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Anthony A. Long, Curriculum Vitae
E-mail: [email protected]
Emeritus Professor of Classics and Irving G. Stone Professor of Literature, University of
California, Berkeley, 2013-

Manchester, England, August 17, 1937; naturalized citizen of the USA since 1999;
married to Monique Elias. Children, Stephen Arthur and Rebecca Jane.
High School and military service
Manchester Grammar School (Foundation Scholar), 1948-1955; conscripted into British
Army, Royal Artillery, 1955-57, retiring with rank of 2/Lieutenant.
University Education
University College London, 1957-1960. BA Classics (First class hons.) 1960. Ph.D.,
University of London, 1964. Platt prize in Greek, University College London, 1958,
1959, 1960. University of London Postgraduate Scholarship, 1960.
Academic Career
Lecturer in Classics, University of Otago, New Zealand, 1961-64.
Lecturer in Classics, University of Nottingham, 1964-66.
Lecturer in Greek and Latin, University College London, 1966-71.
Reader in Greek and Latin in the University of London at University College, 1971-73.
Gladstone Professor of Greek, University of Liverpool, Dept. of Greek, 1973-83 (last
year on leave of absence from Berkeley).
Professor of Classics, University of California, Berkeley, 1982-2013.
Irving G. Stone Professor of Literature, UCB, 1991-2013.
Affiliated Professor of Rhetoric, UCB, 1995-2013.
Affiliated Professor of Philosophy, UCB, 2005-2013.
Visiting teaching appointments and fellowships
Seminar series on Stoicism, Oxford University, 1969.
Visiting Professor of Classical Philology, University of Munich, 1973.
Senior Fellow of the Humanities Council and Old Dominion Fellow in Classics,
Princeton University, 1978.
Visiting Professor of Classics, University of California, Berkeley,1982.
Visiting Professor of Classics and Philosophy, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, 1993
and 2001.
William Evans Fellow, University of Otago, New Zealand, 1995.
Visiting Professor of Classics, University of Harare, Zimbabwe, 1996.
Short-term Fellow of the Humanities Council, Princeton University, 2002.
Belle van Zuylen Professor of Philosophy, University of Utrecht, 2003.
Guest Professor of Ancient Philosophy, University of Toronto, 2004.
Seminar series on Greek philosophical theology, Yale University, 2008.
Master classes on ancient philosophy, Renmin University, Beijing, 2012.
Distinguished Visiting Professor of Philosophy, University of Hong Kong, 2013.
Named Lectureships
Horton Lecturer, Wellesley College, 1979.
Kellog Lecturer, UC Berkeley, 1985.
Gail Burnett Lecturer, California State University, San Diego, 1986.
Kardinal Mercier Professor of Philosophy, University of Leuven, Belgium, 1991.
Inaugural Lecturer, Irving Stone Professor of Literature, Berkeley and Los Angeles, 1993.
Sheila Kassman Memorial Address, University of London Institute of Classical Studies,
Corbett Lecturer, University of Cambridge, 1999.
Rosamond Kent Sprague Lecturer, University of South Carolina, 2000.
Annual lecturer, Hungarian Philosophical Society, Budapest, 2003.
Brackenridge Distinguished Professor in the Humanities, University of Texas at San
Antonio, 2003.
Harry J. Carroll Memorial Lecturer, Pomona College, 2008.
Kimball Endowed Lecturer, Whitman College, 2008.
Lennox Lecturer, Trinity University, San Antonio, 2011.
Gregory Vlastos Memorial Lecturer, Queen’s University, Ontario, 2013.
Fellowships providing grants in aid of research
Visiting membership of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, 1970, 1979.
Bye Fellowship, Robinson College, Cambridge,1982.
Guggenheim Fellowship, 1986-87.
National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship, 1990.
Fellowship of the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, 1991-92.
Humanities Research fellowship, Berkeley, 1986, 1991, 1996, 2000, 2004.
President's Research fellowship in the Humanities, University of California, 1999.
Fellowship of the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford, 2007.
Honors and awards
Cromer Greek prize of the British Academy, 1968 (awarded for book: Language and
Thought in Sophocles
Senior fellow, Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington DC, 1988-93.
Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, since 1989.
Gildersleeve Professor of Classics, Johns Hopkins University, 1991 (declined).
Corresponding fellow of the British Academy, since 1992.
Honorary citizen of Rhodes, Greece, since 1992.
Honorary member of Phi Beta Kappa, since 1993.
Faculty Research Lecturer, UC Berkeley, 2000.
Member of the American Philosophical Society, since 2009.
Honorary member of the Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies, since 2012.
Berkeley citation, 2013.
Editorial appointments
Editor, The Bulletin, University College London, 1971-73.
Co-Editor, Classical Quarterly, 1975-1981.
Editorial board member, Classical Antiquity, 1987-1990.
Advisory board member, Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, 1983-.
Advisory board member, Ancient Philosophy, 1984-.
Book Reviews advisor, Journal of the History of Philosophy, 1986-, and editorial board
member, 2004-10.
General editor (with J. Barnes), Clarendon Later Ancient Philosophers (OUP), 1990-.
General editor (with A. Bulloch, E. Gruen, A. Stewart), The Hellenistic World
(University of California Press), 1985-2012.
Editorial Committee member, University of California Press, 1987-90.
Advisory board member, The Body in Theory series, University of Michigan Press, 1996-.
Learned Society memberships
American Philological Association.
Society for Promotion of Hellenic Studies.
Aristotelian Society.
Cambridge and Oxford Philological Societies.
American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
British Academy.
American Philosophical Society.
Administrative appointments (selected)
Secretary, ‘University Week committee’, University of Otago, 1963.
President, London Classical Society, 1971-2.
Treasurer, Council of British University Classical Depts., 1971-78.
Chair, Dept. of Greek, University of Liverpool, 1973-83.
Public Orator, University of Liverpool, 1981-83.
Member of Council, Society for Promotion of Hellenic Studies, 1973-6.
Member of Council, Classical Association, 1975-8.
Member of selection committee, Mellon graduate fellowships in the humanities, 1985-90.
Chair, Dept. of Classics, University of California, Berkeley, 1986-90.
Senior Fellow, Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington, DC, 1988-93.
Member of Divisional Council of the Academic Senate, UCBerkeley, 1997-9, 2008-10.
Member of Academic Senate’s Committee on Budget and Interdepartmental relations,
Member of Council, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 2013-.
I. Books:

1) Language and Thought in Sophocles. A Study of Abstract Nouns and Poetic
(Athlone Press, London, 1968): pp. xiv+186
2) Problems in Stoicism, editor (Athlone Press, London, l971; paperback repr. 1996): pp.
3) Hellenistic Philosophy. Stoics, Epicureans, Sceptics (Gerald Duckworth and Charles
Scribner's Sons, London/New York, l974; 2nd ed. Gerald Duckworth and University of
California Press, Berkeley/Los Angeles,1986): pp. x+274. Translated into Spanish (1977),
Greek (1987), Italian (1991), Hungarian (1998), Korean (2001), Japanese (2003), Czech
(2003). Pp. 14-74 reprinted as ‘Epicurus and Epicureanism’ in D.G. Marowski, ed.,
Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism, vol. 21 (Gale, Detroit, 1997), 163-92.
4) The Hellenistic Philosophers. Vol. 1 The Principal Sources in Translation with
Philosophical Commentary
. With D.N. Sedley (Cambridge University Press, 1987, and
later reprints): pp. xv+512 translated into German (2000), French (2001).
(5) The Hellenistic Philosophers. Vol. 2 Greek and Latin Texts with Notes and
. With D.N. Sedley (Cambridge University Press, 1987 and later reprints):
pp. x+512.
6) Theophrastus of Eresus. On His Life and Work, Rutgers University Studies in
Classical Humanities, vol. 2, co-ed. with W.W. Fortenbaugh and P.M. Huby (Transaction
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7) The Question of Eclecticism. Studies in later Greek Philosophy, co-ed. with J. Dillon
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