During your pregnancy, you may find that you are suffering from yeast or vaginal infections, cold or flu,stomach upset or other common complaints. In order to help you take care of these problems or allevi-ate these symptoms, we provide you with the following information. It is not in any way to replaceadvice from your physician. If you have any questions, please discuss them with your provider.
At Caring for Women, we feel that any medication use in pregnancy should be avoided if at all possible.
There is no guarantee that medication is safe to take in early pregnancy. Adequate studies cannot bedone to determine the effects of medications on the baby. Our purpose is to alleviate maternal symp-toms without causing harm to the baby. The medications mentioned below have been used in pregnan-cy with limited to no known adverse effects to the baby.
We recommend frequent small meals. Try toast or crackers before getting out of bed to settle the stom-ach. Flat ginger ale or ginger capsules may also be used. You may also try Dramamine or Emetrol,which are sold over the counter in the drugstore. It is best to avoid greasy, spicy foods. Vitamin B6100mg taken with Unisom 25mg daily will act in combination and quiet the nausea and vomiting. Ifsymptoms persist or you are unable to keep any food or liquid down, please call our office.
If you have had a yeast infection in the past, you are familiar with the curd-like discharge, itching andredness of the vagina and vulva. It is safe to use over the counter medications such as Monistat duringpregnancy. Please follow the directions on the package and use caution when inserting the applicator.
We recommend inserting the applicator only halfway. Your symptoms should improve in several days.
If the infection does not respond to medication, it is necessary to schedule an appointment.
It is safe to take Tylenol or Tylenol Extra Strength for fever or aches related to a cold. No aspirin oribuprofen should be taken during pregnancy. For congestion, we recommend symptomatic relief first.
This includes inhaling steam, salt water gargles, saline nasal spray and throat lozenges. Sudafed orActifed may be taken for congestion. Plain Robitussin or Triaminic without alcohol may be used forcough. In the event you experience coughing at night that keeps you from sleep, Benadryl tablets orcapsules may be used. Follow package directions for any of these medications. If you experience fevergreater than 101 degrees, productive cough or discolored sputum, shortness of breath or difficultycatching your breath, or changes in fetal movement, please contact your doctor for instructions.
Heartburn is a common complaint during pregnancy. Over the counter medications such as Tums,Maalox, Zantac 75 or Tagamet HB are all safe during pregnancy. Pepto-Bismol is not recommendedbecause it may be metabolized to aspirin. Avoid lying down immediately after eating. If your heartburnis accompanied by upper abdominal pain, high pressure, swelling and headache, this may be a sign (HEARTBURN CONTINUED)
of a pregnancy complication, and you should contact your physician for instructions.
Colace, Surfac, or Metamucil may be used according to package directions. Increasing your fluidintake and eating high fiber products (bran) along with exercise may also be helpful.
If you are vomiting, it is important to avoid anything orally until the vomiting stops. Hydration is muchmore important than eating food, so clear liquids are recommended until your stomach settles down.
These include: soft drinks without caffeine, weak tea, Gatorade, Jell-O and Popsicles. Plain watermay be nauseating to an upset stomach. As your appetite increases, you may want to try the BRATdiet. B - banana, R - rice, A - applesauce, T - toast. Avoid dairy products, greasy, fatty or rich foods ofany kind until you are feeling better. It is safe to take Kaopectate or Imodium for diarrhea. Again,Pepto-Bismol is not recommended. If you are unable to keep any fluids down, are experiencingexcessive thirst or decrease in urination, please contact your physician for further instructions.
Please Note:
If a problem develops, please try to call during regular hours 602-466-1111, so your medicalrecord is available and an appointment may be scheduled.
If a problem develops after hours, please call the answering service at 480-804-5538.
It is very important to know a 24-hour pharmacy number nearest your home and the hospitalyour insurance plan has approved.
If you feel it is a severe emergency, please proceed to your insurance plan’s designatedemergency room for evaluation.
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