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Here at Davy’s we’re passionate about wine and really enjoy being able to pass our knowledge onto our discerning customers. We have put together a number of tasting packages that are both fun and educational. These events are great for getting the team or a group of friends together for a unique experience and can always be followed by some tasty homemade food in one of our wine bars. We have over 25 Winebars located across central London, each unique in style and ambiance. These events can take the form of a sit down tutored tasting, or for larger groups a more informal set up where everyone can taste through the wines at their own pace. TUTORED TASTINGS Guests are seated with glasses and a tasting sheet. The tasting will be led by a wine expert. We will start with a look at ‘how to taste wine’ followed by a tasting of six wines. The style of wines to be tasted can be chosen from the options below: Options: Classic Grape Varieties – A tasting of 6 classic grape varieties showcasing the most famous styles, learning to distinguish their characteristics – Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Syrah. From £27 per person. Old World vs New World - A tasting of 3 different grape varieties looking at how the styles of the grapes differ in the Old World compared to the New World. A total of 6 wines will be tasted. From £25 per person. Blind tasting - A tasting looking at 3 styles of wine, Champagne/ Sparkling, white and red. For each category there will be an everyday priced wine and a more expensive version. The speaker will talk the guests though the wines and what to expect from more expensive ones. The guests will then need to decide which is which. This can also be done as a team building event with guests being split into teams. The winners will receive a prize. From £25 per person. INFORMAL STYLE This is a more informal style tasting with two tables situated on the opposite side of the room. Each table will have a selection of 6-8 wines and will be manned by a wine expert. Wines can either be a comparison of New World v Old World or Everyday v Premium. This style of tasting is suitable for events where socialising is important. Guests can work around the tables in their own time and taste whichever wines they choose whilst gaining information about the wines at their own pace. This is suitable for groups of more than 20 people. From £20 per person, or £30 per person to include a selection of cheeses to match. MASTERCLASS EVENINGS We can also organize bespoke masterclasses where your host will discuss either one region eg Burgundy or one grape variety eg Pinot Noir in more depth. Six wines will be tasted and there will be a 2-course supper afterwards. This tasting can be held in one of our Winebars if supper is to be included. From £49.95 per person including supper. Pricing and additional information All prices shown are for the event to take place at your own venue or for groups of up to 12 people in Davy’s Wine Shop, Greenwich, unless stated otherwise. All prices include VAT at 20% If you would like to hold your event in one of our Winebars there would be an additional charge, please contact us for information. Canapés can be added to any of the events, prices start from £8 per person. Tastings last approximately 1.5 - 2h depending on the size of the group. Tasting measures are served, rather than full glasses of wine. Davy’s will provide the glasses and tasting sheets. Details updated 24.02.12


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