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w/organic butter and marmalade/jam/organic honey/ biodynamic yoghurt w/ passionfruit, banana, toasted vegemite/raw organic choc-coconut butter/ house coconut flakes, fresh mint & maple syrup w/ spelt flour cardamom and cinnamon, served toasted w/soft set raw honey and organic butter seasonal fresh fruit w/biodynamic yoghurt and a biodynamic eggs w/bullet chilli [or] real truffle oil, under shaved parmesan w/ avocado, baby spinach, very brilliant bircher or crunchy granola w/ a selection of fresh, seasonal fruit and biodynamic yoghurt and a drizzle of agave syrup sautéed white quinoa, kale and mixed greens w/ garlic and chilli under a fried biodynamic egg caramelised lemony banana pancakes 19 banana, ricotta and biodynamic egg flourless pancake w/maple syrup, lemon compound butter, honey/jam/vegemite/choc-coconut butter 2 caramelised banana and a strawberry basil salad fruit juice sweetened cornflakes or kids toast w/jam grilled haloumi 6 preservative-free smoked turkey 6 bread and organic butter 3 boiled biodynamic egg w/ cinnamon black peppercorn cavalo nero + 3 grilled haloumi 6 poached organic chicken w/olive oil mustardy biodynamic egg salad w/herbs, lime 6 grass-fed rare roast beef 7 garam masala roast cauliflower almond & mint preservative-free free range smoked ham 15 w/ parmesan black pepper garlic and chive preservative-free pino’s smoked turkey 15 w/ goats feta balsamic dijon and gordal olive preservative-free bangalow pork 15 chilli-kicked salami w/pickle and parmesan grass-fed sustainable medium-rare beef 16 organic kaffir lime leaf roast chicken half 27 a biodynamic, organic black tea from northern India grassy vegetal tones with a sugarcane finish biodynamic darjeeling infused w/ pure bergamot oil notes of muscatel and honey, best enjoyed black organic lemongrass and ginger soy chai 5 slow brewed circus signature chai w/honey roasted brown rice (popcorn) tea, a warm and gentle organic green SUBLIME OOLONGS (2ND INFUSIONS AVAILABLE) a robust green oolong, energising and vibrant one of the finest Japanese teas available, organic peach blossom aroma, stonefruit sweetness ancient red 5 baked fruit & hints of plum green tea base, full of refreshing minty pep fruity, biscuity apricot and coconut flavour fennel liquorice peppermint (caffeine free) highly detoxifying & calming sweet honey oolong organic chamomile & cinnamon (caffeine free) 4 calming floral & spice from Yunnan in China, dry, fruity and luxuriously sweet shade grown near the kilauea volcano in Hawaii preserves nutrients and enzymes, ask for a pinch kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, apple and lemon beet, carrot, spinach, kale, cucumber, celery and dark callebaut chocolate melted into milk pineapple, apple, lemon and mint (cucumber optional) circus affogato 6 cow & moon vanilla bean ice cream, espresso and a apple and cinnamon (lemon and ginger optional) dark callebaut chocolate steamed w/ earl grey milk watermelon and pineapple (ginger optional) little glass 7 large glass 9 pure, creamy blends that are nutrient-dense, preservative-free ginger beer poured over slices organic kale, spinach, cucumber, pineapple, lemon of cucumber, lime and seasonal fruit w/ fresh mint fresh coconut water and flesh blended w/ banana from daylesford, seriously probiotic; made from real liquid breakfast honey-spiced granola, banana, biodynamic yoghurt, seasonal fruit blended in pastured jersey or soy milk


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Suite 1250Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106-4476(215) 861-8200 NOVARTIS PHARMACEUTICALS CORPORATION TO PAY $422.5 MILLION FOR OFF-LABEL DRUG MARKETING Company reaches plea and civil settlement agreements PHILADELPHIA – A criminal information1 was filed today against NovartisPharmaceuticals Corporation (“NPC”) for the off-label marketing of the anti-epileptic drugTrileptal, anno

Please fill in both sides of this form completely and return to West London Alliance Church with complete fees. Registrations may be mailed to 750 Wonderland Road North London, ON N6H 4K9. Upon receiving your application, an information package and receipt will be sent to you. If you have any questions concerning WIRED Registration, please contact the church at (519) 471-8716. See you i

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