Accounting for world class operations: a practical guide for providing relevant information in support of the lean enterprise, 2007, jerrold m. solomon, rosemary fullerton, wcm associates, 2007, ebook

Accounting for World Class Operations: A Practical Guide for Providing Relevant Information in Support ofthe Lean Enterprise, Jerrold M. Solomon, Rosemary Fullerton, WCM Associates, 2007, 0979333105,9780979333101, . . Flow In The Office Implementing and Sustaining Lean Improvements, Carlos Venegas, 2007, Business &Economics, 123 pages. For many years, lean initiatives have generated staggering improvements on the shopfloor. Currently, however, many managers and business leaders want these lean benefits .
Zero Quality Control Source Inspection and the Poka-Yoke System, Shigeo Shingo, Apr 1, 1986, Business &Economics, 303 pages. A combination of source inspection and mistake-proofing devices is the only methodto get you to zero defects. Shigeo Shingo shows you how this proven system for reducing .
Getting the Right Things Done A Leader's Guide to Planning and Execution, Pascal Dennis, Jan 1, 2006,Business & Economics, 232 pages. For companies to be competitive, leaders must engage people at all levelsin order to focus their energy and enable them to apply lean principles to everything they do .
Follow the Learner The Role of a Leader in Creating a Lean Culture, Sami Bahri, 2009, Dentistry, 99 pages. .
Lean Software Strategies Proven Techniques for Managers and Developers, Peter Middleton, James Sutton,May 27, 2005, Business & Economics, 432 pages. Winner Of The 2007 Shingo Prize For Excellence InManufacturing Research! Lean production, which has radically benefited traditional manufacturing, cangreatly improve the .
The Toyota Product Development System Integrating People, Process And Technology, James M. Morgan,Jeffrey K. Liker, 2006, Business & Economics, 377 pages. Winner of the 2007 Shingo Prize for Excellence InManufacturing Research, this book is the first to thoroughly examine and analyze the truly effective productdevelopment .
The TWI Workbook Essential Skills for Supervisors, Patrick Graupp, Robert J. Wrona, Feb 13, 2006,Business & Economics, 224 pages. Teaching supervisors how to apply a four-step method for each of the threerespective programs of Training Within Industry (TWI), the authors encourage hands-on application of .
Leading Lean The Making of a Kaizen Event, Jerrold M. Solomon, May 1, 2005, Fiction, 216 pages. Thesecond in a series of business novels about the Lean transformation process at Tricor Electronics, a fictionalcompany.
Kaikaku The Power and Magic of Lean : a Study in Knowledge Transfer, Norman Bodek, 2004, Industrialmanagement, 392 pages. Author Norman Bodek is the secret weapon of lean manufacturing. In his 59 trips toJapan, Norman met Shigeo Shingo, Taiichi Ohno and other architects of lean, then published .
Demystifying Six Sigma A Company-wide Approach to Continuous Improvement, Alan Larson, 2003,Business & Economics, 191 pages. When an entire organization is reaching the highest quality standards, theresult is a Six Sigma culture.
The Gold Mine A Novel of Lean Turnaround, Michael BallГÂ, 2005, Fiction, 349 pages. A growingnumber of successful companies are turning to lean thinking to maintain a competitive edge in a globaleconomy of falling prices, rising quality, and relentless .
The Lean Design Guidebook Everything Your Product Development Team Needs to Slash ManufacturingCost, Ronald Mascitelli, Jan 1, 2004, Business & Economics, 312 pages. A practical guidebook for productdevelopment teams that describes an integrated cost reduction methodology for new products.
Planning Production Inventories, and Work Force, Charles C. Holt, 1960, Production control, 419 pages. .
Management Accounting in the Age of Lean Production , Shahid Ansari, Shahid L. Ansari, Janice Bell,Thomas Klammer, Carol Lawrence, 1997, Business & Economics, 37 pages. .
Real Numbers Management Accounting in a Lean Organization, Jean E. Cunningham, Orest J. Fiume, Jan 1,2003, Business & Economics, 184 pages. Are you getting a true picture of your company's performance? Thisexplosive issue and its implications are fully explored in 'Real Numbers'. The authors, each a chief .
Lean Product and Process Development , Allen C. Ward, 2007, Business & Economics, 208 pages. .
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