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Indian J. Applied & Pure Bio. Vol. 26(1), 75-78 (2011).
Diversity of Ethnomedicinal plants used by Tribals of
Karjat Taluka in Maharashtra, India
Gauri S. Soman
Department of Botany, Maharashi Dayanand College, Parel, Mumbai – 400012 (India) Abstract
Karjat Taluka lies in the Raigad district of Maharashtra state 18o55’o” N and 73o20’o” E. It is characterized by average rainfall of 2500mm, black rocky basalt to reddish yellow coloured soil. Karjat issurrounded by moist or dry deciduous to semi evergreen forests. It liesmidst the Bhor Ghat, Sahyadri and Western Ghats. The tribals of theseregion are Katkaries, Thakurs and Mahadev Koli. The paper deals withmedicinal plants used by these tribals for treatment of diseases andcuring common ailments. The data on ethnomedicinal plants is on theverge of extinction, so a survey was carried out to collect valuableinformation on traditional medicinal plants. In this investigationdocumentation of 20 plants belonging to various families is recorded.
The information regarding use of plants, their botanical names and localnames is described in this paper.
Ethnobotany is a branch of economic and are cold with average temperature 15 C.
botany that deals with use of plants in life of The tribals such as Katkaries, Thakurs and people. Tribal communities dwell in dense forest of India use traditional medicine system Karjat taluka such as Kashale, Shilarwadi, for health care based on Herbal remedies for plants frequently used by these tribals to cure Area under study: Karjat taluka lies in Raigad district of Maharashtra, India,18o55’ooN and 73o20’ooE, midst Bhor Ghat, Sahyadri, and Western Ghats. The soil is rocky and information given by the tribals and was basalt to reddish yellow in colour. Karjat is recorded. A critical systematic documentation characterized by moist or dry deciduous to rainfall is 2500mm per year. The summers are dry and hot with average temperature 38oC Table-1 List of Ethnomedicinal Plants of Karjat Taluka, M.S.
Decoction of Stem given for- Fever, Cold.
Powder of roasted seed given for - stomach Decoction of Root given for-Loose motions Paste of fresh leaves applied on ulcers.
Decoction given in- swelling due to watery fluid in body. Powder of thorns on applied Decoction of bark and flower given in – Juice of leaves given in- diarrhoea (loose Sesame oil applied on- Skin diseases.
Juice of leaf + Ginger juice + Honey given Decoction of Roots applied on-Dog bite.
Bark powder – applied over deep cuts or Fresh bark crushed applied on fractures.
Paste of leaves and pods given for curing- relieves mental stress (Sedative), induces Juice of tuberous roots-in case of Reduced breast milk.½ cup juice + ½ cup milk–given treatment for- Cough in infants, Leaf juice Pinch of root powder + water –given orally for-Snake bite (Cobra).Juice of leaves to Powder of seeds + Water given orally for- Snake Bite (Saw scaled vipor – phonsom).
Juice of leaves given in- loose motions with blood. Decoction of bark in treatment of- Paste of entire plant is applied on fractured civilization into forest areas due to urbanization Plants, CSIR Publication, New Delhi.
2. Jain, S.K., B.K. Sinha and Arvind Saklani 3. V.D. Vartak and Madhav Gadgil-‘Studies made to collect, record and store the valuable data on Ethnomedicine before its extinction.
4. Vartak, V.D., M.S. Kumbhujkar and D. S.
Nipunage (1987). Sacared grooves of tribalareas along the Western Ghats.
1. Chopra, R.N., S.L. Nayar and I.C. Chopra

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