In 1996 there were about 100,000 hospital admissions inthe UK due to acute asthma and around 1,500 peopledied from the disease. In the US, there are more than5,000 deaths from asthma each year.
With advances in the treatment of asthma the numberof fatalities will reduce.
Look at the shape of the Accuhaler. Discuss with Developing a system for convenience of use is important others in your class what you think about the shape.
because a simpler treatment will mean that users use the Do you like it? Does it look like a friendly product that therapy correctly to keep their asthma under control.
will be easy to use? Is it important for medical The Accuhaler (also known as Diskus) was the first asthma products to have an attractive modern appearance? therapy to offer patients comprehensive asthma control in asingle inhaler. Asthma therapy has developed a lot over thelast decade, for example in recognising the usefulness ofcombining a long acting bronchodilator (e.g. Severent) withan inhaled corticosteroid (e.g. Flixotide). This is of benefit tomore patients than an increased corticosteroid dose. The Accuhaler uses Seretide which acts as a bronchodilator,to make the muscles round the airways relax, and anti-inflammatory agents to reduce swelling andirritation in the airways.
ApprovalThe inhaler was first publicised in March 1998.
Glaxo Wellcome applied to market Seretide in Europea month later.
Approval to market Seretide in Sweden was gainedin September 1998. This was the first approval in theEuropean Union. The Accuhaler was launched in March 1999.
The rounded case of the Accuhaler fits comfortably in the hand and the pocket. This transparent model gives a clue as to Glaxo Wellcome spend more than £1 billion a year onresearch and development (R&D) involving more than9,000 scientists and engineers. Almost half this is spentin the UK and over a third in the USA. They identifydisease areas requiring medicines and develop ways ofmeeting these needs. As well as medicines, they developinnovative vaccines and diagnostics. Glaxo Wellcome have locations in more than 80 differentcountries divided into five regions world wide : NorthAmerica; Latin America; Europe, Africa & the Middle East; Find out the names of other companies that The world-wide manufacturing and supply (WM&S) function operates 55 manufacturing sites in 33 countries.
For each of the companies you identify, find out They employ over 18,000 staff, supplying around 400 products to customers and patients in 150 markets worldwide. WM&S works with a wide network of external 10 sites manufacture and supply most of the active ingredients. 40 sites produce the finished medicines.
There are over 6,000 different packaging presentations. • how much government funding do they receive?


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