The Burghley Pony Club
2012 Awards List
Tack and Turnout
8 Years and under
The Janice Mackney Memorial Shield awarded to Harry Lee
Rosette for attending the most rallies – Willow Carpenter
11 Years and Under
The Central Wool Growers Cup is awarded to Emily Smith
Rosette for attending the most rallies – Amy Whittington
14 Years and Under
The Hunt & Coombes Shield is awarded to Louise Bodily
Rosettes for attending the most rallies – Ross Hemmings and Sophie Warrener
15 Years and Over
The Pumpkin Cup is awarded to Lisa Reid
Rosette for attending the most rallies – Lisa Reid
Mini Achievement Awards
The Nickle Trophy
The Roger Reynolds Cup
The Margaret Barron-Clarke Memorial Trophy
The Soloman Trophy
The Roger Reynolds Memorial Trophy
Jump Cross
Jump Cross Trophy – Phoebe Wagner and Ross Hemmings
Rosettes awarded to:
Rachel Dinwoodie, Ross Hemmings, Lisa Reid, Louise Bodily, Maddie Price, Sophie Warrener, Elisha Behoo, Sophie Golland, Ella Popley, Imy Sargent, Phoebe Wagner, India Ward, Lucy Howlett-Brown?* Sophia Welch was missed off the list but given her rosette later Sophia Khas, Leonie Terrill, Sabrina Lucas, Keeley Keene, Kelsey Caffell, Shayni Caffell, Ella Grestly, Isabel Ippolito, Lucy Jakes, Katie Mulhern, Jade Devonshire, Charlie Parkin, Brogan Cranfield Mounted Games
Dalrymple-Jackson Trophy – Charlie Fitt
Area Rosettes
Lily Dodds*, Charlie Fitt, Saoirse Mason, Katie Mulhern*, Helen Peach Special Rosette awarded to Ellie Stuffins and Rupert
Astra Trophy – Freja Munks
Area and Zone Rosettes awarded to
Bethany Fitt, Lucy Daly, Samantha Hayes, Ross Hemmings, Freja Munks Special Rosette awarded to reserve member Charlie Fitt
Scalia Milan Cup – Diana Bevan
Baytree Trophy – Jessica Varley
Jessica Varley, Lisa Reid, Beth Fitt and Rachel Dinwoodie Novice Challenge
The Hon. Verona Kitson Trophy – India Ward
Louise Bodily, Lucy Daly, Imy Gwilliam*, Yasmin Peach, Sophie Warrener, Maddie Price, Ross Hemmings, India Ward. Junior Competition
Kipton Nutbrown Trophy – Kira Compton
Horse Trials
Fryer Trophy – Greta Mason and Diana Bevan
Silas Mason, Jake Webb, Jessica Varley, Diana Bevan, Greta Mason Intermediate
The Rodney Trotter Trophy – Alice Turner
Alice Turner, Catherine Davies*, Rachel Dinwoodie, Beth Fitt Novice Challenge
The Westminster Salver – Lucy Daly
Lucy Daly, Yasmin Peach, Issy Henriques, Louise Bodily, Ross Hemmings, Katie Sutcliffe, Claudia Campbell, Phoebe Wagner, Emily Marshall, India Ward Show Jumping
The Rose Trophy – Jake Webb
Silas Mason, Greta Mason, Jake Webb, Jessica Varley Intermediate
The Bliss Trophy – Beth Fitt
Beth Fitt, Catherine Davies*, Lisa Reid, Alice Turner, Diana Bevan, Rachel Dinwoodie Novice Challenge
The Spain Trophy – Issy Henriques
Louise Bodily, Emily Howard, Katie Sutcliffe, Phoebe Wagner, Abbey Bedford, Lucy Daly, Yasmin Peach, Issy Henriques The Barker Trophy – Saoirse Mason
India Ward, Ross Hemmings, Ella Popley, Sophie Warrener, Saoirse Mason Burghley Horse Trials
Team Members
The Mackney Trophy is awarded to the team
The Mark Stevens Cup – Jessica Varley
The Sissons Farm Cup – Anya Batty*
The Reddecliffe Salver – Lance and Sue Whittington
Special Award – Imy Sargent
The Jenny Trophy – Rosie
Achievement Awards
The Wreford Cup (11 years and Under) - Ella Popley and Amy Whittington
The Kittiwake Salver (14 years and Under) - Yasmin Peach
Bradshaw Cup (15 years and Over) – Emily Marshall
The Clipper Salver – Sophia Welch and Ollie Lee
The Montegu Trophy – Thieka
The Smokey Joe Trophy – Abbey Bedford and Jasper
The Elsie Cook Memorial Trophy – Sophie Golland
The Ransome Challenge Trophy – Lisa Reid
The Noggin Cup – Lucy Daly

Source: http://www.burghleyponyclub.co.uk/2012%20List%20of%20Award%20Winners%20-%20Open%20Night.pdf

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