The heart of d&b audiotechnik systems are D12 and D6, which allow to pilot all the speakers of the White series. They are much more than simple amplifiers: to make the “philosophical dictates” of the System Reality concept concrete, d&b has integrated all the control, optimisation and protection functions of the speakers, to provide an optimal “packet” to facilitate the life of the user but also to guarantee the integrity of the system, on every occasion. In favour of versatility, there is a four band parametric equaliser and one delay for It is also possible to store “presets” to adapt the system to different situations: special equalisation, for example, to use at low volume, or different delays in situations where the sound source is mobile. There are also the monitoring functions: supply, temperature, signal level, power and impedance of the speakers are detected and displayed in real time.
These are the characteristics shared by both models, while they differ in terms of power. The D12 amplifier provides double the power of the D6, impressing a greater “thrust” to the speakers, above all those of larger dimensions (from 8S up), and giving 3dB more sound D12 is recommended for applications where it is necessary to exploit all the dynamics that the speakers can offer, while D6 is used in more “tranquil” situations and in multi-channel All the adjustment and monitoring functions of the finals can be controlled and managed at a distance through d&b Remote Network, a solution based on the CAN-BUS protocol and the use of interfaces with USB (R60) or Ethernet (R70) connections. Through the R1 control software, it is possible to define all the set-up functions of the system, but also to create personalised interfaces with the controls, and the indications which you want to make available to the user, starting from the simple calling up of preset scenes for less expert users, up to the regulation of the levels of the individual speakers.
Last but not least, a routine is available to control the integrity of all the speakers present in To satisfy the increasingly excessive integration requests originating from the fixed installation market, d&b has also started working with the producers of Media Control systems. The macros and documentation for integration with the Crestron and AMX systems are already available and, through the application support team of the parent company, it is possible to obtain the information and the help necessary for integration with other control systems.
To conclude, the German manufacturer offers a 5 year guarantee on its systems, which also covers the faults to individual loudspeakers, so that the investment is also protected.
Max. sound pressure (1m, free
field) with D6 / D12
Frequency response (-5 dB)
Cabinets per channel D6 / D12
Dimensions mm (H x W x D)
Weight kg


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