D330 multistim system for tissue bath stimulation

Physiology Stimulators, Transducers, Amplifiers, Recorders & Data Acquisition
D342 2-Channel
Stimulators and
Bi-Phasic Switcher
This 2-Channel Bi-Phasic switcher is for use The D330-MultiStim System provides a choice with a D333H or D343 module. The unit pro- of three different stimulators. Each has output vides the switching function required to alter- channels with independent, automatically re- nate the polarity of the stimuli to each of two set output protection and indication of error preparations. It provides control of stimulus conditions but they differ in their capabilities.
polarity (Normal, Alternating or Reverse) in- The Meter module is a precise method of moni- dependently for each channel as well as warn- toring voltage or current without the need of ing of a stimulus timing rate that is too-fast.
an oscilloscope and more than one can be fit- The control and timing for the pulses is gener- ated by selecting other modules from theD330 - MultiStim™ range.
D345 PowerStim
Includes Case and Power Supply. This is a com-
It should be noted that the unit works with bination of a Rack and Power Supply along with mechanical relays that require a certain time a permanently mounted stimulator. This four- to switch their polarity. The circuitry is designed channel high-current, constant voltage stimu- so that the changeover command is taken (in- lator has a common control for stimulus am- dependently for each channel) from the end of plitude. The rack allows four bays for timing, each stimulus timing pulse so that the relay ‘moves’ when no stimulus is being applied.
As with all mechanical devices, relays have a D333H Dual Stimulator
finite life. This is quoted as a minimum of A double-width unit with two totally indepen- 100,000,000 mechanical operations. If the re- dent constant voltage stimulation channels. The lay was to ‘move’ whilst a stimulus was pre- D333H has an output capability allowing a maximum output of up to 1 A per channel.
quicker than the mechanics. Therefore, the cir- D343 Dual Stimulator
cuit will detect and warn the user if the ‘time- Similar to the D333H but with constant cur- between’ stimuli pulses is less than 5 ms. The user must ensure that this never happens.
D335 Meter
Polarity Selector:
This module allows selection of the channel Left hand blue socket will gopositive with respect to assoc-iated for monitoring of current or voltage. This is displayed on a 3-digit display which is ‘held’ until the next pulse, for ease of reading.
Right hand blue socket will gopositive with respect to assoc-iated Specifications
D345 PowerStim:
Rise/Fall Time
Rise/Fail Time
Mechanical Life
D343 Dual Stimulator 0 to 50mA or 0 to 500mA from
Current and Voltage Monitoring
The current and output voltage of each chan- Electrical Life
D335 Meter
nel can be monitored independently with the D335 METER as taken from the output of the D333H/343 stimulation module. This can show Catalog No.
either the voltage or current of the selected CGS 8117.71 Model D345 PowerStim
channel immediately before the end of the Too-Fast
stimulation pulse. The meter will always read a positive value irrespective of the polarity of the CGS 8118.71 Model D333H Dual Stimulator
Catalog No.
CGS 8119.71 Model D343 Dual Stimulator
CGS 8115.71 Model D342 Dual Bi-Stim module
CGS 8120.71 Model D335 Meter Module
CGS 8116.71 Dual Channel Bi-Phasic Switcher

Source: http://www.cgs.com.br/H/I024.pdf


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