Coloured joint
BOTAMENT M 32SUPAX is a joint mortar with hydrophobic Technical data
effect suitable for a vast range of application areas and for slurry application in joint widths up to 5 mm. The product is suited for grouting wall and floor coverings in both interior and Properties
Application Areas
Substrate preparation
In order to prevent discoloration the tile adhesive must be fully set and cured before grouting can commence. Any adhesive residue, separating agents or dirt must be removed from the joints. If needed pre-moisten absorbent coverings first; if coverings are highly absorbent repeat the process several times (but avoid standing moisture). Flexible joints must be sealed using BOTAMENT S 5SUPAX cleaning agent
All times stated refer to the standard atmosphere of + 23 °C and 50 % relative humidity. Higher temperatures and lower humidity accelerate, while lower temperatures and higher humidity delay processing time and curing. Seite 1 von 2
Coloured joint
Important Tips
 mix up using cold, clean water while stirring continuously The following factors may result in colour discrepancies or with a slow rotating agitator until a homogeneous mass  briefly stir again after the maturing time  grout tile covering using a rubber trowel  strong differences in the absorbency of the substrate  removing excess material diagonally across the  before forming the joint check its strength by pressing  soiling of subsequent structural parts  dirty mixing water or cleaning water  clean the surface using a hydro sponge (change cleaning  excess water levels water frequently)  remove mortar film once BOTAMENT M 32SUPAX has Due to changes in raw material there may be colour fluctuations between batches. For this reason only material  always mix up BOTAMENT M 32SUPAX in the same from one batch should be applied per project area. consistency so as to avoid colour discrepancies For grouting floor coverings in exterior areas we recommend MULTIFUGE oder MULTIFUGE Schmal. Material that has just started to set may be put back into a paste-like consistency one more time by mixing it up again. On unglazed tiles any cement laitance that may occur can be The fresh jointing must not be powdered off or covered up. removed with a cement laitance remover. In this case the Rough tiles or slabs with open pores are more prone to joints must be pre-wetted thoroughly first. collect residue, especially when using the darker colour In the event of intensive heat, especially under direct sunlight and in case of strong wind or draughts, the freshly grouted We therefore always recommend carrying out a trial grouting joints must be protected from drying too quickly by taking appropriate protection measures. The curing process can also be aided by regularly moistening the joint mortar. Acidic cleaning agents may damage the joint material. Please contact our technical department if you have any questions Consumption
You can view or download the safety datasheet at 0.31 kg/m²
0.20 kg/m²
1.18 kg/m²
For the determination of further values please use our grout
Important Notice: The information provided here is based on our experience and is given
to the best of our knowledge, but is non-binding. All instructions must be adapted to suit the individual building projects, the application purpose and the specific local conditions. Given these preconditions we shall be liable for the accuracy of the information given as outlined in our sales and delivery terms and conditions. Recommendations by our employees that deviate from this information are only binding for us if they have been confirmed in writing. In any case, the generally accepted technical rules must be adhered to. Edition GB-1306. Further technical details can be found in our technical data sheets on our website: MC Building Chemicals • Castleblayney • Co. Monaghan Seite 2 von 2


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