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The following journals have reached New Zealand in the last few months. If you want to see a full copy of any paper listed, please contact your nearest library participating in the Interloan system, or contact the library of Heavy Engineering Research Association. Auckland. Materials Performance 50(8) August 2011 26 K R Larsen. Statistics help reduce pipeline failures in a Canadian oil field. 32 J T Keldsen. Causes of flange isolation gasket, sleeve and washer failure. 40 J Deardorff. Nano-coatings for surface protection. 50 R Eckert and T L Skovhus. Using molecular microbiological methods to investigate MIC in the oil and gas 60 E Sarver and M Edwards. Controlling non-uniform copper and brass corrosion in building plumbing. 66 S Kurihara et al. Resistance of Ni-base alloy UNS06696 to metal dusting. 72 J Meng et al. What is really known about using 13Cr tubular in sour service? Materials Performance 50(9) September 2011 26 K R Larsen. Re-energizing CP of an ageing offshore platform. 30 G Yan et al. Testing Zn mesh anodes for prestressed concrete wharf piles. 34 J L Solis and J Genesca. Influence of calcareous deposits on galvanic CP in seawater. 42 V A Bochicchio. FRP chimney liners for power plant flue gas desulfurisation. 54 Y Zhang et al. Inhibiting steel corrosion in aqueous supercritical CO2 conditions. 60 M M Javadi. Hydrogen embrittlement by thermal spray coatings in a marine environment. 64 P Elliott. Corrosion in the home. J Protective Coatings and Linings 28(7) July 2011 8 On solving moisture permeation problems in concrete slabs. 11 J L Helsel and R A Burgess. The case of ‘not all coating systems are created equal’. 24 K H Kim et al. Study of rapid-cure, slip-resistant coating systems on ship decks. 32 D L Cox. Coatings programme requirements at nuclear power plants. 38 B Goldie. Raw materials suppliers answer calls for green and smart coatings. Corrosion Management [UK] 102 July-August 2011 8 H Xiaio and S Clouser. Selective plating of metal matrix composites on Ti alloys. Corrosion 67(8) August 2011 085001 P Majumdar et al. Effect of heat treatment and boron addition on corrosion behaviour of Ti-35Nb-7.2Zr-5.7Ta beta-Ti alloy in simulated body fluid. 085002 Y L Chou et al. Effect of Mo on pitting resistance of Co1.5CrFeNi1.5Ti0.5Mox alloys in chloride solutions. 085003 M Singer et al. Sour top-of-the-line corrosion in presence of acetic acid. 085004 L I L Lima et al. SCC behaviour of Alloy 182 weld in pressurised water reactor primary water 085005 M A D Aguilar et al. Cathodic induction of hydrogen blistering on C steel in alkaline sour environment. 086001 P Rostron. Galvanic corrosion study in ethylene glycol. 086002 and 086003 W H Hartt. Corrosion initiation projection for reinforced concrete exposed to chlorides: 1. Black bars; 2. Corrosion-resistant bars. Prepared for the benefit of ACA members by John Duncan. BRANZ
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Corrosion Science 53(4) April 2011. 1145 Y Tan. Experimental methods designed for measuring corrosion in highly resistive and inhomogeneous media. 1156 S Ismail et al. Effect of applied voltage and fluoride ion content on the formation of zirconia nanotube arrays by anodic oxidation of zirconium. 1165 A Naganuma and K Azumi. Observation of corrosion behavior of stainless steels in a salt manufacturing plant environment using the multichannel electrode method. 1174 F El-Taib Heakal et al. Electrochemical behaviour of the Mg alloy AZ91D in borate solutions. 1186 Q Qu et al. Corrosion behaviour of AZ31B magnesium alloy in NaCl solutions saturated with CO2. 1194 M Mahdavian and R Naderi, Corrosion inhibition of mild steel in NaCl solution by some Zn complexes. 1201 H B Xue and Y F Cheng, Characterization of inclusions of X80 pipeline steel and its correlation with 1209 M Kupka et al. Effect of hydrogen on room-temperature plasticity of B2 iron aluminides. 1214 R Grilli et al. Corrosion behaviour of a 2219 aluminium alloy treated with a chromate conversion coating 1224 Z B Bao et al. Effects of thermal exposure on Ir-based alloys with and without Pt coating. 1230 H Huang et al. The effects of Cl− ion concentration and relative humidity on atmospheric corrosion behaviour of PCB-Cu under adsorbed thin electrolyte layer. 1237 R Sánchez-Tovar et al. Corrosion behaviour of micro-plasma arc welded stainless steels in H3PO4 under flowing conditions at different temperatures. 1247 D J Kim et al. Oxide properties and stress corrosion cracking behaviour for Alloy 600 in leaded caustic 1254 Y Tan et al. Electrochemical evaluation of under-deposit corrosion and its inhibition using the wire beam 1262 J L Trompette et al. Influence of the anion specificity on the anodic polarization of titanium. 1278 N Ebrahimi et al. Critical pitting temperature dependence of 2205 duplex stainless steel on dichromate ion 1288 A K Singh and M A Quraishi. Investigation of the effect of disulfiram on corrosion of mild steel in HCl 1298 W Xiong et al. Anodic dissolution of Al sacrificial anodes in NaCl solution containing Ce. 1304 X Feng et al. Influence of stress on passive behaviour of steel bars in concrete pore solution. 1312 M He et al. Influence of microstructure on corrosion properties of multilayer Mg–Al intermetallic 1322 Z H Dong et al. Initiation and repassivation of pitting corrosion of carbon steel in carbonated concrete pore 1331 J Zhang et al. Molecular dynamics simulation of corrosive particle diffusion in benzimidazole inhibitor films. 1337 C Lu et al. Reinforcement corrosion-induced cover cracking and its time prediction for reinforced concrete 1348 H J Martin et al. Structure–property quantification of corrosion pitting under immersion and salt-spray environments on an extruded AZ61 magnesium alloy. 1362 P Volovitch et al. An atomic emission spectroelectrochemical study of corrosion inhibition: The effect of hexamethylenetetramine on the reaction of mild steel in HCl. 1369 H Huang et al. Evaluation of microstructural evolution of thermal barrier coatings exposed to Na2SO4 1375 A Ollivier-Leduc et al. Study of selective oxidation by means of glow discharge optical emission 1383 M G Faichuk et al. Electrochemical behaviour of Alloy 600 tubing in thiosulphate solution. 1394 T Marlaud et al. Electrochemical aspects of exfoliation corrosion of Al alloys: The effects of heat treatment. 1401 H Gao et al. Study of the corrosion inhibition effect of sodium silicate on AZ91D magnesium alloy. 1408 S H Jeon et al. Effects of copper addition on the formation of inclusions and the resistance to pitting corrosion of high performance duplex stainless steels. 1417 J Ma et al. Microstructure and oxidation behaviour of an AlSiY/NiCrAlYSi composite coating at 1150C. 1424 Z Begum et al. Studies of the tensile and corrosion fatigue behaviour of austenitic stainless steels. 1433 M Carboneras et al. Biodegradation kinetics of modified Mg-based materials in cell culture medium. 1440 M J Muñoz-Portero et al. Pourbaix diagrams for Ti in concentrated aqueous LiBr solutions at 25C. 1451 U M Angst et al. Chloride induced reinforcement corrosion: Electrochemical monitoring of initiation stage 2011/6 page 3 of 4
1465 P Ahmedabadi et al. Effect of residual strain on radiation induced segregation in SS 304. 1476 H Lan et al. Effect of dysprosium addition on the cyclic oxidation behaviour of CoNiCrAlY alloy. 1484 S Issaadi et al. Novel thiophene symmetrical Schiff base compounds as corrosion inhibitor for mild steel 1489 A Conde et al. Electrodeposition of Zn–Ni coatings as Cd replacement for corrosion protection of high 1498 T Wang et al. Fabrication of continuous mesoporous organic–inorganic nanocomposite films for corrosion protection of stainless steel in PEM fuel cells. 1505 P C Banerjee et al. Electrochemical investigation of the influence of laser surface melting on the microstructure and corrosion behaviour of ZE41 magnesium alloy – An EIS based study. 1515 C K Nguyen et al. Acceleration of galvanic lead solder corrosion due to phosphate. 1522 Y Xin et al. Degradation behaviour of pure magnesium in simulated body fluids with different 1529 X Li et al. Inhibition by tetradecylpyridinium bromide of the corrosion of aluminium in HCl solution. 1537 J Xu et al. Acoustic emission during pitting corrosion of 304 stainless steel. 1547 S Moon et al. Growth of anodic oxide films on AC2A alloy in sulphuric acid solution. 1554 J Xu et al. The effects of sulfate reducing bacteria on corrosion of carbon steel Q235 under simulated disbonded coating by using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. 1563 P De Tiedra et al. Use of EPR test to study the degree of sensitization in resistance spot welding joints of 1571 S M Tamborim et al. Preparation and electrochemical characterization of amoxicillin-doped cellulose acetate films for AA2024-T3 aluminum alloy coatings. 1581 C T Kwok et al. Effect of laser surface melting on intergranular corrosion behaviour of aged austenitic and 1592 B Nikravesh et al. Evaluation of the corrosion resistance of an epoxy-polyamide coating containing different ratios of micaceous iron oxide/Al pigments. 1604 N S Azmat et al. Corrosion of Zn under acidified marine droplets. 1616 X Peng et al. A novel ultrafine-grained Ni3Al with increased cyclic oxidation resistance. 1621 G Kong et al. Corrosion behavior of lanthanum-based conversion coating modified with citric acid on hot dip galvanized steel in aerated 1M NaCl solution. Corrosion Science 53(5) May 2011. 1627 T Aburada et al. Synthesis of nanoporous Cu by dealloying of Al-Cu-Mg amorphous alloys in acidic 1633 M P Brady et al. Wet oxidation of stainless steels: New insights into hydrogen ingress. 1639 K Guessoum et al. Corrosion behaviour of zinc–cerium alloys: Role of intermetallic phases. 1646 Y Zhao et al. Composition and expansion coefficient of rust based on X-ray diffraction and thermal 1659 D Minzari et al. Electrochemical migration of tin in electronics and microstructure of the dendrites. 1670 P Jakupi et al. Corrosion product analysis on crevice corroded Alloy-22 specimens. 1680 A M Atta et al. Novel dispersed magnetite core–shell nanogel polymers as corrosion inhibitors for carbon 1690 R L Higginson and G Green. Whisker growth morphology of high temperature oxides grown on 304 1694 Y Zhang et al. Preparation and characterisation of Al pigments coated with silica for corrosion protection. 1700 H Huang et al. The effects of temperature and electric field on atmospheric corrosion behaviour of PCB- Cu under absorbed thin electrolyte layer. 1708 S L Zelinka and D S Stone. Corrosion of metals in wood: Comparing the results of a rapid test method with long-term exposure tests across six wood treatments. 1715 J Tang et al. Corrosion behaviour of carbon steel in different concentrations of HCl solutions containing 1724 A Sharma et al. Ab initio and thermodynamic modelling of alloying effects on activity of sacrificial Al anodes. 1732 D Song et al. Corrosion-resistant ZSM-5 zeolite coatings formed on Mg–Li alloy by hot-pressing. 1738 C Q Cheng et al. Leaching of heavy metal elements in solder alloys. 1748 S M Alvarez et al. Corrosion behaviour of corrugated lean duplex stainless steels in simulated concrete 2011/6 page 4 of 4
1756 J A M Gómez et al. Characterization of the effects of silicon on the formation of goethite. 1762 M Kuczynska-Wydorska et al. Corrosion of low-temperature nitrided Mo-bearing stainless steels. 1770 A Popova et al. Mono- and dicationic benzothiazolic quaternary ammonium bromides as mild steel corrosion inhibitors. Part II: Electrochemical impedance and polarisation resistance results. 1778 S A Umoren et al. Influence of iron microstructure on the performance of polyacrylic acid as corrosion 1786 T M Manhabosco et al. Tribological, electrochemical and tribo-electrochemical characterization of bare and nitrided Ti6Al4V in simulated body fluid solution. 1794 J Xia et al. Shear performance of reinforced concrete beams with corroded stirrups in chloride environment. 1806 R Montoya et al. Using the right side of Poisson’s equation to save on numerical calculations in FEM 1813 E Sarver and M Edwards. Effects of flow, brass location, tube materials and temperature on corrosion of 1825 E Ura-Binczyk et al. Passivation of Al–Cr–Fe and Al–Cu–Fe–Cr complex metallic alloys in 1M H2SO4 1838 S P Sah et al. Dielectric breakdown and healing of anodic oxide films on Al under single pulse anodizing. 1845 Y Tan. Understanding the effects of electrode inhomogeneity and electrochemical heterogeneity on pitting corrosion initiation on bare electrode surfaces. 1865 S Feliu et al. Atmospheric corrosion of Mg alloys AZ31 and AZ61 under continuous condensation 1873 J Ryl et al. Evaluation of cavitation erosion–corrosion degradation of mild steel by means of dynamic impedance spectroscopy in galvanostatic mode. 1880 C Hu et al. Improving the intergranular corrosion resistance of 304 stainless steel by grain boundary 1887 S Mao et al. Corrosion behaviour of sintered NdFeB deposited with an Al coating. 1895 M A Amin et al. Monitoring corrosion and corrosion control of iron in HCl by non-ionic surfactants of the TRITON-X series – Part III. Immersion time effects and theoretical studies. 1910 S González et al. Scanning electrochemical microscopy for the investigation of localized degradation processes in coated metals: Effect of oxygen. 1916 Z Lu et al. Characterization of microstructure and local deformation in 316NG weld heat-affected zone 1933 W Hu et al. Fe–C-coated fibre Bragg grating sensor for steel corrosion monitoring. 1939 S T Kim et al. Effects of solution heat-treatment and nitrogen in shielding gas on the resistance to pitting corrosion of hyper duplex stainless steel welds. 1948 J He et al. Effects of precipitates on the electrochemical performance of Al sacrificial anode. 1954 X Peng et al. A fundamental aspect of the growth process of alumina scale on a metal with dispersion of 1960 T Zhang et al. Corrosion of hot extrusion AZ91 magnesium alloy: I-relation between the microstructure 1969 F Samiee et al. The effect of heat treatment temperature on the structure and barrier performance of a zirconia coating electrodeposited by pulse current. 1976 R C N Liberto et al. Selective corrosion of 550°C aged Cu10Ni–3Al–1.3Fe alloy in NaCl aqueous solution. 1983 Y Qiu et al. Effect of dissolved hydrogen on the electrochemical behaviour of Alloy 600 in simulated 1990 K Zhang et al. Hot corrosion behaviour of a cobalt-base super-alloy K40S with and without NiCrAlYSi 1999 Q Q Liao et al. Inhibition of Cu corrosion in NaCl solution by the self-assembled monolayer of sodium 2006 Z Dan et al. Applicability of constant dew point corrosion tests for evaluating atmospheric corrosion of Al 2015 L A Yolshina et al. Corrosion and electrochemical behavior of Al treated with high-temperature pulsed 2027 L Klein et al. High temperature oxidation of γ/γ′-strengthened Co-base superalloys. 2035 K Yu et al. Microstructure effects on the electrochemical corrosion properties of Mg–4.1%Ga–2.2%Hg alloy as the anode for seawater-activated batteries. 2041 Y Tan et al. Organic molecules showing the characteristics of localised corrosion aggravation and inhibition. 2046 Y Tang et al. Molecular dynamics simulations of dodecylamine adsorption on Fe surfaces in aqueous solution.


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CONTINUOUS NEBULIZER TREATMENT Page 2 of 7 PROCEDURE FOR MASK DELIVERY Check physician’s order. The continuous bronchodilator nebulization therapy (CBNT) order should include treatment duration and total number of mg and/or cc to be delivered per hour. The physician’s order may also include a desired FIO2. The CBNT must be reordered after the completion of the initial therapy. Id


 Loops permit us to execute a sequence  They differ in how the repetition is Compute the average of n values entered by the user. The number of values (n) wil be specified by n = input('Enter the number of values: ');counter = 0; total = 0;while (counter < n ) total = total + x; counter = counter + 1;endif (n > 0) avg = total / counter; disp(['The average is ' num2str(avg)]);endC

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