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Polyethylene glycol (PEG)
Chemical Grade
Liquid form
Test Method
Solid form
Test Method
PEG-1000 PEG - 2000 PEG - 3000 PEG - 4000 PEG - 6000
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Poly ethylene glycols (PEGs) are family of water-soluble linear average of 400, which corresponds to an approximate average polymers formed by the additional reaction of ethylene oxide number of repeating EO groups (n) of ≈9. (EO) With mono ethylene glycols (MEG) or diethylene glycol. The Polyethylene glycols are available in average molecular weight generalized formula for polyethylene glycol is: H(OCH2 CH2) n OH ranging from 200 to 8000; this wide range of products provides N: Average number of repeating ethylene oxide groups. flexibility in choosing properties to meet the requirements of many Web-site :
There are many grades of PEGs that represents them by theirs average molecular weight. For example, PEG 400 consists of a distribution of polymers of varying molecular weights with an Polyethylene glycol (PEG)
Chemical Grade
Nomenclature of these products is different. o The most important physical property:
1. CAS * name: ploy ethylene (oxyethylene) glycol. Depend on molecular weight the wide range of the physical property such as solubility , hygroscopic , vapour pressure , melting or freezing point and viscosity are variable : * International Union of Pure & Applied Chemistry 3. INCI * Name : PEG -4 , PEG-6 , PEG-8 , A: Solubility
*International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient Increasing the molecular weight of PEGs results in decreasing * Cosmetics, Toiletry & Fragrance Association PEGs are also soluble in many polar organic solvents such as Chemical Description
B: Hygroscopic
PEGs are hygroscopic, it means that they attract and retain Address :
Hygroscopic decrease as molecular weight increases. C: viscosity
Depending on their average molecular weights, the Poly ethylene PEGs can be considered Newtonian fluids, so the kinematic glycols may be liquid or solid at STD condition. viscosity of PEGs decreases as temperature increases. PEG grades: 200,300,400,600 in liquid form , PEG 1000 ,1500 soft solid (white) and PEG 2000,3000,4000,6000,8000 hard solid (white) D: Stability
ARPC produces these rang of products to meet all applicable
PEGs have low volatility and are thermal y stable for limited period Web-site :
requirements in USP/NF for use in drug industries. Polyethylene glycol (PEG)
Chemical Grade
o Applications :
Other applications :
- Agriculture as water solubility & solubilize for organic insecticides. PEG grades meet requirements of USP/ NF and BP and are - paper , printing and inks as softener, humectants , solvents ,
widely use in pharmaceutical formulations. As solvent, water soluble, binder, lubricant, plasticizer and use in ointment - Paints & coating as intermediates for alkyd & polyester resins. base, tablet coating, gelatine capsule, liquid oral o Handling and storage :
Cosmetics :
As the water soluble , odourless , neutral, hygroscopic, PEGs product are only slightly toxic & safe for use in domestic lubricant ,plasticizer, non-volatile , no irritating properties : cleaning products , when handling products, recommended that The PEGs are used in wide range of cosmetics and personal use safety goggles, PVC gloves & apron. care products such as creams , lotions , sticks , cakes , In contact: with eye wash with running water for 15 minutes.
Injection: seek medical.
Household products:
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The PEGs product should be stored in dry, covered area and far Soaps, detergents, polishes & cleaners are main applicant away from sources of heat & ignition. of poly ethylene glycols, because these products are water soluble & inert, with low volatility and low toxicity. o Packaging & shelf life :
Ceramics and tile:
Liquid form of PEG (200 to 1000) are packed in 220 lit (net: 200 Kg) As the plasticizer, lubricity, binders and carriers properties:
PEGs are widely use in ceramic and tile industry. Solid form( up to PEG 1000) packed in Bag ( net : 25 Kg) • Adhesives and textile:
The PEG products have shelf life of 24 months from the date of As the plasticizer, lubricants, softeners, antistatic agents &
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manufacture & maintained in adequate storage condition. conditional agents, PEGs are used in adhesives & textile Shelf life of pharmacy grades is 12 months.


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