Conversely, injection forms, though being painful and needing help of medical personnel for application, help to quickly achieve necessary concentration of preparation in blood buy antibiotics online Antibiotic is usually chosen in an empiric way (at random). But when choosing one is obligatory guided by definite rules.

שיטים בערבה - עבר הווה עתיד

Acacias in the Arava – past, present and future The Dead Sea-Arava Science Center, October 23-24th Central Arava, Yair station, Weiber auditorium Registration and welcome coffee
Welcome notes: Dr. Eyal Bloom, Head of the Central Arava Regional Council
09:30-09:45 Dr. Hanan Ginat, The Dead Sea Arava Science Center Session 1 – Physiology. Chair: Gidon Winters
Walter’s two-layer hypothesis revisited – back to the roots! 09:50-10:10 D. Ward, K. Wiegand, S. Getzin A methodological approach to determine age and growth rate of ringless trees 10:10-10:30 Knut Krzywinski, Gidske L. Andersen, Tomasz Goslar, Mary Gagen, Giles Young Acacia ssp. and Pistacia atlantica in Israel: Carbon isotopes approach to study climate- 50 Valentina Caracuta, Lior Regev, Michael Richards, Itshack Moshe, Gidon Winters, Elisabetta Indicators of water stress on three acacia species in the Arava valley, Israel 10:50-11:10 Raphael Breit, Ilan Stavi, Elain Soloway, Elli Groner Coffee break
Session 2 – Ecology and genetics. Chair: Elli Groner
Traditional tending and use of Acacia tortilis : long-term effects up on population viability 11:30-11:50 Gidske L. Andersen, Knut Krzywinski, Mohamed Talib,Ahmed Ebaid, Joseph J. Hobbs, Acacia trees: leave extracts contain anti-cancer (pro-apoptotic) activity Acacias in the Arava – past, present and future The Dead Sea-Arava Science Center, October 23-24th Central Arava, Yair station, Weiber auditorium Day 1 (October 23) – lectures (continued): Genetic analysis of selected local acacia planted in suspects hybrids (A. negevensis X A. 12:10-12:30 raddiana) for suitability to different habitats in the South Symbiosis and multi-trophic networks in the aid of Acacia’s seed dispersal Acacia trees: Key stone species for insectivorous bats in the Arava desert 12:50-13:10 Carmi Korine, Talya D. Hackett and Marc W. Holderied Lunch break
Tour to the laboratories of the Dead Sea Arava Science Center
Session 3 – Monitoring. Chair: Asaf Tsoar
Biomass, Leaf Area index and Productivity assessment in trees and forests: experiences, Giorgio Matteucci, Ettore D’Andrea, Bruno De Cinti, Marco Bascietto Acacia trees survey in the Arava valley – results and implications 14:20-14:40 Amir Perelberg, Mimi Ron, Uri Ramon Designing a long term monitoring protocol for acacia populations in the Arava Elli Groner , Gidon Winters , Hanan Ginat , Ilan Stavi , Benny Shalmon, Roey Talbi, Asaf 14:40-15:00 Tsoar, Mimi Ron , Uri Ramon , Amir Perlberg , Naama Berg, Zohar Tsafon Sivan Issacson, Preliminary analysis of long and short term spatial processes of Acacia population using a 15:00-15:20 single near infra-red aerial photograph Sivan Isaacson, Dan J. Blumberg, Jhonathan E. Ephrath, Shimon Rachmilevitch Following changes in Acacia physiology - The Gidorn Wadi as a case study 15:25-15:40 Ina Ryvkin, Tali Rodkov, Eitan Barel, Gidon Winters 15:40-16:30 Open discussion on monitoring session Acacias in the Arava – past, present and future The Dead Sea-Arava Science Center, October 23-24th Central Arava, Yair station, Weiber auditorium On the 24th of October we will demonstrate how to monitor the acacia. Recently a few bodies have agreed on a joint protocol. These include all part of the LTER, KKL-JNF and the Israeli National Parks Authority (INPA), and the Dead Sea Arava Science Center (ADSSC). We will demonstrate the monitoring and discuss pros and cons of the different methods. It is expected that during November the monitoring will start. Everyone is invited. Starting time
Finishing time


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SUSPENSION TRAUMA Suspension trauma, or orthostatic intolerance, is a natural human reaction to being upright and immobile, where a complex combination of blood pooling in the legs and cardiorespiratory restriction leads to unconsciousness. It can be caused by suspension in a harness (deliberate or accidental), when trapped in a confined space, when secured to a vertical stretcher or litter -


Sildenafil Inhibits Altitude-induced Hypoxemia and Pulmonary Hypertension Jean-Paul Richalet, Pierre Gratadour, Paul Robach, Isabelle Pham, Miche`le De´chaux, Aude Joncquiert-Latarjet, Pascal Mollard, Julien Brugniaux, and Je´re´my Cornolo Laboratoire Re´ponses cellulaires et fonctionnelles a` l’hypoxie, Universite´ Paris 13, Bobigny; Service de Physiologie et Explorations Fonctionnel

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