THURSDAY, JULY 18th, 2013
7:00 P.M.
Lindstrom City Hall
13292 Sylvan Ave., Lindstrom, MN


Mayor Carlson called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


Those Present:
Mayor Carlson, Council members Brink, Wishy, Flug, and Schlumbohm Others Present:
City Attorney Mattick, City Engineer Herdegen, City Administrator Olinger, Administrative Assistant Barnes, Finance Director Mattson, Martin of Chisago County Press, John Nelson, Colleen & Tom Sherman, Lynn & Marc Soma, Gary Gerke

Olinger – Rosehill Resort Update - Engineering Deletions:

(No action will be taken by the Council tonight.)
Administrator Olinger stated Mr. & Mrs. Soma have signed up to speak to the Council this
Ms. Soma addressed the Council stating they live near the intersection of Linden Street and First
Ave., and have been residing there since 2003. They are here tonight to discuss a driveway
issue. Last year they applied for a Driveway Permit. They hired a Contractor to pave their
driveway. MnDOT came and installed the curb and gutter across the Street all the way down to
their driveway, and the road was paved past their driveway. The City then came and graded the
road 1 ½ feet lower than it was, which was a considerable drop. They put a curtain in the driveway, but it is so high that their cars bottom out now. Mr. Soma stated half their driveway is now like this, and it is unusable as it comes up at such an angle the car will get hung up. Ms. Soma continued they had an Estimate done to have the driveway re-done, and they are now coming to the City regarding payment. She stated their concerns are the Permit was approved, there was no further written or verbal communication from the City regarding having the road re-graded, and now it is yet another $2,500 out of their pockets… along with everything else they’ve had to do to get their property close to the value it was before they were put right on the highway. Mayor Carlson questioned when did they purchased the property. Mr. Soma stated in 2003. They have kept the property up and built a garage. With the Highway coming through; they now have added a privacy fence, added trees, etc. to keep up. They are in the process of restoring this old house and property. Had the Soma’s known the Street was going to drop by 1 ½ feet, they probably would have waited to put the driveway in…they spent all the money last fall to build a driveway that is now non-useable. It slopes down to about half a foot in the middle, and then about 15” on the west side. Engineer Herdegen stated they had met at the property to take a look with Mr. Dzubay of Public Works, and the Somas’. The reason for the road being lowered was because when they surveyed the area for drainage improvements last October, they made sure there was going to be positive drainage away from the Soma’s structures. When their garage was surveyed, we had to make sure there was positive drainage from the garage down to the curb lines. At this point, the driveway had not yet been paved, and remained gravel. MnDOT had brought their curb around the corner, and paved their first lift of blacktop as the entrance to that Street. MnDOT had also placed curb on the south side of First Ave., basically behind the sidewalk. (That has now been taken out as they re-aligned that curb with the alignment of the road.) The Somas’ driveway was designed to be lower at the curb in order to maintain that the driveway drains down to the curb and then on down. Somas’ then paved their driveway later on that month. Herdegen added prior to them paving their driveway, Mr. Dzubay informed the Engineers he had talked to Mr. Soma, and advised him to hold off on paving their driveway because they would be changing the grade of the street. Engineer Herdegen continued when the driveway was in, and the curb crew came, they had to put the curb in where it was designed to be, and also planned to put a concrete apron up to the connection of their driveway. They went to the ROW edge as far back as they could, then put the apron in. He stated he would agree on the west end where the grade changes, is where the greatest drop is located in their driveway. There is a substantial bump. Herdegen continued when they met last Friday, (Herdegen, Mr. Bluhm, Somas’, and Mr. Dzubay) they decided the best course of action would be to grade and re-pave the driveway to the curb. They also requested Bluhm come up with an Estimate for the paving, etc., including the removal of the concrete. Dzubay stated Public Works could do that fairly easily. The Somas’ stated they have the Invoice copy from Bluhm which totals $2,500. Herdegen noted there will no longer be an apron…but rather paved all the way to the curb. Mayor Carlson requested the City Attorney’s comments on this. City Attorney Mattick stated it sounds like all parties are in agreement and this is resolvable…it would be up to the City Council whether or not they wish to participate in paying towards these costs. Did the Somas’ do this knowing that the road may be lowered? Should they have waited before they installed the driveway? Were they in fact not told of this information? Ms. Soma stated they received no communication whatsoever about the road, nothing was said when they pulled the Permit, and nothing was done to come and say what if we fix the lower part of the driveway…there was no communication by the City on this at all. Administrator Olinger stated there was a major disagreement regarding the communication issue between the Somas’ and Public Works. Mr. Soma stated he talked to Mr. Dzubay last week, and asked him when the conversation took place where he stated they should wait to pave. Dzubay stated it was last fall when they were there installing the new water lines in the street. Soma did not remember him stating the road would be lowered by 1 ½ feet…it was hopefully they will be able to pave First Ave. Mr. Soma added Dzubay’s recollection was different than this…but to have a new driveway installed for $3,000, and then have it slope down the middle…he would have rather waited until they were finished with the road also. Ms. Soma reminded there was no meeting, no communication, no written documentation - nothing was done. No one said there would be limited use of their driveway, nor anything about the road construction, and what they did. She added she appreciated everything the City was doing right now with the walls, etc., but to re-do this driveway is another huge cost hit to them that they just cannot afford right now.they just paid for the first one. City Attorney stated it sounds like this should be addressed as the drop is significant. It would be hard to say at this point, and perhaps they should again meet with Dzubay, or allow the Council time to review. Mayor Carlson reminded the Council cannot take action this evening, but perhaps they should schedule a meeting with City Council representatives, Dzubay, Bluhm, Herdegen, and the Somas’. Wishy questioned if there is more to the story than just what is being said tonight? Mayor Carlson stated there is probably another side to the story…Wishy stated he would like to hear from Olinger the other side. Olinger stated we could go back and forth, and each side would have a different story…you would still have to decide the issue. One side believes there was no communication, and the other side believes there was. Attorney Mattick stated in fairness to Dzubay, if he was doing road work and stated hey - they are going to be lowering the road so you should wait to put in the driveway…then Mr. Soma should not have started the driveway. Where the driveway permit comes in…you have the right to apply for it…but from Dzubay’s point of view that may have been a bad decision. Attorney Mattick added if that was the information relayed by Dzubay, even if bluntly, then that would put a different light on the situation. Without Dzubay being here tonight, and without hearing his side of the story, it could change how the Council would view this and whether or not to expend funds. Mattick explained the City Council cannot take action tonight, and would not be able to render an answer on this until the August meeting. The issue has been raised tonight, and
perhaps it would be good to step back and review the situation before deciding the
recommendation or remedy.
Mayor Carlson suggested the parties meet together to discuss the situation prior to next month’s
Council meeting. A meeting was scheduled for City Engineer Herdegen, Public Works
Supervisor Dzubay, the Somas’, Contractor Bluhm, and Council Liaison Schlumbohm to meet
together on Monday, July 29th at 2:00 p.m. at the driveway site. The alternate date will be July
31st at 3:00 p.m. Olinger will coordinate this with each of the parties. This will be for discussion
only, and just between the attending parties. It will then be listed as an item on the August City
Council Agenda for Council discussion and review.


1. Police Commission Minutes (pgs. 1-3)
2. Monthly Report (pgs. 4-5)


1. Monthly Report (pg. 6)
1. Minutes of June 20th, 2013 (pgs. 7-24)
2. Bills List for Approval (pgs. 25-36)
Wishy corrected the Minutes of June 20th, 2013/Committee Reports/CLJSTC/ second
paragraph/to read: Evergreen trees “will” be planted vs. “have” been planted; and also
“stainless steel chain linked fence” to read “chain linked fence”; and also to remove the
words “due to generator” in the second to the last paragraph. He was referring to the sound
coming from the neighboring area (Arby’s, Lindstrom Drug, Napbco, etc.), not the new
Motion by Flug, second by Brink, to approve the Consent Agenda with the above
changes in the Minutes. Motion carried 5-0.


1. Highway 8 Update (pgs. 37)
Administrator Olinger stated the Hwy. 8 Project is virtually complete. The last item to complete is the sod. They were unable to get the salt resistant sod due to this year’s rainy weather, so they are going to seed it with salt resistant seed and cover it with a blanket. Mayor Carlson believed the seed will hold up better than the sod would have in his opinion. Olinger continued the next project is the Irrigation project and Landscaping which is coming up this fall. They will be finishing the planting beds and plant the trees. They have from this fall through next June to finish this. They will then maintain this for (2) years to make sure of growth. Mayor Carlson questioned how long they have to get the seed to grow? Olinger stated that was in reference to a part of the Hwy. 8 Project, and they will have to continue until it is growing and established. He added the City/Hwy. 8 Projects are mostly finished, except the Soil and Water Conservation will have to finish the Rain Gardens on the unimproved ROW. Mayor Carlson questioned the status of the Channel between North Lindstrom Lake and South Lindstrom Lake. Olinger stated it had been re-dredged again. They are working on getting the silt fence up. R & J Contracting is supposed to overlay sod in the outlet all the way down the banks to prevent the erosion, but Olinger had not heard it has been done yet. Flug commented it would be nice if they get that done before a heavy rain comes and it all fills back in again. Engineer Herdegen stated the sod has to become established…that is the big unknown if it will adhere to the slopes. He felt they should stake the sod in place to hold it until it becomes established. He did not know what type of underlying soil there is, but added it is a real challenge to grow vegetation on steep slopes. Carlson questioned if the sod is supposed to go all the way to the water level? Isn’t that why they have rip-wrap? Olinger stated this is the DNR’s solution and design for the problem. Carlson added as long as they will always be responsible for cleaning out the silt…forever. If you run the sod all the way to the water, and the water rises, what do they think will happen to the sod? How does this work? Brink stated they should put rock or something in there. Olinger reminded the Downtown Design Committee had tried very hard to get them to look at the City’s suggestions and remedies…but MnDOT and the DNR determined what they felt was effective…they have to follow through with it now. Carlson commented they could have a perpetual job then. Wishy questioned if there is a warranty? Olinger stated it begins once the sod, etc. is established. Carlson questioned if they were ever to get it established…and the rain washes it full of silt again…who has to pay and take care of it from then on? Olinger stated he did not know. City Attorney Mattick stated it is their road, and their area…he was not sure either. Wishy commented it will get to the point it is no longer navigable at all. Flug added that is why they had to re-dredge it already. Flug continued the bottom of this channel should be rocks as the North and South Center Channel is. The rock should go up the bank, and then the sod should meet it above. That is so if the water levels go up or down, it does so over the rocks to prevent erosion. If they are doing something else, then we will be fighting with MnDOT for a long time over this. He did not believe what they are doing was ever going to work…it will all end up back down in the bottom of the Channel. Olinger stated they did not want a rock bottom as it will break your props. Flug answered then they will have to buy a new one, and take their chances when they go through there. The Channel in Lindstrom should have been constructed like the Channel in Center City. He believed MnDOT and the DNR are just playing games, and we will be arguing over this for at least the next three years when they have to come back and re-dredge the Channel all the time. Olinger stated the solution is to get more water in the Channel. The Committee’s charge was to get them to install pilings under there to retain the banks without the silt issues. Flug stated that did not happen, so now if we get rains, the silt will continue to fill in the Channel, so we will continue to have to call MnDOT to dredge it out again. Carlson agreed stating if we do not get enough rainfall it is not navigable, and if we do it won’t be navigable due to the silt. Olinger stated MnDOT and the DNR have been working on resolving the issues under the Bridge. Carlson mentioned a long time Resident who originally was against the reconstruction of the Hwy., recently commented the new Highway 8 turned out very good. Wishy added he has had approximately (20) persons tell him it looks very good also. Carlson added the good comments far outweigh the negative comments now that it is almost completed. 2. North Lindstrom/North Center Channel Connection Update (pgs. 38-61)
Administrator Olinger stated there is an upcoming meeting on July 23rd, at 1:30 p.m. Flug and Brink will be in attendance. The discussion will be regarding the CR 20 Bridge itself. They need to determine at what level the Bridge should be constructed. The Channel modifications are fairly minor, with some widening in certain areas. The Bridge is the majority of costs in this project. Flug stated the information in the Council Packets regarding the different Bridge options, is really something to read. It appears this is mostly speculation at this time, as it is going to cost a very large amount of money. Olinger stated the plan cost difference between the (3) foot elevation ($1.25 million) and the (10) foot elevation ($2.4 million) is $1.15 million dollars. To raise the Bridge enough to dredge out the Channel is almost double the cost. Olinger continued the discussion at this meeting will mostly be political. The elements of discussion will be regarding the impacts to the lakes, the impacts to the property values, the impacts to economic development, and the natural environment. He added North Lindstrom and North Center used to be one big lake, and were connected at one time in the past. The real issues are how much should it be opened, how much money should we invest in this project, and would there be any benefits by doing so. Flug added they also have to establish a Public Hearing date and time, because it needs to be done so that all those residing on the lakes and residents in this area have an opportunity to hear and see what is going on, and get some answers to their questions. This will be noticed in the future. Wishy stated all this sounds great, but are they talking about dredging out a Channel between the Lakes? Carlson stated many years ago when he was a child, he could recollect traveling by boat from North Lindstrom to North Center in the 1950’s. He agreed at one time it was open near the Blue Waters Mobile Home Park. He added he heard at one time the previous owner of Blue Waters filled in a couple of areas along the Channel, Bull Lake, and on towards North Lindstrom Lake. The natural flow of water was blocked according to his source. Flug had heard much the same, and added when the water receded it was impossible to get through that area again. Wishy stated his concerns were that we are connecting Lakes when two of them have been declared Impaired Waters. As far as he knew, at least one of the Lakes involved in being connected is still very clean. Aren’t we connecting two of the cleanest Lakes to two of the dirtiest Lakes? Do we really want to do this? Should we be concentrating on cleaning up the dirty Lakes first before we open them up in to the clean Lakes? Carlson questioned the time frame for having to replace and build the CR 20 Bridge? Olinger believed it would be scheduled within the next (5) years. Olinger continued he felt it is really two separate discussions, building the Bridge and widening the Channel. Wishy stated he would be in favor of replacing the Bridge with a wider one for the safety of pedestrians and drivers, etc. But he was opposed to opening up the Lakes and allowing the flow of the impaired waters into the non-contaminated waters…until the impaired lakes are cleaned up first. Flug stated the DNR is attending these meetings and participating in the discussions, but it is a good point. Wishy added the clarity of the waters between the Lakes is not even close to being comparable. Olinger stated the biggest issue to discuss is the Bridge; if it does not get raised, then they will not do anything with the Channel as there is no need to. If they choose the lower elevation plan and lower costs, the Bridge set for the life of the Bridge (the next (50) years?). Brink stated they had discussed the filling of the Channel, and also the potential polluting going back and forth between the Lakes. Mayor Carlson added North Lindstrom Lake is a less populated Lake also. Barnes requested clarification: The Public Meeting is going to be held on July 23rd at 1:30? Flug stated this is a Channel Committee meeting which is open; however this is not the Public Hearing. It will be decided at this meeting when to hold the Public Hearing. He and Brink will be attending, and bringing back updates as to the progress and direction of the project. PLANNING BUSINESS:
1. Update & Review of Minutes– Flug/Schlumbohm (pgs.)
Liaison Flug was not in attendance. Liaison Schlumbohm stated the discussion was mostly about how we can get more Businesses to come into our City in the Downtown area. There is a lot of traffic coming through on Hwy. 8, but how do we get them to stop and shop here. We discussed what attracts people to Lindstrom, etc. The Planning Commission will be working on the re-write of the existing Comprehensive Plan, to include what type of City we want Lindstrom to be now and in the future. How do we become the “thriving Regional Center” as referred to in the present Comp Plan? Liaison Flug added no decisions or changes have been made, as they will be working on this for some time yet. It will also include discussion on cleaning up the Lakes, future roadways, infrastructure, etc. 2. Update on Rosehill Resort – Olinger Addition

Administrator Olinger stated the paperwork for the Annexation and Agreements has not yet been processed or submitted to the State Boundary Board. The Township has not responded to the (5) year Annexation period their Residents would have to annex into the City; and the non-reimbursement of the Property Taxes, etc. The Joint Resolution must be revised once we hear this information. The Developer’s Agreement is also being held off until the Feasibility Report is finished, as we need to have the proper Assessment figures. If we were to process the paperwork at this time, the City would become responsible for some of the costs we have conditioned Davis to pay for on this project. We also are requesting ROW for these utilities, and fees/payment for the temporary services. Olinger stated Davis is operating, and received a Marina Permit last night by Chisago County. Wishy commented Davis is conditioned to maintain and achieve compliance no later than September 20th, 2013. He must be hooked up to City Sewer Services by then. ENGINEERING BUSINESS:

1. Engineers Report - Herdegen (pgs. 62)
Engineer Herdegen gave an update on the 2013 Projects. They are now 98% complete. The Parking Lot has been paved and striped. The Coffee Shop Parking Lot entrance is completed. They are finishing up work on the Rain Garden. First Ave. has been completed as well. Landwehr Construction has put in for Partial Payments up to the Restorations and some Landscaping. The total amount is $135,683.09 (including the extra work needed). 2. Partial Payment Estimates and Extra Work – Herdegen (pgs. 63-66)
Engineer Herdegen stated there was some extra work needed including soil correction and aggregate at the Coffee Shop Parking Lot. Also the second request resulted from the Alleyway near the Bakery. They had to extend pavement near the Manhole, and extend the sidewalks to the doors on the north side of the building. This was to keep the water away from the building and promote drainage to the east. Thirdly, the sidewalk was removed near the Hair Salon. There was a misunderstanding between the Owner and the
Plans in what they were looking for. They installed a depressed curb to create easier
access, and the sidewalk needed to be brought up to grade at that time. The fourth and
final item was at the Coffee Shop Parking Lot, where an abandoned Water Service was
located in the middle of the north end of the Lot. The pavement had settled their
following the survey, and they added additional pavement for drainage all the way to the
John Nelson addressed Engineer Herdegen stating about a month ago, they had met
behind the Coffee Shop. They discussed the berm on the north side where the Control
Structure is located. It became very narrow…maybe (6) inches due to the Control
Structure taking up part of the space. At that time, Herdegen stated it would be no
problem filling with more dirt there. It has not happened.
Herdegen explained there is a limited amount of space where they can bring it in. If they
keep trying to build it up, they will keep chasing themselves going down the hill. If they
raise it one foot higher, then the grade will be coming down the hill onto the Nelson’s
property. He was told they have brought in as much as they could.
Nelson felt it is high enough, but the water will go down by the Control Structure. If
persons walk there, it will just become flat again. You need to build it deeper or thicker.
Herdegen will check further, and get more fill in there. He added it was designed so that
all the water will soak in through the Rain Garden, which has draintile and fabric
underneath it.
Nelson guestimated one bucket of dirt would probably work there. Also, he stated they
put wood chips in the Rain Garden…Herdegen stated they were made aware of that, and
it will be replaced. (Wood Chips will float if water is contained in the same spot.)
Herdegen stated they are recommending Partial Payment to Landwehr Construction in
the amount of $135,683.09 for Parking Lot and Street Improvements.
Motion by Flug, second by Schlumbohm, to approve Partial Payment to Landwehr
Construction in the amount of $135,683.09. Motion carried 5-0.


1. Update & Review – Wishy/Flug

Liaison Wishy stated the Plant is running well. They are having an ammonia problem with high levels. The PCA has changed their ruling, and they now do not have to worry about the ponds and getting them cleaned out. This has now been removed from the list. Flug added the $500,000 that they had thought they needed to spend…(it has not been said that they will never have to do this), may appear again in the future…but for now, they do not have to spend it. It seems there has been a change in Staff at the PCA, and in their rulings. Wishy also felt some day it will have to be removed also. Wishy continued they have done much work on the piping structure under the SBR’s. When the Contractor built it, it looks as if he used too short of stud bolts under the floor. Because of the pulsating and movement, it pulled the nuts off and everything had broken loose. They had it drained, cleaned, and got it repaired. They have not received the bill yet, but it was a catastrophe under there. It took three days and many parts to fix it. Liaison Wishy addressed the recent discussion to purchase land for future expansion, etc. He did not believe it was going to happen. Chisago City was dead set against it. Wishy gave the roll call vote. Carlson clarified the Commissioners voted 5-3 against it with one undecided vote. Wishy added Nora Holt, representing Sunset Point and Hazelden areas, etc., was also in favor to purchase the additional land. Carlson questioned if a supermajority vote was required to take action? Wishy answered it became so complicated, he was not sure. (Supermajority is a requirement for a proposal, in order to gain a specified greater level of support than a 50% (o supermajority is if the required percentage or fraction is based on the entire membership rather than on those present and voting.). Wishy continued it was stated in this argument that if it did pass, Chisago City would hire an Arbitrator to settle it…they were not satisfied that the Plant’s Attorney Grundhoefer could fairly represent this, as he also represented one of the City members of the Commission. They requested he step down, and another Firm was hired at the cost of $2,907.00. It was too expensive for the services of only three letters that were written by them. Flug clarified it may have been a conflict of interest, so Grundhoefer referred them to another Legal Firm. This only had to do with the purchase of the land. Flug added what it boiled down to is Roberts Rules of Order, and the procedure of voting, etc. If they hire an Arbitrator, it could tie the purchase of the land up for another (6) months, and cost a lot more money in Attorney’s Fees, etc. They then decided to take Chisago City out of the whole equation, and the rest of the member Cities would purchase it and make the additional difference in payments. The CLJSTC Bi-Laws do not allow them to do so, as Walcott had said/thought. Mayor Carlson described it as a filibusters…the majority cannot take action; it has to be one of the minority parties that brings it back to the floor. In this case, the majority does not rule because the minority will not bring it back. It would have to be an equal vote then for the majority to bring it back to the floor. (A filibuster is where debate is extended, allowing one or more members to delay or entirely prevent a vote on a given proposal.) Carlson questioned if they didn’t have a weighted vote (based on the idea that not all voters are equal. Instead, it can be desirable to recognize differences by giving voters different amounts of say (weights) concerning the outcome of an election. This is in contrast to a normal/simple voting requirement of more than half of all ballots cast, which assumes that each member's vote carries equal weight.) Liaison Flug stated yes, but it takes a special process to do so. Chisago City stated we were out of order to even propose doing that. Liaison Wishy stated they just paid $3,000 for nonsense like this. It will be tied up for months, and by that time the property will be sold to someone else, and the Commission would have an even larger bill. It would just be an impossible situation. Liaison Flug agreed, for the operation of the Plant, and the relationships between the member Cities, etc. it would not be good to further pursue it…all it would do is create more divide and issues for them. Mayor Carlson stated it would have been a good insurance policy for the Plant regarding future issues, but they can get by and operate without it at this time. Flug added the Bonding will take place in the next few weeks for the other special projects, which includes the Lift Station. Wishy stated the Lift Station has been moved back, as they were not sure they would be able to get enough Bidders. It will look very nice when it is finished, but there is still some negotiating to be done with MnDOT. Cable Commission:
1. Update & Review – Brink
Liaison Brink stated the Cable Commission approved the purchase of (6) computers and the editing software for the Schools. Wishy questioned where they will be placed. Brink thought the Video Production Room. The old ones will be sent to the Library and continue to be used, although they are about (10) years old. Brink added the School allows the Cable Commission to use the School for free, so they in turn purchased the computers. Flug questioned how much this would cost? Brink stated approximately $1,000 per computer…they have not been ordered yet, and it is the software that is pretty expensive. She believed they are getting a good deal on the computers. 1. Update & Review – Carlson/Brink (pg. 67-68)
Liaison Brink stated the EDA continued with their discussion on strengthening the core, and looking for lodging. They also discussed having someone go through the Downtown to make suggestions on the Business fascia and designs to help change the appearance of their buildings. Mayor Carlson stated they did talk about the purchase of the Holmquist building. The intent is to make a buildable lot, or expand parking. A Commercial Appraisal was ordered, which came back at $157,000. They will be talking to Holmquist, the County, and the Lender before they proceed with the purchase. Wishy stated it will cost a lot to demolish the building if they take it down…and it may also require Asbestos Abatement. He felt the purchase price should be lowered accordingly. Finance:
1. Update and Review – Flug/Schlumbohm
2. Monthly Report - Information Only (pgs. 69-71)
Liaison Flug stated their next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 25th. They will be going through the Budget figures and items for 2014.

1. Update & Review – Wishy
Liaison Wishy stated they did not have a meeting, but they did have the Nellie Gustafson Statue Unveiling/Ceremony on July11th. It was an excellent program. They had (6) Swedish musicians playing wonderful music also. It was a very pleasant evening. Mayor Carlson reminded the additional Statues will be unveiled on October 5th; there are several persons coming from Sweden. Olinger added we have already been contacted by relatives of Per Anderson and Eric Norelius, who are flying in for the next Dedication Services. Carlson suggested we set up a nice luncheon, send invitations, and contact Swedish Singers, groups, etc. for the October Dedication and Unveiling events. Olinger stated he will be organizing persons to do so. Park Board:

1. Update & Review – Brink/Wishy (pgs. 72-73)
Liaison Brink stated the Park Board has found a person to reside in the Norelius house in Allemansratt Park. He will be providing work in the Park in exchange for free rent. He will be paying his own utilities, and there will be a six month probation period, at which time it can be extended to a long term contract. He will be helping to clear Buckthorn, and other misc. things in the Park. The Park Board felt the exchange was pretty fair. Mayor Carlson questioned how this will work with the IRS? City Attorney Mattick stated they are working on the Lease right now…he had not thought of that, but the Tenant may have to report it as income. They are working on a Draft Agreement in terms of what types of jobs and labor he will have to perform. Wishy questioned if he would be covered under the City’s insurance if he were to get hurt while working in the Park? Mattick stated they are also looking into that at this time. One of the questions is, is he a Tenant or an Employee. The title would determine what things and language would apply. Mayor Carlson stated Volunteers are usually covered under the City’s insurance…it may be similar to a Pastor who gets a housing allowance as part of the compensation…it may change the basis on which we pay it. Mattick stated he would not be a Volunteer as he is contractually bound to do this. Mattick clarified they want to keep this as simple as possible, and right now they are trying to sort all of these things out. Basically the City is getting some labor, etc. without putting out a lot of expense. We do not want a situation that creates liability or monetary issues; they want to do this fairly simple and cheaply. Liaison Brink continued the Park Board is looking into a Community Garden on the City’s vacant lots on Newlander (between Akerson and Broadway, south of the old Panel Company). There is a gentleman that is willing to take this project on and be in charge of it. Brink stated an Eagle Scout is on his way to putting together the sign for Olinda entrance to Allemansratt Park.
Personnel Committee:

1. No meeting – Brink/Flug
Public Works:
1. No meeting, staff called away – Wishy/Schlumbohm

Wishy questioned if anyone had heard about the results of Karl Oskar Days. Olinger stated he had heard it went very well. Wishy commented our On-Sale Liquor Store is not the most attractive building in the world. The Liquor Stores do make the City a profit, so couldn’t we make that building look more attractive? That building is old looking, and we are a little derelict in not bringing our own building up to date. Olinger stated it is in the Budget for next year. Wishy added we have no signage on the Off-Sale Liquor Store on the north side of Hwy. 8. He felt they needed signage to draw from persons traveling west also. Olinger stated they have a sign on order at this time. Wishy also questioned the old antique Liquor Store Sign from the On-Sale. It is leaning and tied to the fence, but he would like to see that restored and put back up where it belongs. They do not make signs like that anymore. Olinger stated they researched it, and it will cost more to refurbish the old one than it would to purchase a new one. That is the question…do we want to spend more on fixing it up than getting a new one? The thoughts are the On-Sale will keep and fix the old one, and the Off-Sale will get a new one. Flug felt they had discussed and determined that before the construction of Hwy. 8 had started. It was in the way during construction, so they had to move it. Wishy asked what they would have to do with the old sign to restore it. Olinger stated it needs all new neon lighting. Wishy felt even if they get a new one, it would not have the same character as the old one has. He added it is a wonderful piece, and it has historical ties to Lindstrom. Flug agreed, and stated we need to get the estimate to fix it and get it back up. Wishy concluded we need to also fix up the building itself, and be proactive in cleaning up the aesthetics and buildings owned by the City. Mayor Carlson corrected the Calendar Date for the Police Commission is to be on August 14th at 5:00 p.m. CORRESPONDENCE:

Motion by Flug, second by Wishy, to adjourn. Motion carried unanimously.
Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

Barb Barnes
Administrative Assistant


A.R.V.D.S. ASSOCIAZIONE REGIONALE VOLONTARI DONATORI SANGUE TRA DIPENDENTI GRUPPO BANCA NAZIONALE DEL LAVORO Comunicato n. 020 REQUISITI PER LA DONAZIONE DI SANGUE E CAUSE DI INIDONEITA’ (Decreto del Ministero della Sanità 15.01.1991) Al fine di fornire una quanto più esatta informativa, per la propria ma soprattutto per l’altrui salute, di seguito vengono indicati i p

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Erfahrungen mit dem DECT-Telefon Als ich im Herbst 2004 begann, an Zeichen eines „Überlastungssyndroms“ zu leiden (Erschöpfungszustände, Durchfälle, dazu anfallsweise auftretende Blutdruckkrisen), war für meine Umgebung klar, dass diese mit meiner Lebenssituation zusammen- hängen. „Das ist der Stress“, „Setz’ dich mal aufs Sofa und leg’ die Beine hoch!“ oder „Machen

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