Sample code Nr.
Date 14/06/2013
Analytical Report Nr.
AR-13-AA-074850-01 / E4-370-12761885
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n°lot : 30222
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Cellulose BCell4/4 , Bcell8 , BCell16, Carré 16, PebToy/80,Contrôle polluants et contaminants Conditioning :
Sample reception date :
Analysis starting date :
Sampling/Transport :
Analyses requested :
PJJ3V: Métaux lourds : Pb, Cd, Hg, AsJJ0DL: Sélénium (Test Cluster)A0080: Broyage échantillon pour analyse mycotoxinesSPP01: Extraction DFG S19 d'aliments frais/secsSP101: Pesticides organochlorés + pyréthroïdesSP104: Pesticides organophosphorésJJ006: Aflatoxines B1, B2, G1, G2 Minerals - Oligoelements
Selenium(Food, ICP-MS) Method : DIN EN ISO 17294-2-E29
Aflatoxins B1 B2 G1 G2 (nuts, cocoa, cereal) Method : internal method based on EN 14123
Lead(ICP-MS, food) Method : EN 15763:2009
Cadmium (ICP-MS, food) Method : EN 15763:2009
Arsenic(Food, ICP-MS) Method : EN 15763:2009
Mercury (ICP-MS, food) Method : EN 15763:2009
DHY-OC (CAL) Method : ASU L00.00-34
DHY-OP (CAL) Method : ASU L00.00-34
List of screened molecules and not detected (* = limit of quantification)
DHY-OC (CAL) (LOQ* mg/kg)
Eurofins Analytics France (Nantes)
Sample code Nr.
Date 14/06/2013
Analytical Report Nr.
AR-13-AA-074850-01 / E4-370-12761885
DHY-OC (CAL) (LOQ* mg/kg)
DHY-OP (CAL) (LOQ* mg/kg)
Report electronically validated by Christophe Lepetit EXPLANATORY NOTE
This document can only be reproduced in full ; it only concerns the submitted sample.
Results have been obtained and reported in accordance with our general sales conditions available on request.
When declaring compliance or non-compliance, the uncertainty associated with the result has been added or subtracted in order to obtain a result
that can be compared to regulatory limits or specifications. The uncertainty has not been taken into account for standards that already include
measurement uncertainty.
The tests are identified by a five-digit code, their description is available on request.
The tests identified by the two letters code SP are performed in laboratory Eurofins Dr. Specht Laboratorien (Hamburg). The symbol (a) identifies the tests performed by this laboratory under accreditation DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 D-PL-14198-01-00.
The tests identified by the two letters code JC are performed in laboratory Eurofins WEJ Contaminants GmbH (Hamburg).
Eurofins Analytics France (Nantes)


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