Dear Parent or Guardian:
We are asking for your cooperation regarding the· use· of medication in the schools. Because of
the responsibility placed upon the staff for giving the correct medications you must comply with
the following guidelines:
1. Use of medications is not a substitute for health care. If your child is ill, he/she should stay home. Sick children may also require medical attention. 2. Giving medications is the responsibility of the parent/guardian. Medications should be given before and after school. If a medication must be given during school hours, school personnel will assist you. 3. School personnel/nurses are not responsible for giving late or missed home doses of 4. If school personnel/nurses encounter problems giving a required medication at school, the parent/guardian will be required to come to school and administer the medication. 5. "No medication" non-prescription medication (Tylenol, aspirin, antihistamines, eye and ear drops, cough drops etc. Shall not be administered to any person. Unless the medication is in fact prescribed by a physician. We must have a prescription and a parental consent. 6. CALL THE SCHOOL NURSE AT 873-1855 FOR THE FOLLOWING: a. Injectable medications - You must provide medication and equipment. A dose b. Inhaled medications - You must provide medication and equipment. Send a new c. Medication that must be taken daily all year - (Ritalin, Dexedrine) You may provide a one month supply of medication. 7. If your child requires any medication during school hours, you must: a. Bring medication to school. If you must send the medication to school with your child, it is your responsibility that your child brings the medication directly to the office. The school accepts no responsibility for accidental or unexplained “self-medication” by a child. b. Bring in a signed permission slip including the prescription on the medication bottle or written order signed by a physician. c. Bring all prescription medication in a labeled container from the drugstore. Ask your pharmacist to label two (2) containers for you. d. Bring all over-the-counter-medications in the original container labeled with your e. Bring only enough medication for ten (10) days, if needed. f. Bring a measuring teaspoon, dropper or medicine cup for liquid medications. g. Pick up unused medication from school or it will be disposed of. a. Do not bring more than ten (10) days of medication to school. Extra medication b. *Do not bring medication in boxes, baggies or envelopes. School personnel will not give it. You will have to pick this medication up at school. c. C. Do not bring in unlabeled medications. d. Do not send any medication with your child that doesn't have a physicians order and a written permission slip. This includes aspirin, Tylenol, cough drops, nose sprays, cold medications, skin. creams, sore throat drops or sprays, or gum. 9. The school accepts no responsibility for accidental or unexplained “self medication” by a. 10. If your child's medication or dosage changes, you must bring a new permission form and new labeled container or a written note from a physician authorizing dosage change.
Doddridge County Board of Education
Approved 2/3/94


On Appeal from the United States District Court Before: McKEE, Chief Judge , JORDAN, and VANASKIE, Carlos T. Angulo, Esq. Dwight P. Bostwick, Esq. [ARGUED] Zuckerman Spaeder 1800 M Street, NW – Ste. 1000 Washington, DC 20036 Austen C. Endersby, Esq. Gregory B. Williams, Esq. Fox Rothschild 919 North Market Street – Ste. 1300 Wilmington, DE 19801 Counsel for Appellant Sean M. Brennecke, Es


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