Cherokee apt board minutes

Cherokee APT Board Minutes
May 9th, 2013

Present: Tracey Hott, Nicole Keniston, Lisa Schillinger, Carla Nute, Bridgett Sechrest,
Heidi Bleimeyer, Barbara Siddique, Linda Bandler, Jennifer Cohen, Michelle Carr, Robin
Snyder, Michelle Walker, Walt Chantler, Paul Andersen, Shannon Gulbas, Jennifer
Wood, Jennifer Roman, Caren Simmons, Beth Seldin, Donna Church, Debbie Stouse,
Rhonda Onisile, Yasmin Madi, and Julie Greenspan.
The meeting was held in the Café prior to the Chat with Chantler.
The meeting was called to order at 9:05 A.M.

Tracey Hott called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone. Tracey introduced
Nicole Keniston to present the proposed slate for the APT Board for the 2013-2014
school year.
The Executive Board:
President – Tracey Hott
Vice President – Michelle Walker
Treasurer – Bridgett Sechrest
Secretary – Lisa Schillinger
Historian – Michelle Carr
Director of Communications – Rhonda Onisile
Director of Community Relations – Debbie Stouse
Director of Arts and Education – Linda Bandler
Director of Fundraising – Yasmin Madi & Julie Greenspan
Director of Social Events – Beth Seldin
Director of School Relations – Francie Donkerbrook
Director of Facility and Purchasing – Heidi Bleimeyer
Nicole distributed & collected the ballots.
Director of Community Relation’s Report:
Michelle Walker
reported that we awarded the recipient of our Cherokee scholarship to
Tori Kaiser. There was a selection committee composed of three board members who
anonymously reviewed 8 candidates’ applications. They unanimously chose Tori as the
winner. She will be awarded the scholarship at an assembly at Chapparal High School
on Tuesday, May 14th at 3:00 PM.
Michelle also reported that she attended a meeting regarding the M&O Override. The
M&O override will be placed back on the ballot in November 2013. We would like to
partner with the “Yes to Children” movement. We can learn a lot from them. They
provide a great support system. We need to reach out to the community and to other
Director of Arts and Education’s Report:
Barbara Siddique
thanked her team and everyone’s support for all the effort that went
into the Art Walk this year. She reported that the daytime artists were great. The
Chorus, Band, and Strings concerts were outstanding. There was a wonderful
attendance. It was nice that Walt Chantler made the A+ announcement.
Director of Fundraising’s Report:
Jennifer Cohen
reported that the online auction went extremely well. Julie Greenspan
and Yasmin Madi did a phenomenal job. Jen thanked them very much for their efforts.
There were some technical difficulties in the last 15 minutes, but, overall everything
went very smoothly. The auction raised $28,490.28. Fundraising was very successful
this year – we raised a total $141,608.67. Jen thanked everyone for stepping up and
President’s Report:
Tracey Hott
gave a recap of the year. Tracey reported that we had a very good year.
We steamlined the calendar and it worked very well. We tried not to overwhelm our
community and had only 4 major fundraising events. The fundraising events were all
very successful. We are very grateful to our community. The calendar will look very
similar next year. Tracey thanked the current board and all the APT volunteers for all
their hard work this year.
Nicole Keniston announced the 2013-2014 Election results. There were 23 yes votes
and 0 no votes. Tracey welcomed the new 2013-2014 board members and presented
each of them with a bouquet of flowers. Tracey thanked all of them for volunteering for
their upcoming positions. Tracey thanked Nicole for putting together the slate. Tracey
asked that if there anyone was interested in volunteering for an open position, to please
talk to Nicole Keniston.
Tracey thanked everyone for coming.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:39 A.M.

On May 7, 2013, Tracey sent an email to the board which proposed a budget of a
maximum of $500 for the A+ celebration. These funds would be for the decorations,
food, and perhaps some type of entertainment at the assembly. She suggested that the
funds be taken from our School Enhancement budget where we have a $3,766.72
balance or from the Board Operations budget where we have a $1,138.60 balance. Jen
Cohen motioned that we budget $500 for the A+ celebration. Funds will either be taken
from the school enhancement budget or the board operation budget, wherever Tracey
and Bridgett decide is best. Michelle Walker seconded the motion. Everyone was in
favor and the motion passed via email on May 7, 2013.



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