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Crawford County Administration Building Room 215 Chairman Pete Flesch called the meeting to order at 10:40 AM. Roll Call: Pete Flesch, David Olson, Ray Martin, Elling Jones, Wade Dull. Others in attendance Amanda Nagel; Amy Mitchell; Laura Moore, Veteran’s Office; Chris Mara, TRICOR Motion by Jones to approve January 3 and Fair Convention (Jan. 7-9) minutes with a correction to the January 8th roll call from David Martin to David Olson, second by Olson. Motion carried with no negative votes cast. Mobile Vet Center, Fee Waiver – Laura Moore, Veteran’s Office Motion by Dull, second by Olson to approve waiving of vendor fees for the Veteran’s Mobile Unit. Motion carried with no negative votes cast. Laura will get back to Amanda and the committee regarding what their needs will be related to electricity, hook ups, etc. TRICOR – Chris Mara presented an overview of current coverage, which is through the county. He will research and return with an application and cost parameters for event insurance coverage. Mara recommends a review of contract, lease, etc. agreements to determine what insurance coverage changes, if any, need to be implemented to those documents. The Fair needs to decide at what level the Fair wants to protect the county, the level of risk and what the Fair ultimately wants to do. Flesch left the meeting at 11:20 a.m. for another meeting. Dull assumed chair position. Account – Snitker reports, if bills are approved today, the approximate balance in the account is $25,033.05. One-half ($6000) of total price of the 2013 Plat Books ordered is due Mapping Solution upon approval of the Proof book. Demo Derby – Amanda reports the Gays Mills Fire Department does not want to hold the Demo Derby this year. Amanda presented a listing of businesses to select from. Upon committee consensus, Amanda will be contacting the following businesses requesting that each would present their proposal at the March or April Committee meeting: Fair Coordinator Report – Amanda presented her report in hardcopy; it will be placed on file. Gays Mills Office flooring and trim. Amanda presented samples of floorings from several businesses and a sample of preferred trim. Motion by Olson to go with Davidson, second by Martin – Motion carried with no negative votes cast. Payment will come out of the Plat Book fund. Cell Phone – Motion by Olson, second by Jones to join the Highway Department’s cell phone contract plan at $50 per month. Motion carried with no negative votes cast. Landline and Internet at Gays Mills Fair Office - By consensus the committee gives Amanda authority to get the most reasonably priced and serviceable system to meet her needs. Date of next meeting – March 7, 2013, (If Demo Derby businesses are scheduled to present, the committee would like to meet ½ hour earlier than standard start time.) Motion by Dull to approve payment of Ag/Extension and Fair bills as presented by Snitker; second by Olson. Roll call vote; motion carried with no negative votes cast. Motion to adjourn by Olson, second by Martin. Meeting adjourned at 12:45p.m. Respectfully submitted by Karen Snitker, Program Assistant



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