Animal Care Austria Gala-Dinner
Prominent people donate for World Animal Welfare Day

For the occasion of World Animal Welfare Day on Friday evening, opera singer Carol Byers, invited prominent animal lovers to the Viennese hotel, Le Meridien, for an exclusive gala dinner on behalf of her animal welfare organisation, Animal Care Austria. As in past years, this year’s numerous prominent people and animal lovers came, some with four-legged companions, to support the good cause and to encourage the animal-human-relationship with al possible love. The result for Animal Care Austria was a total of more than € 25.000.-- of donations, twice as much as in the previous year.
The Animal Care Austria charity gala on World Animal Welfare Day, in the meantime, has become a fixed institution for all animal lovers. About 200 animal loving guests from the business sector, the arts, and society again followed the invitation of opera diva Carol Byers, to celebrate this special day together. For the hostess – the „mother and soul“ of Animal Care Austria – the reason is not only to celebrate the day of animals, but above all, is to focus on the engagement for animal protection and work against animal abuse with all of our strength. „We ask for more tolerance, patience and devotion for animals! Help us help!“, she postulated at the beginning of the event.
This yearly event which underscores the of love for animals - was a festival for al the senses. In addition to the musical performances by Carol Byers herself, the moderator of the evening, Heilwig Pflanzelter, who performed a song out of her new program “Paris Paris”, pianist Otmar Binder, saxophone player Alex Ehrenreich and child prodigy Allegra van der Brugge, the animal enthusiastic audience was indulged with an exclusive vegan gala menu. A dog fashion show with smart accessories for our four-legged friends by „Proud Dog“ awoke enthusiasm as well as magician Frederic, who – in the best sense of the word – bewitched the audience. A special highlight of the evening were the „Love Letters“ – very personal love letters by VIPs to their animal companions. The former Minister of Health, Dr. Andrea Kdolsky, ORF-lady Nadja Bernhard and Casting Director of Theater Wien, Sebastian Schwarz, on this evening read a declaration of love to their beloved quadrupedes and deeply touched the hearts of the audience.
The animal lovers proved themselves very willing to donate on this evening. In the context of the exclusive charity evening a proud sum of over € 25.000.-- was collected. „I am overwhelmed. This is twice as much as in the year before.“, Animal Care Austria president Carol Byers was deeply moved.
Energetic help for this evening also came from many prominent animal lovers. To name just a few – 11 times master in dressage Victoria Max-Theurer, fashion-designer Nhut La Hong, ZIB-moderator Nadja Bernhard, ORF-journalist Yvonne Lacina with her friend Sebastian Blaha, Dr. Gerald Rainer (brother of Profil magazine publisher, Christian Rainer), award winning animal protector Sara Turetta of Milan, Munich TV journalist Tom Fritsch with his VIP-dog Ludwig, former Minister of Health Dr. Andrea Kdolsky, VIP-cook Siegfried Kröpfl, Theater Wien Casting Director Sebastian Schwarz, „Everybody: waltz“-voice Robert Hysek, opera singers Kristin Lewis and Ruxandra Donose, John Harris - owner Ernst Minar, Dorotheum-auctioneer Leopold Pfaffl, and many others.
About Animal Care Austria
After years of supporting different organisations in USA and Austria, the American opera singer Carol Byers in 2006 – together with other engaged animal protectors – founded the organisation Animal Care Austria. This competent Vienna-based, volunteer group has successfully expanded its’ work into 6 countries – Austria, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia and India. Animal Care Austria’s resources and ideas are focused on working with other animal welfare organisations to develop long-term solutions to prevent animal suffering and to increase the awareness of animal welfare. In addition to animal adoption programs, and to the financial support of Care Station shelters, the emphasis which Animal Care Austria places on castration projects, veterinarian scholarships, animal welfare theater school projects, working-horses care projects, and events to improve the relationship and quality of life between people and animals, has placed Animal Care Austria as a forerunner in animal welfare initiatives in Austria and abroad.
The projects of Animal Care Austria can be supported by your donations. (Donation account: Raiffeisenbank Wien, AC-Austria, Konto: 11486123, BLZ: 32000).



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