Step 1: Read this Document
It is important to read this document
Step 2: Download Your
Discover the foods that will support
Program Book
your fertility .
Click on View My Program on your
for you. Your food tables - I cannot
stress enough that it is critical that you ‘fingerprints’ to balancing your body’s basic, yet significant research and time shooting section below or call the clinic has been involved in compiling them presenting profile. Food is your natural Uniquely, Your Program will not only
assist in effectively tackling your fertility hormone activity. Eating the right concerns, but will also most importantly combinations of foods can make a big health – we want you to feel great. When and how you feel. it is critical to address the underlying Understanding how your body
Natural medicines, healthy living
and exercise complete Your
you with detailed information on a range Troubleshooting
How long will you be taking these
Having problems downloading your
shows that for best results applying the Your program file is in a PDF format and food tables and nutrients for a period to download it. If you do not have this on body the opportunity to start taking within the first month. Overall, how long Firefox users – If you are using the
latest version of Firefox, the file should If you are still using an older version – and you will be advised of any changes.
click on ‘Save to disc’ instead of ‘Open’ download is complete; click on Open.
MAC users – this file may not be
contact the clinic so we can arrange for it to be sent to you in a different format.
Please note: In the event that you
deviate from this prescription or attain supplements or nutrients from another naturopathic practitioner to fulfil this prescription, your 100% money back Step 3: Review your Nutrient clinic’s practitioner insurance will be
forfeited. This is an industry standard. You will also forfeit your free ongoing Click the View My Program link on
naturopathic support with our clinic as we cannot be responsible for your care prescription chart. Your Nutrient
Protocol targets and accelerates the
rebalancing of your identified hormonal Are you taking other medically
prescribed medications?
and analysis of your health review these If so, it is important that: You continue taking/using these
years, as a naturopath, I have seen them You advise my clinic promptly of
Purchasing your practitioner-only
products through my clinic has
Ordering Nutrients
• Ongoing advice and support – As
a reward for being a loyal client, I will • Keeping your file active – Utilising
Please note: If there are any minerals,
If you have budget constraints -
• The Real Cost - Purchasing
please don’t worry, you are not alone. higher ranked ones first and introducing • Record Keeping - I will be able
Orders should be placed directly
through the clinic to ensure that:
You are covered by our insurance
• Convenience - If your purchase
I know exactly what you are taking,
You can access our free telephone
The purchase of substitute products
is discouraged:
and effective if you haven’t placed an • Not Identical – Because
my program, it will expire. You are able • Dosages - your Bump Fertility
Keep in Touch
Communication is critical. Located
on your patient file you will find a great • Health Concerns - We cannot be
your Personal Message System.
Why use the message system?
It’s important to email via the message Nutrient Side Effects
Keeping in touch allows us to
immediate health assistance and advise any appropriate changes to your on the right track and further assist you Step 4: Explore the rest of
your program information
Please send me a message when
you get your program. This will:
Your Diet Diary
Let me know that you have received
file under My Diet Diary. Before
Activate the lines of communication –
I will then be able contact you via this I need to hear from you if:
You have any questions - big or small
You have progress or symptom
You don’t feel that you are getting
balance. This is an optional service that Any prescription medications you are
Healthy Hints
You are diagnosed with a new
in your online patient file some further You have had recent blood tests
Please, take the time to look over these questions, in particular those relating to Keeping your own Menstrual
The Thyroid urine test is not suitable
and Symptom Diary and Monthly
Fertility Charts are a great way to
At present these tests are is set up
change and tell us about it. Think about libido, digestion, mood, motivation etc.
Please contact the clinic by
Other Services & Products
Hormone Tests
Detailed Progress Review
analysis of your progress – a Detailed is not currently available online. Please things in finer detail. A saliva or urine test is preferred over a blood test as it monthly fertility charts. The naturopathic may be eligible for a health fund rebate included in your kit. These samples are the only way we can update your file Healthy Treats and Specials
If you are using hormone based
Recipe Books
section of your patient file to find out A new selection of some of my favourite more. *conditions apply healthy salad recipes that won’t break The time to get started is
I’m really looking forward to receiving section when you place a nutrient order. Your Free Weekly Newsletter
likelihood of it being redirected into a Patient Rewards & Bonuses
nutrient order. Read the relevant PDF in the Healthy Hints section of your patient Please note that all records are securely stored and that we hold the responsibility of privacy as utmost important. Your details naturally will not be shared with others. If you would like more information regarding our refund policy and other terms and conditions, please

Source: http://www.bumpfertility.com.au/hints/Getting_started.pdf

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