(Chhattisgarh Govt. Undertaking)
Amendment Corrigendum No-1, dated 12/02/2014
Tender Ref.No: 002/QC /CGMSC/LAB EMP./2014, Dt 28.01.2014
Following amendments are being incorporated in the referred tender enquiry document. Particulars (as per existing tender)
Earnest Money Deposit and Security Earnest Money Deposit and Security
Deposit shall be Rs. 1,00,000/-
Deposit shall be Rs. 25,000/-
Add:- Veterinary Drug and medicine as per
Annexure of this notice is included in the
Annexure VI & Annexure VIII of the
tender documents.
All other terms and conditions of the tender enquiry remain unaltered.
Managing Director

CGMSC Ltd., Raipur Chhattisgarh
List to be added in Annexure VI & Annexure VII of tender Ref. no. 002/QC/CGMSC/LAB Emp./2014 Dt. 28.01.2014 Medicine
Unit pack
Inj. Diminazineaceturate 70mg+ Phenazone B.P. 375mg/ml Inj. QuinapyramineSulphate BP 1.5gm= Quinapyramine Chloride BP 1gm with 20 ml sterile water for inj Liq. Piperazine Hexahydrate I.P 56.3% w/v Susp. Fenbendazole B.P vet 2.5% w/v + Oxyclozanide I.P. Susp. Rafoxanide 3% w/v+ Ivermectin 1% w/v Triclabendazole 900mg and Levamisole I.P 562.5mg Inj. OxytetracyclineDihydrate I.P 200mg/ml in a 2- pyrrolidone vehicle system (Long acting) Inj. Ampicillin Sodium equivalent to Anhydrous Ampicillin I.P 2gm+ Cloxacillin Sodium equivalent to Cloxacillin I.P Inj. Ceftriaxone Sodium 3gm USP with 20ml sterile water Inj. Amoxycillin Sodium I.P 2gm + Cloxacillin Sodium I.P Inj. Trimethoprim I.P 40mg+ Sulphadiazine I.P 200mg/ml Inj. Fortified Procaine Penicillin 40 Lakh IU Oint. Neomycin Sulphate B.P 5mg, Bacitracin B.P 500 Cream. Gamma benzenehexachloride 0.1%w/w, proflavinhemisulphide 0.1%w/w, cetrimide 0.45%w/w Spray. Gamma benzenehexachloride 0.1%w/w, proflavinhemisulphide 0.1%w/w, cetrimide 0.45%w/w Pow. Cephalexin 1.5gm+ Serratopeptidase 10mg for IU use Pow. AmproliumHydrchloride IP vet 16.67% w/w+ Susp. Ciprofloxacin 25mg+ Tinidazole 30mg/ml for IU use Bol. Nitrofurazone IP 60mg+ Urea 5000mg+Metronidazole Bol. Ciprofloxacin IP 1500mg+Tinidazole IP 1800mg Inj. Dextrose IP 20%+ Sodium Chloride IP 0.6%+ Potasium Chloride 0.4%+ Calcium Chloride Dihydrate IP Inj. Calcium boroGluconate IP 25% equivalent to Calcium gluconate 1.85%w/v, Boric Acid IP 04.25%w/v,Chlorocresol Inj. Calcium gluconate IP 20.80%+ Magnisium hypophosphite 5%w/v+Boric Acid IP 4.25%w/v, Dextrose anhydrous IP 20% w/v, Chlorocresol IP 0.1% w/v Inj. Sodium lactate 0.32%+Sodium chloride 0.60%+Potassium chloride 0.40%+ Calcium chloride 0.27% Inj. Vit. B1 33mg, B6 33 mg, B12 333mcg/ml Inj. Thiamine Hcl IP 25mg, Ribiflavin IP 1.5mg, Vitamin B6 IP 5mg, Cynocobalamine IP 50 mcg, Niacinamide IP 50mg, Choline Chloride IP 25 mg, and crude liver extract (having B12 activity not<2mcg of cynicobalamine)/ml Inj. Vit. A 250000IU+ Vit. D3 25000IU+Vit E 100mg/ml Inj. Vit. A 2000IU, D3 2000IU, Vit E 40IU, Niacin 100mg, Thiamine Hcl 100mg, Riboflavin 1mg, D-Pentothenol 1 mg, Cynocobalamine 10mcg, D-Biotin 10mcg, Pyridoxine Inj. Iron sorbital citric acid complex 50mg+flic acid 500 Inj. Calcium gluconolactobionate 137.5mg+cholecalciferol Inj. Sodium salt of 4-dimethyl Amino 2-methyl Phenyl Inj. Selenium+ Vit. E (Tocopherol acetate 50mg(vitamin E Pow. Vit A 7.5 lakh IU, Vit D3 75000IU, Vit E 500IU, Niacinamide 1 gm, Calcium 240gm, Phosphorus 120gm, Iron 6gm, Iodine 500mg, Cobalt 200mg, Copper 1.2gm, Zinc 8gm, Manganese 2gm, Magnisium 6gm, Live yeast Bol. Vit E4.125mg, selenium 0.082mg, calcium 25mg, Vit A 2500IU, Phosphorus 3mg, Iodine 0.38mg, cobalt 4mg, Tab. Copper 20.80mg, cobalt 0.40mg, manganese 10mg, zinc 16000mg, iodine 0.90mg, iron 10.50mg, selenium Inj. Paracetamol IP 75mg, aminonitrogen 0.5mg as choline Inj. Phenyl Butazone IP 200mg+ Sodium salicylate IP Inj. Meloxicam BP 5mg/ml+ Paracetamol IP 150mg+ Oint. Iodine 4%w/w, Methyl Salicylate 5%w/w Inj. Dexamethasone sodium phosphate IP 4mg/ml Inj. Dicyclomine hydrochloride IP 10mg/ml Inj. Adrenochromemonosemicarbazone 5mg/ml Inj. Hydroxy Progesterone caproate IP 250mg/ml Inj. Cloprostenol sodium BP 263 mcgequivalent to 250mcg Inj. Dinoprosttromethamine equivalent to Dinoprost Inj. Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin 1500IU with 5ml Inj. Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotrophin 1000IU with 5ml Liq. Each 10ml containing Tribasic calcium phosphate 480mg equivalent to anhydrous calcium phosphate 420mg, vit.D3 800IU, Vit. D12 10mcg, Choline Chloride 50mg, Zinc sulhate 5mg, Magnesium oxide 5mg Sus. Silica in dimethicon USP 1% w/v suspension in arachis Bol. Sodium bicarbonate 660mg, Magnesium Trisilicate 1000mg, Vit. B1 145mg, Methionine 40mg, Dried yeast 700mg, dextrose 500mg, Nicotinamide 165mg, cobalt sulphate 0.88mg, copper sulphate 0.44mg ginger powder 44mg, gentian powder 220mg Bol. Nicotinic acid 1.5gm, dried yeast 1.5gm, sodium Bol. Antimony Potassium Tartrate 2gm, Ferrous sulphate 2gm, copper sulphate 50mg, cobalt chloride 100mg HaemorrhagicSepticaemia Vaccine- Formalin inactivated, Pasturellamultocida organisms absorbed in aluminium Black Quarter Vaccine- Inactivated Clostridium chauvoei antigens absorbed in aluminium hydroxide gel Anthrax Vaccine- Live spores of highly antigenic non-capsulated avirulant strain of Bacillus anthracis in glycerine Brucella Vaccine- Highly immunogenic live strain of Brucellaabortus C-19 organisms in sterile freeze dried Foot and Mouth disease Vaccine- Inactivated tissue culture FMD vaccine antigens O,A and Asia-1 adjuvanted Enterotoxaemia Polyvalent Vaccine- Inactivated culture of anaerobically grown Clostridium perfringens B,C and D organisms adjuvanted with aluminum hydroxide gel Pestes des petits ruminants Vaccine- Live attenuated PPR Blue Tongue – Bluetongue Multivalent Inactivated Vaccine Swine fever Vaccine- Freeze dried lapinised swine fever Rabies Vaccine – Tissue culture rabies virus, CVS strain produced on BHK21 cell line and inactivated with aziridine F strain Vaccine- Live attenuated, live lentogenic F starin Mukteshwar strain R2B Vaccine – Live freeze dried mesogenicMukteshwar R2B strain cultivated in SPF chick Gumbaro Vaccine – Freeze dried live vaccine containing invasive intermediate strain B2K of IBD virus Mareks disease Vaccine – Live freeze dried vaccine Fowl Pox Vaccine- Live attenuated freeze dried mild fowl Sheep Pox Vaccine - Live attenuated freeze died sheep pox Goat Pox Vaccine - Live attenuated freeze died Goat pox Pow. Potassium Permanganate- IP/BP grade


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Figure 1. Warfarin Dose Reminder Chart Your doctor has highlighted a row below showing the total amount of warfarin (Coumadin) you should take each week. Look at the highlighted row and find the number under today’s day of the week. Take that number of 5-mg warfarin tablets at approximately 5 p.m. Number of 5-mg tablets to take on each day of the week NOTE TO THE PHYSICIAN: The initial


Effects of rimonabant on behavior maintained by progressiveratio schedules of sucrose reinforcement in obeseZucker (fa/fa) ratsErin B. Rasmussen and Sally L. HuskinsonThis experiment reports on the ability of rimonabant to alterfindings extend the literature that rimonabant reduces foodthe reinforcing properties of food in the genetically obesereinforcer efficacy, and suggest that obese Zucker

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