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A Case of ALLERGY FACE: ZYRTEC® Brings Beauty Solutions to Allergy Sufferers
With more than 40 million people in the United States suffering from indoor and outdoor allergies, the allergy category had
become competitive and repetitive. Category leaders (Allegra, Claritin) were over-saturating the marketplace with the
expected allergy relief messaging and spending a fortune on mass advertising that focused on functional benefits. At the
same time, private label continued to up its game, wooing consumers with lower prices. As a brand outspent nearly 3:1 by
its key competitors, ZYRTEC® needed a breakthrough strategy to build loyalty and strengthen its user base. The brand
needed to elevate ZYRTEC® beyond the expected allergy news and create an ownable, meaningful platform that
differentiated ZYRTEC® from key competitors.

Commissioning a survey of 1000 female allergy sufferers, we learned that female allergy sufferers were experiencing more than allergy symptoms (e.g. sneezing, itchy eyes). Sufferers were dealing with beauty challenges – watery eyes, a puffy face and a red nose – and these challenges had a direct impact on her emotional well-being and life. Key findings from the survey included: Two-thirds (66 percent) of women with allergies have felt ugly or unattractive as result of Eighty-nine percent of women experience the beauty challenge of watery eyes during allergy season, while more than half (56 percent) of women also deal with a red nose. One in two (50 percent) women have missed out on something, such as a party or date, because of their allergy-related beauty challenges Peeling back another layer, we dove deeper into the billion-dollar beauty and health industries, analyzing Iconculture trends and exploring research studies related to beauty and allergies. Highlights Sixty-eight percent of women in America wear a full face of makeup Sixty-nine percent of women use beauty products to maintain their appearance Nearly 30 percent of women used beauty products to maintain their mental and emotional health Among the Hispanic population – a target demographic often experiencing allergies for the first time – we learned: Hispanics demonstrate more loyalty to name brand products than the total market when it comes to health and beauty, and spend 10 percent more on name brands and 9 percent less on private label versus general market in these categories (Nielsen study on Hispanic consumer) Eight 80 percent of Hispanic females consider aesthetic beauty to be one of their top descriptive values (Iconoculture) A media audit in English-speaking media revealed that allergy coverage was expected, focusing on product functionality and benefits. The “allergy story” had a repetitive, formulaic approach. Beauty media were barely skimming the surface on the impact of allergies on how you look, representing less In the Hispanic space, allergies were not a focus for the majority of health, lifestyle and beauty spaces. message Paid media was prevalent, but competitors had yet to penetrate earned media coverage.
Paying close attention to its target consumer – female allergy sufferers ages 25-49, the primary household purchasers of allergy medications – we saw an opportunity to elevate the allergy conversation. By offering real value to show that ZYRTEC® was “not just a pill,” we developed an insight-driven campaign that aimed to tap the more emotional side of allergy suffering. Coining the term ALLERGY FACE™ to describe the beauty challenges the consumer faced as a result of her allergy symptoms, ZYRTEC® became the first brand in the allergy category to understand the impact of allergies on a woman’s appearance and well-being. Generate top-tier, national lifestyle and beauty coverage around how allergies make you look, aiming to achieve 275 million media impressions in English- and Spanish-speaking media. Establish an ownable platform for ZYRTEC® to talk about allergies in the beauty space and ensure at least 60 percent of coverage includes the “look good, feel good” ALLERGY FACE™ message. Increase SOV and social conversation for ZYRTEC® among the general market. Start a social conversation for ZYRTEC® among Hispanic media and consumers.

Keeping the key spring allergy season top of mind, we identified a strategic partner to help bring the ALLERGY FACE™ campaign to life in a place where allergies and beauty intersect – the Macy’s Flower Show. As a sponsor of the Flower Show, ZYRTEC® created the first-ever allergy-related Beauty Counter in the cosmetic department at Macy’s Herald Square. Providing personalized ALLERGY FACE™ makeover consultations to consumers and media in need of allergy-related beauty solutions, ZYRTEC® served as a resource for Flower Show attendees wanting to feel and look their best despite the allergy triggers surrounding them. To kick off the Beauty Counter and give a voice to the campaign, the brand enlisted actress and allergy sufferer Debra Messing to share her own personal struggle with allergies via national print, broadcast and online media interviews. The brand also aligned with national beauty expert Rebekah George, who provided meaningful content and useful beauty tips to consumers and media visiting the ALLERGY FACE™ Beauty Counter. To extend the Beauty Counter experience online, ZYRTEC® filmed a series of web videos with Debra and Rebekah to fuel conversation through the summer months and provide valuable tips and content to women seeking respite from ALLERGY FACE™. Trans-adapting the message for the Hispanic consumer, ZYRTEC® aligned with Hispanic beauty expert Carmen Ordoñez to customize ALLERGY FACE™ beauty solutions for Latinas. Knowing the Hispanic target consumer is highly digital and seeking beauty solutions online, ZYRTEC® hosted a Twitter party with Carmen to answer questions on how to deal with allergy-related beauty challenges and created a three-part series of web videos, sharing them with Latina lifestyle and beauty media and bloggers. To fuel coverage and conversation beyond the spring allergy season, we distributed (and translated, as appropriate) the consumer survey results, a related infographic and tips from Rebekah and Carmen to general market and Hispanic media, respectively. We also leveraged content in the social space, layering on an ALLERGY FACE™ consumer promotion to help drive engagement on the brand’s Facebook page. To ignite conversation on Instagram and Twitter, we tapped celebrities with large followings to promote and drive views for the ALLERGY FACE™ video content. Exceeded media coverage goal within five-month period, generating more than 350 million impressions and top-tier coverage on Rachael Ray Show, Katie Couric Show, Allure, Real Beauty, Lucky, USA Today, US Weekly, OK!, MSN Wonderwall, Life & Style, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Fitness, E! Online, Parade, New York Daily News, Huffington Post, Babble, Yahoo! Shine, and Hispanic outlets like Despierta America, El Diario La Prensa, Buenos Dias Nueva York, La Opinion, Vista Magazine, Univision and Telemundo. ALLERGY FACE™ connected ZYRTEC® to the beauty platform and gave the brand stand-alone coverage without mention of competitors. ALLERGY FACE™ message pull-through in media outlets was more than 86percent, garnering headline stories on major outlets. The brand considered the PR program so successful that it trademarked ALLERGY FACE™ and made the platform a pillar in its 2014 brand plans, recognizing the opportunity to expand it beyond the PR realm. ZYRTEC® started a new social conversation about allergies, generating more than 1,010 ALLERGY FACE™ tweets and Facebook posts and more than 90 blog posts outside of general allergy news. The ALLERGY FACE™ consumer promotion on the ZYRTEC® Facebook page helped increase Facebook fan growth by 150 percent and PR outreach served as the number one external driver. In just five months, the ZYRTEC® Facebook page increased its Hispanic fan base by 116 percent, growing its Spanish speaking fans by 6,000. During the Hispanic Twitter party, #ALLERGYFACE became a national trending topic. Listening to consumer insights and how the target spoke about her allergy-related beauty challenges was key to making this program a success. ALLERGY FACE™ allowed ZYRTEC® to start a new conversation about allergies and extend coverage to a new space –beauty. It took the conversation beyond efficacy and dimensionalized the emotional side of allergies for the first time – not only talking about how you feel, but also how you look. After all, looking good is feeling good!



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