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Selected Newly Added Documents for February 2008 on EUGRIS: platform for European
contaminated soil and water information:

EUGRIS now has a new easier to use format, which I hope you will find the time to
have a quick look at. 41 resources, events projects and news items were added to
EUGRIS 1 –24 February 2008. These can be viewed at:
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Resources added include this selection:

NICOLE, 2008
Using baselines in liability management – what do upcoming Directives require from
In terms of managing liability the “real” question that underpins any transfer of risk or
remediation requirement is: “What is the baseline condition that needs to be returned
to and does the liability for reaching it belong to me?” Hence baselines play a role in
scenarios concerning, for example, sales and acquisitions of sites, insurances for
pollution and remediation, liability transfers and contractual negotiations, land
valuation, redevelopment, etc. The objective of this workshop was to investigate what
requirements current and upcoming legislation will put on the site owner, the seller of
a site and the buyer of a site. Sessions dealt with regulatory aspects, financial aspects
and methodologies for dealing with the definition of baselines and for designing risk
management approaches to meet those baselines. An interactive session was
included, in which the participants developed plans for defining a baseline condition
in short case study.
M. Wehrer, 2008,
PAH release from tar-oil contaminated soil material in response to forced
environmental gradients: implications for contaminant transport
Extract from abstract: Laboratory test systems are frequently used to assess the
release of pollutants from contaminated sites. To infer behaviour in the field, all
factors that control the release of such pollutants should be considered in the
experiment. We carried out column experiments with varying boundary conditions
under saturated flow to identify the processes governing the release and to evaluate
the effect of environmental conditions on several polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
(PAHs). We compared the results with groundwater concentrations monitored in the
Paolo Mocarelli, 2008
Dioxin Exposure, from Infancy through Puberty, Produces Endocrine Disruption and
Affects Human Semen Quality
Exposure to TCDD in infancy reduces sperm concentration and motility, and an
opposite effect is seen with exposure during puberty. Exposure in either period leads
to permanent reduction of estradiol and increased FSH. These effects are permanent
and occur at TCDD concentrations < 68 ppt, which is within one order of magnitude of
those in the industrialized world in the 1970s and 1980s and may be responsible at
least in part for the reported decrease in sperm quality, especially in younger men.


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28 DE MAYO DE 2004 A TODOS LOS EMPLEADOS Y ESTUDIANTES DEL CONSERVATORIO DE MÚSICA DE PUERTO RICO POLÍTICA INSTITUCIONAL SOB RE S EGU RIDAD INTRODUCCION El derecho estatal y federal vigente le impone a las instituciones educativas, la responsabilidad de ofrecer protección y seguridad a los miembros que componen la comunidad educativa. El Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico consciente del

My Hungarian Vizsla, Belle, was two years old when we adopted her from a guide dog school. She was a fully trained service dog, ready to help guide a blind person through life, but was removed from service because of chronic skin issues. Her smooth rust colored coat was patchy and raw in places, and her eyes and nose were red and inflamed. She was described as ‘sweet’ by a number of peopl

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