Luxury Condos Promise to Alter City's Skyline
Last Edited: Thursday, 28 Jun 2007, 9:52 PM CDT
By Tealy Devereaux
FOX13  -- 
By next year, the landscape of
the city's riverfront wil change
forever with the ground breaking
of One Beale. Thursday, the
developers of the new, two tower
project kicked off the
transformation with the opening
of their Downtown sales center.
It's a project that as a developer,
Gene Carlisle says others have
only dreamed about. Thursday
though, the dream became
reality for the carlisle corporation
as it let FOX13 in on what, in a
few short years, will tower over
the river. From the outside, two towers. From the inside, rooms with Mississippi River and city views and Downtown Memphis as a backdrop. "A 30 story building that is a skyline changing project, really redefining Downtown Memphis," said project manager Chance Carlisle. Reservations are now being taken for nearly 150 luxury condos starting on the fourteenth floor. The sales center near the bottom of Beale, offers another real life prospective.     "We've got some gorgeous units. I mean they're really spectacular," said developer Gene Carlisle. The condos wil become some of the most expensive in the city and wil go for half a mil ion to two million dol ars depending on the size and view, but Gene Carlisle calls the glamour a great value.     "The price on the market is high for Memphis. It's cheap for the rest of the world. It's half what you pay in other cities."     The groundbreaking is set for spring of 2008 or sooner. The completion scheduled for 2010.     "People from over 20 states have contacted us," Chance Carlisle said. Carlisle said the calls are coming from coast to coast, even Alaska and that they're inspiring changes. The interest has caused them to add to existing condo amenities, things like high resolution imaging for doctors. Part of the allure Carlisle said, is coming from the anchor of the project, Hyatt Regency Hotel and Spa. Carlisle said the condo owners will have access to the hotel and its perks. That will make it a huge, multi-million dollar project for Memphis and the Carlisle Corporation.     "We get the feel and support. Now it's important to get it right," said Gene Carlisle. How well they will sell is yet to be determined. The Carlisle Corporation said it will continue taking reservations for One Beale condos for about the next four months. Then it will convert those reservations to contracts. 7/2/2007 Lose 25 Pounds This Month
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