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What I Use
I will discuss the commonly used antibiotics for kidneys and can potentially cause fatal antibiotic- cavies and describe several medical situations where I induced diarrhea in cavies. I personally use Amikacin would, or have, used them. I must point out that each because its side effects are reported to be less severe individual medical case is unique and treatment is than Gentocin. only use this drug when I suspect an based on the situation in that case. I don't routinely infection with Pseudomonas, as with cases of use antibiotics for every cough, sniffle or runny nose.
seminal vesiculitis I've seen, and in abscesses with I very rarely use antibiotics in pregnancy toxemia culture results indicating such infection. I feel these cases or for small abscesses, usually only for larger drugs are often more harmful than helpful in other cervical abscesses where they may impair the situations. The dosage is lmg/#BW once daily (and it throat/trachea, or when transmission to other animals Tetracycline/Oxytetracyline (Terramycin): This class of drugs is not very effective against most infections but may have some effect on respiratory problems Bactrim, Tribrissen): My first choice in almost all caused by certain microorganisms. These drugs have cases. It is a very good drug for respiratory and been indicated in causing some antibiotic-induced urinary tracts, as well as the skin. I also use it for diarrhea. I have recommended oxytetracycline diarrhea cases where the animal is obviously feeding powder (Terramycin) as a herd treatment for poorly. The oral suspension is usually concentrated at nonspecific upper respiratory and eye infections 48 mg/ml, dosage is .3 -.5ml per pound (#) affecting a large percentage of the animals, or when bodyweight (BW) per day. It is usually available at infection-prone animals are going to be stressed. Oral suspension dose is 25mg/#BW divided into 4 equaldoses. Terramycin powder is mixed at Itbl/gallon of Baytril (Enrofloxacin): My second choice when I water. Watch for refusal of the water. Sugar can be have a situation resistant to SMZ-TMP or can only added to the solution to improve palatability.
use the injectable form. It has a wider spectrum thanSMZ-TMP and comes in tablet form as well. The Tresaderm: This is an ear medication for dogs and dosage is the same for dogs and cats, Iml/20#BW, cats that I have used for ear infections in cavies. This injected once daily, or tablets as noted for tablet size combination has an antibiotic, an antifungal, an anti- (No. 5 is per 5#BW). Tablets can be dissolved in inflammatory steroid in it, and may be used with water or other liquid and given orally twice daily.
caution is pregnant sows. I usually don't see too much This should not be used in growing animals.
exudate from the ears, just a head tilt. I use 1 drop ineach ear twice daily for 3-5 days, or until the tilt The new dosage for Baytril is 5-10mg/kg bodyweight (or 2-4 mg/#). This drug is not effective againstStreptococcus sp. of bacteria.* When to use antibiotics is often a judgement call.
A cough, sneeze, rattle or wet nose doesn't get me
Chloramphenicol (Chloromycetin Palmitate): A very excited unless the animal is slightly lethargic, effective antibiotic, especially for respiratory tapering off feed and/or drinking little. Soft stools infections. The oral suspension has limited aren't exciting unless the animal is gassy, crampy or availability, but the tablet form can be obtained at very depressed. Crying during urination doesn't most veterinary offices. This drug has been shown to impress me unless it reoccurs or it is accompanied by cause aplastic anemia in humans with prolonged lots of straining. I will sometimes treat for 1-2 days exposure. Dosage is 25mg/#BW 3 times daily.
the cavy whose congested rattle has gone on for 34days. A very sick pig with possible pneumonia will Gentocin/Amikacin: These two drugs are in the same stay on SMZ-TMP if it is swallowing well, but gets class of antibiotics and are what I consider to be the switched to baytril if it is not Pneumonia can often "big guns". They are extremely hazardous to the Copyright 2003. American Cavy Breeders Association. All rights reserved have few respiratory signs, just showing depression will often leave them with the family group as long as there are no bullies around. The fewer changes intheir normal routine, the better these animals will I have often had baby pigs up to 6 weeks of age that develop a gassy, crampy gut and diarrhea. If I cancatch them at the depressed, no diarrhea stage I'II Some of the antibiotics that should NEVER be used start them on simethicone drops (baby gas drops) and are streptomcin, penicillin, amoxicillin, clindamycin, SMZ-TMP. Once they have diarrhea it is hard to turn cephalexin, lincomycin, erythromycin or any of their them around - they become toxic very quickly. I often treat the littermates on a once daily basis forprevention.
The action of these drugs affects the normal flora ofthe gut, causing a fatal and irreversible diarrhea.
If an animal is depressed, not eating/drinking and not There is some thought that a few of these drugs cause pregnant, I will try force-feeding first to see if it a fatal allergic reaction. Any use of these drugs is responds. If no improvement after 24 hours I often always a bad choice, even when the alternative is no start SMZ-TMP, hoping for a responsive infection. I therapy at all. They always make the situation worse.
keep sick pigs warm and quiet, sometimes on aheating pad set on low. I prefer to avoid any I hope I've answered some of your questions and have injections if possible, using oral antibiotics and force- provided a reference for future treatments. Feel free feeding baby food and yogurt to supplement nutrition to call me with your individual cases, advice is and fluids. This is one of the few times I'II use always free. Your experiences provide a greater base iceberg lettuce, specifically as a water source. I try to of knowledge for me to rely upon in answering the handle them as little as possible to decrease stress. I questions posed by others. If we all work together we don't like to totally isolate them, but keep them within hearing distance of other cavies - they seem to domuch better if they don't feel alone. With sick babies I Except as specified below, no part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means, including electronically, or transmitted byany means without permission in writing from the American Cavy Breeders Association (ACBA). Copying: Single copies of individual articles maybe made for private use or research providing copies bear the ACBA copyright notice. Authorization does not extend to copies made or distributedfor profit, commercial advantage, promotional purposes, to electronic storage or distribution, or to republication in any form. In all such cases,specific written permission from ACBA must be obtained. Permission for Other Use: Permission is granted for brief quotes with the customaryacknowledgment of the source. To reprint a figure, table or other excerpt requires the consent of the ACBA. For permission contact: LenoreGergen (ACBA Secretary), 16540 Hogan Avenue, Hastings, MN 55033. Opinions of individual authors are their own and do not necessarily reflectthose of the ACBA, its board or officers.


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