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The Discovery of OUR Lifetime!
Used By Actor JAMES COBURN for crippling Arthritis
subsequently he won his 1st Oscar in a 40 Year Career!
Methyl Sulfonyl Methane
Powerful Help For .
What is MSM? MSM, also called Dimethyl Sulfone, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane or DMSO2 is a natural form of sulphur found in all living things. H u m a n s a r e c o m p r i s e d o f b a s i c e l e m e n t s , n a m e l y – o x y g e n , hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon and sulphur. MSM is a specialized dietary sulphur vital to well being and health. MSM belongs to the oxygen family thus you can appreciate its importance! Wher e organisms live in an environment minus oxygen, sulphur usually replaces oxygen as the chemical energy force that supports life itself! The dietary supplement – MSM of the 99% pure variety is bitter t a s t i n g ( E a s i l y d i s g u i s e d i n f r u i t j u i c e – E s p e c i a l l y O r a n g e / Tomato or sprinkled on food), odourless, white crystalline, water soluble solid having the physical appearance of granulated sugar. It is less toxic than table salt and as safe as drinking water (often safer!) When you commence supplementing with MSM you will generally notice a number of things happening - in addition to pain and allergy relief greater energy; cosmetic benefits like softer skin, thicker hair, stronger nails, decreased scar tissue and relief from constipation. Where Does Supplementary MSM Come From? All commercially available MSM, without exception is derived from superfluous lignin (sulphur rich) and DMSO during the paper making process – it is simply boiled and the resultant MSM dries and subsequently crystallizes. Therefore the assertion that MSM comes from trees is only partly true. Neither is it harvested from the ocean –. it is TRUE that there certainly is MSM and GOLD in the oceans but it would be hugely im pr act ical and unv iable to attempt to extract it commercially as is implied elsewhere. Future Research With greater awareness and usage, more of the healing potential of MSM will be revealed. MSM is certain to become known as one of the great nutritional discoveries of the Millennium. NOTE - it is not a medicine, has limitations, works quickly in some people, slower in others. MSM has shown remarkable promise for virtually nil side effect – healing! Scientists are investigating the relationship between MSM and a r t h r i t i s , A l z h e i m e r ' s d i s e a s e , a l l e r g i e s a n d a s t h m a dermatological problems, periodontal conditions and even cancer. MSM Pioneers In the USA, Dr. Jacob, a premier MSM pioneer researcher, reports a wide array of MSM healt h benef its. Conc luding year s of observations in both animals and humans Jacob and Herschler –" M S M , a n o d o u r l e s s , s o m e - w h a t b i t t e r , w h i t e c r y s t a l l i n e chemical, demonstrates usefulness as a dietary supplement to man a n d l o w e r a n i m a l s . R e s e a r c h s u g g e s t s t h a t a m i n i m u m concentration in the body may be critical to both normal function and structure. We are intrigued by the fact that MSM is a factor in all normal diets of vertebrates and somewhat mystified by the seeming needs of the body of adults for a concentration level above that available from a diet presumed as normal.". Jacob has administered MSM at Oregon Health Sciences University to over 15,000 patients for a variety of conditions. Dr. Jacob confirmed excellent results administering MSM in doses of 3 to 8 grams daily to patients, also reporting much higher doses (up to 15 grams) can produce therapeutic improvements without side effects. MSM has been widely tested as a food ingredient without any reports of allergic reactions. J a c o b t a k e s 3 0 2 MS M d a i l y , h a v i n g d o n e s o f o r 2 0 y e a r s !
Having not had a cold or flu since he began this regime. MSM is a unique substance with healing properties that only now are beginning to be fully appreciated. Studies show people with low M S M i n t h e b o d y a r e a s s o c i a t e d w i t h t i s s u e a n d o r g a n malfunction, a heightened susceptibility to disease, and adverse physical and psychological stress. THESE SERVINGS
DAYS 12 - 14.7g Twice a Day DAYS 15 — 30.Increase or maintain 7g Twice a Day DAYS 31 - Onwards find your personal level. If no change after 3wks, increase MSM until relief is felt, then reduce to find your optimal level but cut back only after 1st month is completed. Increase intake of MSM if you are liable to be under stress or heavy workload. In Hay fever season many people increase intake up to 25 — 50 grams daily then drop back after the season finishes. If MSM is not effective — TAKE MORE, however DO NOT start on very high intake until your body has become accustomed to taking MSM. Vitamin C increases the effect and helps your immune system. Drink more water throughout the day, 2 litres a day minimum. The detox effect will sometimes give a headache at first, or itchy skin, rash, or bowel disturbances. This is normal and will pass in a few days. If too bad, increase water consumption and / or reduce MSM intake. MANY PEOPLE HAVE MSM INTAKE OF 20g — 40g DAILY! MSM & Animals Vets and equine facilities worldwide have used MSM extensively for decades on livestock and domestic animals. MSM gives the m a j o r i t y o f b e n e f i t s a s p e r h u m a n s . M S M i s e x c e l l e n t f o r promoting general good health and beautiful, glossy coats. 500mg MSM per 12kg body weight, once daily. Over 40kg give 5grams MSM daily. Dissolve & add pinch MSM to drinking water. 1gram MSM per 45kg body weight once daily. Dissolve and add MSM to drinking water. See booklet — MSM For Vets and Animal Enthusiasts. HOW MSM DIETARY SUPPLEMENT HELPS .
Acidity / Heartburn
Heartburn and excess stomach acidity are rocketing, due in no small part to some diets,
which comprise almost exclusively pizza, soft drinks, burgers and convenience foods. Using
antacids begins to permanently impair the natural pH, or acid/alkaline balance of the
body. Acid-blockers like Zantac were originally intended for treating severely ill
ulcer patients causing numerous side effects like liver damage, hepatitis,
insomnia, vertigo, severe h e a d a c h e s , m e n t a l c o n f u s i o n , p a n c r e a t i c
i n f l a m m a t i o n , constipation, vomiting and diarrhoea.
Both Lab and clinical studies illustrate that MSM can provide extremely effective, often immediate relief from excess acidity, with no side effects Dr. Jacob states patients with hyperacidity who use antacids or acid-blockers use MSM with excellent results, experiencing none of the side effects that often accompany anti-acid drugs. MSM can be taken every day without disturbing any of the body's normal functions, including acid/alkaline (pH) balances. Acne
Studies indicate that the severity of acne triggered by hormones of puberty may be reduced
with MSM. Teenage acne is usually the result of clogged pores. Keeping skin soft,
flexible and permeable with MSM allows some of the excess oil to escape, avoiding
bacteria build up in the pores. Also a body without a healthy acid / alkaline balance is
susceptible to acne- causing bacteria. MSM h e l p s y o u r b o d y m a i n t a i n a h e a l t h y
a c i d / a l k a l i n e b a l a n c e . T y p i c a l l y a f t e r a 6 w k r e g i m e o f 1 - 2 t s p d a i l y a 6 0 –
8 0 % improvement is often reported! Try topically as well.
If you have an adverse reaction to a substance normally harmless to others you are
deemed allergic. Reactions can take numerous forms and maybe activated by various
substances, including food, chemicals and elements in the environment. A
plethora of symptoms may include -
Headaches, fatigue, diarrhoea, coughing, watery eyes, stuffy sinuses, sneezing, mood / behaviour changes, muscular aches and pains, skin rashes. Increasingly physicians believe allergies or sensitivities may attack anywhere on, or in the body. Therefore allergies are not limited to hives, hay fever and asthma. Sensitive individuals may develop an endless combination of mild to severe behavioural, emotional and physiological problems because of exposure to chemicals, pollen, dust mould, food and other elements. In this Millennium our bodies are exposed to so many chemicals that are weak ening our im mune sys tem. Nutrition has deteriorated - we no longer have a strong immune system! Alzheimer's, babies you couldn't breast feed, cancers –were all virtually unheard of ! Food is processed, sprayed with chemical cocktails and nutrient deficient. We have become toxic dumpsites, reacting intensely to poisons and allergens. MSM is e x t r e m e l y b e n e f i c i a l f o r a l l e r g i e s . U s e r s r e p e a t e d l y s a y t h a t c h r o n i c a l l e r g i e s h a v e i m p r o v e d i m m e a s u r a b l y . T h e s e w e r e frequently people with lifelong problems and for whom medication had provided only limited relief! Allergies ( Pollen)
GPs issue antihistamines to neutralise the body's response. Side effects include production of more antihistamines by the body. Antibiotics, often prescribed to suppress the symptoms, can unleash a whole glut of new problems - even allergic reactions. In his book 'The Miracle of MSM" Dr Jacob said "Years ago, I experienced the typical miseries of a seasonal grass-pollen allergy. I required the usual antihistamine relief. If I didn't take medication, my eyes burned, my nose run and I developed nasal congestion, making it difficult to breath through my nose. Often the symptoms would persist throughout the day. I started taking MSM and it relieved my problem entirely. No eye irritation, no runny nose, no congestion. No problem at all through allergy season. I have continued taking MSM more than 20 years and have not had to resort to an antihistamine even once". For the common pollen variety you may not need a very high dosage. In some resistant cases, you may have to double the dosage and even double it again. Allergies ( Food )
The majority of food allergies or sensitivities cause delayed reactions that can take anywhere from 3 hrs - 3 days to show up. This makes it difficult to connect reactions to specific foods. Symptoms range from gastrointestinal tract disturbances, hives, headaches, to behavioural changes. Dr. Doris Rapp reports "Repeated scientific studies indicated that as many as 66% of children diagnose with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) actually have an unrecognised food allergy causing their symptoms. MSM doesn't cure food allergies, it gives them tolerance to a food they could other wise not eat. MSM is taken prior to or during a meal that contains the offending food. Users also report a lessening of such gut-induced symptoms as bloating, distension, gas, constipation, and diarrhoea. Users can develop headaches before they start to improve, if this happens drink more water. Alzheimer's
A disorder where there is a progressive decaying of brain tissue. It i s c h a r a c t e r i z e d b y
a r e d u c t i o n i n m e n t a l a n d e m o t i o n a l capabilities. The brain comprises billions of
nerve cells, connected with each other rather like electrons in an electrical circuit.
Actually when thinking you are sending electrical impulses throughout your brain.
Alzheimer's disease is a condition where the brain is coated with aluminium, causing it to short circuit and send brain impulses to the incorrect area creating confusion. MSM opens the membrane and allows the unwanted aluminium to be flushed away into the blood stream. A hot bath with chlorine bleach forces the body to sweat and release the aluminium. People who take MSM on a regular basis report increased alertness, enhanced concentration, reduced mood swings and depressed people have experienced rapid relieve in hours rather than days! Asthma
The most common chronic illness of childhood, affecting about 10% of children. The effectiveness and safety of anti-inflammatory drugs (inhalers and oral pills) have been widely criticised. In the early 90's a study illustrated regular use of bronchodilators may increase the risk of dying from asthma! Antihistamines are prescribed for allergic conditions. Asthma is now recognised as primarily an inflammatory process. It often has allergic elements to it, but antihistamines frequently make asthma worse. MSM is so good because it helps both the asthma and the allergies. Dr. Jacob treated a 5yr-old girl with severe asthma and visible s i g n s o f c o r t i s o n e t o x i c i t y . S h e h a d a m o o n f a c e a n d w a s developing a hunch like condition of her back as a result of changes to her bone metabolism. The girl started on MSM and over a one-month period was slowly brought up to 8-10 gms daily in divided doses. MSM crystals were given in water or juice. The asthma was not cured but symptoms were largely relieved. She has taken 99.9% pure MSM 5 yrs interacting with other children normally. She has no side effects. Asthmatic children generally do not need more than 8 grams a day - some resistant cases require higher doses. Asthmatics frequently have chronic dehydration -drinking more fluids can reduce the frequency of attacks. Fluid is the key to controlling asthma. Fluids cannot be taken to mean Pepsi or fizzy drinks and the like, because carbonation causes the diaphragm to rise and places unnecessary pressure against the lungs. Arthritis
Osteoarthritis is a common joint disease which affects 70% of women aged over 65yrs
also a number of men under 45. It begins with a softening of the cartilage in the joints,
which later develops into cartilage thinning and degeneration, bone cysts and separation of
joint tissue and cartilage. Conventional medicines include analgesic and anti-
inflammatory drugs, side effects from continuous use of such drugs may be severe.
MSM has illustrat e d it 's excellent pot ent ial as a non-tox ic treatment for osteoarthritis. Dr. Jacob conducted a study in which 12 osteoarthritis sufferers were treated with MSM, 12 others being treated with 2400mg of Motrin daily. MSM was well tolerated in the non-Motrin group, also MSM was on par with Motrin, as a pain reliever for osteoarthritis, but had none of Motrin's toxicity or side effects. Arthritis (Rheumatoid)
Of people over 65 some 40% suffer some form of rheumatoid arthritis. Dr. Jacob states MSM acts as anti-inflammatory agent and analgesic (pain reliever). GPs say sore, stiff joints respond well to MSM supplementation, as do bursitis, inflamed joints, etc. Oregon Health Sciences University conducted tests on mice that were prone to joint lesions similar to those seen in rheumatoid arthritis. Mice fed a diet with a 3% solution of MSM in drinking water daily for 3 mths suffered no lesions or cartilage damage, while those not fed MSM did show cartilage degeneration within the 3mths. Dr. Jacob reports daily doses of 2-5 grams of MSM can be used for therapeutic purposes with no side effects. Vitamin C added to this MSM regime is also reported to assist greatly reduce symptoms of pain, swelling and inflammation. Bad Breath
M S M i s r e p o r t e d l y e x c e l l e n t f o r t h i s s o c i a l l y e m b a r r a s s i n g condition. Removes
infamous onion, garlic and spice odours!
Breast Cancer
Ohio State University College of Medicine illustrated how oral MSM
supplementation protected against the onset of breast cancer in animals. Rats bred to
be prone to breast cancer were given oral doses of MSM for 8 days. After the 8 days
on MSM, given oral doses of carcinogenic (cancer- causing) chemical. The test
animals were monitored 240 to 300 days and compared to rats also given the
carcinogen, but not MSM. Researchers found rats given MSM at the beginning of the
study did develop cancerous tumours but these tumours appeared 130 days later
that the rats which had received no MSM prior to being given the carcinogen. This
span of 130 days in the life cycle of laboratory rats is equivalent in the human life
span - to about 13 years. The study concluded 4% MSM was effective in the Chemo prevention of dimethyl benzanthracene-induced breast cancers. This study represents extreme conditions not seen under our normal levels of everyday exposure to cancer-causing agents. Logically one may conclude MSM could help prevent the onset of breast cancer in humans i n d e f i n i t e l y , e s p e c i a l l y w h e n c o m b i n e d w i t h o t h e r c a n c e r - prevention therapies. Back Pain Causes are manifold and include.
A r t h r i t i c c h a n g e s t o s p i n e & w e a r a n d t e a r . Calcium deposits as a result of spinal stress, trauma, nutritional, genetic factors, and especially wear and tear. May penetrate neighbouring soft tissues and cause pain. Disc herniation (or r u p t u r e d / s l i p p e d d i s c ) . Sprains of ligaments that connect muscle to the backbone. Misalignments in spinal joints or sacroiliac joint connecting backbone to the hipbone. May occur any time in life; cases - spinal trauma during childbirth, b a d p o s t u r e o r a c c i d e n t s . Repetitive stress injuries involve micro-trauma to the body's tissues that accumulate over the years are related to activity that people perform repeatedly. Repeated twisting, pulling, lifting, jogging can cause back pain. The psychological stresses that accumulate through daily life can settle into the back, causing muscle spasm and pain. Talking about back pain Dr. Jacob stated. "There may, in fact be no pharmaceutical therapy that is better". Dr. Lawrence another well-known doctor witnessed patients with intense back pain, have great relief when they used MSM. His comments: "MSM inhibits the transmission of pain impulses along the nerve fibres, produces a reduction of inflammation and reduces muscle spasm. Since inflammation, pain and muscle spasm are all often involved in these situations. I believe MSM can provide some extra benefits and relief even for severe cases." Candida Infections, Chronic Fatigue
Candida is a yeast that normally lives in the colon. If body pH is out of balance, Candida
can spread to other areas in the body. If the body pH is right, Candida cannot live
outside the colon. Women sometimes get Candida yeast infections. When GP,s
prescribe an antibiotic, that can send the body pH out of balance and the Candida can
spread. The white coating on the tongue is Candida. It can even get into the brain, where it
is called epilepsy. In the blood, Candida will rob the nutrition and energy from the body,
causing a so called 'incurable' disease called Chronic Fatigue. When the body burns
energy it produces toxins, if toxins aren't properly removed, this is the result. Bill Rich,
researcher m a i n t a i n s M S M c a n t a k e c a r e o f t h i s d i s e a s e o f t h e n e w
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Widely reported repetitive strain injury (RSI) generally occurs in the work place,
affecting arms, shoulders, necks and backs of people who do the same motions
for months or years. First appearing as a painful tingling in one or both hands, commonly
the thumb, index and ring fingers affected during the night. Later tingling may
develop during the day, along with a decrease in dexterity and grip. Conventional
treatments use anti-inflammatory medications, wrist braces and steroid injections. If
these fail, different surgical procedures are available to relieve pressure on the median
nerve but many people find after the operation they still have the pain and the disability.
People using MSM find oral and topical MSM can be good as any drug approach because MSM also reduces inflammation pain. MSM also can help by increasing blood supply to the area and softening scar tissue surrounding and compressing the median nerve. Cholesterol
Bill Rich maintains that if your body is functioning like it should, cholesterol will not be a
problem. Your body will regulate it naturally. By taking MSM as a supplement, Bill says
he eats what he pleases and his cholesterol count is normal.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
CFS has connections with other immune system abnormalities like g l a n d u l a r f e v e r c a u s e d b y E p s t e i n - B a r r v i r u s , b r e a t h i n g difficulties and metabolic changes. Sufferers may have chemical sensitivities to perfumes, petrol, detergents, aerosols, pesticides, polyester, paints etc. Then mental changes (confusion impaired memory, depression) after a time. Worst is FATIGUE. It is CHRONIC and present all the time together with no energy whatsoever. MSM has helped many people, often dramatically! Colon Cancer
Ohio State University Medical College also conducted a study on MSM as a preventative
agent for colon cancer. The conclusions drawn were almost identical to those of
cancer trials possible indicating that, MSM as a daily supplement may be able to prevent
the onset of colon cancer indefinitely especially when combined with other cancer
prevention factors such as antioxidant, improved diet, etc. Studies on MSM's anti-cancer
properties are continuing.
Dr. Jacob has observed patients with chronic constipation have rapid and continuing
freedom from the condition with daily 3 – 5g MSM taken orally.
An all too common condition where there is an abnormally high level of sugar in the
blood. Cells in the body have become rigid and non-permeable. Insulin carries blood
sugar to the cells but does not become absorbed because the cell walls are not permeable
and prevents blood sugars penetrating the cell walls. In turn the pancreas works too hard
and quickly to compensate for the deficiency, becomes injured and ceases correct
function. Unused blood sugars saturate the blood stream creating a high level of
blood sugar. MSM taken regularly makes cells more permeable and the pancreas
recovers. After a few months many people report that sugar levels have once again become
Diverticulosis is where the large intestine gets sluggish, clogged, and quits pulsing properly. The faeces stop moving properly, and nutrition is not passed through the intestine walls. MSM smooths the coating of the intestine, and the faeces start moving properly. Diverticulosis is an MSM and Vitamin C deficiency.
Drugs & MSM
MSM is not an allergic and does not interact with any other types of chemical drugs. Researchers report MSM may be taken in conjunction with all types of medicines. Water is essential to assist flushing toxins from the body. The more water, taken throughout the day the quicker the results, and fewer side effects will be experienced from detoxing During decades of research, papers, reports, no adverse side effect was discovered. Considered about as toxic as water, MSM cannot be overdosed on. Detoxing may give headaches, irritability and other effects associated with eliminating toxins. This means liver, kidneys and lymph system are being overworked by sudden detoxification. DO NOT STOP TAKING MSM. The MSM, is eliminating toxins, these unpleasant effects will pass if you keep taking it. Reduce dosage to comfortable levels; build up gradually from there. MSM increases the body's assimilation of other substances taken in conjunction with it, due to the reported ability to make rigid cell walls (attributed to aging or damage) more permeable, thus allowing increased nutrient absorption. NOTE you may wish to decrease the amounts of other substances you usually have when taking MSM frequently. Typical Servings
MSM can be taken safely in higher servings depending on severity of the symptoms,
overall condition of your immune system, also how effectively your body utilises the MSM.
Factors such as body size and weight may also affect the amount of MSM required. If
taking MSM to improve symptoms it needs to be taken daily.
Results evident in 1-25 days for less severe symptoms depending upon serving. With serious conditions, 10g –50g may be taken, complemented with Vitamin C. With large servings, divide into equal parts to be taken throughout the day. Drink plenty of water through the day. Formulate your own serving. As a rough guide – refer to Page 3. Emphysema - Lung Disorders
Herschler discovered MSM could produce miraculous relief from emphysema. One experience involved a friend with emphysema. "Her emphysema was so severe she could hardly walk from one side of a room to another. Soon she changed from a woman who couldn't walk across the living room to the back door without running out of breath to a woman who not only could do that, but could walk out into the backyard. She got the point where she could walk a third of a mile to her mailbox and back again." Studies have illustrated lung problems (such as those caused by bronchitis, pneumonia cysts or heavy smoking) can also act favourably to MSM supplementation when combined with proper exercise and diet. Energy
Do you need more energy? MSM, researchers report that this is usually one of the
numerous benefits!
Eye Conditions
D r . M e t c a l f , a n M S M a n i m a l r e s e a r c h e r , d i s c o v e r e d a n t i - inflammatory
properties of MSM for eyes, in experiments on rabbits. An irritant was placed in the
eye of a rabbit, the irritated eye was then treated topically with water and 5-10% MSM. The
irritation disappeared rapidly Dr. Metcalf concluded that not only did MSM have
anti-inflammatory properties, but it could make the tissues themselves more flexible.
Dr. Jacob found MSM eye drops produce excellent results for a numerous eye conditions
such as - conjunctivitis, eye injuries, infections, etc. MSM indicates great promise
for treating glaucoma.
Fibro myalgia
A common rheumatic disease previously named soft tissue rheumatism, fibrositis, or non-articular rheumatism. Women are affected four times more than men. Incidence increases with age and is most common in women aged 50 or over. Degenerative arthritis involves joints of the body. Fibro myalgia attacks the soft tissue — the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Symptoms include persistent burning, soreness, pain and stiffness all over, flu like feeling, headaches, irritable bowel, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety and depression. The severity of symptoms fluctuates, most people experience discomfort daily and some pain is always present. Fibro myalgia is difficult to diagnose because many of the s y m p t o m s m i m i c o t h e r d i s e a s e s . T h e m a i n e l e m e n t s a r e widespread pain for 3 mths or longer, above and below the waist, on both sides of the body, and the presence of tenderness in at least 11 of 18 specific, localised areas, particularly in the neck, spine, shoulders and hips. The cause of fibro myalgia is unknown. Before symptoms develop some patients report having a viral, bacterial or parasitic infection or a physical trauma such as an automobile accident, fall, or athletic injury. Possibilities include poor diet, steroids, birth control pills, antibiotics, food allergies, nutritional deficiencies and chemical sensitivities. May also be associated with changes in muscle metabolism, such as decreased blood flow, which causes fatigue and decreased strength. Recent studies indicate an association with low levels of the anti-inflammatory hormone cortisol. MSM cannot cure this major painful condition. It is an excellent source of safe and substantial relief. Women diagnosed with fibro myalgia say MSM has relieved their condition better than anything else. This great benefit comes from MSM's pain reducing, anti-inflammatory and increased blood supply properties. Gastro-Intestinal Problems
MSM is effective for upset stomachs and for inflammation of the sensitive mucous
membranes in the body, including those in the gastro- intestinal tract. Stubborn, recurring
diarrhoea or occasional bouts of bowel discomfort can be dramatically relieved when
MSM is incorporated into the daily regime. Even severe diarrhoea has been eliminated within a
matter of days with daily MSM.
Gastric ulcers have also improved with MSM treatment in clinical t r i a l s . H e r s c h l e r ' s
r e s e a r c h d e m o n s t r a t e s o t h e r f o r m s o f gastrointestinal discomfort caused by
stress or produced by the ingestion of aspirin, pharmaceuticals or by parasitic infections
can be eradicated by MSM. Such symptoms as diarrhoea, chronic constipation, nausea,
hyperacidity, or inflammation of mucous membranes have responded dramatically to 1-2
grams of MSM daily. The body breaks down food using stomach acid during
digestion. This st omach lining releas es hydr o ch lor ic a ci d, necessary for digestion
of proteins. Should the valve regulating the flow of food into the stomach not close
correctly, stomach acid will go up into the oesophagus, causing a burning pain in the upper
chest or throat area, commonly called heartburn. The condition can also be bought about by
rich, spicy foods, alcohol and overeating. MSM illustrates that it is more effective than
chemical drugs for the treatment of stomach acid.
Usual regimes for heartburn comprise antacids and the like which neutralise hydrochloric acid, but this can in turn lead to indigestion and poor nutrient absorption. Moreover, overuse of antacids can destroy the body's natural acid/alkaline balance. This often impairs t h e b o d y ' s n o r m a l m e t a b o l i s m . M S M a s s i s t s t h e b o d y i n maintaining its acid/alkaline ratio, whilst neutralising excess stomach acid. Trials show that where MSM has been taken, antacids and the like were no longer necessary or could be reduced. Gingivitis
A mouth infection of the gums – when associated with bony changes it is known as periodontitis. MSM has been shown to help greatly with the condition. Gout
Inflammation of the joints caused by excess uric acid. Gout is a form of arthritis in a joint, leading to the sudden development of pain and inflammation. Persons with gout either over-produce uric acid or are less efficient at eliminating it. The joint of the big toe is the most common site to accumulate uric acid crystals, although joints maybe affected. Researchers report that MSM combined with juice work well together to combat this condition. Hair Loss
Hair is made up of a protein called keratin, produced in the follicles in the outer
layer of skin. As follicles produce new hair cells, old cells are being pushed out through the
surface of the skin. MSM is necessary for the production of collagen and keratin. Researchers
report rapid hair growth, and return of colour in some cases. MSM may be taken orally
and added to your natural shampoo at 15% MSM to shampoo.
Headaches are often a combination of muscle spasms at the rear of the neck and
changes in blood vessels feeding into the head. Tension is often a contributing
cause and may be generated by e m o t i o n a l s t r e s s , f a t i g u e m i s a l i g n m e n t o f
c e r v i c a l s p i n e , premenstrual pain, nutritional deficiencies, eye disorders and
medication. Specialists point out - often headaches and migraines are brought on by the same
medication intended to eliminate them!
Aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen and other analgesic
drugs when taken to excess may cause analgesic rebound!
A s p i r i n o f t e n r e l i e v e s q u i c k l y . M S M i s n o t a n i n s t a n t f i x. Generally it won't give relief in minutes, although it has for some. Taken daily as a food supplement, MSM inhibits certain pain impulses in the body and reduces inflammation. Topically MSM can reduce spasm of skeletal muscle tissue, many whiplash patients have used MSM, also taken orally. Doctors have not found that MSM reliably relieves migraine. But because migraines often involve certain degree of muscle spasm and tension in the neck, MSM is useful for the capability to reduce the muscle spasm. Immune System BOOSTER
There may be no greater source of dietary supplementation than PURE MSM.
Lichan Planus
A hardening of the mucous membrane tissue in the mouth cavity. Combine MSM in a
mouthwash. You will see great improvement but it can take 2 months.
SL E a l so kno w n as lu pu s, a n i nfl am matory t i ssu e d is e ase, generating bouts of
fever, fatigue, painful joints and raised red rash on the skin. Lupus can also affect heart,
spleen lungs, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract. Dr. Siegel of Oregon Health
Science University reported to Dr. Jacob on experiments using MSM on lupus in
animals. Mice bred to acquire lupus were given a 3% MSM daily in drinking water.
Another group were given tap water. After 7 months, the 30% not given MSM died,
there were no deaths in the MSM group. On another occasion 7-month-old mice with
advanced lupus were given MSM in water daily, similar mice were given only water. 9
months later, 62% of MSM mice were still alive, only 14% of the mice given only water
Mental State
A normal mental state in humans is illustrated by alertness, inner calmness and not being subject to sharp mood swings. Individuals on MSM often report increased alertness, a level plateau of mood changes, and very infrequent depression! A few subjects taking depression medication observed MSM relieved d e p r e s s i o n w i t h i n h o u r s N O T d a y s , a s h a d b e e n t h e i r p r i o r experience with anti-depression medication! MSM illustrates also its ability to increase concentration. A humanitarian application for MSM is in the field of mental normalising to help the terminally ill to relieve depression and anxiety. Mitosis & The Accelerated Repair Effect of MSM
Some practitioners, osteopaths, chiropractors, naturopaths when describing the addition of MSM to an existing nutrition program see accelerated signs of repair - reduced pain, increased range of motion and joints returning to more normal shapes and positions. Over time numerous people point out that MSM has accelerated recoveries following surgical procedures. Researchers enlighten us that MSM as a dietary supplement helps.  I m p r o v e jo i n t fl e x i b i l i t y .  R e d u c e s t i f f n e s s a n d s w e l l i n g .  Improve circulation and cell v italit y.  Reduce pain associated with systemic inflammatory disorders i.e.  Reduce scar tissue which further aggravates the condition, increasing pain and  Break up calcium deposits. Arthritis may be induced by the intake of too much calcium and by taking the wrong forms of calcium. Calcium can migrate to the soft tissues and form deposits. The tissues become calcified and the cells cease to function normally. MSM is able to rupture the weak water bonds of calcium in the synovial fluid Muscular Pain
P e o p l e w i t h i n j u r i e s a n d o t h e r m u s c u l o s k e l e t a l d i s o r d e r s showed
improvement where MSM was part of their daily diets.
Results in conjunction with vitamin C, were faster and more dramatic than with MSM
Trials illustrate MSM can reduce or eliminate leg and back cramps, muscle
spasms and general soreness. MSM is extensively used worldwide by athletes and
sport medicine doctors. The ability to relieve pain of overworked and strained muscles is
excellent, often dramatic. Injured field players treated with MSM have been reported to
return to the arena up to 75% more quickly than injured players not treated with MSM.
The anti-inflammatory properties of MSM seem to enhance circulation – Dr. Metcalf - "That's
the name of the game in getting repair of an inflamed or damaged part," Metcalf's own lower
back problems vanished after taking MSM.
Pain and Inflammation
Pain specialist Dr. B Benjamin, states in his publication 'Listen to Your Pain', "It can be mildly
annoying or excruciating. It can be sharply piercing, it can be a dull ache or it can tingle or
burn. The cause of your pain might be a torn ligament or tendon, a pinched or bruised
nerve, a broken or diseased bone or even an emotional or psychological problem." Pain
killing, drug analgesics range from aspirin to heavy-duty narcotics. They stop the
nervous system's usual functioning. The drugs, in order to be strong enough to do the job,
are often counter productive to the healing process, often creating toxicity in the body also interfering with normal metabolic activities and creating harmful side effects. MSM does not produce side effects and possesses pain relieving qualities like.  Ability to dilate blood , enhance blood supply, suggesting a supportive role in speeding arrival of nutrients involved in tissue repair to damaged sites in the body.  Ability to reduce muscle spasm. Many pain conditions, whether disease or trauma related, have an accompanying muscle spasm component. Parasites
Parasite illnesses often imitate diseases more familiar to GPs. D o c t o r s
f r e q u e n t l y m i s d i a g n o s e b e c a u s e o f t h e m i s l e a d i n g symptoms presented by the
activities of several types of parasite in t h e b o d y . A c c u r a t e d i a g n o s i s b e c o m e s
d i f f i c u l t a s p a t i e n t ' s symptoms come and go, reflecting the irregular reproductive
cycle of the parasite. It is easy to inaccurately diagnose parasite-related syndromes which
may include chronic fatigue, hypoglycaemia, hypothyroidism, hypoadrenalism, chronic
upper respiratory tract ailments, endometriosis, decreased libido and depression. Hosted,
uninvited guests in the body, may reside for 30 years, sharing all nutrients!!
Parasites feasting in your intestines are depriving you of much needed nutrients and
energy, thus you get sick.
Symptoms attributed to parasites (and misleadingly associated with other complaints) comprise slow reflexes itching, lethargy, blurred vision , unexplained gas or bloating, heart pain, muscular pain for no apparent reason, sexual dysfunction, a burning sensation in the stomach, numb or cold hands, unexplained menstrual problems, loss of appetite and overeating. Owing to the changing environment in which Australians operate t o d a y w e a r e h o s t i n g m o r e t h a n 1 3 0 p a r a s i t e v a r i a n t s ! Developments such as a growing pet population, reduced living spaces, immune system suppressing drugs, refugees from infested a r e a s , i n c r e a s e d k i n d e r g a r t e n a n d d a y c a r e u s a g e , i n c r e a s e d overseas travel and exotic imported foods all serve to increase the probability of exposure and increased transmission of parasitic diseases. MSM has shown brilliant antiparasitic action against Trichomonas, Giardia, nematodes roundworms, Enterobius also other intestinal worms. MSM may present a blocking interface between parasite and host. MSM creates .a coating on the intestine lining which parasites find
impenetrable. If unable to get attached, they are unable to excrete toxins, can't reproduce
and can't rob nutrients. The parasites are simply flushed out of the system,
preventing parasitic infestation. GPs typically treat parasites with strong antifungal drugs like
Flagyl and others, subjecting people to highly unpleasant side effects, negative drug
interactions and the bo nus of a reb ou n d ye ast i nfect i on! Av oid!. After par asit e
treatment, take a probiotic containing acidophilus for a couple of weeks to restore
beneficial bacteria in your intestines.
Periodontitis ( See Gingivitis )
Scar Tissue
Restorative properties of topical MSM have been found to be effective in eliminating
external scars (stretch marks, burns, or surgical incisions, etc.) while internal scaring
responds to oral MSM. It is believed MSM operates by softening scar tissue,
causing damaged tissue to reduce in size or disappear altogether. MSM can be applied
several times daily, however choose one with no artificial ingredients (additives often
causes rashes or side effects, reducing MSM effectiveness).
Potentially fatal tightening of the skin, generally occurring in older persons. When severe, causes skin to shrink drastically tightening like a vice around the organs. Herschler discovered topical MSM lotion softened skin, making it more elastic. Dr. Jacobs research with scleroderma patients confirmed topical MSM applications provided substantial relief. Dr. Jacob, confirmed that MSM lotions, usually contain about 15% MSM, can be used daily, even several times a day, without side effects. Sinusitis (See allergies)
Skin and Nail Conditions
MSM is k nown f or prev ent at iv e effect on cr oss - li nk in g of c o l l a g e n a n d p r o t e i n
t h u s r e d u c i n g h a r d e n i n g o f s k i n a n d connective tissue. This makes MSM an
extraordinary treatment for improving skin quality of the skin problems such as acne,
burns, topical fungus or dry, aged, wrinkled skin. Apply liberally to skin and rub into area
Sufferers of chronic snoring were given 16% MSM drops in a water solution in each
nostril 15 mins prior to bed. 80% reported reductions in snoring with no side effects
whatsoever after 90 days of treatment!!

Sunburn, Insect & Plant Stings
MSM also eases irritation from insect / plant stings and allergies. MSM increases permeability and pliability properties to all tissues, prevents blistering, also promoting faster healing from sunburn and wind damage. People who took from 1-2 grams of MSM suffered only mildly after about 4 hours of exposure to summer sun and wind, while their companions who took no MSM were severely burned. Tendonitis
An inflammation in or around tendons. Tendons are strong but occasionally become swollen
because of over exertion, disease or injuries. Fibres can become torn and damaged and
pain can be enormous. MSM reportedly helps this condition.
Tooth Whiteness
As people age teeth become darker. In answer to this challenge MSM is beginning to appear in toothpaste. In the absence of MSM toothpaste brush teeth with conventional toothpaste then brush again with MSM. Allow 2 – 3 weeks for any noticeable change. Alternatively combine the MSM and toothpaste. Your amino acids are sulphur bonders, without the sulphur they are incomplete. When building glands, the gland puts out hormones and enzymes that operate thermostats for chemical production in the body. Without MSM glands do not operate correctly and produce excess stomach acids from which you get ulcers. Why We Need MSM
Found naturally in the human body, MSM is stored in every cell of the body. Highest
concentrations being in the joints, hair, skin, and nails. Excess MSM is excreted in the
urine MSM occurs in the b l o o d a n d i n o t h e r o r g a n s . M S M i s t h e 8 t h m o s t
a b u n d a n t substance in our bodies.
How MSM Gets Into Our Bodies
Consumed by plants, MSM enters the food chain and is ingested by humans and
animals. Eating meat of animals that eat large volumes of vegetation is another natural
means of distributing vital MSM throughout the food chain. Humans obtain dietary MSM
from fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, meat, seafood, eggs and milk. The draw back is that
heat and processing destroy or reduce the MSM content of fruits and vegetables.
Overuse and abuse of agricultural soils also depletes large amounts of MSM from food,
w h i c h i n t u r n m a k e s u s d e f i c i e n t a n d m a k e s M S M supplementation very
Herschler, a pioneer MSM researcher explains, "MSM is shy, evasive and escape prone. While present naturally when food is very fresh, it can be driven out of any food by even moderate processing. People, generally speaking, will be MSM-deficient unless they eat their fish and meat raw and their vegetables unwashed and uncooked." MSM levels decline with age, resulting in symptoms of fatigue, tissue and organ malfunction and increased MSM supplements may be used nutritionally to enhance diet, and therapeutically to assist with a wide ranging variety of health issues.
Sulphur Deficiencies can be indicated by.
Arthritis Acne
Brittle nails
Slow wound healing MSM assures you have an adequate organic source for the body to use for whatever is required . The body is in a constant state of repair, if you do not have the necessary components the end product will be far less than perfect. How MSM Has Been Used Historically
MSM has been used throughout history for healing. For centuries, MSM springs (Such as
Daylesford, Victoria) have been known to provide relief from aches, pains, arthritis,
rheumatism and general poor health. Try MSM in your spa bath, conventional bath or foot
spa. In this Millennium, a variety of sulphurs have been used extensively in modern
medicine for fighting bacterial infections. M S M o i n t m e n t s a n d l i n i m e n t s a r e a l s o
u s e d f o r t h e i r antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. MSM provides healing
benefits as a dietary supplement without unpleasant side effects.
How MSM Is Utilized In Our Bodies
Being one of the most basic and important elements of organic life, MSM performs a variety of vital functions. As MSM forms the collagen and keratin in the body it is sometimes referred to as the beauty mineral. MSM is essential for blemish free skin, hard healthy nails and thick lustrous hair Maintaining the body’s crucial ph balance (acid/alkaline) is an important MSM role. MSM acts as a synthesizer and activator of thiamine, Vitamin C, biotin and pantothenic acid. MSM helps to form crucial blood proteins and amino acids including methionine, cystine, cysteine; and taurine. MSM provides chemical bonds that actually hold the molecular structure of these proteins together. MSM provides chemical links needed to form collagen in the body (protein found in connective tissue). Without these sulfur bonds we would be shapeless pools of protoplasm. MSM is a vital component part in insulin manufacture and plays a significant role in carbohydrate metabolism, particularly important for hypoglycaemics and diabetics. The liver uses MSM to produce bile – a key digestion element. PURE ORGANIC SULFUR (MSM) DOES NOT HAVE NEGATIVES AS DO ….
Sulphonamide part of a group of high molecular weight compounds, known to cause allergic reations. Sulfa drugs include erythromycin, sutfisoxazole, sulfacytine, sulfa-methimazole and sulfalazine. These are large complex molecules (drugs) – antibiotics. Sulfites are preservatives, antioxidants and browning agents used in food production. Ingestion of these is associated with unpleasant reactions such as asthma attacks, nausea and diarrhea. Sulfiting agents now in use include sodium sulfite, sodium bisulfite, potassium bisulfite, sodium metasulfite and porassium metasulfite. Sulfates are sulfuric acid salts. Sulfuric acid is a heavily corrosive acid used in fertilizers, chemicals and petrochemical products. MSM or organic sulfur, on the other hand is a totally
naturally occurring substance in the body.
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