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This time of year, many rhinosinusitis. It sounds kind of sinister, but it’s actually very common. Sinusitis and rhinosi- nusitis, an acute or chronic condition of sinusitis, affects 31- 35 million Americans, accounting for over 25 million office visits a These are all possible signs of sinusitis.
WHAT IS SINUSITIS? Sinusitis is inflammation
develops when the openings to the sinuses of one or more paranasal sinuses, meaning that become blocked and there are bacteria in the there is swelling, pain, mucus production and obstructed sinus cavity. Ordinarily, bacteria an infiltration of white blood cells in the walls however, when the openings into the nose are simultaneous inflammation of the nose, so we often refer to an acute or chronic condition as multiply. These bacteria infect the lining of CONTINUED INSIDE
Asthma &
Institute f
In order to help clear secretions, we recommend inflamed. The body’s defense systems become patients drink 6 to 8 full glasses of liquid per DID YOU KNOW THAT THE INSTITUTE IS
activated, white blood cells are sent to the day and to wash their nasal cavities with saline.
area, which increases the swelling, and the Most patients think that washing their nose and As a matter of fact, over the past 5 years, the mucus glands secrete copiously. This leads to sinus is one of the most important parts of the Institute’s research team has helped put over treatment plan. Our experience is that nasal 30 medications on the market. This is why secretions. The resultant symptoms include washing helps treat acute sinusitis and prevents pain and pressure over the infected sinus, nasal studies. (You may have seen our recruitment congestion, drainage of green pus-like or ads in the paper.) The medications we’ve purulent mucus, and (occasional) fever. In In order to open sinus ostia and reduce the worked on – with the assistance of you the swelling in the nose, topical nasal corticosteroid preparations are used in the treatment of both HOW DO YOU DIAGNOSE SINUSITIS? Acute
sinusitis usually begins with a cold, which does not improve. If a cold persists beyond 7 – 10 HOW DO YOU DIAGNOSE CHRONIC
days, especially if green secretions are present, it SINUSITIS? The diagnosis of chronic sinusitis
is likely that acute sinusitis has developed. 10% of colds in children may lead to sinusitis. confirmed by examination of the anterior and HOW DO YOU DIFFERENTIATE SINUSITIS
posterior aspect of the nose. The presence of FROM RHINITIS? Because sinusitis always
supports the diagnosis and, when combined (rhinitis) and the treatments are very different, Xopenex 0.31, 0.63 and 1.25 nebulizer solution it is critical to differentiate rhinitis from purulent drainage, and headache, leads to sinusitis. Sinusitis involves primarily posterior forward structures in the nose, leading to a ALLERGY MEDS
WHAT ARE NASAL POLYPS? Nasal polyps are
postnasal drip, clearing the throat and cough frequently found in patients with chronic are usually found in sinusitis. Headaches are found more in sinusitis than rhinitis.
tissues that block the sinus drainage holes and set people up for getting sinusitis. Most TREATMENT OF SINUSITIS. Because sinusitis
people with polyps have a reduced sense of involves bacteria infection, the treatment includes an antibiotic given in sufficient smell. Fortunately, nasal polyps can be often IMMUNIZATIONS
dosage for an adequate period of time. Our be treated by medications, although surgery is rule of thumb is to treat the patient until he or she is well, plus an additional 7 days.
So, the next time you experience a headachy, In addition, a topical decongestion is used to stuffy nose feeling, you may have sinusitis. No open the sinus outflow track and facilitate need to get frustrated. We can diagnose it and IMMUNE DEFICIENCY MEDS
Dr. E’s Corner
Did you ever wonder When trying to avoid dust, we recommend that you wash sheets in hot water once a week.
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I personally ruined many expensive sheets that way, so I found that my grandmother’s old, white 100% cotton sheets withstand the hot I recognize that I personally harp on the vasomotor rhinitis – a fancy way of saying wonders of nasal irrigation. My rationale is “runaway runny nose” - triggered by such that nose rinsing doesn’t just wash away irritants as strong odors, perfumes, smoke, air viruses, bacteria and debris – pollen is water- soluble too! But do you realize how old this emphysema. They focus on investigational and/or asthmatics are known to go into attacks upon idea is? The first description of nasal rinsing currently marketed medications. Study-related exposure to such irritants as well. So, its not goes back to 3000 years ago in India, using procedures and medications are normally provided that we don’t like perfume, it’s that the scent free of charge. All patients must make visits to our Flu season is among us, but the spread of Wheaton, MD office. Patients usually receive a germs is a perennial problem! An easy and If your child has asthma and you dislike the effective way to reduce the transmission of finger exercising your youngsters do between viruses is to have alcohol-based, liquid soap Yu-gi-oh and video games, consider this.
If you or anyone you know is interested
readily available to wash those sticky, icky, There is a CD-ROM game available from the infected fingers whenever and wherever you in learning more about research, please
get them. (Disclaimer: Those parents with Code,” that was created to help children ages call Fawna at 301-962-1607, Shelby at
children that have hand eczema, please don’t 7 to 15 to learn how to manage their asthma.
try this!). Oh, and to really drive a point 301-962-1609 or Lolita at 301-962-1611.
home, washing their nose helps a lot too!



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