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Just the treatment to get rid of quack doctors
The tribal castes in Kundamunda village are impressed by powerful medicine. Their particular training session. The translator was the first to panacea is injections, which, though expensive, inform me of the problem. There was a difficulty must be mighty powerful, and therefore worth the with the cook, he said. As the man was from the expense. You can get an injection of just about Sohara tribe, the women from the Kisan and Munal anything: paracetamol for a cold, chloroquine for tribes could not accept food from him. The Ghond malaria – even vitamins, which of course are tribe would only accept food from a Ghond cook. essential for more or less any disease.
Women from the Chosa caste would only accept a In this village in Orissa, in eastern India, the cook from their caste and above. No one would women told me about the man who had come accept food from, or touch anyone from the around the villages with a wonderful new treatment scheduled caste, which includes the Dalits, or from the United States called x-rays. He said he “untouchables”, and the Chamar caste, was a private doctor from the nearby town of leatherworkers who, by the nature of their bovine Sambalpur, and these x-rays were a cure for most trade, are deemed more untouchable than the things. All they had to do was to sit in front of his untouchables. Our naïve arrangements, it seemed, machine for a few moments. In a week or two the However, help was at hand. As if by magic, So the village marshaled all of the desperate a Brahman priest popped out of the jungle. He cases who were shut away from hope and the light offered to cook, and because of his holy nature, was of the day: consumptives, children with polio, people with enlarged spleens or sickle cells These social divisions are deep-seated but anaemia. They scraped together their 100 rupees not indelible. With engagement, patience and plenty ($2), or extended supplicant hands to the local of laughter, they slowly fade. Over the months the zamidar (landlord) for a loan. One by one the man women have got to know each other, to laugh with sat them in front of his box from the US, opened the abandon, and to touch. We have even introduced door and gave them a flash of red light. Then they the hokey-cokey as a warm-up activity, to get them hobbled off home to wait for better days, in awe of going after lunch. They take their messages of sisterhood home with them, and slowly their I knew the corollary of this story. This traveling snake-oil salesman was happened upon by As for the quacks, they slink around on the a man working for an NGO who saw the impostor margins of the crowd when we hold village for what he was. The x-ray box, he said, was an old meetings. Dressed in town clothes and wraparound refrigerator in which the fridge light, powered by a shades, they stand out from the throng of tribal dress and ochre bodies. We hope our health workers will gradually erode the fabric of their private doctors or quacks who are to be found in deception. One day the people will wake up, and most of the larger villages in this part of India. the quacks will have to slink away with their dirty They are usually educated people who have syringes and date-expired bottles of vitamins.
acquired some lay knowledge. Perhaps they have
worked as drug dispensers’ assistants or have read a
book on health. They then move to a village, set
themselves up as private doctors, and prey on the
poor and illiterate. Not all are as opportunistic as
the x-ray man, but they are all exploiters.
Visiting these villages while working with an NGO called Action Health/Skillshare International,
I soon realised that poverty was not the sole cause
of poor health. Exploitation by charlatans played a
part, as did certain traditional beliefs. Whooping
cough, for example, is treated by hanging a catfish
over the fire. Pregnant women eat less food so that
their baby will be small and can be delivered easily.
In an area with no obstetric service there is logic in
this, but babies get the worst start in life.
Our aim was to train one woman from each village to become a health worker, so that she could give education, advice and simple treatment to the members of the community. Match the following statements (a – i) with the paragraphs (1-11). Write the number of
the matching paragraph(s) in the boxes. Some paragraphs may be required more than
once or not at all.

Copy your answers onto the answer sheet.
a) A panacea from the Westb) Being poor is not the only explanationc) Compromise is always possibled) How one might become a charlatane) It’s easy to recognize private doctorsf) Ray of hope for changing deeply rooted beliefs g) Seeing through the trickh) The objective of the author’s organizationi) Villagers in Orissa prefer an exorbitant treatment for almost any illness What a “modern” snake-oil salesman charges Olvasott szöveg értése 2
Read the article and answer the questions in English. Only include information from the
text. Give short answers, write full sentences only if necessary.

Copy your answers on the answer sheet.
Sale of the Century
In a bid to raise cash and save endangered monuments, Italy is putting its cultural heritage on the auction block.
It’s a developer’s dream: 20,000 square entrance with lots of light.” The Greek meters of premium property in the heart of a colossal shopping mall. (Need parking? property would solve a lot of problems for And why stop at the capital? A spectacular theme park and resort could go up on the World Heritage sites than any other, save island of Elba. Hundreds of kilometres of Pollution in city centers like Naples, Rome raise cash has alarmed preservationists. Strapped for euros and fending off critics Italian governments have long been stingy who say it doesn’t adequately care for the with funding for cultural preservation – it’s country’s cultural treasures, the Italian no surprise, given the country’s €16.6 billion deficit and €1.33 billion public debt. But meanwhile, Italy owns about €2 Of course, officially, it sounds better than trillion worth of property, and it doesn’t that. Ministers speak of “privatization”, the policy of transferring state-owned money- together. Indeed, the driving force for the cash-raising scheme comes from Italy’s richest man: tycoon-turned Prime Minister efficiently and turn a profit. Properties that Silvio Berlusconi. In May 2001, he made a can’t be sold entirely, the thinking goes, could be leased out to corporations that problem areas at a cost of more than €126 will handle concessions and maintenance.
billion over 10 years – and now the bill is touched off a tempest of protest. The first The government first hinted at the plan to big drive comes next week, when Italy’s sell public property for profit this summer, but the president of the republic, Carlo “Italy is not for sale,” with nationwide urging, the government nixed any outright sales of major national monuments. Italy bills of sale. The Colosseum is advertised are private, use such a plan. So the vendors charge €7 for a Coke and put a price on any sale of larger, more prominent sites toilet paper – the sites are kept cleaner and The big fear is that foreign corporations Rome or the Uffizi galleries in Florence to be sold. Mostly up for grabs are islands, fears: “The government does not intend to museums that are either a financial black inalienable cultural heritage of this nation,” hole for the government or are in desperate need of renovation and restoration. And the most likely scenario for the exploitation of Federation fears the worst. “If a person large-scale sites like the Leaning Tower of buys a beach he does it to make a profit,” she says. “Soon the place will become a government’s offering a license to sell Disneyland full of noise and concrete.” No entrance tickets or granting contracts for restaurant and sanitary services. This has international conglomerate might come in unions up in arms, as private firms would likely hire their own workers, putting many contract and part-time government workers out of jobs. In reality, more than 100 state- adequately take care of its heritage and run museums, libraries and restaurants in these cities and sites fall into further management. The Vatican galleries, which Questions:
1. What is the objective behind the scheme? 3. How do the environmentalists protest against the government’s scheme? 4. Do the environmentalists campaign in a fair way? (Write YES or NO) 5. Which country tops the list of World Heritage Sites? 6. Mention 2 examples of the Italians failing to pay attention to their cultural values. 7. Explain briefly how historic sites of great importance will most probably be exploited.
8. What different forms of ownership are mentioned in the article besides state 9. What is the preservationists’ biggest fear? 10. Give two examples of how the author indicates that the Italian Government is in Olvasott szöveg értése 3
Fill each of the numbered blanks in the following passage with a suitable word. Use only
one word for each space (contracted forms are also accepted). Copy your answer on the
answer sheet.
There is an example (0).

Ready, Steady, Eat
The more cooking there is on (0) television, the less people cook.
According to a regular (1) __________ carried out by Taylor Nelson Sofres, a leading market research firm, the amount of time that people spend preparing food has dropped sharply over the past two decades, from one hour a day to an average of 20 minutes. Which, given the proliferation of TV programmes, books, and newspaper supplements on cooking, seems (2) What is to blame? The usual suspect is shortage of (3) __________, though presumably people could be cooking their own Tagliatelle with Chicken instead of watching Nigella Lawson, the most celebrated of chefs, knock up her own. Still, some combination of busy- ness and family disintegration has (4) the growth of the ready-meal market, which is probably the immediate culprit.
Ready-meals first (5) __________ in Britain in the early 1980s and the market is still (6) __________ fast: Geest, a British food supplier, estimates that the market was worth £ 1.1 billion ($ 1.6 billion) in 2001, up 16% on 2000. Along with the ready-meal business growth, product quality and variety improve, so (7) __________ people eat them on a regular basis.
Predictably, this gastronomic decline is culturally (8) __________. According to a recent Reuters study, ready-meals and other “meal solutions” are most popular in America, Britain and Sweden, (9) __________ of the prevalence of single-person households and working women in those countries. They are slightly (10) __________ popular in France, Germany and the Netherlands. The Spanish and Italians barely acknowledge their existence. Íráskészség
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Choose ONE of the following writing tasks and write 250-300 words.
Write an essay on ’The Value of a Sense of Humour’.
Include your thoughts about the following points:
whether or not a sense of humour is an important human quality whether or not humour promotes a better understanding between people how it can help individuals balance out hardships how it can alleviate or prevent human suffering The sequence of the points is optional, and you can also add some ideas of your own.
Task II. Hosting the Olympic Games would bring the country fame and prosperity.
Do you agree or disagree with the statement above? Write a for and against type essay giving your opinion on the topic. You should present
opposing points of view
along with your justifications, examples or reasons, using advanced
Include your thoughts about the following points: preparations – investments – foreign investors Add any further arguments of your own.


HSI SKILLS ASSESSMENT - Medical/Surgical NAME: DATE: Answer the following questions indicating with a check mark 9 the skill level that best applies: SKILL LEVEL KEY: 0=No Experience; never done or dealt with, 1=Minimal; requires supervision, performed once, 2 = Competent; can perform safely and independently, 3=Expert; able to teach skill 1) Skin integrity/ protection o

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