Dr Alexandra Trevenen
Independent Chemistry Consultancy
Alexandra is a consultant chemist who has provided expert research and advice on a range of chemical, industrial
and legal cases on a freelance basis. Alexandra has great experience in research and information collation. She
adopted a multi-disciplinary approach throughout her postgraduate research career that has provided her with the
tools required to research a diverse range of analytical, chemical and biochemical fields for various companies with
the erudition to enable her clients to understand the problem in question.
Areas of Expertise
Recent Experience and Assignments
An Investigation into the potential teratogenic properties of dimethylfumarate. This chemical was found tobe present in the claimant’s sofa in 2008, and not only gave rise to a serious skin rash but was suspected tohave made for a difficult birth for the claimant.
A case of a young woman who contracted a serious illness from a pet shop, who is now a quadriplegic. Iprovided the protocol for the storage of antibody serum and the consequences of freeze-thawing of IgM andIgG antibody serum samples. I also provided data on the illnesses psittacosis, Cryptococcus, and Listeria.
A young chemist opened a drum of an unknown chemical and inhaled the fumes whilst investigating thecontents. The claimant suggested the presence of penicillin due to her reaction after the event, but this hasyet to be proved. My advice laid with the safety protocol when approaching unknown potentially hazardouschemicals, a protocol which I did not feel was followed in this case.
A case involving the prescription of methotrexate to a lady suffering from Arthiritis. The claimant becameseriously ill post the use of this drug.
Investigating the possible presence of tributyltins (TBT’s) in selected harbour bays at Harland and Wolff,Belfast. The paint is no longer used and is a known pollutant and toxic to marine life. The request here wasto understand how these paints works and whether they could be individualised.
Qualifications and Registrations
Associate Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry.
Member of the Royal College of Science.
Doctorate (PhD), solid state NMR and XRD cholesterol/lipid model membranes. Imperial College London.
Research Masters (Mres), maximum solubility of cholesterol in model membranes. Imperial College London.
Bachelors (Bsc), Chemistry with medicinal chemistry. Imperial College London.
Brief Career Details
A multi-disciplinary approach employed throughout her postgraduate research career has provided Alexandra with
the tools required to research a diverse range of analytical, chemical and biochemical fields for various companies.
Prior to setting up as a consultant, Alexandra worked with two large head hunting companies (chemical sector) as a
Contact Details
Dr Alexandra Trevenen
37B Eastdown Park
London SE13 5HU


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