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FOR THE STUDY OF GENDER, SOCIETY AND CULTURE Special Kirkland Project 2003 – 2004 Program
Technology, Science and Democracy

We ended the fall term with a festival of films illustrating popular fears of science and O benefits from it, and who does not? Our first guest of the spring term was Alex How can we use technology to work for social environmentalist group Riverkeeper, speaking traditional concepts of privacy, freedom, etc.? about “The Truth About Our Nuclear Neighbor: Our first guest, Dr. Vandana Shiva, addressed a large crowd in the Chapel with her lecture, In February, we invited two guests to look at “Alternatives to Globalization and War.” Vandana the U. S. penal system with us. Joy James, Shiva is a physicist, ecologist, activist, author of activist and writer, is a political theorist and numerous books, and winner of the prestigious Professor of Africana Studies at Brown University.
Right Livelihood Award, known as “the alternative Susan Rosenberg, a human and prisoner rights activist, teaches at CUNY’s John Jay College of Members of the Hamilton faculty considered Criminal Justice. We screened Through the Wire our topic at our annual Opening Panel and Reception. Stuart Hirshfield (Computer Science), provocative panel, “Democracy and Captivity: Carl Rubino (Classics), and Bonnie Urciuoli Human Rights, Technology and the ‘Science of (Anthropology) spoke, with Martine Guyot-Bender (French), moderator, and Vivyan Adair (Women’s Sandra Harding, who is a leader in feminist philosophy of science and Professor of Education and Women’s Studies at UCLA, spoke about Communities Across the Digital Divide.” Panelists “Science and Technology Studies in a Postcolonial were Mary Bernadine Dias HC ‘98 (Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon), on the use of robotics In partnership with the Emerson Gallery we sponsored the exhibit “Suzanne Anker: Origins (Anthropology, SUNYIT), Open Source computing and Futures.” Suzanne Anker is a visual artist and in the North Atlantic and Nusantara; Ellen theoretician working with genetic imagery. Anker McDermott, a founding partner of BusyInternet, visited campus and led a gallery tour and talk.
Finally, Nalo Hopkinson read from her work Telecommunications Program, NYU), a master and led a writing workshop. Hopkinson’s award- teacher, multimedia artist and consultant.
winning science fiction is written from a feminist Author Dick Teresi guest lectured on “Whose perspective and informed by the author’s Afro- Science?” Challenging the received wisdom, Dick Teresi traces the origins of contemporary science It was exciting to work with many departments and programs to develop these lectures, exhibits Rachel P. Maines engaged our audience with and panels. Co-sponsors were the departments of her lecture, “Vibrators and Viagra: The Double Africana Studies, Biology, Comparative Literature, Standard.” She discussed a forgotten chapter in English, Environmental Studies, Philosophy, and late 19th- and early 20th-century medical history, Women’s Studies; Levitt Public Affairs Center; when an assortment of women’s maladies was Faculty for Women’s Concerns; Office of the Dean of Faculty; and the Emerson Gallery.
“hysteria” or “pelvic hyperemia” — congestion of Student Cultures Conference:
“Let’s Talk About Sex” at Hamilton

it was a resounding success. All the panelists were well informed on their topics and offered great information. The discussion that followed T “Student Cultures,” and the subtitle was was lively and thought provoking.
“‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ at Hamilton.” We wanted At lunch the conversations continued with a to create a space where students and faculty roundtable discussion on the Vagina Monologues could talk frankly about sex as it intersects with led by Professor Kristina Boylan from SUNY-IT gender, race, class, and sexual orientation in a and students from both Hamilton and SUNY-IT larger theoretical framework and within the who had been involved in the Monologues at their Hamilton community. Our goal was to come up respective schools. It was interesting to see the with some concrete recommendations on how to contrast between how the play was received at improve the campus climate. The conference Hamilton, where it has been performed for the past four years, and at SUNY-IT, where this was from the Kirkland Project Research Associates.
After lunch we had a small yet enthusiastic Mark Castro ‘05, Haley Reimbold ‘06, Brian Tilley group return for Dean Marc David’s “Sex and ‘05, and Nesa Wasarhaley ‘04 all gave very Gender” activity. We were asked questions about informative talks about where they were in their the atmosphere on campus, and to consider ways various research projects. Marsha Joachim ‘06 in which different sexual identities and gender also presented research that she has been doing identities were privileged or not privileged. This in collaboration with several other students and gave way to some really amazing discussion and brainstorming to address some of the problems we experiences of students of color in the Hamilton had identified on campus. Suggestions included working with the Health Center and the Dean of Students to provide free rape kits to students and students, Lizzie Fazio ‘04 and Janeen Knight ‘05, better access to emergency contraceptives on the followed with a presentation entitled “In Someone Else’s Eyes: The Hyper-(In)visibility of Black Grievance Board to create a more student friendly Women’s Sexuality.” The panelists addressed the policy and method of dealing with harassment and issue of black women’s sexuality within a assault on campus; and working with the Sexual Assault Center to create a proposal for improving the campus climate. We also have agreed to form Our large panel on the issue of “Sex and a coalition of concerned students and faculty Sexuality: Theory and Practice” was intended to members to try to address these problems and bring out some issues related to the Hamilton continue working for positive change on campus.
campus in a theoretical context and more directly; CNY Consortium Initiative
and William Smith, Colgate, Utica College and Ithaca College to join us for a luncheon meeting on campus. As a result of a spring meeting, we T somewhat like our own. First, the plan to organize a collaborative leadership session Director went to Hobart and William Smith for students committed to social justice and to Colleges to visit their Fisher Center. Then, we invite the consortium “members” to present at our invited the directors of four centers from Hobart spring 2005 conference of faculty/student work.


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ST. STEPHEN’S ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 3669 HIGHLAND AVE., HFX., NS B3K 4J9 TEL: 493-5155 FAX: 493-5158 [email protected] PRINCIPAL VICE PRINCIPAL Makiko Chiasson Rebecca Campbell November 19, 2013 Dear Parent/Guardian : We are noticing with more frequency, cases of head lice in the school. As head lice can be spread from person to person, we r

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