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I want to do a cycle of Primobolin because I heard that the side effects are very minimal while the muscle gains are permanent. What are the best forms of PRIMOBOLIN to take (injectable or pill)? What kind of results can I expect if I do a 10-week cycle? The anabolic steroid known as Primobolin (chemical name, methenolone) is found as either a long acting injectable compound (primobolin depot) or as a fast acting oral compound (primobolin Primobolin depot (methenolone enanthate), in men, should be injected 2-3 times per week at 100mg per injection so that at least 200mg is taken per week. This will ensure that adequate blood levels of the steroid have been achieved. Little or no deleterious side effects should be observed while taking Primobolin and, in fact, users usually notice a strange feeling of well being associated with the drug’s use. Primobolin acetate tabs (also known as Primobolin S) have the unique nature of being orally active at high blood level concentrations without requiring the 17-alpha alkylated (toxic side chain that prolongs a drugs’ half life) chemical group attached to it. Primobolin acetate has an uncanny ability to avoid the liver (by “shortcutting” through the lymphatic system). Therefore, Primobolin tabs, while extremely potent, has virtually no toxicity associated with its use-- the only drawback is its extremely short half-life which necessitates that Primo tabs be taken every 4-6 hours (at 25mg per tab) to maintain high enough blood levels of the drug. Because of this fact, most users combine the oral Primobolin tabs with the injectable Primobolin depot so that they may create a somewhat stable blood concentration of the drug. When is the best time of day to take my growth hormone injection? First, I heard that it should be taken before bed; then, someone else told me to take it in the middle of the night. What is the Whenever trying to ascertain the truth with regard to the human body, I always recommend resorting back to the basic science behind the question. In this case, we are referring to growth hormone secretion from the anterior pituitary gland. In the adolescent, growth hormone is released in a very pulsatile manner (i.e. It is secreted at various times throughout the day). The largest amount of growth hormone release in the body has been measured exactly 90 minutes into the “deep sleep” phase of sleeping. What this means is that the human body produces the largest amount of growth hormone while sleeping; therefore, if we were going to take some kind of supplement that stimulated growth hormone release, the most prudent time to take it would be before bed. However, when injecting actual growth hormone, the body’s ability to secrete its own growth hormone becomes irrelevant because the amount of synthetic growth hormone being injected into the body far outweighs any that is naturally produced. Additionally, because our bodies actually produce a somewhat significant amount of growth hormone at night , the worst time to inject the hormone would be at night because then the injected growth hormone would create a negative feedback signal that would, ultimately, shut down the body’s natural production. The most logical time to take growth hormone would be “upon waking” in the morning so that the growth hormone and subsequent IGF-1 release from the liver will help “push” all the ingested morning “nutrients” into the new and recovering muscle cells. Additionally, the morning hours are when cortisol (the body’s catabolic “nemesis”) levels are highest. Growth hormone, in this instance, will help counteract some of these very catabolic processes. QUESTION: I competed in a local bodybuilding competition this past year and to help me “dry out” before the show, I used the prescription diuretic, Aldactone. I started taking the drug about 4 days out from the show (on the advice of this guy in the gym); however, after the forth day of Aldactone usage (i.e. The day of the contest), I began to get very “flat” looking and I began to cramp. Realizing that Aldactone was a potassium-sparing diuretic, I began to ingest SODIUM in an attempt to counteract the extreme level of sodium depletion I was experiencing; however, nothing worked and my physique went “downhill” faster and faster. What did I do wrong? To properly answer your question we must first explore exactly how the drug Aldactone exerts its diureses in the human body because, had you known this simple fact, you would never have run into this problem to begin with. Aldactone is a competitive antagonist to the adrenal hormone, ALDOSTERONE. Aldosterone’s job, in the body, is to maintain proper sodium balance (i.e. In the absence of the electrolyte, sodium, aldosterone will be secreted from the adrenal glands and it will instruct the kidney tubules to reabsorb more sodium thus restoring homeostasis in the body). When you began taking Aldactone 4 days out from the show, you stifled your body’s ability to reabsorb sodium. When you, ultimately, realized that you had over- depleted your sodium reserves, it was impossible to restore the sodium balance (which would have filled out your flat muscles and negated the electrolyte-depleted cramps). You basically blew 16 weeks of dieting because you decided to listen to “some guy in the gym” rather than ask someone who had had experience using diuretics before. Had you found someone “in the know”, they would have told you to stick to using a potassium sparing diuretic like Dyazide that rids the body of sodium by directly influencing the kidneys to “dump” sodium. In this case, if too much Dyazide is consumed, extra sodium ingestion will cure the problem since the hormone aldosterone is functioning properly.


An allergic reaction to drugs is no stranger to man or beast, and it has long been recognised that rough collies are particula

An allergic reaction to drugs is no stranger to man or beast, and it has long been recognised that Rough Collies are particularly sensitive to a range of sedatives, tranquillisers and anaesthetics, although many in the veterinary profession have and continue to pour scorn on such claims. Early in the 1980s a new class of anti-parasitic preparations for large animals, based on the active ingr

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