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At best practice chiropractic our purpose
achieve optimal health by providing advice, giving chiropractic treatment and encourage A dedicated strategy to achieve the best possible joint and muscle function throughout osteoarthritis and reduce the compromises of Symptom based
The diagnosis is made on the basis of an X- cartilage thinning and the formation of bone Ibuprofen, Diclofenac Sodium, Naproxen) or If you don’t already have osteoarthritis, it is changes is indicative of the disease. It is joint injections (steroids). For more advanced almost a certainty that you will get it. not possible to see the earliest changes of disease the treatments involve either burning Statistics show that about half the population osteoarthritis on an X-Ray but we know that have it at 40 years of age and that almost abnormal curves of the spine and abnormal joint position already within a few weeks begin to affect the cartilage adversely. medication can be stomach ulcers and long Osteoarthritis is a chronic disease, which is term use can cause an acceleration of the complete assessment should also include a clinical examination where effects on nerves Disease focussed treatment
Symptoms of osteoarthritis vary depending of It is clear that a treatment approach, which aims to maintain the joints’ normal function and thereby delays the advancement of the Common symptoms:
disease process is to be preferred. Treatment Acute locking and stiffness of the
neck or lower back.
Correction of the restricted joints
with chiropractic treatment
Back and neck pain
Pain and stiffness in the affected
Stretching & Exercise
joint (hip, knee, toes and fingers).
Glucosamine sulphate
The above treatment as a ‘package’ is an effective strategy aiming not only to minimise or remove pain, but also to achieve the best possible function of joints and muscles, and whereas the other is focussed on treatment of the disease itself.

Source: http://www.chiropractor-brighton.co.uk/downloads/Brochure_ARTHRITIS.pdf


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