to prescribe generic drugs whenever appropriate. PLEASE NOTE: The symbol * nex

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da Comunidade Intermunicipal do Médio Tejo Ao vigésimo sétimo dia do mês de março de 2013, com início pelas vinte horas, teve lugar, no auditório da sede da Comunidade Intermunicipal do Médio Tejo, em Tomar, a reunião ordinária de março de 2013 da Assembleia da Comunidade Intermunicipal do Médio Tejo, com a seguinte ordem de trabalhos: -----------------------------------------------


1. Aerococcus Viridans sepsis in a hemodialysis patient Mediterraneo Hospital- March 23, 2011 Tsoutsos Elias (1), Fili Konstantina (1), Merentiti Vassiliki (1), Akrivos Theodoros (1), Giannopoulou Sappho (2), Augustianos Charalambos(2) (1) Mediterraneo Hospital Renal (Kidney) Clinic,(2) Mediterraneo Hospital Microbiology Lab Aerococcus Viridans organisms are gram-positive saprophytic c


MATH1015 (Biostatistics) QUIZ 2A - Week 11 (17 May to 21 May)This is a closed book assessment. However, you are allowed to use information from the course webpage (formulae sheet, statistical tables, etc.) and the R package to answer any question if necessary. There are 15 questions each with 5 possible answers. Circle the correct answer with pen. Refer to the following information to answer q

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RASMUSSON V. SMITHKLINE BEECHAM CORP.: ENABLEMENT UNDER 35 U.S.C. § 112, FIRST PARAGRAPH In an important pharmaceutical related case looking at the enablement requirement under 35 U.S.C. §112, first paragraph, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (“CAFC”) in Rasmusson v. SmithKline Beecham Corp. , 04-1191 (Interference No. 104,646), held that a patent specifi

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Pelo fundo das províncias, em todas as cidades e vilas afastadas, há um povo que, sem protestar ainda clamorosamente, murmura contra o desgoverno em que vivemos. Dispersas essas vontades, sem coesão essas forças, ficam impotentes contra o cepticismo profundo que lavra na capital. Debate-se contra a força da inércia, contra a resistência da intriga, contra a lepra


WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? • Some women may experience bleeding or spotting after taking the ECP and some may experience an earlier or later start to • It is important to have a pregnancy test 3 to 4 weeks after taking the ECP to ensure that you are not pregnant even if you have a period in the CLIENT INFORMATION AND USEFUL CONTACTS • There is no evidence that the ECP will a


¿Ha sido víctima de discriminación en servicios de vivienda? De acuerdo con la ley federal y estatal contra la discriminación, es ilegal discriminar en la venta o renta de viviendas o en los préstamos o seguros de viviendas por razones de:  Condición familiar (familias con hijos menores de 18 años)  Condición como veterano o miembro de las Fuerzas Armadas de Estados Unidos  Co

Mcconnaughey, ted a., walter h. adey, and allegra m. small community and environmental influences on reef coral calcification

Limnol. Oceanogr., 45(7), 2000, 1667–1671᭧ 2000, by the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography, Inc. Community and environmental influences on reef coral calcification Abstract —Reef corals calcify faster in the presence of non-1E), the calcifier should fix carbon almost twice as efficient-calcareous algae. Ratios of calcification to photosynthesis ap-ly. Figure 2B and C expl


The economic UpdaTe SEPTEMBER 2012 SEPTEMBER 2012 The economic UpdaTe • Type III Debtors: The chal enges posed by overdue customers are different from a. Debtors who try to avoid payment. Managing Credit Effectively those of prompt payers. Customers fal ing under this category b. Debtors who may be operating fraudulently, with no may differ in their payment behaviour. T

Diretrizes diocesanas da renova o carism tica cat lica

APRESENTAÇÃO As DIRETRIZES da RENOVAÇÃO CARISMÁTICA CATÓLICA (RCC), fruto de estudo, reflexão, oração e discernimento, querem servir de orientação aos que fazem parte da estrutura da RCC na Diocese de São José dos Campos, e a todos que, de alguma forma, coordenam, executam e acompanham as atividades da RENOVAÇÃO no âmbito de Diocese, região pastoral e paroquial. Os OBJ


Kursorischer Streifzug durch die Geschichte der Neurowissenschaften aus neuroethischer und neurophilosophischer Perspektive „Wie andere erfolgreiche wissenschaftliche Disziplinen früherer Zeiten produziert die Neurophysiologie gegenwärtig einen weltanschaulichen Überschuss, der sich unter anderem in der Bestreitung menschlicher Freiheit, Verantwortungs- und Schuldfähigkeit äußert. So

Iv. medizinische abteilung/lkh graz

Beratungsblatt Reisemedizin _______________________________________________________________________________________ Geboren: ________________________ __________________________________ Gewicht: ________________________ Reisedauer: ____________________________________ Impfanamnese:______________________ Medikamente: ________________________ Allergien: ________________________ Reiseart: _____

Pb_e_steritalc 056e-2.indd

STERITALC ® Large Particle Size Talc for internal use Indications • chronic pleurisies, principally malignant • spontaneous pneumothoraxAccording to the literature, talc is more effi cient than Bleomycine and cyclines1). It appears that talc is the best sclerosis product available and can be used even after the application of other agents has failed. Features • produced for me


RN0460256 ARC Molecular and Materials Structure Network Annual Report to the ARC 2005-6 Prof. Cameron J. Kepert; [email protected]; 02-9351-5741 Dr Peter Turner; [email protected]; 02-9351-4270 MMSN Goals and 2005 Strategy and Activity The principal focus of the multi-disciplinary ARC Molecular and Materials Structure Network (MMSN) in 2005, has been to develop and e


MEDICAL EVENTS Contents. ESPONSIBILITIES OF THE EVENT ORGANISER . It is the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure that medical, ambulance and first-aid assistance are available to all those involved in your event, whether spectating or participating. The event organiser needs to minimize the effects of an event on the healthcare provision for the local population and, w

Grow a great mood boosting backyard

wakeup-world.com Ward off bad moods with a mood-boostingbackyard garden. Just being outside, whether you’re gardening,exercising, or simply taking a strol , is a great moodbooster. But getting your hands dirty in a garden isso effective at combating depression that it’s oftenused in “horticultural therapy” at psychiatrichospitals. If you feel like your energy levels aredropping or

Prostate cancer

Prostate Basic description In American men, prostate cancer is the most common cancer (other than skin cancer) and the second leading cause of cancer death. The prostate gland is walnut-sized and is located in front of the rectum, behind the penis, and under the bladder. It makes some of the seminal fluid, which protects and nourishes sperm cells in semen. Most prostate cancers grow very




2004 - 2005 STUDENT INJURY AND SICKNESS INSURANCE PLAN Designed Especially for the Students of Campus Locations: Colorado Springs, CO North Brunswick, NJColumbus, OH Recognizing the high cost of insurance premiums today and keeping the interest and protection of all ourstudents in mind, DeVry University has arranged for a low cost health insurance program for students. Allfu


How to be a "good" medical student J. Med. Ethics doi:10.1136/jme.2003.003848 Updated information and services can be found at: References This article cites 2 articles, 1 of which can be accessed free at: Rapid responses Email alerting Receive free email alerts when new articles cite this article - sign up in the box at the Topic collections Articles on similar topics


Food and Medication Interactions Stable Vit. K intake is recommended. Limit foods that are high in Vit. K – Kale, Broccoli, clotting in blood Spinach, Brussel Sprouts, other leafy green Avoid Vit. A & E supplements. Avoid herbal teas that contain coumarin. Avoid taking medicine with high bran fiber and high pectin foods (eg. jellies), may decrease drug absorption. Diet high in Potas

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Chapman v. Com. August 23, 2007 (Approx. 33 pages) --- S.W.3d ----, 2007 WL 2404429 (Ky.) Briefs and Other Related Documents Only the Westlaw citation is currently available. THIS OPINION IS NOT FINAL AND SHALL NOT BE CITED AS AUTHORITY IN ANY COURTS OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY. Supreme Court of Kentucky. Marco Allen CHAPMAN, Appellant, v. COMMONWEALTH of Kentucky, Appellee. No. 2005-SC-00


PHARMACY FORMULARY Revised 3/05 ___________________________________ Dr. Dawn Whelchel, Chairperson Medication Use Team ___________________________________ Dana Haden, RPh. Director of Pharmacy PHARMACY FORMULARY TABLE OF CONTENTS ANTI-INFECTIVES…………………………………………………….1 Antibiiotics, Sulfas, Nitrofurans, Antifungals, Antima


Most drugs have a brand name and a generic name. Both names are listed in this chart. Generic drugs usually work as well as the brand name versions and are less expensive. You may want to talk with your healthcare provider about prescribing generic drugs for you. Your pharmacist can also give you information about specific generic drugs. Inhaled Corticosteroids GENERIC NAME BRAND NAME

United states court of appeals for the federal circuit

United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ---------------------------------------------------------------- KBI-E, INC., KBI, INC., and ASTRAZENECA LP, Errol B. Taylor, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy, LLP, of New York, New York, argued for plaintiffs-appellees. Of counsel were Fredrick M. Zullow, John M. Griem, Jr., Lawrence T. Kass, David C. Haber, Claire A. Gilmartin, and

High-resistance interval training improves 40-km time-trial performance

Original Research / Training High-Resistance Interval Training Improves 40-km Time-Trial Performance in Competitive Cyclists Amy M Taylor-Mason Sportscience 9, 27-31, 2005 (sportsci.org/jour/05/amt-m.htm) Kinetic Edge Cycling, Box 25941, Auckland, New Zealand. Reviewer: Carl D Paton, Centre for Sport and Exercise Science, Waikato Institute of Technology, Hamilton, NZ. Interval training at ra


Articles Antiplatelet agents for prevention of pre-eclampsia: a meta-analysis of individual patient data Lisa M Askie, Lelia Duley, David J Henderson-Smart, Lesley A Stewart, on behalf of the PARIS Collaborative Group* Background Pre-eclampsia is a major cause of mortality and morbidity during pregnancy and childbirth. Antiplatelet Lancet 2007; 369: 1791–98 agents, especiall

bariatric surgery rounding orders

Create date: Nov-07 SIGN DATE AND TIME ALL ENTRIES Review date: Sept-11 Revise date: Jan-12 ORDERS AND SIGNATURE PROGRESS NOTES AND SIGNATURE & TIME Bariatric Surgery Rounding Orders Bariatric Surgery POD #:_____Date: ___/___/___ 1.  CBC w/ differential, BMP  Mg  POBP __________ HR __________ RR______SO2 _____ 2.  CXR:  PA View  Bedside in am Wei

Microsoft word - tailwaggerapril2010.doc

OFFICERS   BOARD MEMBERS Corrine Dreyfus 334-567-8009 Christina Flack 334-669-1240 Milly Frakes 334-396-0132 Trigg Grieshop 334-409-2998 George Lemaster 334-281-4502 Goodwyn Community Center on Perry Hill Road The “Tailwagger” is the official newsletter of the Montgomery Kennel Club Inc. Its purpose is to share information among Club Members and other interested parties. Articles

Ecs congenital cardiac abnormalities (learner).indd

Congenital Cardiac Abnormalities S i m u l a t e d C l i n i c a l E x p e r i e n c e ( S C E ™ ) O v e r v i e w L e a r n i n g O b j e c t i v e s Location: General Pediatrics Unit 1. Uses history and assessment fi ndings to plan, prioritize, and provide developmentally appropriate care to the infant patient with Down History/Information: syndrome (trisomy 21) and congeni

Microsoft word - lasik aftercare instructions 05-08-12.doc

AFTERCARE INSTRUCTIONS  After examining you, we will place goggles over your eyes before we send you home. Keep your eyes closed as much as possible for the first 4 hours after the procedure, although you can open them to walk to the car or go to the bathroom. You can nap for the 4 hours if you prefer.  After 4 hours you can remove the goggles and open your eyes. Replace the goggles a


Usura Che differenza c'è fra usura ed interesse? Nessuna! “l' interesse è la somma dovuta come compenso per ottenere la disponibilità di un per un certo periodo”. Sempre da wikipedia [ http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usura ] impariamo che “i prestiti a usura (o prestiti usurari) sono prestiti ad interessi molto elevati, tali da rendere il loro rimborso molto difficile o addirittu


Susan M. Farner, Ph.D., MT(ASCP) Degrees: Ph.D. Community Health Policy, 1996-2000 University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois Dissertation: Clinical Practice Guidelines as a Management Tool for Antibiotic Resistance in Streptococcus pneumoniae. M.S. Health Education, 1987 Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois B.S. Medical Technology, 1971 University of Illinois at t

Cmn057 438.444

Ó The Author 2008. Published by Oxford University Press. All rights reserved. For permissions, please e-mail: [email protected]. doi:10.1093/fampra/cmn057Family Practice Advance Access published on 3 October 2008Patients’ view on screening for depression in generalpracticeK A Wittkampfa,b, M van Zwietenb, F Th Smitsb, A H Schenea, JHuysera and H C van WeertbWittkampf

Microsoft word - the unforgettable goodbye - tribute to yasmin ahmad

Organising Chairman, AdAsia09 – Kuala Lumpur For all intents and purposes, Yasmin Ahmad was an accidental celebrity. She never set out to be one, nor did she crave fame or fortune. The work she did – advertisements, commercials, movies – was drawn from her own experiences and from her heart. It was truly an honour when she agreed to be one of the keynote speakers at the upcoming AdAsia09


Patients whose GP knows complementary medicine tend to havelower costs and live longerReceived: 15 November 2010 / Accepted: 27 May 2011 / Published online: 22 June 2011Ó The Author(s) 2011. This article is published with open access at Springerlink.comand longer lives are unlikely to be related to differences incomplementary and alternative medicine (CAM) as an areaselection (e.g. people wit

Acove forms_r7

Cognitive Patient Visit Note Impairment To be completed by medical assistant Reason for Visit: Memory loss/confusion per patient and/or surrogate History of Present Illness: History given by: 1. Problems with memory? . . . . . . . . . . . . . If YES , duration of symptoms: 2. Patient has someone to help him/her . . If YES , primary caregiver: 3. Help is adequate for need


Erhalt der geschlossenen Zahnreihe bis zur letzten Sharpey`schen Faser Kongressnachlese vom ersten Würzburger Symposium für Regenerative Zahnheilkunde Mit seinem Vortrag zum Würzburger Konzept in der Parodondontologie konnte Prof. Schlagenhauf das Symposium für regenerative Zahnheilkunde in einem gut gefüllten Hörsaal der Würzburger Zahnklinik eröffnen. Da die Patienten erst nach erf

Microsoft word - ketocam tabs_pil_eng trans_rus.doc

INSTRUCTION For medical application of the preparation KETOCAM® Registration number: Commercial name of the preparation: Ketocam® Medicinal form: film coated tablets Composition : Each film coated tablet contains: Active substance: Ketorolac tromethamine 10.00 mg. Auxiliary substances: Microcrystallic cellulose 150.50mg, Maize starch (dry) 56.00mg, Magnesium stearate

the mill creek school newsletter

THE MILL CREEK SCHOOL NEWSLETTER June 2011 Enclosed are 4th quarter evaluations. four marking periods: Shawn A., Please take the time to read and discuss Michael A., Sammy B., Matt B them with your child. If you have any Faith C., Jessica G., Ryan H., questions or concerns, please contact Jesse H., Naomi J., Matt P., Stephan your child’s adv




Figures and Tables Fig.1. Simplified flowchart for American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE)/American College of Endocrinology (ACE) 2009 glycemic control algorithm. Pathways are provided for patients with hemoglobin Ale (A1C) in 3 ranges: 6.5% to 7.5%, >7.6% to 9.0%, and >9.0%. There is a progression from rnonotherapy, to dual therapy, to triple therapy, to insulin the


CVS Caremark Drug List Changes – Removal from Formulary – Rationale Effective January 2014 Note: This document is specific to the removal of drugs from the standard formulary for January 2014. This document does not address other drug list changes that are focused on non-preferred/preferred status changes. Changes will be made to the CVS Caremark standard formulary eff

Curriculum vitae

Dr. Daniel R. Jones 4201 South Washington Street Marion, IN 46953 Telephone: 765-677-2296 Fax: 765-677-2455 E-mail: [email protected] 9389 Rockwood Court, Noblesville, IN 46060 PERSONAL: CAREER SUMMARY: I have been blessed with opportunities to learn and serve in the dental, biomedical research, and teaching fields. I am most grateful for the opportunity to serve Christ at Ind


Teoksen ensimmäinen painos ilmestyi Hämeenlinnassa Arvi A. Karisto Osakeyhtiön julkaisemana vuonna 1927. SyväysEero KaskiUlkoasu: Risto PenttinenKustantaja: Pilot-kustannus Oy 2008ISBN 978-952-464-782-3Print-on-demandMontakaan askelta en ehtinyt puistokäytävällä, kun jostakin sivummalta, pensaitten keskeltä, ka-jahti kova ja kimakka laukaus läpi selkeän syysil-man. En sanottavasti


A-a 1. Koyama J Ahmed K, Zhao J, Saito M, Onizuka S, Oma K, Watanabe K, Watanabe H, Oishi K: Strain-specific pulmonary defense achieved after repeated airway immunizations with non-typeable Haemophilus Influenzae in a mouse model Tohoku J Exp Med 211(1): 63-74, 2007 (IF: 1.012) 2. Chen M Hisatomi Y, Furumoto A, Kawakami K, Masaki H, Nagatake T, Sueyasu Y, Iwanaga T, Aizawa H, Oishi K: Compara

Microsoft word - documento definitivo ppi 6 aprile 07 _2_.doc

NOTE SULL’IMPIEGO DEI FARMACI INIBITORI DI POMPA PROTONICA (PPI) IN GASTROPROTEZIONE ED IN TERAPIA Gruppo di lavoro sul a appropriatezza prescrittiva dei PPI del a Diverse categorie di farmaci di comune impiego possono essere causa o concausa di danni gastrointestinali. La possibilità di ridurre questo rischio con provvedimenti diversi rappresenta un argomento importante nel a Alcune


Smart Prescription Purchasing Initiative Overview The Department of Public Welfare can save Pennsylvania taxpayers $100 million a year by paying lower prices on prescription drugs for children and families who get their health care through the Medicaid program. Drug purchases currently are split between seven Medicaid managed care organizations (MCOs), putting them in a weak bargaining positi

Microsoft word - co-op meeting - your chance to overturn their boycott of 4 israeli companies.doc

The latest phase in our campaign to overturn the Co-op Group's boycott of the Israeli companiesAgrexco, Arava Export Growers, AdaFresh, and Mehadrin is to attend a Co-op meeting. A question that should be asked at the meeting:"Wil the Regional Board recommend that a review be made of the Co-op's Ethical Trading andHuman Rights Policy, second criteria for the boycott of trade specifical y wit


Mandsaur Institute of Pharmacy, Mandsaur (M.P.) Project Title Guide Name No. Student Comparative Study of Anthelmintic Activity of Different Anthelmintic activity of " Mamordica charntia roxb.fruit" Anurag Trivedi A Review on Multitherapeutic Approch of Clitoria Ternatea Antisress tivity of Hydro Alcoholic Extract of Leaves of Butea A Study of Nanococholeate Drug Deliver

Microsoft word - ii__metodologia_de_presentacion_de_la_ddjj___definitivo___7_11[1].doc

METODOLOGÍA DE CONFECCIÓN DE LA DECLARACIÓN JURADA PARA PERSONAS FÍSICAS Y SUCESIONES INDIVISAS La determinación del impuesto a las ganancias para personas físicas y sucesiones indivisas, consta de 3 (tres) partes: 1) Determinación de las rentas del período fiscal y del impuesto a ingresar. 2) Valuación del patrimonio neto al inicio y al cierre del período fiscal que se declara

Microsoft word - medicines for mommies.english.doc

Medicines for Mommies This guide will help answer some questions about using medicines during pregnancy. Please feel free to ask us any questions leftunanswered. Prenatal Vitamins : Every pregnant woman should be taking vitamins. Non-prescription prenatal vitamins are fine. If you are having trouble taking a prenatal vitamin because of nausea, constipation, or some other reason, please discus

070502_mm_hörpunkt mai_programmhinweise.doc

Das «Hörpunkt»-Programm im Überblick: Nicht am Radio zu hören. Diskrete, persönliche Beratung. Beratungstelefon zum Thema «Sex» 16.00-19.00, DRS 2 Fragen, persönliche Probleme zum Thema «Sex»? Sexualpädagogin Marlise Santiago berät im persönlichen Gespräch parallel zum Programm am «Hörpunkt»-Tag von 16.00 bis 19.00 Uhr. Die Telefonnummer wird auf www.drs2.ch und


Second-hand Aerosols in Acute Care Therapist Exposure Risk and the Potential Impact of Device Selection. *A Brief Review of the Literature on Second-hand Aerosols and the Effects of Occupational Exposure • Danger in the Air, Proctor S., Advance for Respiratory Care • Second-hand (S)-Albuterol: RT Exposure Risk Following Racemic Practitioners, January 24, 2005. Albu


MIKOLÓGIA 1. Heterotróf, szaprofita, parazita, kilotróf (csak oldott felvétel), exocelluláris enzimek, kitines sejtfal, dikariotikus(sejtmagpáros), fonalas szervez., hifa és micélium, dolipórus, lomaszóma, gombatoxinok,lebontó(reducens), endoszimbionta elm., polifiletikus eredet2. SEJTFAL. nincs: zoospórán és nyálkagombákon., kitin(N-acetilglukózamin polimer), cellulóz (

Curriculum vitae

CURRICULUM VITAE General information : Name: Ali Last Name : Taghizadieh Address: Emergency Department, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Daneshgah Street, Imam Reza Hospital , I.R IRAN. Phone: +984113330066 Fax: +984113352078 Cell phone:+989144126103 Email: [email protected] Date of Birth: 7/4/1971 Place of Birth: Tabriz-Iran Marital Status: Married Citizenship:

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The Germanic Invasion: A Close Look at La Rondine’s Origins in Operetta MUSICAL HIGHLIGHT La Rondine was first conceived as an operetta— a stage play studded with romantic songs—in the style of such Germanspeaking Austrian composers as Johann Strauss II and Franz Lehar. Puccini also envisioned a work in the spirit of the German Richard Strauss’s Der Rosenkavalier. Hints of these northern

Microsoft word - dictamen_contraloria_pae[1].doc

Las municipalidades, con el objeto de promover la salud y el desarrollo comunal, pueden implementar nuevas prestaciones de salud, insertas en planes comunales de esa naturaleza, en los casos en que no exista política pública ministerial, en la medida que tales prestaciones sean financiadas directamente por el paciente particular o haciéndose cargo el propio municipio de asumir su costo y no se

Microsoft word - vanja-nagy.doc

Tel.: (020) 437-200 Mob.: (99) 597-9791 EDUCATION: MOUNT SINAI SCHOOL OF MEDICINE, NY (2000-2006) Doctor of Philosophy, Basic Biomedical Sciences- June 2006 Thesis: “Novel Role and Regulation of the Matrix Metalloprotease Family During Long-Lasting Hippocampal Synaptic and Behavioral Plasticity” STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK AT ALBANY, NY (1995-1998) Bachelor of Science, Biological Scienc

Ayot place practice

AYOT PLACE PRACTICE MARY BARTON B.Sc. MNIMH Dip.Phyt Medical Herbalist SLEEP PROBLEMS Up to one in three people has some type of sleep problem; most often this is insomnia, although it can include an excessive desire to sleep called somnolence. The information here relates to insomnia as this is by far the most common sleep difficulty. Insomnia includes a difficulty in gettin


Schachkreis Mittelfranken-Nord Auf einem Blick 19.Dezember 2005 Ausschreibung Kreiseinzelmeisterschaft und der Blitzeinzelmeisterschaft 2006 in Uttenreuth Ausschreibung der Kreis- und Blitzmeisterschaften vom 4.-8.1.2006 in Uttenreuth Sportheim SC UttenreuthBreslauer Straße 41Ergebnisse der Jugendkreisligen 3 Ergebnisse der Jugendkreismeisterschaften 2005/2006 Qualifikationstu


Michael Anderson is a registered Psychologist in private practice in Torquay, Victoria. He has been practicing mindfulness meditation consistently since 1987. In 1990 he became increasingly interested in Buddhism and mindfulness practice, and has from this time worked to integrate Western psychology and Without a personal practice of mindfulness Mindfulness mindfulness


OFICINA NACIONAL ADMINISTRACION TRIBUTARIA Lic. Sonia Fernández Ramírez, con número de inscripción en el Registro General de Juristas 4674, en mi carácter de Directora Jurídica de la OFICINA NACIONAL DE ADMINISTRACION TRIBUTARIA, en lo adelante ONAT, lo cual acredito por la Resolución No.381 de fecha primero de diciembre del 2001, del Ministro de Finanzas y Precios, con domicil

Microsoft word - 83022pds

Cayenne & Ginger DESCRIPTION SUGGESTED USE Cayenne & Ginger, supplied by Douglas Adults take 1 capsule daily with meals or as directed Laboratories, provides three specially formulated by physician . combinations of cayenne and standardized ginger. FUNCTIONS SIDE EFFECTS Originally from South America, the cayenne plant has spread across the globe both as a foo

Lrl eng final 02-09:layout 1.qxd

• Your growing baby needs oxygen just like you. • Every time you breathe, you give your baby all the• When you smoke, your baby is getting — Your baby’s heart will beat faster. — Your baby will cough and sputter. — Your baby will not develop as well because there will not • When you smoke you will have a greater risk of:— Vaginal bleeding. — Miscarriage. — Early delivery

Maseno university

MASENO UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF GRADUATE STUDIES UNIVERSITY EXAMINATION RESULTS 2011/2012 SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT GRADUATION LIST The following TWENTY THREE (23) candidates SATISFIED the Board of Examiners of the School of Public Health and Community Development and the School of Graduate Studies in their postgraduate degree programmes and are

Dietary phytoestrogen intake and premenopausal breast cancer risk in a german case-control study

Int. J. Cancer: 110, 284 –290 (2004) Publication of the International Union Against CancerDIETARY PHYTOESTROGEN INTAKE AND PREMENOPAUSAL BREASTCANCER RISK IN A GERMAN CASE-CONTROL STUDYINSEISEN ,* Regina PILLER , Silke HERMANN and Jenny CHANG-CLAUDE1 Unit of Human Nutrition and Cancer Prevention, Technical University of Munich, Freising-Weihenstephan, Germany 2 Department of Clinical E


ISO 9001:2000 Certified A2LA Registered FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MRC Polymers engages in global information exchange with interns sponsored by Keep Chicago Beautiful Chicago, IL – August 5, 2010 – “Beyond expectations” was an enthusiastic comment from graduate students from Israel’s Arava Institute of Environmental Studies as they recently walked the factory floor at MRC P

Microsoft word - 060109_budget_finance_agenda_revised.doc

BUDGET / FINANCE COMMITTEE MONDAY, JUNE 1, 2009 Approval of First Renewal to Bid #05/06-48, Public Safety Employee Physicals, to Company Care. This effectively extends the bid with no increase in cost for a one year period. (D. Fish) Approval of Modification #5 to Sub-grant Agreement #06/07-149 with the Division of Emergency Management for construction of the new Emergency Operations Cent

When science goes wrong inner pages.qxd

NEUROSCIENCE: The Runner’s Brain MORGUES ARE SPOOKY PLACES at the best of times. Evenduring the day, when knots of chattering medical students gatherround the brightly-lit dissecting tables and senior pathologists pokeat ruptured aortas or cancer-ravaged livers, they offer uncomfortablereminders of our own mortality. Not just the sight of the dead andthe disorders that killed them, but also t


Asthma bronchiale - Stufenplan nach GINA Asthma ist eine entzündliche Erkrankung der Bronchien, die über drei verschiedene Mechanismen zur Verengung der Bronchien führen kann. Bei Reizung der Bronchien kann erstens eine vermehrte Schleimbildung und / oder zweitens eine Schwel ung der Schleimhaut und / oder drittens eine Verkrampfung der Bronchien ausgelöst werden. Diese Mechanismen werden


ON TRIPLE FACTORISATIONS OF FINITE GROUPSSchool of Mathematics and Statistics, The University of Western Australia, Crawley WA 6009, AUSTRALIAThe second criterion characterises triple factorisations of G in terms of a subset of ΩB havingLet G, Ω, ∆ and be as in Notation 1. Then the Embedding Theorem for imprimitive permutationrestricted movement. For a finite subset Γ of Ω, the mo

Ltps 2008-2009 sar 2.ppt

médecin spécialiste en anesthésie-réanimation• Für die Notfallmedizin sind i.d.R. die quantitativen• Glasgow-Coma-Scale (GCS) als wichtigster Score für• Somnolenz: Zustand der Benommenheit mit• Scores erlauben eine präzisere Dokumentation,Verlaufsbeobachtung und InformationsweitergabeSopor: schlafähnlicher Zustand aus dem der PatientEin GCS von kleiner oder gleich 8 bedeutet


Nonlinear Analysis 63 (2005) e1607 – e1617Non-linear strain theory for low-dimensionalB. Lassena , ∗, R. Melnika, M. Willatzena, L.C. Lew Yan Voonba Mads Clausen Institute for Product Innovation, University of Southern Denmark, Grundtvigs Allé 150, DK-6400 S Z nderborg, Denmark b Department of Physics, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 100 Institute Road, Worcester, MA 01609, USA

Mcdowell dentistry

New patients Welcome to our practice. Our primary purpose is to serve you and your family, to provide for your dental health needs in a considerate and caring fashion. For your protection this office has the most modern equipment, the latest techniques, above all, we follow OSHA guidelines in advanced sterilization technology for both staff and patient protection. Consent for Services

Jobsinthemoney sweepstakes

Dice Sweepstakes OFFICIAL SWEEPSTAKES RULES 1. No Purchase Necessary 2. Contest Open To Legal Residents of the United States (Excluding its Territories, Overseas Military Installations and Commonwealths) Only 3. Void Where Prohibited. All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply. 4. Participants must be 18 years or older at the time of entry. 5. Participants may only win once during thi


Malaysian Journal of Pharmacy 2003;1(3):86-90 Outpatient Prescription Intervention Activities by Pharmacists in a Teaching Hospital Chua Siew Siang1*, Kuan Mun Ni1, Mohamed Noor bin Ramli2 1Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya, 50602 Kuala Lumpur 2Outpatient Polyclinic Pharmacy Unit, Universiti Malaya Medical Centre, 59100 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia *Author for


Plan Year 2014 MercyCare Medicare Advantage Prior Authorization (PA) Criteria Prior Authorization: MercyCare Medicare Advantage requires you (or your physician) to get prior authorization for certain drugs. This means that you will need to get approval from MercyCare Medicare Advantage before you fill your prescriptions. If you don’t get approval MercyCare Medicare Advantage


e u r o p e a n u r o l o g y s u p p l e m e n t s 7 ( 2 0 0 8 ) 5 5 7 – 5 6 5a v a i l a b l e a t w w w . s c i e n c e d i r e c t . c o mj o u r n a l h o m e p a g e : w w w . e u r o p e a n u r o l o g y . c o mConservative Treatment of Patients with Neurogenic BladderUZA, Department of Urology, Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital Antwerp, 10 Wilrijkstraat, 2650 Edegem, Belgi

Takeda_rcp bn 8 pag

Riassunto delle caratteristiche del prodotto eventi avversi di fratture ossee riportati da studi clinici randomizzati, controllati, in doppio ciecoin oltre 8.100 pazienti trattati con pioglitazone e 7.400 trattati con farmaco di confronto per unperiodo superiore ai 3,5 anni, è stata osservata un’aumentata incidenza di fratture ossee nelledonne. Sono state osservate fratture nel 2,6% delle


Hot Topics in Pharmacy Law PLEASE NOTE: This post-test is to be used as a study aid ONLY. To complete the actual online post-test for credit, you will need to click on the “Take Post-Test” link. 1. The duty to report medication errors to the Massachusetts Board of Pharmacy requires the pharmacy to: a. Report the error within 15 business days after they are informed of the error.

A2540 bader family papers

A2540 Bader Family Papers, 1877-1922 1 box; 1 oversize folder Processed by Dennis Northcott, August 2010 Translations by Sven Eliasson REPOSITORY Missouri History Museum Archives P.O. Box 11940 St. Louis, MO 63112-0040 314-746-4510 [email protected] DONOR INFORMATION Donor information is not available. BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH Ernest F.L. Bader (or Ernst F.L. Bader) was born

Microsoft word - Τζώρτζης.doc

Personalia Name : A. Papandreou, 36 42500, Terpsithea, Larissa Greece Medical Education and Position 1990 : Graduation Medical School, University of Florence, 1993 -1994 : Resident in General Surgery, Department of Surgery, : Resident in Urology, Department of Urology, Aristotle University Of Thessaloniki, “G.Gennimatas” Hospital, : Department of Urology, “G. Mara


Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics (2003) 28, 347–348Optimizing digoxin dosage: the long winding road1A. Li Wan Po* B Pharm PhD and M. J. Kendall  MD FRCP*Centre for Evidence-Based Pharmacotherapy, Aston University, Birmingham, UKand  Division of Medical Sciences, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK‘Conclusions of so much moment to the welfare ofreceiving digoxin were ra


• Copyright ᮊ by Walter de Gruyter • Berlin • New York. DOI 10.1515/JPM.2005.087 A clinical evaluation of controlled-release dinoprostone for cervical ripening – a review of current evidence in hospital and outpatient settings Werner Rath* many clinical circumstances, such as pregnancy-inducedhypertension, prelabor rupture of the membranes, sus-Department Obstetrics and Gynecology


PSEUDOMONAS AERUGINOSA SU LARINDA ANT B YOT K D RENC VE METALLO-BETA-LAKTAMAZ SIKLI I * I ıl F DAN, Feryal ÇET N GÜREL K, Sevgi YÜKSEL, Nedim SULTAN * Gazi Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi, Tıbbi Mikrobiyoloji Anabilim Dalı, ANKARA Pseudomonas aeruginosa hastane infeksiyonuna neden olan önemli bir etkendir ve çoklu direnç gösteren izolat sıklı ı giderek artmaktadır. Bu �

Normas generales i, unidad 6

Normas generales I Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina Unidad 6: Actos administrativos singulares: normas comunes (cánones 35-47) El Título IV es el más largo de todo el Libro I. tiene 59 cánones, distribuidos en cinco Capítulos. En él se retoman algunas materias que ya estaban presentes en el Código de 1917, modificándolas en mayor o en menor medida, en algunos


NIH Public Access Author Manuscript Am Heart J . Author manuscript; available in PMC 2011 September 1. Am Heart J . 2010 September ; 160(3): 464–470. doi:10.1016/j.ahj.2010.06.012. Serum Magnesium and Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death in the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Study James M. Peacock 1, Tetsuya Ohira 1, Wendy Post 2,3, Nona Sotoodehnia 4, Wayne Rosamond 5, and

Microsoft word - forage_and_mulch_certification_standards

Noxious Weed Seed Free Certification Standards © 2013 Minnesota Crop Improvement Association INTRODUCTION There is a growing demand in North America for the use of certified noxious weed seed free forage and mulch as a preventative program to limit the spread of noxious weeds. This voluntary certification program is designed to assure that forage (hay, cubes and pellets) and mulch sold wit

Microsoft word - sbobinatira corpo ferito corpo trasformato_rev turchetto.doc

Le trasformazioni del corpo tra psiche e soma E’ la prima conferenza pubblica di Metabolè. Del proprio corpo si può arrivare a soffrire oltre quanto è forse inevitabile, perché a esso affidiamo la nostra identità ed è un tramite del riconoscimento e dell’accettazione sociale di noi stessi perché donne e uomini. La chirurgia plastica svolge una funzione di grande aiuto quand

Azithromycin: more lethal than chloramphenicol?

CSIRO PUBLISHING Azithromycin: more lethal than chloramphenicol? Ivan Stratov A,C , Justin Denholm B and Stephen J. Kent AADepartment of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Vic. 3010, Australia. BVictorian Infectious Diseases Service, Royal Melbourne Hospital, and Department of Medicine, University ofMelbourne, Parkville, Vic. 3010, Australia. Abstract


Acta neurol. belg. , 2007, 107 , 5-10 Original article MEG evaluation of Parkinson’s diseased patients after external magnetic stimulation P. ANNINOS1, A. ADAMOPOULOS1, A. KOTINI1, N. TSAGAS2, D. TAMIOLAKIS3 and P. PRASSOPOULOS41Lab of Medical Physics, Medical School, Democritus University of Thrace, Alex/polis, Greece ; 2Lab of Nuclear Technology, Dept of ElectricalEngineering and


Name: ______________________________ Date of visit: _____/_____/_____ Age: ______ Height: ______ New Patient History Please note: All information is confidential and will only be used for the purpose of ensuring you the best treatment possible. Please answer all areas. Why have you come to the office today? Who referred you to our practice? Self Frie


Ackumulationeller bioackumulation är anrikning av exempelvis ett gift i växter och djur. Det är ämnen som bryts ner långsamt eller inte alls förs vidare i näringskedjan och koncentreras hos djuren i kedjans slut. De utsöndras inte ur kroppen utan lagras i vävnader i t ex njurar eller fettvävnad. Kadmium, kvicksilver, DDT och PCB är exempel på ämnen som ackumuleras. Agenda 21är ett a


Summer Newsletter Summer is with us here in Swanage of the care team here at Wordsworthwith the sun shining and seagulls and will be sorely missed, however weswooping above our heads, Penny and all wish her the very best in her newStella have been hard at work in the life and good luck for the future!garden with Dan helping with the Also going onto pastures new islawn! As a result our resi

Código Ética mesa 2012 con portada _nov.23.2012_ rev


Microsoft word - ymf2008_posters

MGMS and RSC MMG Young Modellers’ Forum 2008 POSTER PRESENTATIONS Poster 1 Discarding Functional Residues from the Substitution Table Improves Predictions of Active Sites within Three-Dimensional Structures Sungsam Gong and Tom Blundell Dept. of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, 80 Tennis Court Road, Cambridge, CB2 1GA, UK Substitutions of individual amino a

Wait three years and then two come at once aba international antitrust bulletin

International Committee │ ABA Section of Antitrust Law October 2012 │ Vol. 3 Wait Three Years and Then Two Come at Once: European Commission Moves Against Pharma Patent Settlements Matthew Hall McGuireWoods, Brussels I n July 2012, three years after it published its final re- So far as concerns the decline of novel medicines port into competition in the pharmaceutical sec


CT / CYSTOGRAM / IVP / VCUG QUESTIONNAIRE / CONSENT FORM NAME: _____________________________________ DATE OF BIRTH: _____________ SEX: M / F WEIGHT: _________ WHAT BODY PART IS TO BE EXAMINED? ________________________________________________________________ PLEASE DESCRIBE YOUR SYMPTOMS: __________________________________________________________________ HOW DID THIS OCCUR? _______________

Namen - jeder hat einen

Namen - Jeder hat einen Aber bei manchem NSC sieht es da dunkel aus. Damit nicht jeder japanische Geschäftsmann Tanakaheißt, nicht jeder indianische Schamane Crazy Cloud, nicht jeder Lohnsklave Joe Smith und der Donnicht schon wieder Don Calzone, sind hier diverse Vor- und Nachnamen verschiedenster Regionen undNationen aufgelistet. Natürlich erheben diese Listen nicht den Anspruch allumfass


Risk communication: Why we need Not involving patients in important medical decisions is also understandable information ethically unjustifiable, as it is their health that is at stake. It is premature to give up on people’s ability toThis is particularly important as patients and physicians dounderstand health statistics. The example of the pill scarenot always have the same pre


MEN'S HEALTH MEN'S HEALTH TACKLING THE TACKLING THE INEQUALITIES INEQUALITIES MEN'S HEALTH TACKLING THE INEQUALITIES Report of a one-day multidisciplinary conference held on Tuesday 11 December 2001 at the Royal College of Physicians, Regent’s Park, London by kind permission of the treasurer Tackling men’s health inequalities: what can the government do


Insureds' Brief Medical Histories – June 2012 1. TC042210JH The insured is an 80 year-old male smoker with a history of Prostate Cancer, Hypertension, mild Cardiovascular Disease, Peripheral Vascular Insufficiency, Osteoarthritis, Valvular Heart Disease, Diverticulosis, Degenerative Joint Disease, and COPD. Medications reported: Enalapril, Flomax, Zocor, Folic Acid, Ramipril, Ibuprofen,


Mobile Veterinary Surgeon Dr. Paul Newman Disc Disease Treatment Recommendations, Prognosis, and Recurrence Lets breakdown our back patients into clinical presentations with my recommendations based upon 30 years of doing over a 1000 laminectomies with over 93% good to excellent outcome in patients with deep pain perception. Please keep in mind recent studies that show if a patien

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SECTION 1 : CHEMICAL PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATION Product Name Lithium Chloride Product Code 333 001 Synonyms Molecular Weight Chemical Formula Contact Information MFPL Fluorine Products Ltd E-mail : [email protected] / SECTION 2 : COMPOSITION / INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS Ingredient CAS No Percent Hazardous Lithium Chlorid

Var f”vrier 2006

Café des Sciences et de la Société Horaires d’ouverture : Lundi, mardi, jeudi, vendredi Cycle alimentation : Le mangeur hypermoderne Mardi 7 février : "Le lac des Auzerals" Rabastens (81), de 14 h à 18 h 14 février, 20h30 rando de 8 km, départ 13h30 place Jean Jaurès. Mercredi de 10 h à 12 h avec François Ascher, professe

Cafl frequency-english.xls

Annotation Abdominal inflammation Abdominal pain Abscesses also use Staphylococcus aureus and see Listeriose Abscesses secondary Accellerate Healing oh injuriesand Surgeries, Accellerate the Healing & Clearing of ScarringAcidosis Hyperacidity. use a term calcium supplements magnesium longa potentially pathogenic bacteria found in mammals a bacterium normally found in the bowel and thro

[080712] domande di neurologia [senza correttore]

Domande di NEUROLOGIA La paralisi centrale differisce da quella periferica perché (indicare l’affermazione errata): non si associa mai a riflessi patologici. è dovuta a lesione del motoneurone corticale o delle sue proiezioni. può coinvolgere tutto un emilato corporeo. La Glasgow Coma Scale serve per valutare la gravità di: La Glasgow Coma Scale (indicare le 2 affermazi

En el perú, nuestra política pasa con demasiada facilidad de lo

Artículo sobre Información y Propiedad Intelectual Eduardo Villanueva Mansilla Para Quehacer. Junio 2005. Entre los temas de interés que surgen en la discusión pública, cuando ésta trasciende las banalidades habituales, aparece la urgencia para aprovechar la tecnología informática. A su vez, uno de los principales beneficios de contar con computadoras y acceso a la información es, a


Version 2009 nach GUT Team A. FCM Schlucken nach ASHA Kriterien 1. National Outcomes Measurement System (NOMS): Adult Speech-Language Pathology Training Manual. ASHA 1998-20082. Ickenstein GW, Goldstein R, Stein J, Henze T, Bogdahn U. Neuronale Regeneration nach akutem Schlaganfall mit schwerer neurogener oropharyngealer Dysphagie (NOD): eine Kaplan-Meier-Überlebensanalyse. Neurol


OESTRUS INDUCTION ANDSYNCHRONISATION IN CASHMERE GOATSOestrus induction and synchronisation duringanoestrus in cashmere goats using hormonaltreatment in association with "male effect"Fiorella Carnevali*, Gabriele Schino*, Silvana Diverio** * ENEA Centro Ricerche Casaccia, Divisione Miglioramento Produzioni Animali, Via Anguillarese 301, 00060 S.M. Galeria, ROME ITALY ** Istituto di

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VISIT NOTE Hua Han Bio-Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited Established in 1992, Hua Han has been a major manufacturer of naturally-sourced gynecological Chinese medicine, pharmaceutical Share Price (HKD): 0.88 drugs, and medicinal healthcare products. With a unique focus on Rating: Not Rated women’s healthcare, Hua Han has developed and acquired several ren


Detta är en kortfattad sammanfattning över de (i mitt tycke) viktigaste och användbaraste momenten iendimensionell analys. Anteckningarna är avsedda som stöd till mitt minne och de är inte tänkta att varafullständigt kursmaterial!Alla sidnummer refererar till 5:e upplagan av Adams, Calculus. • Den informella definitionen av gränsvärde, enkelsidigt resp. dubbelsidigt, dvs vad “betyd

3. sequenz das -334bergewicht

Steinzeitmensch beim Honigsammeln, Cueva de la Arana bei Bicorp, Valencia, 4000 v.Chr. Aus: Hans Baumann: Die Höhlen der grossen Jäger, K.Thienemanns Verlag, Stuttgart 1972. Honig war die einzige dem Steinzeit-Menschen zugängliche wirkliche Süssigkeit. "Ich nehme als die 6te Ursach an die Schwelgerei, welche zwar keine epidemischen Krankheiten verursacht, aber zu allen Zeiten und an alle

Analysis of bacterial bowel communities of ibd patients: what has it revealed?

Analysis of Bacterial Bowel Communities of IBD Patients: Harry Sokol, MD,* Christophe Lay, PhD,† Philippe Seksik, MD, PhD,* and Gerald W. Tannock, PhD‡ the tissue, it is probably best for the present to consider it a Abstract: The bacterial community, in whole or in part, pathogen and for its presence to be termed an infection.7 Theresident in the bowel of humans is considered to fuel th


SPETTacoLi SPETTacoLi - Piazza BENVENUTo mENDENi “Ho una sconfinata ammirazione per la Compagnia dei Folli, perché credo che siano i più poetici teatranti che girano per l’Italia. Sempre pronti a regalare un incantesimo, sempre pronti a regalare un soffio di poesia ed emozione a chi li va a vedere.” (Vincenzo Mollica, giornalista RAI TG1 - Corriere Adriatico 06/07/2006). Nata nel


Une brèche dans le blocus : De la matière pre- Le transfert technologique et la production indépen- Editorial mière pour l’industrie pharmaceutique cubaine* dante de médicaments anti-cancéreux complexes Le projet avait été lancé à l’époque par mediCuba-Suisse avec uneNous avons rapidement diversifié le projet de matière première en Chères lectrices, cher


ANNEXURE TO TENDER NO. MRPU/KARP/FAB/1459 1. Description of the ITEM: FRP fume hood with base cabinet 2. Detailed SPECIFICATIONS and Quantity : FRP Fume hood with base cabinet Manufacture, inspection, testing, supply and installation in the laboratory (ESL, Kalpakkam) and guarantee of fume hood as per specification and internal ducting made of rigid HDPE/FRP/PVC and complete leak pro

Microsoft word - papel timbrado mapric.doc

INCI Name: S.D No CAS: 83701-22- 8 Fórmula: C16H30N10O2. H2SO4 Peso Molecular: 516,58 PROPRIEDADES É um potente vasodilatador musculotrópico (direto), pertencente às piperidinpirimidinas, que atua diretamente sobre a musculatura lisa vascular, igualmente à hidralazina; mas a diferença desta é que seu efeito anti-hipertensivo é mais intenso e prolongado. Devido a

Microsoft word - flu_bird_pandemic.rtf

PUBLIC HEALTH INFLUENZA: Birds, FACT SHEET Pandemics and Protecting Yourself Massachusetts Department of Public Health, 250 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02108 What is influenza? Influenza (the “flu”) is an illness with fever, headache, sore throat, cough and muscle ache, caused by the influenza virus (germ). “Seasonal” flu occurs every year, usually during the late fall


Nombre_________________________________________ Grupo_________a) ¿Cuáles son los 4 tipos principales de moléculas biológicas mencionadas en clase? Cite unafunción importante de cada tipo de molécula biológica celular. b) Responda brevemente las siguientes preguntas:I)¿Cuáles son las 2 diferencias principales entre las células procariotas y eucariotas?II) ¿En qué se diferencian los

Microsoft word - dpr - depression symptoms and treatment - 01a.doc

Depression: Symptoms and Treatment Patient Education Handout associated with UMHS Clinical Care Guideline This information is not a tool for self-diagnosis or a substitute for medical treatment. You should speak to your health-care provider or make an appointment to be seen if you have questions or concerns about this information or your medical condition. What is depression? Depress

Ii - do registro

NovoNorm® repaglinida I. Identificação do medicamento NovoNorm® repaglinida Forma farmacêutica Comprimido Via de administração Oral Apresentações Embalagens contendo 30 comprimidos acondicionados em blísteres. Os comprimidos estão disponíveis em 3 concentrações de repaglinida: 0,5 mg (comprimidos de cor branca), 1 mg (comprimidos de cor amarela) e 2 mg


JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY, Dec. 2010, p. 4590–4591Copyright © 2010, American Society for Microbiology. All Rights Reserved. False-Negative PCR Result Due to Gene Polymorphism: the Example´atrice Ninet,2 Jacques Bille,1 and Gilbert Greub1 Institute of Microbiology, University Hospital of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland, 1 and Bacteriology Laboratory, National Center of Meningococc


How to assess an asthma attack Asthma First Aid Mild Attack • cough Sit the person upright, remain calm and provide reassurance. Do not leave the person alone. • soft wheeze • minor difficulty breathing • no difficulty speaking in sentences Without delay shake a blue reliever puffer* and give 4 separate puffs, 1 puff at a time, preferably through a spacer device. M

Student 2009-2010 pandemic h1n1 ("swine flu") vaccination consent form

Annual Influenza Vaccine Consent Form-FLU SHOT and NASAL SPRAY Section 1: Information about Child to Receive Vaccine (please print) Fill out one form for EACH child receiving vaccine. STUDENT’S NAME (Last) STUDENT’S DATE OF BIRTH month_________ day________ year __________ PARENT/LEGAL GUARDIAN’S NAME (Last) STUDENT’S AGE STUDENT’S GENDER PARENT/GUAR

The new product – the role of marketing in the r&d

The 6th International Days of Statistics and Economics, Prague, September 13-15, 2012 THE BASIS OF THE DISCOVERY PROCESS FOR A NEW PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCT Veselin Dickov Abstract The history of pharmaceutical industry (and pharmacy) is measured from one discovery of an innovative drug or approach to treatment of a particular disease to the next one. The basis of the discover


Efavirenz Marca comercial: Clase de medicamento: Inhibidor de la transcriptasa inversa no análogo El efavirenz, conocido también como EFV o Sustiva, es un tipo de antirretroviral llamado inhibidor de latranscriptasa inversa no análogo de los nucleósidos (NNRTI). Esta clase de medicamentos bloquea latranscriptasa inversa, una proteína que necesita el VIH para multiplicarse.

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CONFIDENTIAL CHILD ORTHODONTIC PATIENT QUESTIONNAIRE PATIENT INFORMATION: Patient’s Name: ____________________________________________________________________ Sex: M F Last First MI Preferred Name: _________________ Birth Date: ____________ Age____ Home Phone: (______)_________________ Address: _____________________________________________________ City: _______________________

Mrsa care pathway

Lincolnshire Care Pathway Partnership Integrated Care Pathway THIS DOCUMENT MAY BE USED FOR TWO SEPARATE ADMISSIONSIs the patient following another Integrated Care Pathway?…………………….Yes / NoIf yes, record which other Integrated Care Pathway/s is/are in use:…………………………………………………………………………………………………�

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What are the extractive industries? Extractive Industries is the industry that involves mining and other valuable natural resources that found in the ground. Essentially extractive industry concerned with the physical extraction of metals, oil and natural gas. However, these differ in what, how and what they extract. Mining can be defined as extraction of metals and the extraction can

Psd004424 (tnt verde 15ml)

PRIMA DELL’USO LEGGETE CON ATTENZIONE TUTTE LE INFORMAZIONI CONTENUTE NEL FOGLIO ILLUSTRATIVO Questo è un medicinale di AUTOMEDICAZIONE che può essere usato per curare disturbi lievi e transitori facilmente riconoscibili e risolvibili senza ricorrere all’aiuto del medico. Può essere quindi acquistato senza ricetta ma va usato cor- rettamente per assicurarne l’efficacia e ridurre gli eff


In this letter you can find some practical information that you need for your stay in 1. Documents for reimbursement of travel costs and lodging for extra nights Only the flights that occur on or between the IP dates wil be reimbursed: For reimbursement of the travel costs you need to keep al original proofs of the invoices and the boarding passes of your flights, train tickets, fuel

Adrenoreceptors and bc - may 2010

Adrenoceptors and breast cancer: Review article Roisman R., Klemm O., Raphaeli G., and Roisman I. Dedicated to Mrs. Minka Klavins and Prof. Janis V. Klavins Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, NY, USA Correspondence to: Isaac Roisman, M.D., Dip. Surg., M. Surg., D.Sc. P.O.Box 45470 , Haifa 31453, Israel Tel.: (972-4)8388393, Fax: (972-4)8379503 Adrenocepto

Microsoft word - camper+health1.doc

CAMPER HEALTH HISTORY FORM 1 Dates will attend camp: from____________________ to _________________________ Month/Day/Year Month/Day/Year Camper Name:___________________________________________________________ First Middle Last ___Male ___Female Birth Date ________________ Month/Day/Year ______________________________________________________________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS FOR PA


1. Introduction This blog entry presents a case study of using provide automatic UI generation for the The Health Portal is a Web-based application designed around a ServiceOriented Architecture and built using. It serves the and is deployed to some 3,000 hospitals and health clinics across Spain. The integration of Metawidgetallowed Telefónica to reduce development and ongoing maintenan

Resistensi plasmodium vivax terhadap klorokuin

TINJAUAN PUSTAKA METODE PENENTUAN RESISTENSI PLASMODIUM VIVAX TERHADAP KLOROKUIN Nurhayati Bagian Parasitologi Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Andalas Klorokuin merupakan obat pilihan pertama selama lebih kurang 50 tahun untuk pengobatan malaria vivax , karena kerjanya cepat, murah, dan aman diberikan pada bayi dan wanita hamil. Sejak 1989 muncul beberapa laporan resistensi P.


OPEN EXPRESS ONE DAY COURSE & INTEGRATED MULTIPHYSICS SIMULATION & DESIGN OPTIMIZATION Salón de Actos del Edificio Central del Parque Científico y Tecnológico REGISTRATIONS AND RESERVATIONS Please, fil the fol owing data and remit us the registration and booking form to the fax (+34) 928 380 380 or by email to Once we receive this form we wil send you a confirmation of regi

Ip mississippi

Higher Education Community of Mississippi Volume 1, Issue 3 A Publication of the Mississippi Law Research Institute “IP Mississippi” is a quarterly publication of the Mississippi Law Research Institute designed to keep educators and administrators at brought to task for using photographs in Mississippi universities aware of current advertising campaigns without the permission of

Pine-derived linoleic acid ointment for topical treatment of st

PINE-DERIVED LINOLEIC ACID OINTMENT FOR TOPICAL TREATMENT OF STABLE PLAQUE-TYPE PSORIASIS. A COMPARABLE DOUBLE-BLIND STUDY. ALLAN LASSUS, MD HELSINKI RESEARCH CENTER ISO ROOBERTINKATU 8 A 1, SF 00120 HELSINKI, FINLAND Forty members of the Finnish Psoriasis Association were treated either with pine-oil derived linoleic acid ointment or the vehicle for 4 weeks. By randomization 20 pa

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From 2009 Philmont Guidebook to Adventure, Pages 16-17 YOUR PERSONAL EQUIPMENT Check Check Be sure to label all of your clothing and equipment with your name and Expedition Number, , so you can readily identify what is yours Personal and Miscellaneous and so any of your belongings lost and found can be returned. *matches and lighter in waterproof container (BB, A


C L I N I C A L A N D E X P E R I M E N T A L H Barry Collin AM Barry L Cole as a part-time lecturer in ocular pathol-etry and his sub-major in physics qualifiedhim for his part-time demonstrator posi-tion in the Physics Department in thestairs to the tiny staff room in the Victo-ment to decide on a change to his career. of coffee with me. He told me that he wasthinking of leaving


Member Drug Formulary Alphabetical Listing 2008 The Member Drug Formulary is an alphabetical list of approved medicines covered by your benefit plan. In the Member Drug Formulary, generic drugs are listed by their generic name and begin with lower case letters. You will pay the lowest copay when you buy generic drugs. Formulary brand drugs are listed alphabetically by brand name. The nam

Microsoft word - sclero instructions.4.09.final.doc

Sclerotherapy is an injection treatment used to eliminate small size varicose veins and “spider” veins. Small varicose veins are 1 or 2 mm in diameter, about the width of the letter “n or m” on this page. Spider veins are tiny blue or red veins commonly seen on the legs. Spider veins usually appear spontaneously and become noticeable over time as they increase in size and number. The

Microsoft word - kdt keuken-caloterm

CATALOGUS-CATALOGUE Online verkoping van de faling - Online auction of the bankruptcy - Vente en ligne de la faillite CALOTERM nv (KDT Keukens) in opdracht van de curator/à la requête du curateur/ by order of the reciever Sluiting-Closing-Clôture 07/06/2013 Computerconfiguratie met tft-scherm, fabr. Samsung, type Computerconfiguratie met tft-scherm, fabr. Phili

Applications and usage of medilox solution

Non-toxic Disinfectant of the 3rd generation concept! User’s Manual for MEDILOX-Solution ★ Please read this manual thoroughly before using MEDILOX-Solution ★ ▣ Sterilization effect It sterilizes every microorganism such as Mycobacterium, MRSA, Pseudomonas, Salmonella, Shigella, Candida, Bacillus and Virus within 30 seconds. ▣ Safety MEDILOX-Solution is non-toxic, non-ir

Press release

News Release June 10, 2008 Merck Serono Strengthens Its Prescription Medicines Portfolio in Latin America • Merck Serono to commercialize portfolio of established pharmaceutical medicines from Bristol-Myers Squibb in Latin America Geneva, Switzerland, June 10, 2008 – Merck Serono, a division of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, announced today the signing of a distributio


GASTROESOPHAGEAL REFLUX DISEASE (GERD) Is it your imagination or are the commercials for heartburn and reflux multiplyinglike rabbits? I’ve recently seen a statistic that up to 40% of adults suffer fromreflux also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). What is GERD?It is a chronic condition caused by the backflow of acid, bile, enzymes, and foodinto the esophagus. GERD can be trigge


B E S T P R A C T I C E Interventii si strategii pentru renuntarea la fumat1 This Best Practice Information Sheet has been derived from a commissioned review undertaken by The Joanna Briggs Institute. This review sought to identify existing systematic reviews on smoking cessation interventions and strategies. Fifteen systematic reviews were identified that met the inclu

Smt news fevrier 201

Mauguio € De : "Bernard DELIENCOURT" <[email protected]> SMT-NEWS N°26 / Février 2011 Cher(e)s Ami(e)s du Tir Sportif et de la Melgorienne de Tir, Nous voilà déjà en février ! Comme vous le savez c'est le mois le plus court de l'année mais pas le plus chaud. on dit souvent : "février rigoureux effraie les frileux", et c'est bien le cas surtout avec cette


Serum and cerebrospinal fluid concentrations of melatonin: a pilot study in healthy male volunteers A. Rousseau 1 , S. Petrén 1 , J. Plannthin 1 , T. Eklundh 2 , and C. Nordin 1 1 Department of Neuroscience and Locomotion, Division of Psychiatry,2 Department of Clinical Neuroscience and Family Medicine, Psychiatry Section,Huddinge University Hospital, Huddinge, SwedenReceived Novem

Tacrofort 5 mg pi.cdr

médico se você apresentar algum desses sintomas. O tratamento com carboidratos (668 Kcal, 85% de carboidratos) fez com que a AUC e randomizados. O grupo controle ativo foi tratado com regime de Tacrofort irá diminuir a sua imunidade e você estará sujeito a contrair Cmáx médias decrescessem 28% e 65%, respectivamente. Em imunossupressão baseado em ciclosporina. Ambos estudos utilizaram

File://d:\my documents\web page\work site\tmp8in3jwrexu.htm

Bowel Prep The purpose of a bowel prep is to cleanse the bowel of particulate material and decrease the number of bacteria in the colon. The reason for this is to attempt to decrease the number of infectious complications of colon surgery. There are many different regimens in use. The prep Dr. Fusco most commonly prescribes is the fleets phosphosoda prep listed below. Alternative prep


Women's Health Partners LLC 6853 SW 18th Street, Suite 301 Boca Raton, FL 33433 Tel: 561-368-3775 Fax: 561-392-7139 PROCEDURE EDUCATION LITERATURE We recommend that you read this handout carefully in order to prepare yourself or family members for the proposed procedure. In doing so, you will benefit both the outcome and safety of the procedure. If you still have any questi

Mass high tech

Biomed Rounds: Alkermes’ week a roller coaster of good and bad Alkermes Inc. recently came through a good news-bad news week. But it should be months before executives learn which scenario will emerge as The positive tidings were that an Alkermes drug to treat schizophrenia was approved by the Food and Drug Administration. But shortly thereafter, the Cambridge company received th


Vision restoration therapy Br. J. Ophthalmol. doi:10.1136/bjo.2005.068163 Updated information and services can be found at: Rapid responses Email alerting Receive free email alerts when new articles cite this article - sign up in the box at the Topic collections Articles on similar topics can be found in the following collections To order reprints of this article go to: . . . .

Microsoft word - rv_[mobbing] mas informaciÓn _en positivo_ contra el mobbi–

Declaración sobre los principios fundamentales de justicia para las víctimas de delitos y del abuso de poder "La Asamblea General Recordando que el VI Congreso de las Naciones Unidas sobre Prevención del Delito y Tratamiento del Delincuente recomendó que las Naciones Unidas continuaran su actual labor de elaboración de directrices y normas acerca del abuso del poder econ�

Nulytely trilyte colyte--extra_pm_8-10-1

Monmouth Gastroenterology, LLC 142 Route 35 Eatontown, New Jersey 07724 (732) 389-5004 Nadeem Baig, M.D. Kenneth Belitsis, M.D. Thomas C. Fiest, D.O. Steven A. Gorcey, M.D. Laleh Merikhi, M.D. Rajiv Uppal, M.D Patient Name: ___________________________________________________________________ Date:___________________Tentative Arrival Time: _____________ This time is subject to change


Cahier Médecine Pr Jean-Paul Richalet. Recommandations 2 Limitez vos efforts en début de séjour. Hôpital Avicenne pouR une épReuve de Bobigny AP-HP Les deux premiers jours, il faut se contenter université Paris 13. d’ultRa-enduRance de marches tranquilles en s’hydratant largement Professeur en haute altitude (pas d’alcool). Après accli

Submission- albendazole in neurocysticercosis (choon ean)

Use of Albendazole in Neurocysticercosis Choon Ean Ooi Pharmacy Department, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Parkville Introduction Clinical Features (cont.) Discussion (cont.) Prior to transfer the patient was managed with: Table 1: Advantages of albendazole Cysticercosis is a parasitic infection caused by the • BD dosing (cf. TDS with praziquantel)7larval stage of the por


Report 2003Perspective and action plan 2004PrefaceMy goal as Danish Minister for Gender Equality is to empower every girland boy, every woman and man to choose the life she or he wants. We must appreciate each individual’s resources and never let gender becomea barrier in working or private life. We must allow women to be executivesand give men the space to become fathers. To achieve this goa


The following is a list of the most commonly prescribed maintenance drugs that are also on theExpress Scripts High Performance Formulary. Members who use these drugs will be targeted forSelect Home Delivery outreach. This is not an all-inclusive list of drugs that will be targeted, butrepresents the maintenance drugs that are on the High Performance Formulary. PLEASE NOTE: Not all of the drugs l


Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp Health History and Examination Form Please give complete information below so the camp is aware of your camper’s needs and has the information necessary for appropriate care. If there are changes after you send us the form, please notify the nurse upon arrival at camp. Camper Last Name __________________________________ First _________________Nickname________________

Microsoft word - le origini della lingua italiana.doc

I primi documenti di una certa rilevanza culturale nella nostra storia letteraria si incentrano soltanto tra la fine del XII e l’inizio XIII secolo. Ma la progressiva trasformazione in volgare del latino parlato nella tarda età imperiale era in corso già da parecchio tempo, tanto l’idioma volgare era entrato con forza nell’uso delle classi meno colte. Se volessimo in qualche modo fissa

Chemistry in use book 2 context 7

CONTEXT 7 NEW MATERIALS 1 CONTEXT 7 TOP SEVEN DRUGS OF THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURYAlthough in the New Materials context the focus was on plastics and polymers, they are not the only substances chemists have synthesised to improve our quality of life. Another major chemical development is pharmaceutical drugs. The active ingredients in many medicines—the drugs—have been and con


Oral Steroids in Asthma Oral steroids are steroid medicines such as prednisolone taken by mouth. This leaflet gives useful information if you take oral steroids. What are steroids? Steroids are hormones that occur naturally in the body. Steroid medicines are man-made and are similar to these natural hormones. They are usually given to decrease inflammation. The types of steroids used t


SPECIFICATION FOR MEASURES GROUP REPORTING ONLY HYPERTENSION MEASURES GROUP OVERVIEW 2013 PQRS OPTIONS FOR MEASURES GROUPS: REGISTRY ONLY 2013 PQRS MEASURES IN HYPERTENSION MEASURES GROUP: #295. Hypertension: Appropriate Use of Aspirin or Other Antithrombotic Therapy #296. Hypertension: Complete Lipid P rofile #298. Hypertension: Annual Serum Creatinine Test #299. Hypert

Microsoft word - pan-arvo 2006_final.doc

Pan American Association of Ophthalmology PAN-ARVO Day Final Program Saturday, April 29, 2006 Renassaince Hotel, Fort Lauderdale G. Jimenez - IOL Power Calculation after Non-Laser Refractive Surgery G. Villanueva - Efficacy and Safety of Artisan Lens in High Myopia J.D. Larios - Confocal Microscopy Findings after PRK and Amniotic Membrane Transplantation N.J. Cortes - Topograp

Ehl248 2266.2268

European Heart Journal (2006) 27, 2266–2268Adiponectin and myocardial infarction: a paradox ora paradigm?Hwee Teoh1, Martin H. Strauss2, Paul E. Szmitko3, and Subodh Verma1*1 Division of Cardiac Surgery, St Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; 2 Division of Cardiology, North York GeneralHospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; and 3 Department of General Internal Medicine, Sunnybrook He


Nutzungshinweis: Es ist erlaubt, dieses Dokument zu drucken und aus diesem Dokument zu zitieren. Wenn Sie aus diesem Dokument zitieren, machen Sie bitte vollständige Angaben zur Quelle (Name des Autors, Titel des Beitrags und Internet-Adresse). Jede weitere Verwendung dieses Dokuments bedarf der vorherigen schriftlichen Genehmigung des Autors. Quelle: http://www.mythos-magazin.de 1 Der Teufels


Oxytocin Use for Cesarean Delivery: Time for a Paradigm Shift? Minnesota Society of Anesthesiologists, Fall Conference 2013 Lawrence C. Tsen, MD Vice Chair, Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine Director of Anesthesia, Center for Reproductive Medicine Brigham and Women’s Hospital Associate Professor in Anaesthesia, Harvard Medical School For this topic, I’d lik

Dear prescribers,

Dear Prescribers, July 2008 Welcome to the Saint Vincent Healthcare Medication Formulary. This formulary was designed to provide you with the most current information possible pertaining to Formulary listings and drug-related policies. Please review this booklet at your leisure so you are familiar with which drugs are approved for use at Saint Vincent HOW TO USE THIS BOOKLET D

Diario oficial de la república de chile

DIARIO OFICIAL DE LA REPUBLICA DE CHILE Sábado 8 de Mayo de 2010 Convocar a licitaciones públicas para otorgar concesio-nes en los casos señalados en los artículos 15 incisoPERIODO DEL 10 DE MAYO 2010 AL 09 DE JUNIO2º. Modifícase el decreto Nº 466 de 1984 del MinisterioAprobar bases de licitación exentas de toma de razón. de Salud, que aprueba el Reglamento de Farmacias, Dr


February, 2004 Successful Aging Namenda Now Available to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease Namenda (Na-MEN-da) was approved by the FDA on October 17, 2001. It is now justbeginning to be available in local pharmacies. The Memory Clinic in Bennington hasbeen receiving many inquiries regarding Namenda. Here are some of the mostcommonly asked questions. What is Namenda? Namenda is the first medi

Anticoagulation - referral form - updated 19 09 13

Anti-coagulation referral form Highlighted sections are compulsory. Any incomplete referrals will be returned. Referrer: Patient details: Name………………………………………………. Surname………………………………………Designation…………………………………………First name……………………………………. Address……�

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ARREPENTIMIENTO Y CONVERSIÓN Debemos aclarar primero, que todo hombre posee un hilo de fe, el cual al ser activado por un toque del Espíritu Santo —herida en la Por tanto arrepentíos y convertíos, para que vuestros pecados conciencia— (Hch. 2:37), produce el arrepentimiento, el cual sean borrados a fin de que tiempos de refrigerio vengan de la presencia del Señor

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Federal Contracts Report™ Reproduced with permission from Federal Contracts Report, 98 FCR 179, 08/07/2012. Copyright ஽ 2012 by TheBureau of National Affairs, Inc. (800-372-1033) http://www.bna.comTo Each His Own: An Analysis of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims’ Jurisdiction OverChallenges to the Federal Government’s Cost Analyses and Insourcing DecisionsUnder 10 U.S.C. § 2463Wit

Magnetfält orsakar magssyra- och b12-brist

Moderna sjukdomar, orsakas bl.a. av magsyrabrist Magnetfält ökar amalgamutsöndringen som ger kronisk brist på magsyra och vitamin B12! Utkast- och diskussionsunderlag av Thorleif SandInknappad 2001, av Eva Bladh (som skrivit boken TARMHÄLSA)OBS ! Detta dokument får endast ses som ett utkast och diskussionsunderlag. © Thorleif Sand (2000-2001-2004). (Original = syra-b12

Dill - happen 410030

Dill - Happenmit einer Zuckerart und S üßungsmittel Fertigwaren -Spezifikation Drews Geltungsbereich: Betriebslabor, Entwicklung, ProduktionDas Produkt einschließlich der Verpackung entspricht den jeweils gültigen lebensmittelrechtlichen Bestimmungen der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Das Endprodukt bzw. dessen Zutaten sind nicht mit ionisierenden oder ultravioletten Strahlen behandelt. GMO:

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Allergy Sufferer Qualitative Research Summary Report Al erPrive, Inc. June 2007 Multivariate Solutions, Inc. Research Objectives Six focus groups were conducted for this research, on June 3rd in New York City and June 5th in Seattle. The purpose of the research is to develop a better understanding of the mindsets of allergy sufferers with varying degrees of allergy


Kidney International, Vol. 67, Supplement 94 (2005), pp. S70–S74 Prevention of renal failure: The Malaysian experience LAI SEONG HOOI, HIN SENG WONG, and ZAKI MORAD Department of Medicine, Sultanah Aminah Hospital Johor Baru, Johor, Malaysia; and Department of Nephrology, Hospital KualaLumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Prevention of renal failure: The Malaysian experience. Re- the face of


A STUDY OF THE NEW AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION CURRICULUM Submmitted in partial fulfillments of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Education University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1990 A STUDY OF THE NEW AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION CURRICULUM University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign, 1990 The purposes of this study were to investigate how the new Kenyan agricultural ed

Meda oy:n sydän- ja verisuonitautien lääkkeitä ovat sepelvaltimotaudin hoitoon käytettävä nitraattilaastari minitran ja eteisvärinän hoitoon tarkoitettu rytmihäiriölääke tambocor

Sydämen normaalirytmi Sydämen pumppaustoimintaa ohjaa tarkkaan säädelty sähköinen järjestelmä. Normaalin ns. sinusrytmin aikana sydänlihas supistelee säännöllisesti. Levossa aikuisen sydämen syketaajuus on yleensä 60-80 lyöntiä minuutissa. Rasituksessa syke voi kiihtyä, jopa yli 180 lyöntiin minuutissa ilman että kyseessä on rytmihäiriö. Sydämen rytmihäiriöillä


HIGHLIGHTS OF PRESCRIBING INFORMATION 4 CONTRAINDICATIONS These highlights do not include al the information needed to use FULL PRESCRIBING INFORMATION: CONTENTS* Urocit®-K safely and effectively. See ful prescribing information 1 INDICATIONS AND USAGE • In patients with hyperkalemia (or who have conditions pre-disposing them for Urocit®-K. 1.1 Renal tubular acidos


PROBABILIDAD y ESTAD´ISTICA (61.06, Industriales)1. La probabilidad de que un emisor de mensajes sea fuente de spam es 0.1. El 90 % de los mensajesspam tiene la palabra Viagra, mientras que s´olo el 15 % de los mensajes no spam la tienen. Unreceptor ha recibido 4 mensajes de la misma fuente y en exactamente 2 de ellos detect´o la palabraViagra, ¿cu´al es la probabilidad de que la fuente sea


Dr. med. Barna BolDog FMH Chirurgie Spezialarzt Viszerale Chirurgie Spezialarzt Bariatrische Chirurgie Spezialarzt Allgemein- und Unfallchirurgie Laparoskopische Magenbypass Operation Sehr geehrte Patientin! Sehr geehrter Patient! Einleitung Starkes Übergewicht wird auch als Adipositas permagna bezeichnet. Die Magen-Bypass-Opera-tion wurde in den sechziger Jahren entwickelt und ist bis h

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Decreto-Lei n.º12/2000 de 28 de Fevereiro O Estado, no uso das suas atribuiç ões, tem o direito e o dever regular as associaç ões públicas. A Ordem profissional de Auditores e Contabilistas Certificados, ora objecto de criaç ã o e regulamentaç ã o, constitui uma expressã o desse poder regulamentar do Estado, determinante para a institucionalizaç ã o de um quadro jurídico que


and generous support of NJIT, Peter was honored with the uni-versity’s 2008 Edward F. Weston Medal. 1989 and today is president and principal of the firm. Based in Brooklyn, New York, JF Con-tracting works with city, state and federal agencies, as well as Anastasia, Peter and Elsa Papanicolaou with clients in the private sector. The firm’s expertise encompasses Weston honor inte

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Licensed to Lakers Track Club Hy-Tek's Meet Manager 7/31/2008 06:40 PM Maine Junior Olympic Track & Field - 7/31/2008 Region C Qualifier 7/31/2008 Results Event 1 Shot Put MITE Girls ================================================================================= MAINE USATF: 20-01 2003 Sarah Martens, Scarborough Name Age Team Finals Points ====================================================

Fisheries proceedings iii

Comparison of the effects of buserelin in combination with various forms of domperidone and pituitary gland on the induction of spawning and gonadal development in the Thai carp, Barbonymus gonionotus Naruepon Sukumasavin*, Pongsai Chansri and Mali Lamanthieng Inland Fisheries Research and Development Bureau, Thailand and Aquaculture of Indigenous Mekong Fish Species Component, MRC Fisheries P


Case 1 Acute Aspirin Overdose: Relationship to the Blood Buffering System Focus concept The response of the carbonic acid/bicarbonate buffering system to an overdose of aspirin is examined. Principles of acids and bases, including pK and the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation. The carbonic acid/bicarbonate blood buffering system. You are an emergency room physician and you have just admitted

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Guideline on Actinic Keratoses Developed by the Guideline Subcommittee “Actinic Keratoses” of the European Dermatology Forum Subcommittee Members: Prof. Dr. Eggert Stockfleth, Berlin (Germany) Prof. Dr. Lajos Kemény, Szeged (Hungary) Prof. Dr. Bernt Lindelöf, Stockholm (Sweden) Prof. Dr. Lasse Braathen, Bern (Switzerland) Prof. Dr. Martino Neumann, Rotterdam (Netherlands) P

Sample news release to announce final team member selection (boys)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: THREE PHILADELPHIA REGION STUDENT- ATHLETES SELECTEDTO PLAY IN 2011 McDONALD’S ALL AMERICAN® BASKETBALL GAMES IN CHICAGO Rakeem Christmas of Academy of the New Church; Briyona Canty of Trenton Catholic Academy; and Betnijah Laney of Smyrna High School Will Compete Among the Nation’s Top High School Players Philadelphia, February 11,


INSTRUCTION PRESENTED AND APPROVED: DECEMBER 7, 2012 INSTRUCTION Course Title: Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse Change course title to reflect current terminology used in the field of substance abuse. If this is a change, what is being changed? A prerequisite changed was noted after the meeting. The box has been checked to reflect the Textbook/Reviewed Competencies-no changes

1498_3-1_04 43.54

The deep play of medicine: Discursive and collaborative processing oftiful. Statistical and computerized models, decision-analytic techniques, and other standardizing princi-Ethnographic research was conducted in the thoracicples have been developed over time in order toward of a Norwegian university hospital in order toovercome the mistakes and analytical shortcomingsstudy collaborative med

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MILVERTON C. P. SCHOOL First Aid Policy We have three trained First Aiders in school:- All our trained first aiders are experienced in dealing with ailments and accidents and must be consulted on First Aid matters. Medical Care Parents/carers of children who need to take medicines during the school day are asked to bring the medicine to the medical room at the beginning of the sc

Nasbo 3_ev_revised.doc

National Accounting Standard for Budget Organization № 3 “ Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors ” Approved by the decree № İ-05 dated “13” January 2009 Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Azerbaijan. National Accounting Standard for Budget Organization № 3 “ Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors ” PDF cre


1- Avril J.L., Dabernat H., Denis F., Monteuil H. Les Neisseria. In Bactériologie Clinique, Ed : ellipses, Paris 1992 : 68-83. 2- Aborio M., Sall A. Surveillance epidémiologique de la gonococcie au Sénégal Rapport sur le fonctionnement technique de l'Institut Pasteur, Dakar, 1986, 23- 26. 3- Adegbola R. A., Sabally S., Corrah T., West B., Marbey D. Antimicrobial suscepti


Literatur 1. Adams T, Heisey RS, Smith MC, Briner BJ. Parietal bone mobility in the anesthetized cat. J Am Osteopath Assoc. 1992;92:599--622. Amprino R. Bone Histophysiology. Guy’s Hospital Rep. 1967;116:51--69. Andres KH. Über die Feinstruktur der Arachnoidea und Dura mater von Mammalia. Z Zellforsch. 1967;79:272--295. Australian Physiotherapy Association. Protocol after 6 years. Man T


2007 The Mutual of Omaha Drug Formulary lists preferred medications. The formulary is developed and updated by the Mutual of Omaha Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Committee and is subject to change. Please note that when a generic Mutual of Omaha equivalent becomes available for a brand name drug on formulary, the brand name formulary drug becomes non-formulary. Certain drugs re

Publikationen körner

Publikationliste 1. Körner, Th .: Methodische Untersuchungen an Ito-Zellen der Leber zur Darstellung an Routinebiopsiematerial. Med. Diss. Univ. Halle 1985 . 2. Körner Th., F.-W. Rath: Morphologie und Funktion der Ito-Zellen der Leber, Z. Ges. Inn. Med. 42 (1987) 349-354. 3. Körner Th., F.-W. Rath, R. Nilius: Enzyme histochemical investigations of Ito cells in human live

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Källa: Diverse artiklar från Fred H. Gage, Salk Institute, La Jolla, CA USA Under i stort sett dess hundraåriga historia har neurovetenskapen hävdat att en mogen hjärna är en stabil, oföränderlig, dataliknande maskin med ett minne och med processliknande kraft. Man kan förlora hjärnceller, förlora delar av faktaminnet men man kan framförallt inte skapa nya hjärnceller, har man hä


ASSOCIATION OF AFRICAN UNIVERSITIES ASSOCIATION DES UNIVERSITÉS AFRICAINES The Association of African Universities (AAU), an international non-governmental organization (INGO), with headquarters in Accra, Ghana, was set up in November 1967 by universities in Africa to promote cooperation among themselves and between them and the international academic community. The AAU wishes to anno


V E R O R D N U N G Aus für die Malus-Regelung Gute Nachrichten für Vertragsärzte: Ab 2008 entfällt die Malus-Regelung! Darauf haben sich die Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung und die Spitzenverbände der Krankenkassen in den Bundesrahmenvorgaben Arzneimittel verständigt. Ihre Be-gründung: Die Rabattverträge hätten eine vertretbare Umsetzung nicht mehr zuge- Zwölf Arz

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Biology 12 - Biologically Important Molecules! Use this repeatedly this term to quiz yourself on biologically important molecules. ____ WATER ___ ___ Glucose ___ ___ Disaccharide ___ Amino Acid dipeptide Phospholipid Fatty acid Fatty acid Triglyceride Unsaturated Saturated Neutral fat Cholesterol Nucleotide Nucleotide (pyrmidine)

Lettre version finale.pdf

La Lettre de MG France RA Mars 2009 COTATION EN CS : LA BELLE VICTOIRE DES GENERALISTES DROMOIS POUR L’EQUITE La Cour d’Appel de Grenoble vient de donner raison à délégation l’honneur de tous les Médecins neuf médecins de MG26 : elle reconnaît le droit aux spécialistes en médecine générale de coter leurs consultations CS. Devant cette victoir

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M.M.C. International B.V. MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheet 1. Identification of the substance/mixture and of the company 1.1 Product identifiers Product name : 1.2 Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture and uses advised against Identified uses : Laboratory chemicals, Manufacture of substances 1.3 Details of the supplier of the safety data sheet Com


Publikationsverzeichnis Prof. Dr. med. Anita Rauch A) Originalarbeiten 108. Göhring I, Tagariello A, Endele S, Stolt CC, Ghassibé M, Fisher M, Thiel CT, Trautmann U, Vikkula M, Winterpacht A, FitzPatrick DR, Rauch A (2009) Disruption of ST5 is associated with mental-retardation and multiple congenital anomalies. J Med Genet, in press 107. Segel R, Levy-Lahad E, Pasutto F, Picard


This document can be downloaded on http://www.medigroup.com.au/pioneer Methods for Reduction of Sternal Wound Infection Francis Fynn–Thompson, MD, and Thomas J. Vander Salm, MD Deep sternal wound infections continue to be an uncommon but potentially devastating complication of cardiac surgical procedures. Numerous risk factors have been identified but only a few can be characterized as


Discharge Instructions Lower Extremity Bypass Surgery Activity  No lifting over 5 pounds (1/2 gallon of milk) for 2 weeks.  Slowing increase activity. Walk short distances on flat surfaces at first then increase distance as tolerated. Avoid exercising in extreme temperatures.  Leg swelling after bypass surgery is common and may occur for a few months after the s


Manitowoc County EMS Association Prehospital Care Manual Environmental Emergencies PROTOCOL Smoke Inhalation (Suspected Carbon Monoxide Poisoning) Overview: Smoke inhalation injury is the result of various inhaled components of combustion and direct thermal injury to the airway. Signs and symptoms include evidence of exposure to fire, stridor, wheezing, acute upper airway obstru

25 0672327651 ch18

Case Study: High-Hat Delivers! T o augment his already-stellar decision-making skills, High-Hat Airways’ CEO employs a diverse squadron of soothsayers, astrologists, and fortune tellers. For months, these expertshave been pushing him to enter the lucrative package shipment marketplace. The CEO hasbeen reluctant; he can’t exactly explain why, but he’s been waiting for a signal. Finall

Programmazione del teatro regio torino

Programmazione del Teatro Regio Torino da Venerdì 31 Maggio a Giovedì 6 Giugno 2013 Per ulteriori informazioni rivolgersi all’Ufficio Stampa - Tel. 011.8815.229/252/239 [email protected] ________________________________________________________________________________ Venerdì 31 Maggio Teatro Regio ore 15.30 Al Regio dietro le Quinte - Itinerari segreti di

Sm 23 nl v.3

Na 44 jaar intensief gebruik was de stroomverde- ling van het AZ Middelheim – alom bekend voor zijn harttransplantaties - aan een grondige renova- tie toe. De strenge door de opdrachtgever opge- legde voorschriften i.v.m. de bedrijfscontinuïteit werden door het studiebureel Botec vertaald in een veeleisend lastenboek. Teneinde de grootst moge- lijke conformiteit en garan

Spirulina abstracts draft 6

Vitamin K and Bone Health High-dose vitamin K supplementation reduces fracture incidence in postmenopausal women: a review of the literature. Iwamoto J , Sato Y , Takeda T , Matsumoto H . Institute for Integrated Sports Medicine, Keio University School of Medicine, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-8582, Japan. [email protected] Although systematic review and meta-analysis of random


Wie ein Bio-Potenzmittel aus Fernost den europäischen Markt erobert „Viagra“ bekommt ernsthafte Konkurrenz aus ren Osten für Furore sorgt. „Wir haben aus den alten Fernost: Chinesische Wissenschaftler haben ein Rezepturen in Verbindung mit den neuen Herstellungs- auf pflanzlicher Basis beruhendes Bio-Potenz- techniken einen Stoff entwickelt, der die sexuelle Lei- mittel zur S


(Sº de Salud Laboral del SOMA-FIA-UGT) La globalización económica y las nuevas tecnologías de la información son, como reconoce la Comisión Europea en su Documento de consulta sobre desarrollo sostenible, importantes estímulos para incrementar la eficiencia y la productividad y ofrecen nuevas oportunidades de Pero estos cambios tan positivos –añade- no deben impedirnos ver s

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The Deposit Protection Service Terms and Conditions 1. Definitions Wherever the following words and phrases appear in these Terms and Conditions or in the ADR Rules they will always have the following meanings: ADR Procedure means as defined in the ADR Rules which can be accessed at www.depositprotection.com or a copy of which can be requested by telephoning 0870 7071707;

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Studied and on stage performed roles: W.A. Mozart The Magicflute (2nd Boy) – 2005 Musikfestival Steyr/Upper Austria M. Schwediauer-Southwick The Peaceable Kingdom (Chimpoonie) – 2007 Konzerthaus Vienna G. Waldek Liebesluft (Puppi) – 2010 Landestheater Linz/ Upper Austria Venus and Adonis (Venus) – 2011 Stift Zwettl W.A. Mozart Die Hochzeit des Figaro (Coun


• Consider antibiotic therapy for patients with recent increase in symptoms, change in sputum color or amount and/or worsening cough FIRST-LINE ANTIBIOTICS SECOND-LINE ANTIBIOTICS2 Levaquin (levofloxacin) 500 mg po daily x 5-7 daysLevaquin (levofloxacin) 750 mg po daily x 5-7 days Ceftin (cefuroxime Augmentin (amoxicillin/clav) Augmentin (amoxicillin/clav) (clari

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A fundamental concept in the theory of computation (and thus in the theory of representations) is that of an algorithm. Some procedures are said to be ‘algorithmic’, some problems have an ‘algorithmic’ solution, many others have not. Let us approach the definition of an algorithm by a route that highlights the need for some distinctions the absence of which has caused a lot of confusi

Case study for slimlipo of

Case Study for SlimLipo™ of Upper Back and Lateral Flanks Prepared by: Dr. Richard Noodleman Date: 4/21/2009 Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are those of the author(s), not necessarily those of Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc. ("Palomar"). Palomar and the author(s) assume no liability or responsibility for the contents of this publication. It is provided as a conveni

Traveler’s supply custom kit worksheet

CUSTOM MEDICAL KIT Organization: Number: Email: How many people will use this kit? Trip Duration: Quantity of kits to be ordered: Destination (please check one): _____ Developed Country _____ Developing Country … Check here if you want a medical advisor to provide consultation on this order. Please indicate the products and quantities desired. If you do

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Initial clinical experience with hand – held device (Thrombocheck©) for the detection of bileaflet prosthetic valve malfunction . Ben Zekry S, Sagie A, MD, Ben-Dor I, MD, Nukrian H, ARDS, Battler A, MD, Shapira Y, MD. Echocardiography unit, Department of Cardiology, Rabin Medical Center, Beilinson Campus, Petah Tiqva, affiliated with Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University, Te

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Kids on Meds -- Trouble Ahead Antidepressants, designed for adults, may be altering the brains of kids who take them On February 7, 2004, the body of Traci Johnson, a 19-year-old college student, was found hanging by a scarf from a shower rod in a drug company laboratory. Johnson had no apparent signs of depression, and the reason she killed herself was a mystery. What made her death diff

Label it® nucleic acid labeling kit, cx-rhodamine protocol

Protocol Page 1 of 6 Lit.# ML002 Rev. 10/04/12 Label IT® Nucleic Acid Labeling Kits Product Name Quantity* Product No. Label IT® CX-Rhodamine Labeling Kit Label IT® Fluorescein Labeling Kit Label IT® TM-Rhodamine Labeling Kit *Each Full Size Kit contains sufficient reagents to Label 100 µg of nucleic acid. Each Trial Size Kit contains sufficient reagents to


PRAXIS FÜR PSYCHOTHERAPIE Dipl.-Psych. Peter Morlock Infobroschüre zur medikamentösen Behandlung von ADHS Wann sollte eine medikamentöse Behandlung erfolgen?Welche Medikamente gibt es? Wie wirken sie? Wann sollte eine medikamentöse Behandlung erfolgen? Kinder mit AD(H)S sind in ihrer psychischen, schulischen und beruflichen Entwicklung, sowiein ihrer sozialer Integration gefä

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SCHEDULING A PET/CT SCAN at What information will the scheduler need? In addition to demographic information, the schedulers are trained to request information that is pertinent to an accurate test for your patient. We strongly recommend the use of the listed ICD-9 codes provided by Required clinical data to schedule a PET/CT scan • Recent radiology scans (MRI, CT, Nuclear Medicine an

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HERBAL PRODUCTS VILLAGE INDUSTRIES Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Rural Industrialization A Collaborative Project of KVIC & IITD Maganwadi, Wardha-442 001 BACKGROUND The Ayurvedic system of Medicine is Prevalent in India since the Vedic period or in fact from the dawn of the human civilization itself. The herbal formulations generally have no side effects if the herbs

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ALLEGATO 1 AL REGOLAMENTO DEL BANDO AGEVOLACREDIO 2012 – D.G. 158 DEL 28 MAGGIO 2012 VIE DEL COMUNE DI MILANO L. 266/97 ADRIANO Via Adriano Elio, Via Amalfi, Via Berlinguer Enrico, L.go Bigatti Enrico, Via Brambilla Francesco, Via Cascia, Via De Marchi Gherini A., Via De Notaris Giuseppe (da incrocio Via Meucci sino alla fine), Via La Malfa Ugo, Via Lussu Emilio E., Via Nenni

St. mary’s catholic general hospital, eleta ibadan - hospital annual report 2008

ST. MARY’S CATHOLIC GENERAL HOSPITAL ELETA IBADAN Hospital Annual Report 2008 1.0. INTRODUCTION The hospital has recorded modest achievements in terms of process re-engineering, leading to effectiveness in our operations owing to turnaround time of patients and efficiency leading to higher We are constantly scanning the environment to ensure that opportunities are embraced while t

Tretn medicines information centre

MIDLANDS TRENT MEDICINES INFORMATION SERVICE QIPP Detail Aid Support Document Providing support for quality in prescribing Sildenafil- a generic opportunity KEY MESSAGES Sildenafil will come off patent in June 2013. Ensure that all prescriptions for sildenafil are written generically. Consider switching appropriate patients taking tadalafil or vardenaf


Mycology The ECMM/CEMM Mycology Newsletter is mailedto the members of the national societies affiliatedto the European Confederation of Medical newsletter Mycology (about 3000 in 23 different countries) European Confederation of Medical Mycology Confédération Européenne de Mycologie Médicale Our 13th anniversary Contents Last year a voting round among the Council membersh

02a referenden

AMTLICHE PUBLIKATIONEN Referendum facultativ Scadenza dal termin per il referendum: 24 da schaner 2007 Lescha da linguas dal chantun Grischun (LLing) sa basond sin l'art. 3 da la constituziun chantunala, suenter avair gì invista da la missiva da la regenza dals 16 da matg 2006, I. Disposiziuns generalas rinforzar la trilinguitad sco element essenzial dal Grischun; consoli

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MS CHRONICLE ® Volume 10, Issue 2 April 2008 A Publication of Multiple Sclerosis Resources of Central New York, Inc. ® Message from the Executive Director: Spring is finally here! As I write this The 10th Anniversary MS Dinner of Hope though, the weather is rainy and cold. A was held on April 1 at the Empire Room, typical start to springtime in Central New


The HealthTrack Advantage program does not currently cover a hypertension program. Any "blood pressure" medications listed are connected to one of our other indicated conditions. Please call HealthTrack with questions, 454-TRAK (8725). ACE INHIBITORS (Blood Pressure) Brand Name Brand Name ADRENERGIC ANTAGONISTS & RELATED DRUGS (Blood Pressure) Brand Name


National action plan to tackle child abuse National Citizen Service rolls out all year linked to faith or belief (14/08/12) round (07/08/12) This action plan was created to help raise 16 and 17 year-olds will now be able to take awareness of the issue of child abuse linked to faith or belief and to encourage people to take practical steps to prevent such abuse.  sets out ac


CURRICULUM VITAE Sriram Dasu Associate Professor Data Sciences and Operations Marshall School of Business University of Southern California Los Angeles CA 90089 I. EDUCATION 1980 B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. 1982 MBA (Operations Management) Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta II. RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS 1. S. Dasu, R. Ahmadi, and S.M.

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INTERNATIONAL COFFEE ORGANIZATION WORK WELL – BENEFITS AT WORK QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS There is considerable literature on the effects of caffeine on performance. Coffee is the major source of caffeine for most people, which suggest that consumption of coffee will have beneficial effects. Q. How does coffee affect mental performance? A. Most of the research on this topic has

Middle pages (very newest).qxd

from the Neandertal type specimen. Proc. Natl Acad. Sci. USA 35. Cavalli-Sforza, L. L., Menozzi, P. & Piazza, A. The History and But a few exceptions do exist. Some reces- 96, 5581–5585 (1999). Geography of Human Genes (Princeton Univ. Press, Princeton,sive mutations (mutations that influence a25. Krings, M. et al. A view of Neandertal genetic diversity. Nature person only if


HIGHLIGHTS OF PRESCRIBING INFORMATION ter with caution to patients with active digestive system disease. (5.8) • Immunizations: Avoid live vaccines. (5.9) These highlights do not include all the information needed to use mycophenolic acid delayed-release tablets safely and effectively. See full prescribing information for • Patients with Hereditary Deficiency of Hypoxanthine-guanine P


Milieubescherming in werkplaats en bedrijf Begrippen en definities van brandbare en waterverontreinigende vloeistoffen 1. Gevarenklassen Volgens de verordening inzake brandbare vloeistoffen (VbF) worden de brandbare vloeistoffen in 4 gevarenklassen onderverdeeld. De klassen verschillen qua vlampunt en de eventuele mengbaarheid met water. Gevarenklasse K: vloeistoffen met een vlamp

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DIRECTOR, PEDIATRIC PHYSICAL MEDICINE AND REHABILITATION Table of Contents II. Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy I. Introduction The information in this booklet has been compiled to help families understand the different treatments or combinations of treatments that may be suggested for management of your child’s spasticity or dystonia. Spasticity in childre

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A d i v i s i o n o f M e s o S c a l e D i a g n o s t i c s , L L C . 9238 Gaither Road, Gaithersburg, MD 20877Meso Scale Discovery, Meso Scale Diagnostics, MSD, MSD (design), MULTI-ARRAY, MULTI-SPOT, SULFO-TAG and SECTOR are trademarks of Meso Scale Diagnostics, LLC. © 2004 Meso Scale Discovery, a division of Meso Scale Diagnostics, LLC. All rights reserved. We have developed simultane

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02/1 Dressurprüfung Kl. S* - Prix St. Georges -, bis 2255 RLP Preis der Firma Hörnschemeyer Dächer Ergebnis im Stechen : * - Zusatzplatzierung: (Z) - Gewinngelder sind in der jeweiligen gültigen Landeswährung angegeben Abstammung Summe Gewinn Team/Verein Crescendo 43 Bachmann-Andersen,Daniel Disneyworld 08 j. Hann R H V: De Niro MV: Walt Disney I Keller,Manuela F


B.PHARM. PART-IV 4.1 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-V (Medicinal Chemistry-II including drug design) Theory 1. Theoretical aspects of drug design: SAR Studies. 2. Structural features and pharmacological activity: Steric aspects. 3. Drug metabolism: Pathways of biotransformation, conjugation pathways. The following topics shall be treated as covering outline of synthetic procedures (of selected

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CANINE DISTEMPER IN FERRETS This handout reviewed by Dr. Mark Burgess of Southwest Animal Hospital in Beaverton, Oregon (503) 643-2137. Transmission Canine (dog) distemper is an airborne virus that can be transmitted from direct or indirect contact with an infected animal. It can be transmitted from your clothing, shoes, or from your skin for at least 8 hours after exposure. In other

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Directions to Commonweal and general information for retreat participants Dear Retreat Participant, We are excited and delighted to provide retreats at such a dramatically beautiful and sacred place in the world as Commonweal Retreat Center in Bolinas, California. Well be staying in a forest that overlooks the Pacific from magnificent cliffs and bluffs washed with sun, surf and sand. Gues

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Figure 1. Warfarin Dose Reminder Chart Your doctor has highlighted a row below showing the total amount of warfarin (Coumadin) you should take each week. Look at the highlighted row and find the number under today’s day of the week. Take that number of 5-mg warfarin tablets at approximately 5 p.m. Number of 5-mg tablets to take on each day of the week NOTE TO THE PHYSICIAN: The initial

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GEBRAUCHSINFORMATION: INFORMATION FÜR DEN ANWENDER Urivesc 60 mg Retardkapseln Lesen Sie die gesamte Packungsbeilage sorgfältig durch, bevor Sie mit der Einnahme dieses Arzneimittels beginnen. - Heben Sie die Packungsbeilage auf. Vielleicht möchten Sie diese später nochmals lesen. Wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben, wenden Sie sich an Ihren Arzt oder Apotheker. Dieses Arzneimittel w

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References Anderson, G.J. and Braunstein M.L. (1985). Induced self motion in central vision. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 11(2), Becker, W., Jurgens, R. (1979). An analysis of the saccadic system by means of a double step stimuli. Vision Research, 19, 967-983. Bedell, H.E., Lott, L.A., Suppression of motion-produced smear during smooth pursu

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What’s new in Stockley’s Drug Interactions Changes for the August 2008 update Stockley’s Drug Interactions is continually undergoing re-validation and revision. Each quarter, new and revised sections will be published on MedicinesComplete. This is a list of the changes made since the last update. Revised Chapters or Chapter Sections – the content has been syst

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McDonald’s Restaurants Pte Ltd LEGOLAND PROMOTION CONTEST (“CONTEST”) Contest Terms of Use THERE IS NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN A PRIZE. A PURCHASE WILL NOT IMPROVE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. Internet Access and a Valid Email Address Are Necessary to Participate. CONTEST DESCRIPTION : Entries for the Contest can be submitted starting at 00 : 01a.m. Singapore t

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C. It’s Raining Cats & Dogs M3. Come Hell or High Water: Martha Moncek / Mary Schipman / Margie Vogel Herbs of Biblical Proportion Linda Larson / Bonnie Parks Lavender, English Lavendula angustifolia Rosemary, Hardy Rosmarinus officinalis Jacob's Ladder Polemonium caeruleum M1 . Herbs from the Land of Japan- Samurai, Shinto & Sushi Lenora Augustin / Ana Soto-

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____________ Microbiolocical reports are treated like other results in OBX segments. Each sample is a OBX segment. The Result Type is a formatted text. The Antibiogramm is not divided by organsim --> needed if HL7 is used within a Labsys. The Result Type (Field 2) is FT = Formated Text. The Result Value (Field 5) contains the lines. Each line ist separatet by "\.BR\". The "\.BR\"

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[email protected], (915) 274-4682 EDUCATION AND ACADEMIC DEGREES Current Ph. D. Chemistry, University of Texas at El Paso Dissertation: “Conversion of Racemic Ibuprofen to (S)-Ibuprofen” The goal of this research is to develop the dynamic kinetic resolution of (S)-ibuprofen from its racemate applying green chemistry concepts. This research is environmentally benign and involves the u


MEMBER INFORMATION SERVICE 13th May 2009. http://www.midsussex.gov.uk/page.cfm?pageID=2757 _________________________________________________________________________ COMMITTEE NEWS – COMMITTEE MEETINGS Please note that all meetings commence at 7.00 p.m. unless stated otherwise Cabinet Grants Panel – 20th May @ 4.00 p.m. Planning Training on the New Costs Circular – 20th M


FLOWER HONEY (INDUSTRIAL USE) Complete natural multifloral honey with preservation of all valuable substances. Preparation of liquid crystal free honey: quick decrystalisation and filtration of the honey (200 microns) – immediate cooling down with aroma recuperation – filling into new recipients. The honey is ready for use as an ingredient in all kinds of food products. Guarantee of non-cr


THE DIGESTIVE DISEASE CENTER ALBANY MEDICAL CENTER COLONOSCOPY- PATIENT INSTRUCTIONS WITHIN ONE WEEK OF PROCEDURE: the following medications usually need to be stopped . o Iron supplements, vitamins containing iron. o PLEASE check with the prescribing physician about these medications. Coumadin (Warfarin), Plavix (Clopidogrel), Ticlid (Ticlopidine) o D


Lab BT2 pGLO TRANSFORMATION of E. coli You will genetically engineer the gene for GFP into bacteria, changing the genotype and phenotype of transformed cells. Designed for two 90 minute lab periods. Adapted from BioRad Explorer‰ series for use with micropipets. PROCEDURE DAY 1: Label one closed, STERILE reaction tube “+DNA” and a secondreaction tube “–DNA.” Labe


MINIMAL PERMUTATION REPRESENTATIONS OF NILPOTENT GROUPSBEN ELIAS, LIOR SILBERMAN, AND RAMIN TAKLOO-BIGHASHABSTRACT. A minimal permutation representation of a finite group G is a faithful G-set with the smallestpossible size. We study the structure of such representations and show that for certain groups they may beobtained by a greedy construction. In these situations (except when central involu


Eficacia de las drogas antidemencia: Intentando un análisis objetivo Jorge González, Alfonso Sánchez, Rommy von BernhardiEscuela de Medicina, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Se realizó una revisión bibliográfica referente a la eficacia de las drogas anti-demencia más aceptadas y que se encuentran disponibles en Chile. Los inhibidores de lacolinesterasa, rivastigmina y d

Highly enantioselective epoxidation of 2,4-diarylenones by using dimeric cinchona phase-transfer catalysts: enhancement of enantioselectivity by surfactants this research was supported by a grant (r01-2002-000-0005-0) from the basic research program of the kosef (2004).

Angewandte Chemie Highly Enantioselective Epoxidation of 2,4-Diarylenones by Using Dimeric Cinchona Phase-Transfer Catalysts: Enhancement ofEnantioselectivity by Surfactants**Sang-sup Jew,* Jeong-Hee Lee, Byeong-Seon Jeong,Mi-Sook Yoo, Mi-Jeong Kim, Yeon-Ju Lee, Jihye Lee,Sea-hoon Choi, Kyungjae Lee, Myoung Soo Lah, andHyeung-geun Park*and 50 % aqueous KOH (3 equiv) in diisopropy

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Figure 1. Final stimuli used in the visualFigure 2. The 6 possible permeations of stimuli using three stimuli (A, B and C) presented in 2 of 3 locations within a PAL task. !+" indicates the correct response to gain an appetitive reward. for certain images, but that performance was matched when !lines" and !circle" were used (see Figure 1). These findings were confirmed within tw


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contacts: Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Inc. Takeda Completes Settlements With All Defendants in U.S. Patent Litigation Involving ACTOS® (pioglitazone HCI), ACTO plus met® (pioglitazone HCl and metformin HCl) and duet act® (pioglitazone HCl and glimepiride) DEERFIELD, Ill., December 21, and OSAKA, Japan, December 22, 2010 – Taked

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Before the MAHARASHTRA ELECTRICITY REGULATORY COMMISSION World Trade Centre, Centre No.1, 13th Floor, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai 400 005 Tel. No. 022 22163964/65/69 – Fax 022 22163976 E-mail [email protected] Website: www.mercindia.org.in Case No. 164 of 2011 In the matter of Petition filed by M/s. Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd. seeking direction upon MSEDCL to


must contact Horizon directly. This will enable Horizon to better answer your questions and service you in the event that you may need any assistance. For questions or assistance, please direct your email to [email protected], or call 877.504.0233 toll free to speak to a service technician. Inspection or Repairs If this Product needs to be inspected or repaired, please call for a


SINEMET® & SINEMET® CR Carbidopa/levodopa PRESCRIBING INFORMATION Refer to Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) before prescribing Adverse events should be reported. Reporting forms and information can be found at . Adverse events should also be reported to MSD (tel: 01992 467272). PRESENTATION Sinemet 12.5 mg/50 mg Tablets contains 12.5 mg of anh

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Medical Care while travelling Fit to fly? Read up on what medical care is available in-flight and other useful healthcare information. When is air travel not recommended? Travel by air is not recommended in the following cases: After 32nd week of pregnancy for those with multiple pregnancies (e.g. twins). After 35th week of pregnancy for international flights. After 36th week of pregna


Impaired Th2 Development and Increased Mortality During Schistosoma mansoni Infection in the Absence of CD40/CD154 Interaction1 Andrew S. MacDonald,2 Elisabeth A. Patton,3 Anne C. La Flamme,4 Maria I. Araujo,5 Clive R. Huxtable, Beverley Bauman, and Edward J. Pearce6 The role of CD40/CD154 interaction during infection has primarily focused on pathogens that drive inflammatory Th1 respon

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New Artemisia annua Hybrids with High Artemisinin Content Keywords: annual wormwood, breeding, cultivar, malaria Abstract Artemisinin, a sesquiterpene lactone endoperoxide isolated from the herb Artemisia annua L. (Asteraceae), is a highly potent antimalarial compound, which is efficient against multidrug-resistant strains of Plasmodium falciparum . The promotio

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Yoshiji KIMURA Representative Director of the Board and Chief Executive Officer MEDINET Co., Ltd. (TSE-Mothers #2370) 2-5-14, Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan Tel: +81 (0)45-478-0041 (Switch Board) Email : [email protected] Announcement of New Management Structure MEDINET Co., Ltd. (“MEDINET”) announced today that it resolved at the Board Meeting to make organization


DYSTOPIA - Gadi Sassoon con Daniela Picciril o e Matteo Olivari INSTALLAZIONE AUDIOVISIVA MULTIMEDIALE - “Anno 2030: fine delle risorse. Tutti devono diventare un po’ hacker per ricostruire un mondo attingendo alla piú massiccia tra risorse rimaste: le discariche.” Par-tendo da questa visione, gli autori propongono un’opera che offre una riflessione sugli effetti del nostro modello d


INFEKTIOLOGIE Die Vogelgrippe – eine ernstzunehmende Gefahr für den Mens XDie Vogelgrippe ist eine schwere und hoch ansteckende Viruskrankheit, mit der sich Men-schen bislang nur schwer infizieren können. Das H5N1-Virus gilt jedoch als schnel verän-derbar, sodass die Besorgnis steigt, dass sich durch eine mögliche Mutation des Erregers Menschen auch untereinander anstecken könnte


Statistics Concentration)M. S. (Applied Statistics)University of the Philippines at Diliman, 1985Department of BiostatisticsUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham, Oct 2008 – presentCenter for Cardiovascular BiologyUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham, November 2010 – presentCenter for AIDS ResearchUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham, May 2008 – presentDepartment of BiostatisticsUniversity

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Liste des médicaments disponibles en conditionnement trimestriel Antidiabétiques Spécialité Dénomination Présentation Conditionnement “Prix public TTC commune internationale (décembre 2007-IMS Health)” Liste des médicaments disponibles en conditionnement trimestriel Politique du médicament/Dim – mars 2008 • 1 Liste des médicaments disponibles e


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