Infectious Disease and Super Germs
By Doug Grant
Most people don't understand that we are in the midst of an unsettling health epidemic—one that should never have occurred. In 1968, infectious diseases had all but been eliminated, and didn't even make the list of "top ten killers" in the United States. Yet, in the past 20 years, the re-emergence of these diseases and the rise of strains of super germs has created a problem that we each need to be concerned about. Here are some of the reasons for the problem: In 1970, histamine blockers were created to supposedly help with poor digestion (indigestion) problems. These drugs--including Zantac, Pepcid AC and Tagament along with antacids like Tums and Rolaids—have created considerable side effects, because they are designed to stop or greatly reduce the hydrochloric acid in the stomachs. HCL has two main purposes in the body. First, because it destroys bacteria that we ingest every time we eat, drink or eat, HCL acts as our first defense against infectious disease. Second, it lowers the pH level in the stomach so that enzymes can be activated and can, therefore, complete the process of digesting our foods. This practice, of taking products and preparations that stop HCL (and thus leave us defenseless against the bacteria that causes infectious disease) is so prevalent that it has created a huge health problem. In fact, infectious disease is now ranked number three as one of the top killers in our society today. Since indigestion, and the need to address those symptoms, was the root problem, we should look at what causes the non-digestion of foods in the first place. Enzymes are protein molecules that are present in raw food. These enzymes digest the food and deliver the life-giving nutrients to the body on the cellular level. When we cook foods over 118 degrees Fahrenheit we denature the food and destroy the enzymes, making foods difficult for the body to digest and causing indigestion to occur. Then, when these symptoms show up, we take antacids and acid blockers—which only lead to other side effects and increased problems. The best way to combat this problem is to enhance digestion by eating more raw food. In addition, when we eat food that is cooked or processed, enzymes (which we chose to take out of the food when we cooked it!) should be added back to the body in supplemental form. The second problem that is contributing to the infectious disease epidemic is the abuse of antibiotics. Antibiotic abuse is so widespread that it is breeding new strains of germs, known as "super germs." Antibiotics are being too freely prescribed, and the public does not understand the recourse when the antibiotics don't destroy all the germs they were meant to kill. A lot of the times the antibiotic only destroys the weak germs and the strong ones live to become even more resistant to future doses of antibiotics. Recommended dosages and potencies are then increased—and, yet, we are still losing the battle. The Director for the Center for Disease Control recently stated, "We are losing the battle with super germs." The antibiotics are not only breeding super germs but they are creating an environment for the pathogenic bacteria to implant and grow. This is because the antibiotic (against-life) is also destroying our friendly bacteria which is needed in our intestines. This friendly bacteria (pro-biotics) is critical to the strength of our immune system. When probiotics are growing and flourishing in the body the super germs or pathogenic bacteria have no place to implant and grow. If our probiotic levels are up, then the pathogenic bacteria has to go right through our system without doing any damage or making us sick. In order to address this major health problem, it is crucial that we add back enzymes and friendly bacteria on a daily level. In addition, we need to replenish vitamins and minerals to help with this problem. This is because, when our bodies are depleted of enzymes and probiotics from over-consumption of cooked food, our system becomes more acidic. The lack of vitamins and minerals in these foods and the acidity they create just feeds our already existing problem. Taking a whole food vitamin and chelated mineral supplement is essential for creating a balance in the system. Optimal 1-Digestion Formula and Optimal 2-Vitamin/ Mineral/ Antioxidant is a baseline supplementation program that is crucial for every individual to create homeostasis in the body so it can start healing itself.


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