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1. How many milliliters of a 50:50 mixture of diazepam and ketamine at a dose of 1ml/ 20 lb should be ANS: B8 lb/ 20lb/ml = 0.4 ml total = 0.2 ml diazepam: 0.2 ml ketamine 2. A diagnostic laboratory requires 1 ml of serum to run a chemistry panel. A bird with a PCV of 50% would need how many full HCT tubes collected to have enough serum for the chemistry panel? (Each HCT tube holds 0.1 ml of whole blood).
ANS: B0.1 ml * 50/100 (50%) = 0.05 ml; 1ml / 0.05 ml = 20 HCT tubes 3. A dosage of 1 tbs EOD requires approximately ANS: C1 tbs = 15 mls. EOD: 7 doses. Each dose is 1 tbs hence 7 doses * 15 ml = 105 ml for a 2-week supply 4. You are asked to infuse intravenously 500 ml of fluids over a 6 hours. The administration set is calibrated at 20 drops/ml. After 4 hours you observe that only 150 ml have been given. What should the adjusted drip rate be?a.
ANS: D500 ml - 150 ml = 350 ml350 ml * 20 drops /ml = 7,000 ml in 2 hours7,000 ml / (60 minutes/hr * 2 hrs) ~ 58 drops/min 5. The veterinary dermatologist is having you prepare a dog for a patch test. Forty antigens need to be tested, and each antigen must be 1 cm from the next. What size patch should you shave on the dog?a.
6. A 5% dextrose solution is diluted with sterile water. THe volume of sterile water added is 40% of the volume of the 5% extrose solution. What approximately is the new dextrose concentration?a.
ANS: C5% * 100 ml = X% * 140 mlX% = (5% * 100 ml) / 140 ml = 3.57 % 7. You need to deliver 450 ml of 5% dextrose. You have on hand a liter of sterile water and a 500-ml bottle of 50% glucose. Which of the following is the correct preparation?a.
90 ml of 50% glucose in 360 ml of sterile 0.45 ml of 50% glucose in 40.5 ml sterile d.
4.5 ml of 50% glucose in 445.5 ml sterile 8. A stock solution was diluted 1:5, then 1:3, then 1:2, and finally 1:6 to produce a final concentration of 0.4 mg/ml. The original concentration of the stock solution was?a.
ANS: CTotal dilution = (1/5) * (1/3) * (1/2) * (1/6) = 1/180Total dilution factor = 180Original concentration = Final concentration * DF 0.4 mg/ml * 180 = 72 mg/ml = 7.2% 9. A 30% stock solution of potassium permanganate was diluted four times as follows: 0.1 ml of stock was added to 0.4 ml of distilled water; 4.5 ml of distilled water was added; the resulting solution was diluted 1:3; the resulting solution was again diluted to 0.06 L. The final concentration of the solution wasa.
ANS: D30% = 300 mg/ml0.1 ml * 300 mg/ml = 30 mg/ml30 mg/ml / 60 ml = 0.5 mg/ml = 0.05% 10. A 14-oz bottle contains approximately? COMPLETION
1. A 4 month old, 3 lb calico female kitten, whose name is Silver, presents to the VTI for respiratory problems. On presentation she is depressed and temperature = 98 F, HR = 130 and RR = 40. She is weak and her perineum is stained with urine. She has a hacking cough and clear dischare from bost nostrils. She has not eaten for a day and is not drinking any water.
Her chemistry panel revels a low BUN and hyperglobulinemia. There was not enough blood to run a CBC.
The veterinarian decides to put her on LRS fluids at 30cc/lb/day (maintenance rate)How many milliliters of fluids does Silver need for every hour? ANS: 30 cc * 3 lb = 90 ml90 ml / 24 = 3.75 ml / hr 2. A microdrip set is used to administer LRS fluids for Silver (60 drops/ ml). What is the rate of fluids ANS: 3.75 ml * 60 = 225 drops / hr225 drops / (60*60) = 0.06 drops/sec or 1 drop / 16 secs 3. Please give 2 differential diagnosis for hyper globulinemia: ANS: POLYCLONALInfections: Bacterial: Brucellosis, pyoderma, bacterial endocarditisViral: FIP (most common in cats), FIV, FeLVFungal: Systematic: Blastomycosis, histoplasmosis, coccidiomycosisRickettsial: EhrlichiaParasitic: Dirofilariasis, Demodex, ScabiesImmune mediated diseases: Infections (Immune complexes): Dirofilariasis, Feline Cholangitis/ Cholangiohepatitis, pyometraSystemic Lupus Erythematosis (SLE): glomerulonephritis, IMHA, IMT, polyarthritisPemphigus complex, bullous pemphigoidRhematoid arthrititsNeoplasiaMONOCLONALInfection: Ehrlichiosis, Leishmaniasis, FIP, Idiopathic, Benign monoclonal gammopathyNeoplasia: Multiple myeloma, macroglobulinemia, lymphosarcoma, extramedullary plasmacytoma (rare)Miscellaneous: cutneous amyloidosis, plasmatic gastroenterocolitits Liver and Kidney failure is general: 1/2 point 4. The veterinarian also decides to put Silver on broad spectrum antibiotics to help with the respiratory infection. How much clavamox 62.5 mg/ml (1 cc per 10 lb) will you give Silver (3 lb) per treatment.
ANS: 3/10 = 0.3 ccWill also accept 18.75 BUT 0.3 cc is what is administered to the pet 5. What are 3 adjunct treatments that can help Silver recover from her upper respiratory disease? ANS: LysineSaline dropsVitamin B complexNutrition: Gruel A/DMucolytic - acetylcysteineAntitussive: dextromethorphan (in cats caution with hydrocodone or butorphanol)Dextrose in fluidsIntranasal phenylephrine drops - mostly in emergenciesEphedrine - mostly in emergenciesAntihistaminesEpinephrine - vasoconstrictor - mostly in emergency for anaphylactic shock or asthma

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