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Our classroom has different areas. Areas and corners have names. Different areas have different uses. Our classroom contains materials and furniture. There are children and adults in the classroom/school. Children and adults play , work, eat and rest in our classroom. • Our classroom is part of a school. The name of my school is ________. A school is a place where children and adults learn and play together Our school has different areas. These areas have different uses. Some of the areas in school include the library, playground, canteen, etc. There are rules we need to fol ow in school. We share the space in school with other children and adults. Ex. playground, Different children stay in school for different lengths of time. Some children stay in school for 3 hours. Some children stay in school the whole day. ⇒ I can say the name of my school. ⇒ I can recognize labels of materials in my classroom. ⇒ I can recognize signs in my school. ⇒ I can walk around and observe what can be found in the different areas of my ⇒ I can take care of the materials in my classroom ⇒ I can listen to my teacher and fol ow directions I have a birthday that tel s the day I was born I can recognize my name in print. I can learn to write my name. I can state my name, age and birthday. I can move my hands and feet in many ways I use my eyes to see. I use my ears to hear. I use my tongue to taste I use my nose to smell I use my hand to feel and touch The skin all over my body helps me to feel. I brush my teeth I comb my hair I take a bath I change my clothes I eat the right kind of foods I exercise I sleep on time . I rest when I am tired. I wear my slippers/footwear. I clean my ears I grow tal er I grow heavier. Some parts of my body grow bigger e.g. hands, head, feet Some parts of my body grow longer e.g. arms, legs, hair ⇒ I can learn to draw and write. ⇒ I can learn to play new games. ⇒ I can name colors and shapes. I can sort objects. ⇒ I can learn to count. Sometimes I’m happy Sometimes I’m sad Sometimes I’m afraid Sometimes I’m angry Words can be used to describe how I feel ⇒ I can learn to say how I feel and what I want and need. ⇒ I can learn to listen to others. ⇒ I can learn to comfort other people. Week 12-13
• I have needs. My basic needs are food, clothing and shelter. ⇒ I need to eat nutritious food. (Go,grow,glow foods) Some foods make us healthy Some foods harm our body Some food comes from plants Some food comes from animals ⇒ My family provides the food that I eat. Family members earn a living so we can have something to eat. Sometimes we grow our own food. Sometimes we buy food from different Family members help each other prepare meals. I can help prepare our meals. I can help set the table. I need to keep myself clean. I can learn to keep myself clean e.g. wash my hands, take a bath, brush my teeth, undress/dress up by myself ⇒ I can help with household chores. ⇒ I can throw my trash into the trash can. ⇒ I do not talk to or accept anything from strangers. ⇒ I use sharp objects with care. ⇒ I look left and right when I cross the street. ⇒ I ask permission before leaving the house. ⇒ I do not play with matches or with fire. I’m unique in other ways I have potentials There are things I can do well There are things I can still improve on There are things that I like about myself There are things about myself that I want to change Week 16 -17
I have rights and responsibilities. I need parents and family members who care about and ⇒ I need time and places to play with other children. ⇒ I need to learn. I need to know about world in a way that I can understand. ⇒ Teach us to grow in peace, freedom and love so we can also teach others to be I needed to be protected from harm and from cruelty In times of war and disasters, we need to be helped right away. ⇒ People need to take care of our special needs. ⇒ I need a chance to tel you what/how I feel or to show you in a way that helps you understand. ⇒ I need you to listen to me, to ask me what I think especially when it wil affect me. I am a human being who deserves respect. Week 18-19
⇒ Family is a group of people who care for and love one another ⇒ Family has members. They are cal ed by specific names e.g. Tatay, Nanay, Ate, ⇒ Families differ in size and composition Some families are big and some families are smal . ⇒ Some family members live in the same or different households. Some family members do things together; some family members do things separately Some families are not always together because parents work somewhere else . some Families celebrate special times together e.g. birthday, wedding, graduation. Family members are like one another in some ways and different in others ⇒ They may or may not be the same gender or age ⇒ They may have similar or different names ⇒ They may have similar or different physical or personality characteristics ⇒ They may have similar or different interests and preferences A school is a place where children and adults learn and play together. People have different responsibilities in school. Adults do different jobs in school. Some jobs include: teaching, cooking, planning, drawing, listening, writing, reading, serving, gardening, treating children who are sick Children do different activities in school e.g. play, work, join programs,attend special activities, help other children, clean the school, plant,care for the garden Parents help the school in many ways. They work with teachers, adults and other parents in school. Parents participate in some of the school activities. A school is an important part of the community. ⇒ A community is a place where a group of families live together ⇒ There are places and structures in the community (activities – construction with “blocks” drawing parts of the community) ⇒ There are different kinds of plants ⇒ Plants help us in many ways Week 27-28
⇒ There are different kinds of animals Some animals live in water. Some animals live in land. Week 30 -31
People need different goods and services. Some goods can be bought from the community. Some goods can be bought from other communities. Some people make goods. Some people sel goods. Sari-sari Store Study: We buy food and some of our other needs from the Sari-sari store. The store keeper and sellers help us when we buy food from the sari-sari store. They use tools, machines and other equipment in their work. The store owner get their merchandise form others/other places. Some products are delivered by vehicles to the Sari-sari store. Some products are bought directly from other stores in other places. People can buy different kinds of food in the market. Some of the food that they sel were grown in the community. Some came from other places. Some of the stal owners have their own farms. Some of them just buy their goods from other places and sel them in the market. Some goods are delivered to the market. Some goods are bought directly from other places by the stal owner. Different people work in the market. They do different jobs. People use different things to do their job. Weeks 32-33
⇒ There are places in the community that provide services. Some people help us by providing services. Sample Study Health Center Study What are the different areas in the Health Center ? What do we see in each area ? Who are the people and what kind of work do they do in the Health Center ? What steps do people follow when they go for a check up ? What are the rules in the Health center ? Repair Shop We bring our old or destroyed (chairs, shoes, desks, tables, furniture) to a Repair shop. Carpenters and shoemakers are among those who do this kind of work. They can also build houses and make footwear for people. People use tools in their work. People fol ow certain steps when doing their work. Week 34-35
There are many different ways people can travel to places Kinds of transportation Modes of transportation People in the community must help one another care for their ⇒ People must dispose their garbage properly. ⇒ People must learn to reuse, reduce and recycle. ⇒ People must keep their rivers, lakes and seas clean by not ⇒ People must care for plants and animals in the community. ⇒ People must plant trees as wel as stop people from cutting trees in their community. Week 38-39
People share responsibility in caring for one another and their community ⇒ The community protects its children by making sure that : families, schools, community leaders and other people in the community know about and address children’s rights there are places where children can play and learn and making sure these they are given time to play and be with other children they get help first before anyone else in times of war and disaster adults plan for and are prepared to care for children in times of war and there are fire dril s, earthquake dril s, evacuation dril s to better prepare no one hurts a child physically or humiliates a child at home, in school or in there are health centers and health workers who can treat children when they are sick, provide immunization, teach parents how to take better care of children’s health children can drink clean water and clean and nutritious food they are listened to and asked what they think parents get the help they need to take good care of ⇒ Children in the community can participate in the community by: joining special community activities e.g. tree planting telling community leaders about what they need joining dril s ( earthquake, fire, evacuation ) Project-based evaluation activities that give children a chance to share what they learned


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