13-10 newsflash sept

Dear Droners, here's the 6th update for this year, SEPTEMBER 2013 !

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OUT NOW on Substantia Innominata!
* BRUME - Two Characters 10" (Substantia Innominata SUB-19, 2013) € 12.00 *
the French "atmospheric musique concrete" master on the Drone Rec.-sublabel with two highly evocative drone-pieces, full of tension & great sounds, showing a compelling densification process.
lim. 500 coloured vinyl; cover-artwork by MAL HOESCHEN (MULTER).


VULTURES QUARTET excited us with their abstract soundscapes (CD on Zoharum), we loved TOMOKO SAUVAGES pure porcelan bowl sounds (LP on Aposiopese), a new
CDR with emotional transcension drones bei CLADE, - dark ambient act CAUL is back with an impressive album going to new directions (CD on Malignant), great LPs by
RASHAD BECKER & HELM on PAN, raw & bewildering noises from LUDO MICH (with W. KASAHARA & K. KUWAYAMA) (LP on Discombulate), the handplayed ritual muzak
by Italys WAKINYAN (ex TERRORITMO), beautiful solo violin music by SARAH NEUFELD (LP/CD on Constellation), ever amazing exotic stuff by KABOOM KARAVAN (two LPs
on Miasmah), and we welcome the Hungarian 3LEAVES-label (a specialist for contemplative/minimal field recordings released in beautiful editions) on Drone Records !
+ the main / maybe better known names & HIGHLIGHTS:
named "Flipper" (you haven't heard them so beautfiul droney subtle & harmonic before), re-issue of N's great "Prora" album (LP on Empiric Rec.); also in stock now all the latest
new releases by MALLIGNANT RECORDS, the main US-american label for dark industrial tunes, a vinyl re-issue of KEVIN DRUMM's epic drone release "Imperial Distortion", a
limited KRENG 7" with beautiful design, a LE SYNDICAT tape-box, more rare PHILIP CORNER recordings on LP, a LAUGHING HANDS LP box, and and and.

As always, pre-orders & reservations are possible. Most of the titles listed are in stock, others are backorderable quickly. All prices are in EURO and do NOT include postage & handling costs! Please note the minimum
order is 25 Euro. The FULL mailorder-backprogramme is viewable (with search- & orderfunction) on our website www.dronerecords.de. All NEW items listed here are already listed in the database on the website, except for
very rare / single copy items. If you're interested in listening to SOUND-SAMPLES for specific items please follow the website-link / URL we list for the item if existing, almost all labels offer samples on their website.
Please send your orders & all communication to: [email protected]
PLEASE always mention THE PRICES (if you don't order through the website) to make our work on your orders easier & faster and to avoid further delays, thanks a lot !


debut-album of Polish dark ambient project, highly atmospheric catacomb-drones based on analogue synths & skillful designed sounds €12,00 www.malignantrecords.com
of distant Hope
& effects; recommended to fans of CYCLIC LAW & LOKI acts, lim. 500 long active Polish electronic musician doing layered analogue synth-scapes in the way of S.E.T.I., PETE NAMLOCK, BIOSPHERE, 2 AQUAVOICE - Grey
€12,00 www.zoharum.com
SEETYCA, or even COIL. his eighth album out now on ZOHARUM, the ever growing label from Gdansk; to discover ! re-mastered version of the Soundtrack to this legendary metaphysically ARTEMIEV, EDWARD - Solaris -
Science Fiction (& more) film , fully licensed by the composer, comes in €20,00 www.miru-mir.info
Original Soundtrack
gatefold sleeve with previously unpublished photos from the TARKOVSKY-archives, 180gr vinyl ARTEMIEV, EDWARD - Stalker / The
re-issue of do-LP from 1990, a collection of ARTEMIEVs film scores for TARKOVSKYs films STALKER and THE MIRROR; recorded in Moscow €25,00 www.miru-mir.info
reviews & articles: new stuff from ReR MEGACORP, RUNE GRAMMOFON, 1000FÜSSLER, ATTENUATION CIRCUIT, AUF 5 BAD ALCHEMY - No. 77 (Juni 2013)
much more from experimental, drone, post-industrial, impro & advanced jazz-scene. Deutsche Sprach, 88 Seiten, handliches Format, günstig & re-worked & enlarged version of "Unification" (a rare mCDR from 2006), based on sounds from VIRGO, a gravitational inferometer (near Pisa, 6 BAD SECTOR - Unification
Italy) collecting cosmic waves; a highly experimental & really cosmic €13,00 www.oldeuropacafe.com
sounding album, expressing the "human struggle for a more complete and unified version of the basic forces of nature". Edition of 500 copies BAKER, AIDAN (with RICHARD
two long epic droney percussive tracks by AIDAN BAKER with drummer RICHARD BAKER, not so far from the ARC project. elegant. subtle. €15,00 www.backwards.it
BAKER) - Smudging
flowing. lim. 400 (+45 art ed. handpinated) BECKER, PETER - Ambivalent
material from two early cassettes, released 1980 & 1981 by the one half of EYELESS IN GAZA on their own label AMBIVALENT SCALE, comes €16,00 www.vinyl-on-demand.com
Scale Tape Recordings 79-81
debut full-length releases by the famous cutting engineer from Berlin, BECKER, RASHAD - Traditional
who excites with deeply surrealistic music, bizarrely morphed structures, pulses & noises beyond words & styles; "a masterpiece of focussed non- €23,00 www.pan-act.com
Music of Notional Species Vol. 1
referential electronic environments"; comes in the typical artful silkscreened pvc sleeve with artwork by Bill Kouligas rare Finnish CD-R only release (BCO firming as "BIG SITI OOKESTRA) BIG CITY ORCHESTRA - New Beat
doing their uncopyable loopy organic drones; 54 min., incl. 'sounds effects library Vol. 11'; we got the remaining copies from the label! Professional cover & reproduction, printed labels project of AMELIA CUNI, CATHERINE CHRISTER HENNIX and 11 BORN OF SIX - Svapiti
WERNER DURAND => one long drone-composition, very pure & €13,50 www.importantrecords.com
acoustic contemplation muzak with lots vocal material & and "indian" touch. excellent "classic" drone muzak !! dedicated to DAVID LYNCHs cult-movie "Eraserhead", excellent new 12 BRUME - In Heaven
soundscapes between dark ambient industrial & musique concrete; the €13,00 www.quasipop.org
standard version now in stock, gatefold-cover, lim. 300 only the French "atmospheric musique concrete" master on the Drone Rec.-sublabel with two highly evocative drone-pieces, full of tension & great 13 BRUME - Two Characters
€12,00 www.substantia-innominata.de
sounds, showing a compelling densification process. lim. 500 coloured vinyl; cover-artwork by MAL HOESCHEN (MULTER) collaboration of a duo from USA feat. MYKEL BOYD using field recordings, vocals & violin sounds, and the master of French 14 BRUME + BOKEH - Transmutations
undergroundish musique concrete, BRUME, => excellent experimental €13,00 www.somnimage.com
soundscapes between atmosphere & tension, that stand out through the creation of more harmonic & rhythmic passages. debut album by this project of painter & musician BRONISLAW BRUNO SWIATLOCIEN - Czern /
EHRLICH, post-punk/dark wave/ambient compositions that have been €12,00 www.zoharum.com
compared to JOY DIVISION & WOLFGANG PRESS; truly 80's stuff with drum-machine & an atmosphere of hopelessness. surprising development for CAUL: their beautiful ambient-scapes are 16 CAUL - The long Dust
enriched by subtle drums, guitars & and almost song-like post-rock €12,00 www.malignantrecords.com
structures, for amazing effect! Beautiful melancholia. CISFINITUM - Industriewerke 2002-
collection of CISFINTUMs "industrial" works, contributions to compilations and the rare Drone Records EP "Curse vs. Curve" (DR-66, €13,00 www.oleghkolyada.com
2004), plus one previously unreleased track; lim. 200 copies only ! second album for this promising drone-newcomer from Scotland, infinite drone-rays & landscapes with a philosophic inspiration, dark & 18 CLADE, - Holonic Sadism
shimmering at the same time. lim. 100 handmade silkscreen-printed €10,00 www.cladistic.org
covers that are closed by crepe-paper & sealed with way. highly recommended again ! project of EVGENY VORONOVSK (CISFINITUM) and the long active electronic musician MIGUEL A. RUIZ from Spain => incredible dry old 19 CODACHROM - Plastinka
€13,00 www.geometrikrecords.com
school rhythm electronics, retro-futuristic lounge muzak for fans of very early analogue sounds, drum machines, vocoders. lim. 500 CORNER, PHILIP - Battutosso /
obscure recordings of PHILIP CORNER performing (or letting perform) on a pair of bones, various cow bells & a dancer, natural flute & breath, 20 Bone Pulse (and other Nature
€15,00 www.ricercasonora.com
and a xylophon sculpture. - this is where Fluxus concepts & improvised collection of 'favourite field recordings' made in Beijing (30 tracks) for the CUSACK, PETER - Favourite Beijing
'Sound and the City' art project in 2006, most tracks by the long active guitarist, improviser and field recording artist from UK; some extracts €15,00
were recorded by local Chinese contributors; comes w. special cover-art, based on recordings of MAX EASTLEYs kinetic sculptures and CUSACKSs often bizarre field recordings, this CD collects collaborative CUSACK, PETER & MAX EASTLEY -
compositions from 1975-2000, using sound sources as: aolean harps, ghetto blasters, small cassette machines, broken glas, fire, centriphone, €13,50 www.stalk.net/paradigm/
Day for Night
guitars, bouzouki, humming tops, etc. etc. 9 tracks full of surprising aural landscapes with many changes / cut ups / directions, for the heart of hearing. sister release to "Y Para Be", the more experimental / daring side of 23 DEAD VOICES ON AIR - Y Para Ba
DVOA, excellent material only!! Lim. 150, luxurious gatefold-cover, two €17,50
sister release to "Y Para Be", subtle & harmonic synth ambience fields & 24 DEAD VOICES ON AIR - Y Para Be
cosmic melancholia, the most calm & meditative DVOA release so far €17,50
maybe, with surprising Cello-sounds. lim. 150, luxurious gatefold-cover, ultra-dark & nihilistic debut-album by a duo from Los Angeles, where DEATHSTENCH - Massed in black
black ambient/metal & occult death industrial meet, sounds that seem to €12,00 www.malignantrecords.com
come directly from hell. well arranged, compelling terror-tunes full of misantrophy; filed under IDN (intelligent DEATH noise) ! DRUMM, KEVIN - Imperial Distortion
the drone-masterpiece of KEVIN DRUMM, remastered; contemplation drones of a very refined & minimal nature. a re-pressing of 200 copies €35,00 www.hospitalproductions.com
massive collection of various new & rare recordings 1996-2009, comes 27 DRUMM, KEVIN - Necro Acoustic
in a solid carboard-box with gold print & 24 p. booklet; the following €35,00 www.picadisk.com
albums are included: LIGHTS OUT - MALAISE - DECREPIT - NO EDIT - 28 EAU-DC - NR2
2nd album by this German glitch / electronica-duo, lim. 200 (the first 100 copies incl. large poster); to discover for fans of the genre €17,50 www.empiricrecords.com
Canadian singer/songwriter creating expressive compositions full of passion & soul => "from visionary atmospheres à la David Lynch to 29 ENGEL, CLARA - Tender
raging blues of the Mississipi Delta, till gloomy sceneries that seem to €15,00 www.backwards.it
come from Nick Cave's pen, Clara can combine Chrissie Hynde, Howlin' Wolf and Diamanda Galas into a single artistic creature"; lim. 300 FUNERARY CALL - Nightside
archaic ritual music from this promising US doom/dark ambient act, usuing unusual sounds from found objects as rocks, scrap metal, €12,00 www.malignantrecords.com
very minimal & concrete improvisations & environmental "silence drones" GERARD, PIERRE - ENVIRONMENT
by this electro-acoustic soundartist from Belgium, using unknown objects €12,00 www.3leaves-label.com
& gesture
& instruments with/in water outside. lim. 200, two (colour) inlays, the first studio-album (after two live recordings that have been published 32 HATI & Z'EV - Collusion
before) by the shamanic soulmates from Poland & USA; four long tracks €13,00 www.idiosyncratics.net
full of ritualistic gong, drone- & percussion sounds, all fully acoustic & non-electronic with a very spatial quality. lim. 500 first vinyl-version of TIM HECKER's third album from 2004 (Alien8), combining majestically noise, drones & harmonies. the result is 33 HECKER, TIM - Mirages
something to loose your emotional mind in, there are yearnful harmonies, €25,00 www.kranky.net
but there’s also dirty digital noise, and monumental or smooth drones, the tracks are ambigously drifting between these poles, a fantastic album long play 12" by this London-based project with four new tracks using 34 HELM - Silencer
lots of subtle & droney percussion.comes in the typical artful €16,00 www.pan-act.com
silkscreened pvc sleeve with artwork by Bill Kouligas work from 1962, based on the 'Tibetan Book of Dead', two years after he 35 HENRY, PIERRE - Le Voyage
founded the first private studio for electronic music in France. 180gr. €17,00 www.miru-mir.info
edited & re-mastered re-issue of earlier casette-release with recordings from 2003-2005 by the always astonishing group around SCOTT €16,00 www.recitalprogram.com
FOUST, comes with color insert, lim. 285 copies first collaboration between these composers from Italy & France, based IELASI, GIUSEPPE & KASSEL
on two different studio improvisation-sessions (Paris Oct. 2011 & Oreno June 2012), => unidentifiable analog & digital sources & noises are €16,50 www.editionsmego.com
JAEGER - Parallel / Grayscale
merged together, building micrologic formations & figurations, often with 'meditation music for the darker minds' - the project of OLEGH 38 IN MEDITARIUM - Drift in Sodom
KOLYADA (FIRST HUMAN FERRO, etc.) and SERGEY SVISTELNIK €13,00 www.oleghkolyada.com
(FILIVS MACROCOSMI) presents the 'Panoptikvm series' (1998-2008) which includes the deleted Drone Records EP "Mare Internum" (2005); slowly moving drone-clouds, timeless & organic drifting in abyssal areas. lim. 200 copies only! KA-SPEL, EDWARD - The Absence
re-mastered re-issue of the rare LP from 2001 (TeKa/Beta-lactam Ring of Evidence
40 KA-SPEL, EDWARD - The Patriot
rare 7" with two new tracks, lim. 320 copies €10,50 http://unlimiteddrift.blogspot.de
one of the strangest records we heard in a while.the new album by the 41 KABOOM KARAVAN - Hokus Fokus
Belgian project, full of beautiful obscurism & exotic arrangements, €16,00 www.miasmah.com
re-mastered re-issue of the debut album from 2007 (only available as KABOOM KARAVAN - Short Walk
download at that time) by this uncategorizable project from Belgium; €16,00 www.miasmah.com
with Olaf
"influences from Electronica and Ambient with Americana, Free Folk and KOMMISSAR HJULER / MAMA BÄR
two couples in cathartic action - a unique theatre of madness & €15,00 www.ricercasonora.com
Live in Edinburgh
KRAFTWERK - Live at Ebbets Field
44 in Denver, May 20, 1975 / Live in
collector's item with two live recordings: Denver May 20, 1975 & Cologne March 22, 1975; clear vinyl, lim. 500 €20,00
stunning 7" by the extraordinary project from Belgium with two very filmic 45 KRENG - . and then in the Morning
& narrative pieces about two 'bad dreams', catching the in-between-state €13,00 www.sonic-pieces.com
amongst sleep & waking; lim. 300, handmade, silkscreened & LAUGHING HANDS - Tape-Works
46 1981-1982
re-issue of diverse rare MC-only releases by the legendary Australian experimental collective feat. PAUL SCHÜTZE, incl. DVD €69,00 www.vinyl-on-demand.com
the French bruitists / rhythmic industrialists (active sind 1982!) with a handpainted box containing re-issues of six rare early tapes from 1982- 47 LE SYNDICAT - 30 Years of Excess 6 x MC-BOX Influencing Machine
€56,00 www.influencingmachinerecords.blogspot.it
1986, none of this has previously been re-released! Comes with 16 p booklet Korean cellist & improviser (living in New York) with a challenging album on STEPHEN O'MALLEYS label, recorded at various loactions in 48 LEE, OKKYUNG - Ghil
Norway by LASSE MARHAUG, using "primitive" recording equipment; €16,50 www.editionsmego.com
very concrete, pure, furious, 'exhausting' & crazy sounds & a 6--track vinyl only / concept album, lim. 299 copies, 180gr. vinyl, full LEGENDARY PINK DOTS - The
colour cover insert; "45 minutes of storytelling touching on reincarnation, €32,00 www.rustblade.com
Curse of Marie Antoinette
other worldly dimensions, romance and fear to be enjoyed by candle LEGENDARY PINK DOTS - The
"this is Holy Magick in a cool, cruel world" (E.KA-SPEL) - the dark new studio album with 7 tracks, focused on spirituality & religion - "another €15,00 www.metropolis-records.com
Gethsemane Option
fascinating chapter in the life of this extraordinary band" [Blinded by LILES, ANDREW - Diagonally
second in a trilogy of releases about the topic "Time" for this Hongkong- based collectors label; comes with two full colour postcards & luxurious €17,00
through Time (Illusion Two)
LILES, ANDREW - Reversing
third in a trilogy of releases about the topic "Time" for this Hongkong- based collectors label; comes with two full colour postcards & luxurious €17,00
through Time (Illusion Three)
LILES, ANDREW - Sideways
first in a trilogy of releases about the topic "Time" for this Hongkong- based collectors label; comes with two full colour postcards & luxurious €17,00
through Time (Illusion One)
field recordings of the whole course (224km, from Massachusetts to Connecticut) of the fast flowing Housatonic River, made at the surface & LOCKWOOD, ANNEA - A Sound
underwater, along the riverbank; experience the beauty of the streaming €10,00 www.3leaves-label.com
Map of the Housatonic River
water & the einvironment; nice release by the prolific composer from New Zealand (*1939), who began to record "sound maps" or "aural 55 LOSCIL - Endless Falls
rainy-day ambience - fifth album by the Canadian (Vancouver) ambient/electronica act, for the first time with vocals. €20,00 www.kranky.net
slowly moving, majestic noise ambience with metallic overtunes & tribal percussion with voices coming from the counterworlds, really captivating, 56 MACULATUM - The Nameless City
haunting, and hypnotic. a ritual black drone debut from this €12,00 www.malignantrecords.com
collaborational effort of COLLAPSAR and RASALHAGUE, influenced by H.P. LOVECRAFTs mythology. lim. 500 noise as medication? These noise-maniacs, also known as PHROQ & JAZZKAMER, created two tracks named after pharmaceuticals - to cure MARHAUG, LASSE & FRANCISCO
the same symptoms, but with acoustics . playable on 33 OR 45 rpm, this €10,50 www.misanthropicagenda.com
MEIRINO - Flupentixol Lamotrigine
is a furious & fast changing cut-up / plunderphonic / musique concrete noise piece, asking for your full attention on one side, and a strange low fi drone entity on the other. great 7"; lim. 500 clear vinyl a turn for this remarkable "progressive folk" band with a shamanistic & MASTER MUSICIANS OF BUKKAKE
experimental approach, now concentrating on the rituals of the western €13,50 www.importantrecords.com
- Far West
world, "a true psychedelic, audiophile experience to dissolve your body in" a turn for this remarkable "progressive folk" band with a shamanistic & MASTER MUSICIANS OF BUKKAKE
experimental approach, now concentrating on the rituals of the western €18,00 www.importantrecords.com
- Far West
world, "a true psychedelic, audiophile experience to dissolve your body in"; lim. vinyl version MICH, LUDO / WATARU KASAHARA
highly experimental & raw expressive collaboration recordings by LUDO / KIYOHARU KUWAYAMA - Les
MICH (Fluxus / soundartist from Belgium), K. KUWAYAMA (also known as LETHE) and W. KASAHARA from Japan; perfect stuff if you like the €18,00 www.discombobulaterecords.com
archives de l'univers amnesique
TOCHNIT ALEPH label, RUDOLV E.BER or MAMA BÄRs nerve-bending illustre
soundscapes. white vinyl, lim. 250 copies new studio album by this remarkable Polish project with very own style, 61 MIRT - Heading South
inspired by B adventure films and 'cheap comic stories", creating a dark €15,00 www.backwards.it
& hazy mood; edition of 200 copies on black vinyl first ever vinyl re-issue of rare LP from 1983 (recordings from 1982), so 62 M.B. - Das Testament
far only re-released as CD; oppressive post-industrial ambience, based €15,00 www.backwards.it
on low-fi analogue electronics. lim. 300 first ever vinyl re-issue of rare LP from 1983 (recordings from 1982), so 63 M.B. - Das Testament (special ed.)
far only re-released as CD; oppressive post-industrial ambience, based €29,00 www.backwards.it
on low-fi analogue electronics. special ed. lim. 100 with bonus 7 " ! re-mastered re-issue of this early 4-track CD (2003), one of their 64 NADJA - Corrasion
milestones (the 2nd or 3rd NADJA release at that time). four long €10,00 www.miskatonicsoundlab.com
monumental tracks, unfolding the typical massive NADJA sound. 65 NADJA - Dagdrom
CD-version of last years great studio-album, feat. Mac McNeilly (JESUS LIZARD) on drums €13,00 http://brokenspineprods.wordpress.com
special release dedicated to dolphin & wales, all profits are donated to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation; four long tracks, feat. ANGELA 66 NADJA - Flipper
CHAN & PETER BRODERICK (on violin & viola); very subtle, slow, €18,50 www.oakenpalace.com
harmonic & beautiful. definitely one of our most favourite NADJA release; comes with free download code, clear vinyl, lim. 500, 180gr. vinyl re-issue of the two bonus-CDRs that came originally with the box-version NAVICON TORTURE
of the last N.T.T. release from 2009, "The Gospels of the Gash", 67 TECHNOLOGIES - Your Suffering
containing 18 collaborative tracks & remixes by: TROUM, AUN, €15,00 www.malignantrecords.com
COLLECTIVE, etc. etc.; comes in stunning 8-panel DVD-sized double-digipack first impressive solo-album by this Canadian violinist from Montreal (member of ARCADE FIRE) => very beautiful minimal violin harmonics & complex arrangements with roots in traditional east-european music 68 NEUFELD, SARAH - Hero Brother
(influenced by the likes as BELA BARTOK or IVA BITTOVA), with €22,00 www.cstrecords.com
additional vocals and field recordings of the atmospheric noises from a flowstone cave, a train station, etc. the vinyl version comes with art-print first impressive solo-album by this Canadian violinist from Montreal (member of ARCADE FIRE) => very beautiful minimal violin harmonics & 69 NEUFELD, SARAH - Hero Brother
complex arrangements with roots in traditional east-european music €14,00 www.cstrecords.com
(influenced by the likes as BELA BARTOK or IVA BITTOVA), with additional vocals and field recordings of the atmospheric noises from a re-edition of N's much requested release from 2009, now with gatefold- cover & 12 x 12" full colour art-booklet on heavy paper with new liner 70 N(13) - Prora
notes => minimal organic guitar drone ambience, two long pieces, €23,00 www.empiricrecords.com
inspired by the monumental Nazi-ruins (4.5 km long) in Prora on Rügen; lim. 200, 180 gr. vinyl intriguing and somehow almost surrealistic field recordings made in ONDA, AKI - Cassette Memories
Mexico expressing the extreme polarities of the society, the third part of AKI ONDA's "cassette memories" (using intentionally low fi and even €13,50 www.importantrecords.com
Vol. 3: South Of The Border
broken cassette-walkman's for recording his sound diaries). "Somehow, in this chaos, the boundary between reality and imagination disappears" PANTALEIMON - The Butterfly ate
nine new tracks, the first album since 5 years by ANDRIA DEGENS "psychedelic drone folk" project, feat. many guest-musicians as JAMES €16,00
the Pearl
nine new tracks, the first album since 5 years by ANDRIA DEGENS "psychedelic drone folk" project, feat. many guest-musicians as JAMES €13,00
the Pearl
BLACKSHAW, WILL OLDHAM, OTTO HAUSER, etc. second full length for this male/female Slovakian dark ambient duo for PHRAGMENTS - New Kings and
Malignant => endless dark orchestral drones ebbing away, very bleak & subtle & minimal, one long track in 6 chapters; comes in a largely €12,00 www.malignantrecords.com
New Queens
oversized 8-panel fould out cover; lim. 500 and a must for any dark ambient lover !! RAPOON / PAS MUSIQUE -
RAPOON collaboration with the PAS MUSIQUE-collective from New York, leading to stronger oriental & electronic foundations. lim. 200, €17,50
Manuscript Stickum
extraordinary conceptual field recording album made from sounds of the human body of MATHIEU RUHLMANNS mother (!) (with additionals from RUHLMANN, MATHIEU - This Star
medical equipment & location recordings) who was diagnosed a rare €10,00 www.3leaves-label.com
teaches Bending
malicious lung desease; astonishing micro-sounds, very reduced and concrete.forming slow granular drones after a while. think of JOHN processed field recordings of "the living things and the feeble vibrations" SASAJIMA, HIROKI & TAKAHISA
made in the mythical Togakushi mountains in Japan; subtle drones & €12,00 www.3leaves-label.com
HIRAO - Hidden Bird's Nest
animal sounds, atmospheric hiss & the crunching of footsteps. all very pure & clear, for the most conscious contemplative listening. lim. 300 experiments made with porcelan-bowls filled with water, played with wooden spoons & metal wires; inspired by the Jalatarangam, a 78 SAUVAGE, TOMOKO - Ombrophilia
traditional Indian instrument, this also uses field recordings from south €18,00 www.aposiopese.com
India ; very pure & clear meditative sounds, great release by this female Japanese musician (residing in Paris) . re-issue of and/OAR CD 2009 lim. vinyl version of new album with bonus 10" (two extra tracks & one 79 SIGUR ROS - Kveikur
remix) and CD of the same album, showing SIGUR ROS going partly €26,00 www.xlrecordings.com
into a darker, more "industrial" direction as before. project of NICK MOTT (VOLCANO THE BEAR) and two members of SKELETON BIRDS AND THE
JAZZFINGER, doing "thee most obscure acoustics", - always surprising 80 NUMBER OF GOD - These dark
and weird sounds & arrangements using mainly acoustic instruments & €18,50 www.altvinyl.com
singing/voices, but there's much more almost undescribable going on. Roots of Heaven
we guarantee this leaves you confused, bewildered, and heavenly re-issue of the very rare "Xaman" CD from 1990 (most copies of this 81 SKULLFLOWER - Kino III: Xaman
were destroyed through disc rot), which had three bonus-tracks €15,00 www.dirter.co.uk
82 Destroyer
re-issue of the the Broken Flag LP "Form Destroyer" from 1989 (6 tracks), plus two rare & two previously unreleased tracks €15,00 www.dirter.co.uk
€15,00 www.dirter.co.uk
Sun Rising
rare material from various sources (1990) plus 6 previously unreleased tracks from around the same period. part IV of the 4CD retrospective series of SKULLFLOWER's early works 1986-1990 re-issue of the debut 12" from 1988 (Broken Flag), plus 6 previously 84 SKULLFLOWER - Kino I: Birthdeath
unreleased tracks by the massive guitar/psych-noisers from UK around €15,00 www.dirter.co.uk
collection of rare material from various mini-CDRs & compilations plus STEEL HOOK PROSTHESES - Cut
live material from this Texas-based death industrial project who €18,00 www.syzmicrecords.com
off the Nose in spite the Face
developed a very own dark language of sound through the years; lim. SUNS OF ARQA / MUSLIMGAUZE -
for the first time on vinyl, the outstanding MUSLIMGAUZE remixes of SUNS OR ARQA material from 1996; resequenced & remastered, €21,00 www.emotional-rescue.org
beautiful screen print cover, lim. 515 copies on coloured vinyl third full-length CD album by the ex N.T.T. - hypnotic noise-ambience THEOLOGIAN - Finding Comfort in
spread on 4 epic tracks, slowly evolving & somehow glowing emotionally from the inside, often filled with pulses, rhythmic loops, swirling harmonic €14,00 www.handmadebirds.com
overwhelming Negativity
lines and background vocals as coming from an otherworld. always dark & mysterious. so good! lim. 500 DVD digipack TREPANERINGSRITUALEN - The
super-sick & morbid death industrial with dehumanized vocals & metallic percussion from this Swedish cult act, first part of double-album (second €12,00 www.malignantrecords.com
Totality of Death
part is released by Belgiums SILKEN TOFU label); lim. 500 a collection of nine rare tracks from lost & deleted compilations, recorded 1999-2002, the follower to 'Symballein' (2010) => "unbearably beautiful 89 TROUM - Syzygie
drones, multi-layered transcendental noise, and highly atmospheric €12,00 www.coldspring.co.uk
dream-muzak"; stunning cover-artwork by ABBY HELASDOTTIR (GYDJA), re-mastering by MARTIN BOWES (ATTRITION); edition of 1000 copies the PAN(A)SONIC half returns to harsher electronic/rhythmic soundscapes - "a weird mix of ambient soundscapes and beat-heavy 90 VAINIO, MIKA - Kilo
€13,00 www.blastfirstpetite.com
industrial trance. it feels like a soundtrack to some sort of brutalist post-apocalyptic rave" [Lounder than War] the PAN(A)SONIC half returns to harsher electronic/rhythmic soundscapes - "a weird mix of ambient soundscapes and beat-heavy 91 VAINIO, MIKA - Kilo
€23,50 www.blastfirstpetite.com
industrial trance. it feels like a soundtrack to some sort of brutalist post-apocalyptic rave" [Lounder than War]; lim. vinyl version deep drones & weird animal sounds - a long one-tracker (60+ min.), VELEZ, DAVID - El Pajaro que
based on field recordings made in the Palomino region of Columbia €10,00 www.3leaves-label.com
(rainforest & jungle), especially focused on wildlife sounds. "a cultural approximation to the natural" lim. 200, full-colour cover impressive experimental/improvisational trio from London (who work always as a 'quartet' with different fourth members - this time with VULTURES QUARTET with
SCHUYLER TSUDA), creating dense & highly abstract soundscapes, using various instruments, objects & electronics, reminds on €12,00 www.zoharum.com
MORPHOGENESIS, NOISE-MAKER'S-FIFES, AMM, etc. daring stuff between noise & ambience, always changing & challenging, very 94 V.A. - 70 Years of Sunshine
compilation dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the first LSD trip through €19,50 www.monotyperecords.com
ALBERT HOFMANN => a follower to the famous "50 Years of Sunshine" from Silent Records 20 years ago, now again curated by KIM CASCONE; experimental, droney, impro, psychedelic soundscapes & tracks by: MAKOTO KAWABATA, R.A. IRISARRI, LEGENDARY PINK DOTS, ANDREW LILES, RAPOON, ROBERT WHEELER (PERE UBU), MIRT, and many, more unknown acts + nice liner notes. a must have if you are experienced !! re-arrangements of some "archetypes of contemporary music" like "Love will tear us apart", etc., re-composed by MATT HOWDEN and others, V.A. - The Post Romantic Empire
performed by an incredible gathering of musicians from the alternative €39,00
scene like JULIA KENT, DAVID TIBET, PETER HOOK, BABY DEE, ANDREW LILES, JOHN CONTRERAS, GITANE DEMONE, LITTLE ANNIE, MAJA ELLIOT, etc. etc. , beautiful edition lim. 1001 copies V.A. - Xenophone International
re-issue of three early tape releases by this Swedish label: "Final Koka" presents COSMIC OVERDOSE /
from COSMIC OVERDOSE (1980), "A Goat in a Room" by TWICE A €54,00 www.vinyl-on-demand.com
MAN (1983), and a solo-tape (1983) by TWICE A MAN member LARS FALK; comes with bonus-material, lim. 500 the following project of TERRORITMO (Italy), creating powerful ritual 97 WAKINYAN - Copal Flow
muzak with a very organic & expressive side (whispers, screams, €15,00 www.backwards.it
chants), using lots of acoustic instruments & objects.lim. 300, "a cyber soundtrack, written in the year 3046" - the revived German project created a very filmic, strangely futuristic piece with narrative 98 WARDROBE MEMORIES - The Mean
elements, almost like an experimental ear-play, gloomy & melancholic; €8,00 www.voluntarywhores.de
9th tape on the great German tape label, always using coloured MC bodies & oversized art-covers (21x21cm) with additional object inside! sound diaries based on field recordings WHETHAM made on a one year "round the world" tour, coming from a wide array of sound sources. all WHETHAM, SIMON - Un Ano
kinds of nature, object & animal sounds, various music from different €10,00 www.3leaves-label.com
cultures & actions of people. . all this truly multi-cultural sounds zipping subliminally into your mind like a long daydream. very nice ! 73 min. XIPHOID DEMENTIA - Secular
second full length (CD) album of this versatile post-industrial project, combining different styles & sources as ambient-drone, noise & field €12,00 www.malignantrecords.com
the extraordinary "Neo-Siouxsie" songwriter working together with 101 ZOLA JESUS - Versions
J.G.THIRLWELL aka FOETUS arranging a string quartet - these are new €17,50 www.sacredbonesrecords.com
the latest album by the dutch "experimental drone" project comes as a surprise, incorporating female singing & spoken voice & slow minimal €13,50 www.ant-zen.com
rhythmic elements with the typical atmospheric drones.
Explorer 7"- vinyl-series of international artists with hand- or selfmade covers 10"- vinyl concept-series SUBSTANTIA INNOMINATA ('Sing the Song of the Unknown')
home of TRANSGREDIENT Records (the Troum-label : www.troum.com) shipping-adress: Stefan Knappe Celler Strasse 33 28205 Bremen * Germany answer-phone: x49-421-7942996
www.dronerecords.de / [email protected] www.substantia-innominata.de VAT-Nr.: DE 811 790 838 payments: bank-transfer, paypal, moneybookers

Source: http://www.dronerecords.de/download/Newsflash13-09.pdf


ACUITY LAW UPDATE: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY UPDATE FOR JUNE 2013 We have enclosed below our IP update for the month of June 2013 on certain key developments in intellectual property law in India. Hope you find it interesting! The Intellectual Property practice is headed by Aishwarya Nargolkar. If you need any additional information, A. Patents please contact Aishwa

Halacha and psychological treatment dilemmas and conflicts

Halacha and Psychological Treatment Dilemmas and Conflicts Seymour Hoffman, Ph.D. Abstract Two of the many issues that present halachic-treatment problems for the orthodox mental-health practitioner are the issues of honoring parents and treatment practices, and confidentiality and religious obligations. The clinical-religious aspects of the above are analyzed and discussed, via cor

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