Medical data is for informational purposes only. You should always consult your family physician, or one of our referral physicians prior to treatment Medical data is for informational purposes only. You should always consult your family physician, or one of our referral physic pears to make them more susceptible to chronic illnesses of therheumatoid type.
Copper is an essential trace mineral in human diets, consumed daily in some foods, and contributes to health in the formation ofnew blood cells, the red blood cells and the leukocytes which helpthe patient to fight infections.
Some physicians have found that when copper of this type is used in microgram quantities, it is a very conservative treatment, The Use of Ionic Copper in the
obtaining therapeutic benefits in ridding the body of toxic para- Treatment of Arthritis
sites such as amoebae without risking toxic reactions or seriousside effects.1 Of course, as with any heavy metal, taking too much copper or for too long a time can produce adverse effects which Originally published in The Journal of the Academy of can easily be detected and avoided or treated.2 Ceruloplasmin and serum copper levels are indicators for thera- The Roger Wyburn-Mason and Jack M. Blount Foundation for peutic and also toxic levels of copper permitting periodic evalua- tions by the physician. As with any method of arthritis treatment, if effective results are obtained, certain baseline laboratory values, including a SMAC-24, a CBC, and serum copper levels and ceru-loplasmin levels must be determined for later reference.
Contraindications to this treatment may be any abnormal neu- rological signs or symptoms, although some success with thistherapy has been seen in one neurological disease where it seemsthat copper deprivation may be a factor.3 The Treatment Program
The following protocol is utilized in treating patients with ac- When the patient has signed an informed consent to a new type of food supplement to correct a probable essential trace min-eral deficiency, a test amount of the ionic copper granules can begiven in the [doctor's] office. This may be as few as 5 [granules] or as many as 20, although 15 is the average amount for a 150 poundadult male.
Editor’s Note: Dramatic clinical improvements in some cases As one becomes familiar with the treatment, a “feeling” of the of rheumatoid disease have resulted with the use of new resin coated proper amount for each patient will develop. In a short time, clini- copper granules. This paper covers the rationale and techniques cal judgment will determine the initial dose and the amount to be of treatment. Copper is considered a trace mineral, and in this increased each day, usually divided into three equal doses, taken form, it is used as a dietary supplement, as rheumatoid patients on the tongue and washed down with a half glass or more of water.
are so often deficient in this mineral. Normal and healthy persons The first treatment program will take about six weeks and the usually show no reaction to these doses of copper, and no severe patient should have a favorable response, which may be from mod- effects or reactions have been reported. Much clinical testing and erate relief and improvement of signs and symptoms to a complete follow-up reports must be obtained before the method is recom- In addition to the copper granules, patients may take their cus- According to the research by the late Dr. Roger Wyburn-Ma- tomary medicine for arthritis discomfort, and a biologically active son, the cause of rheumatoid arthritis and some other chronic and rheumatoid diseases may be an amoeba parasite, amoebae Limax As with all antibiotic therapy, the substance used is usually or Naegleria. These organisms, or whatever is eventually proved to given to achieve a specific blood level. For the use of copper as a be a cause for these conditions, are sensitive in varying degrees to nutritional supplement and to build up the natural resistance of the various antibiotic substances. [See "Causation of Rheumatoid Dis- body to the infective agent, no definite blood levels have been de- ease and Many Human Cancers,"] termined. They may be different for different patients. Clinical Basic research has been done which indicates that the caus- observations along with the specific blood levels for the particular ative agents or rheumatoid diseases are susceptible of being de- patient will act as a guide should it seem desirable to repeat the stroyed by minute amounts of pure metallic copper. For example, even water contaminated with limax amoebae can be cleansed by When the therapeutic level of copper in the blood is reached, running through copper pipe. Since it “is not possible to run a then the susceptible microorganisms, whose presence is the prob- person thru a pipe of copper,” the copper ion must be given to a able cause of the disease, are killed by the chemical activity of person in another form. While Dr. Wyburn-Mason reported some copper ions. This is an all-encompassing phenomenon, and it af- success [curing rheumatoid disease] with copper sulfate, less toxic fects the entire population of microorganisms in question. But the forms have been sought by clinical investigators.[See "Foreward" killing of the susceptible microorganisms may, and usually does, result in the production of a Herxheimer reaction. (The patient It has been found that pure metallic copper can be prepared may feel that the arthritis is getting worse, or that a flare-up or and administered in the form of granules in microgram quantities aggravation of the disease is occurring. It should be explained to on an ion exchange resin. * This is successfully used as a nutri- the patient that this is an “expected reaction” probably caused by tional supplement in patients deficient in this element, which ap- release of toxic substances from the killed pathogenic organisms, Medical data is for informational purposes only. You should always consult your family physician, or one of our referral physicians prior to treatment Medical data is for informational purposes only. You should always consult your family physician, or one of our referral physic or the amoebae in rheumatoid arthritis, and not by live microor- icking other rheumatoid diseases: Skin manifestations, eruptions, ganisms of any exacerbation of the disease.)5 ["The Herxheimer scaling, eczema, and psoriatic appearing lesions. If the organisms Effect,"] have been lodged in the tissues of the central, peripheral or auto- The extent of the Herxheimer reaction is directly related to nomic nervous systems, there may appear neurological or sensory the number of the microorganisms being destroyed, the area of the symptoms, including the special functions of vision, hearing, taste, body that has been affected by the rheumatoid disease, the rate of release of toxins from the dead microorganisms and the patient’s Since Rheumatoid diseases are systemic in nature, the endo- own resistance or sensitivity to foreign proteins.
crine tissues seem to have an affinity for the organisms causing the Rarely, some patients experience a severe reaction appear “re- infection. In the Herxheimer reaction, there may be significant ally sick.” But the whole secret of success with this treatment with changes, such as alteration of the menstrual cycle, decreased need copper granules is to get the patients past the Herxheimer reaction for insulin in diabetes, less thyroid requirement in hypothyroid- with a minimum of discomfort and apprehension about the appar- ism, and reduction in the signs and symptoms of endometriosis.
Headaches are not uncommon, and psychological changes may be This is usually best accomplished by getting past the stage of noticed temporarily such as unexplained anger, depression, irrita- the reaction as quickly as possible, as opposed to stringing out the bility, listlessness, fatigue, etc. The patient must be reassured re- garding these phenomena, and they may be reduced or prevented Start the patient on whatever level that it appears can be com- by appropriate treatment. Complete suppression, however, removes fortably handled. For example: Prescribe an initial dose of 10 a significant clinical observation which the physician uses as a treat- granules. This is to be taken three times a day the first day. Then increase the total dose by 5 granules each day, observing the reac- However, in some patients, it may be necessary to treat it or to tions and tolerance. If this does not provoke a reaction, then in- suppress the Herxheimer reaction to help the patient get past this crease the daily total by 10 granules per day until the patient is stage of treatment with less discomfort and less physical disability.
taking 75 to 80 granules per day. This level is maintained for 10 to This may be done in one of several ways. First, the daily dose of 14 days. Then, the maximum dose is achieved by going to 90 copper granules may be reduced by one half or more for two or granules a day. Then the Herxheimer reaction should be safely three days, or until the uncomfortable symptoms subside, then be- passed, permitting the patient to take 90 granules 2 times a day for ginning again on a lower level. Second, the medication may be two weeks, then the lesser dose of 100 granules once a day for two completely halted for a week or so, then begun with a covering weeks. Then the copper medication is stopped and the clinical and dose of symptomatic medications. Third, medications may be taken laboratory evaluations repeated to judge the state or progress and along with the copper granules without conflict or weakening of their therapeutic effect. These may include analgesics such as as- The treating physician should expect and look for signs of a pirin and the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relax- Herxheimer reaction in his patient once the copper granule treat- ants and antiemetics. Fourth, an initial dose of depo-steroidal drug ment has been started. It may be very mild and immediate, taking may be administered once a week until the Herxheimer symptoms only a few seconds, or it may develop later, several hours to several days to manifest itself. Since it is due to the killing of the microor- Then, when the Herxheimer reaction has been suppressed, the ganisms responsible for the disease, it is a clinical confirmation of disease should be treated more vigorously, increasing the dose of the diagnosis of rheumatoid disease as well as an indication that the copper granules to 30 granules three times a day and up to 90 the patient will benefit for the treatment with improvement or com- granules twice a day for two weeks, then 100 granules once a day for two weeks. Then the medication — or food supplement — as it The reaction to the copper granules is not a drug reaction.
should be considered, is stopped. By this time, the patient’s body When the granules are given to a control who is a healthy subject, has been saturated with a high and normal amount of copper suffi- cient to control the active form of the disease.
If the patient has had a treatment with [methotrexate], gold The philosophy behind the copper granule use in rheumatoid therapy, penicillamine or cortico-steroids currently or recently, or disease is to restore normal tissue levels of copper and then in- for long periods of time, the usual physiological Herxheimer re- crease these to tolerance to inhibit and kill microorganisms respon- sponse may be altered. In some of these patients, it may be entirely sible for these chronic systemic infections. While it will be impor- absent. This probably indicates that the normal immunological tant to continue research on the nature of these infectious forms, responses of the patient’s body has been altered by these drugs. It protozoa, mycoplasmas, or viruses, it is not necessary to identify may also indicate an acquired resistance of the pathological organ- the cause to get a good treatment result.
ism responsible for the disease to antibiotic agents.
The copper granules permit the patient to be treated at a vari- What should the patient be told to expect in the form of a able rate according to his own tolerance to the signs and symptoms Herxheimer reaction? These symptoms may occur in order of their of the Herxheimer reaction. The rate of “kill-off” of the microor- ganisms is directly related to the amount of copper granules used.
1. A dry, “funny” or metallic taste in the mouth.
Each copper granule will kill a certain amount of susceptible mi- 2. Increased aching and pain in the joints.
croorganisms. Ten granules will kill ten times as many. Fifty gran- 3. Muscle fatigue and a “burning” sensation.
ules will kill fifty times as much. So the rate at which the patient 4. Loss of appetite, nausea, occasional vomiting.
can be treated, and his or her disease controlled, is dose related.
5. Diarrhea or constipation, cramping, gas.
No serious reactions have developed with this treatment. There 6. Some tissue or joints swelling, redness, local heat and in- are no contraindications known to date. And there are no drug sensitivities or sensitivity problems with copper granules, since it 7. Increased muscle and joint stiffness.
is a normal physiological trace mineral in the human body.
Other rare signs and symptoms may temporarily appear, mim- Metallic copper in pure ionic granules has been successful in Medical data is for informational purposes only. You should always consult your family physician, or one of our referral physicians prior to treatment Medical data is for informational purposes only. You should always consult your family physician, or one of our referral physic treating the rheumatoid diseases when used as a dietary supple-ment and increasing the amounts up to tolerance of the patients toHerxheimer reaction symptoms. No adverse or metal toxicity re-actions have occurred to this form of copper in the amounts recom-mended. Recovery and improvement in rheumatoid signs and symp-toms with this new method suggest its importance as a new road tohealth for the patient.
[Sorry References were not available for this article.] * Copper micro-granules were supplied as D.S.D. Interna- tional Ltd., 640 E. Purdue, Suite 106, Phoenix, AZ 85020; (800)232-3183; (602) 944-0104; Viotron International, 8122 East Fulton,Ada, MI 49301; (800) 437-1298.
does not have any more Herxheimer Reaction to the copper. This usually is six to eight weeks if the patient takes the copper cor- The late Roger Wyburn-Mason of London, England proved rectly. When no further Herxheimer Reaction is noted this signifies that copper is one of the very best compounds to kill the Amoebae.
that no more Amoebae are being killed and the patient can stop These germs seem to play a very important part in causing or com- taking the copper. Patients being treated however, should take the plicating the majority of disease I refer to as the Rheumatoid Dis- eases. Some of these diseases include Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus For treating most Rheumatoid Diseases the patient should start Erythematosis, Scleroderma, Periarteritis Nodosa, Dermatomyosi- out by placing 8 granules under the tongue for one minute 3x daily.
tis, Psoriasis, Thyroiditis, Fibrositis, Endometriosis, Erythema If the Herxheimer Reaction is tolerable and not severe, the patient Nodosum, Multiple Sclerosis, Myasthenia Gravis, Crohn’s Disease, can increase the granules by 2-3 each day (making 8-9 granules 3x Ulcerative Colitis, some Diabetes and certain forms of Cancer as daily) until a level or number of granules taken 3x daily is reached at which the Herxheimer Reaction can be comfortably tolerated.
The problem in America is that there are not many medica- The dosage should be increased no higher than 75 granules 3x tions that will kill the Amoebae effectively. Also some drugs I pres- daily, however. It is very important that the patient increase the ently use to kill the amoebae do not kill all of the germs adequately.
number of granules by 2-3 each day until the tolerated level is This is probably due to the fact that certain amoebae seem to be reached. This will rid the body of the Amoebae much faster. Cop- resistant to the presently used medications. The Rheumatoid Dis- per in this form is a nutrient and not a drug.
ease Foundation (of which I am a founding member) is presently In treating Multiple Sclerosis, it is very important to follow a paying for double blind studies on Clotrimazole which is a very different method of taking the granules. The Patient with Multiple effective drug, but it will be at least a year before available. We Sclerosis should start out by taking only one granule twice daily. I desperately need more effective medications that will rid the body do not want patients with Multiple Sclerosis to have a severe of those Amoebae that have been resistant to the presently avail- Herxheimer Reaction as this could aggravate their condition. The granules can be slowly increased by adding one granule extra twice I have known that when germs or organisms that are more daily until a very mild Herxheimer Reaction is noted. The patient complex or more highly developed than normal bacteria or com- should continue this dosage daily until the Reaction begins to go monly known germs a. a killed in a patient, certain toxins are re- away before increasing the number of granules. If any questions leased and the body has to get rid of the dead germs. The Amoebae arise or any problems develop, the patient should contact me im- which cause Rheumatoid Disease are highly developed and quite complex as are the germs that cause Syphilis, Leprosy or African The beauty about this method of treatment is that a patient can Sleeping Sickness. When any of these diseases are effectively regulate the severity of the Herxheimer reaction. A patient should treated, the organisms are killed and in the process of ridding the know that the more severe the reaction is, the more Amoeba are body of the dead germs, these patients can develop numerous flu- being killed and the patient’s disease condition should improve like symptoms called a Herxheimer Reaction. This is a good reac- faster. Should a patient require doing something one day in which tion in the sense that the body is getting rid of the dead germs.
the reaction would make that something more difficult, the patient These flu-like symptoms may include temporary increase in joint can simply cut down on the number of granules that day. however pains (get worse before getting better), headaches, chilly sensa- it must be emphasized that the patients must increase the daily dos- tions, low grade fever, nausea, mild diarrhea, aching all over, skin age up to the maximum (30 granules twice daily) and get the crawling sensations and a general feeling of weakness. These symp- Herxheimer Reaction to-get the best results toms are temporary and should encourage a patient to realize that Should any patient have any questions I urge patient to call my office or myself at any time. Good luck, God Copper is a substance that very effectively kills the Amoebae bless you and I’m looking forward to your complete recovery.
but the problem is that the only available copper for giving patientshas been in the form of salts such as copper sulfate. These salts arepoorly absorbed in the intestine and commonly cause severe nau-sea and vomiting. They are therefore not acceptable in the majorityof patients. Copper Aspirinate however causes the fewest problemsand is quite effective in most patients.
A new method of getting pure copper into the body has re- cently been developed which appears to be quite effective in kill-ing the Amoebae. This form of copper is much more active thanmost available salts and since the amount of copper that is effectiveis only 3-4 times the body’s minimum daily requirements of cop-per, it is totally safe. It is quite effective and easily taken althoughit causes a Herxheimer reaction in those patients who are infectedwith the Amoebae. It is taken by placing very tiny granules or beadscoated with copper under the tongue for about one minute. Thecopper is absorbed directly into the blood stream (in the same waynitroglycerine for heart patients does) leaving the tiny uncoatedresin granules which can be swallowed or spit out. The Herxheimerreaction usually begins in about four to eight hours, but it has beenobserved in as little as 10 minutes and as delayed as 3 days, de-pending on how severely infected with the Amoebae the patient is.
The granules are taken twice daily and are taken until the patient


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