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A Closer LookSeptember,2013
What New Insight For This Year’s Brand Plan?
Bijan Mukherjee, Senior Brand Coach, Brandoc Marketing Coaching Services Does your brand insight pass the ‘FIRE’ test?
‘FIRE’ stands for Fresh, Inspiring, Relevant & Enduring.
Insight may be defined as the discovery of a deep-seated truth that reveals important customer needs (unmet or partially met) and or values that the brand can tap into to make the customers’ life better and to gain a competitive advantage and win in the market-place. Ex:- 1.When women get old, they feel that they are losing attractiveness. They think that there has to be some intervention on the skin. Action- Botox came into being. 2. Nausea & Vomiting from chemotherapy is much worse than cancer pain and fear of death. Doctors feel guilty that they can not help the patients. Action- Emotional appeal to the doctor for promoting Zofran, ondansetron. 3. Men do not want to discuss impotence with their physicians. Action- New name of the disease; ED or Erectile Dysfunction. 4.Only 4% of women believe that they are beautiful. Action- Inspire women to feel beautiful by creating a special definition of beauty. 5. Lamisil, a systemic antifungal, got its positioning correct second time with a fresh insight -patients do not feel toenail fungal infection is a serious condition to consult the doctor. Lamisil-communication plank was changed from cosmetic to a disease. Sales grew by 23% on QOQ basis. Each of these insights is worth millions of dollars.
Is your insight ‘Fresh’?
All of us use insight in designing our marketing strategy and subsequent communication materials. The key question is does the communication resonate with the customer. Does the customer say, ‘Yes! You are right. I see a definite point in your communication. I will be able to treat my patients better once I know this information.’ If we get this response from our customers we know that we have won the game. When brand communication fails to evoke this response, customers will ignore the communication. Brand sales will get affected. Effective insight usually comes from multiple sources. In pharmaceutical marketing this insight is generated from synthesis of insights from different sources including prescription analysis, doctor’s treatment objectives, patient condition,
pharmacological basis, clinical trials, competitive situation, brand’s history etc.
Does your insight ‘Inspire’ you
Let us have a look at the implications of the terms- Fresh, Inspiring, Relevant & and others?
Fresh insight will open up a new opportunity and will give a newness to the message communicated through marketing collaterals. Insight is not easily available.
Intuition, without proper research and analysis, usually offers used-up insight.
Marketing programs based on this kind of intuition may not create distinctiveness to the Inspiring
Inspiring for the whole team working on the brand. The inspiring insight will lead us to
The sweet spot is identified when the insight is relevant to both, the consumer and the brand.
Will last for some time . Deals with deep needs and emotions.
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