The purpose of this chapter is to present the experience of the Posture and
Motion Laboratory at the “San Raffaele Cassino” in the field of use of Gait
Analysis (GA) in patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD) and with Progressive
Supranuclear Palsy (PSP). In particular, the effects of levodopa medication on PD
vs. PSP patients were quantified, comparing the OFF and ON state in the two
different pathological conditions, using functional evaluation and GA. Data of the
OFF and ON states in 10 PSP patients and 11 PD patients were compared. The
results highlighted that the treatment based on Levodopa treatment had significant
effects only on PD group (spatio-temporal parameters, kinematics and kinetics); PSP
patients revealed no significant changes after the levodopa therapy.
Key words: Parkinson’s disease, PSP, Gait Analysis

Authors´ data:
Eng. Galli M[anuela]*, **; Eng. Cimolin V[eronica]*, Eng.
Vimercati S[ara]*Prof. Albertini G[iorgio]**, Dr. Onorati P[aolo]***, Dr. De
M[aria] F[rancesca]***, *Bioeng. Dept., Politecnico di Milano, Milano, Italy,
** IRCCS “San Raffaele Pisana” Tosinvest Sanità, Roma, Italy; ***“San Raffaele
Cassino” Institute, Tosinvest Sanità, Cassino, Italy
[email protected];[email protected];[email protected];giorgi
[email protected]; [email protected];
[email protected]
This Publication has to be referred as: Galli M[anuela], Cimolin V[eronica],
Albertini G[iorgio], Onorati P[aolo], De Pandis M[aria] F[rancesca] (2010).
Quantification of effects of Levodopa treatment in Parkinsonian syndromes, Chapter
xx in DAAAM International Scientific Book 2010, pp. xxx-xxx, B. Katalinic (Ed.),
Published by DAAAM International, ISBN 978-3-901509-71-1, ISSN 1726-9687,

3. Conclusions
The experience of the Posture and Motion Laboratory at the “San Raffaele Cassino”
is described in the field of the use of GA in patients with PD and PSP. Our results
demonstrated that quantitative GA may represent a precise, objective and reliable
alternative to rating scales and commonly used tests in determining the dopaminergic
response in patients with PD and PSP which provides a systematic evaluation to help
in the early differentiation of PSP from other parkinsonian syndromes, like PD.
Further studies should be conducted on this direction, with larger group of patients
and considering sub-groups of patients, evaluating for example PD patients with
walking problems or with freezing, in order to evaluate quantitatively if different
responses to levodopa are found.

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