artist: YASMIN HERNANDEZ host: RHINA VALENTIN · Angel R. Rodriguez Sr.
· Aníbal “Andy Conga” Collazo Jr.
Aníbal “Andy Conga” Collazo Jr.
Blessing by Mexica danza troupe, Kalpulli Huehuetlahtolli followed by performances and readings by: · Sandra María Esteves, reading a “Poem to Frida.” · Dylcia Pagan, (Skyping in from Puerto Rico) · Nilbia Coyote, reading an excerpt from Frida Kahlo’s journal · Prisionera, reading “A Julia de Burgos” · Sery Colon, reading “El Regalo de los Reyes/The Gift of the Magi.” Sandra María Esteves reading, “Rio Grande de Loiza.” 2nd stop: 106th & Lex., Julia de Burgos Cultural Center 106th, between Lex&3rd, Manny Vega’s Julia de Burgos mosaic Sandra María Esteves reading, “Ya no es mio mi amor” 4th stop: 106th & Park, Graffiti Hall of Fame J.F Seary reading, “Voses para una nota sin paz” Mia Roman Hernandez reading, “Rompeolas” Sandra Maria Esteves reading, “Dadme mi numero” Maria Aponte reading, “Farewell from farewell Island” Prisionera reading, “Poema para mi muerte.” “El Regalo de los Reyes/the gift of the magi.” read by Sery colon Frida Khalo, an excerpt from her journal This year the Kings will bring you a star There is nothing more precious than laughter. It is strength to laugh and where five handsome stripes, in white and red tulle loose oneself. to be light. Tragedy is the most ridiculous thing “man” has but I’m sure that animals suffer, and yet they do not exhibit their “pain” in “theaters” neither open nor “closed” (their “homes”). and their pain is of awakening in your soul a celestial love more real than any image that any man can “perform” as painful.
-the love of country, of your island Borinquen- and so they bring you the National Ensign “A Julia de Burgos/to Julia de Burgos” read by Prisionera That same flag, that in your tranquil nest you see serenely floating each hour of the day; Already the people murmur that I am your enemy each time you touch it, give it a kiss my soul, because they say that in verse I give the world your me. They lie, Julia de Burgos. They lie, Julia de Burgos. Who rises in my verses is not your voice. It is my voice And now, ask the Kings to make for each child because you are the dressing and the essence is me; and the most profound abyss is spread between us. and Melchoir with the tender triangle of blue.
and me, the virile starburst of the human truth. You, honey of courtesan hypocrisies; not me; in all my poems I undress my heart. You are like your world, selfish; not me Rio Grande de Loiza!. Elongate yourself in my spirit who gambles everything betting on what I am. and let my soul lose itself in your rivulets, You are only the ponderous lady very lady; finding the fountain that robbed you as a child and in a crazed impulse returned you to the path.
You belong to your husband, your master; not me; Coil yourself upon my lips and let me drink you, I belong to nobody, or all, because to all, to all I give myself in my clean feeling and in my thought. to hide you from the world and hide you in yourself, You curl your hair and paint yourself; not me; to hear astonished voices in the mouth of the wind.
the wind curls my hair, the sun paints me. You are a housewife, resigned, submissive, Dismount for a moment from the loin of the earth, and search for the intimate secret in my desires; confuse yourself in the flight of my bird fantasy, and leave a rose of water in my dreams.
You in yourself have no say; everyone governs you; Rio Grande de Loiza!. My wellspring, my river your husband, your parents, your family, since the maternal petal lifted me to the world; the priest, the dressmaker, the theatre, the dance hall, my pale desires came down in you from the craggy hills the auto, the fine furnishings, the feast, champagne, heaven and hell, and the social, “what will they say.” and my childhood was all a poem in the river, and a river in the poem of my first dreams.
only my thought; who governs in me is me. You, flower of aristocracy; and me, flower of the people. You in you have everything and you owe it to everyone, pinned to the widest part of your eternal voyage; and I was yours a thousand times, and in a beautiful romance You nailed to the static ancestral dividend, you awoke my soul and kissed my body.
and me, a one in the numerical social divider, Were did you take the waters that bathed we are the duel to death who fatally approaches. my body in a sun blossom recently opened? When the multitudes run rioting leaving behind ashes of burned injustices, Who knows on what remote Mediterranean shore and with the torch of the seven virtues, the multitudes run after the seven sins, Who knows in what rainfall of what far land against you and against everything unjust and inhuman, I will be in their midst with the torch in my hand.
or perhaps, tired of biting hearts I shall be freezing in icicles! Rio Grande de Loiza!. Blue. Brown. Red. Blue mirror, fallen piece of blue sky; naked white flesh that turns black red stripe of blood, when the rain falls in torrents and the hills vomit their mud.
and peace was the sob of death that waits.
Man river, but man with the purity of river, Your shadowless wellspring will be present in you. because you give your blue soul when you give your blue kiss.
You will be in the branches of my universe Most sovereign river mine. Man river. The only man who has kissed my soul upon kissing my body.
the song of space refuged in a river.
Rio Grande de Loiza!. Great river. Great flood of tears. The greatest of all our island’s tears save those greater that come from the eyes of my soul for my enslaved people.
I’m going to make a seawall with my small happiness. . . “Ya no es mio mi amor/my Love is no Longer mine” I don’t want the sea to know read by Sandra maría Esteves why do they try tie it to immovable courses? cuts butterflies the same as morning stars, and gallops over horizons like crossing a rose bush. If the universe is an atom following my wings, why measure my warble when it breaks into song? it is myself erasing the banks of the sea, germinating my soul in my dawns of peace.
If my love no longer grazes frontiers with my spirit, what song without my life can be in my façade? It is a tune of foam at the lips of the sea.
“Voces para una nota sin paz” Read by J.F Seary Your shadowless wellspring will be present in you. What are you waiting for? Won’t you call me? You willl be in the branches of the entire universe. Have you forgotten me among the grasses, Let me sing to you like when you were mine in the fresh drizzle of the first rainstorm.
Your hand in half-moon, in half-sun and in everything Because I watched over you, wild little sister, and you know I cried in your clear cheeks.
Your shadowless wellspring will be present in you. You will be in the branches of the entire universe. But where did you leave your peace?-in every wound- Let me sing to you like when you were mine, wild little sister, like when we climbed the star that came out to sleep solitudes Let me sing to you like when you were mine, and peace was the silence of my deep wave where not one star remains? I barely endure the whole world nor the why of some hours that pass slowly in life, without leaving a sigh, To die with myself, abandoned and alone, on the densest rock of a deserted island. In the instant a supreme longing for carnations, and blew perpetual in the flute of the air.
and in the landscape a tragic horizon of stone.
You didn’t want love in a coffin of waves nor the silence left by the brief tunnel and my passion, spread, drained, dispersed. My fingers like children, watching the cloud disappear and my reason populated by immense sheets.
spikenard between two pupils that never knew My name untwisting, yellow in the branches, how to separate the echo from the shadow. and my hands, tensing to deliver me to the grasses.
fertile foot forever walking the earth.
to offer myself to the countryside with star’s cleanliness, and later fold the leaf of my simple flesh and drop without a smile, nor a witness to inertia.
23rd of September alive on the horizon of the blood that marches in supreme victory; alive in the voice of time with the scream that bites nor blanket me forever with innocent earth; alive in the great parade of all the patriots With what ferocious happiness my bones will begin alive in all the lights of all the stars; to seek little windows in the dark flesh that vibrates in each people sunk in chains; to the inclemency and alone breaking my chains! alive in the new man who fights on each front Who could detain me with useless illusions freedoms of bread and justice of ideas.
when my soul begins to complete its work, 23rd of September, alive in two brave centuries that are spread to the world from my nation’s soul; for the fragile worm who will knock at my door? alive in the great and valiant Puerto Rican lament Each time smaller my defeated smallness, that drips through the lips of the wild palms; each instant grander and simpiler the surrender, my breast perhaps will roll to start a rosebud, that travels the countryside with foreign hordes; perhaps my lips will nurture white lilies.
alive in all the dead, alive and untiring that each day are reborn in sacred protests.
What shall I call myself when all that is left is to remember myself on the rock of a deserted island? In the sublime scream of Feliú and Suárez Diaz A carnation between the wind and my shadow, Who initiated the light of the heroic era son of mine with death, will call me poet. --in the five infinite sepulchers of life which like pikestaffs rise from the breast of Rio Piedras who rose to the ethereal overflowing with strength, --in the sacred Palm Sunday of auroras of a homeland left to bleed but never undone of The Saints” and “Salsa Lessons”. “Andy’s” residency at The Borgata who fell calling and kissing a star.
Casino (since 2003) in Atlantic City brought opportunities to perform 23rd of September, alive in all the living alongside Wyclef Jean, ?uest Love and Tommie Lee to name a few. In that aspire and dream of the tender Republic . addition, he’s a member of up and coming Afrobeat outfit, Underground --the potent and latent Republic of Lares; 23rd of September!, liberation of my land! Alive in the always alive frenzy of the steadfast Who lift the Puerto Rican cross to the sky; Sery Colón is an actor, narrator, producer, and Event Coordinator. He is also the founder of Agüeybaná Productions . In 1997 Channel 5’s Good Day New York chose Sery as New Yorker of the week. In October 2008 That in Borinquen drives the voice of Independence: under Agüeybaná Productions Sery produced, developed and directed a Alive in all the jails, bewildered and cold poetic and musical event entitled ¡Alabanza! Corretjer, commemorating the 100^th anniversary of the birth of Puerto Rican national poet Juan Alive in Albizu Campos, solitary among suns Antonio Corretjer with poets, singers, musicians and dancing. Sery Who from himself walks to the world that awaits him. played the leading role in the music vido “Apariencias”, by the band 23rd of September, holy and forever alive, Navegante. In November, 2010 Sery was the artictic director of the and screaming in heroes across the earth.
emotional event “Lolita Lebron a Commemoration of Her Life”. Tonight Sery will read Julia de Burgos’ poem, “El Regalo de los Reyes/The Gift of the Magi.” maria Aponte: Performance Artist/Playwright Originally from Mexico, Nilbia Coyote has been living in New York for two Born and raised in New York City’s East Harlem, (El Barrio) Maria has years. She holds a BA in Political Science and International Relations worked extensively in Latino Theatre. She has performed in various and recently graduated in NYU’s Wagner School with a Masters in Public theatre productions; and videos that dealt with racial discrimination, Policy and Non Profit Administration. She has worked as a researcher, women’s rights in theatre and film. Maria wrote and performs her one- analyst and advocate on topics such as property rights in indigenous woman show Lagrimas de Mis Madres; a biography of the women in her communities, social movements and land conflicts in Mexico; family. Ms. Aponte also wrote and performs a performance piece based transparency, governance and accountability in the progressive Federal on the life of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, Mexico’s first feminist poet and Agency of Transparency and Access to Public Information in Mexico City playwright called I Will Not Be Silenced. Maria performs nationally for and immigration issues such as deportation and reintegration policies in various conferences, colleges and universities. She has read her poetry/ Mexico, labor certification programs for undocumented migrants in the prose at: The Writing Center at Marymount Manhattan College, Fordham US. With her passion for Mexican politics and history, this evening Nilbia University, Duke University, Clarion University, Vassar, NYU, Middlebury will read an entry from Frida kahlo’s journal about the power of laughter College, The New York Public Libraries, and The Nuyorican Poet’s Café. and the need to persevere when facing pain and struggle.
She has been published in the Marymount Review, the literary magazine of Marymount Manhattan College. Studied at Iowa University Summer Writer’s Workshop and, holds a BA in English Literature from Marymount Whether singing on Telemundo, performing on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam, Manhattan College. In March of 2000, Lagrimas de Mis Madres was or appearing in History Channel docudramas, modern day renaissance published by Marquette University and Western Michigan University in woman Caridad De La Luz “La Bruja” refuses to be put in a box. Her Caribe Revista de Cultura y Literatura.
humanitarian spirit has never faltered throughout her career, facilitating In April 2010, Maria was awarded The Vagina Warrior Award by R. writing workshops for inner-city youth, while performing internationally Evolucion Latina’s V-Day Español at the Nuyorican Poets Café. Currently and even modeling for Levis in Glamour and Marie Claire. La Bruja is Maria works at Fordham University in Career Services and pursing her the author of the highly successful musical “Boogie Rican Blvd.” NY Masters Degree in Latin American & Latino Studies.
Times called Caridad “a juggernaut” and raved about the musical in two separate articles during its one month run. La Bruja has recorded 3 solo albums and has been featured on recordings with Afrika BamBaataa, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Tony Touch, Vivian Green, B-Real of Cypress Hill, Jungle Aníbal “Andy Conga” Collazo, was born and raised in New York City Brothers, Dan Zanes, Hurricane G, Joell Ortiz, Chingo Bling, Don Dinero, by Puerto Rican parents. “Subway seats, mailboxes and car fenders were my first instruments!” says the Bronx native who studied Afro-Caribbean music and its roots at Harlem’s Harbor Conservatory for The Performing Arts with Jonny Almendra, Jerome Goldschmidt and Greg Askew. He was also taken under the wing by boogaloo legend Johnny Sandra María Esteves, visual artist and poet, known as The Godmother Colon and late Cuban master, Luis Andíno. Currently, Aníbal’s mentoring of Nuyorican Poetry, has published several collections of poetry and with master drummer Angel R. Rodriguez. Friends /percussionists has been practicing non-violent, artistic communication and cultural Antonio M. Rodriguez and Juan Gerena Jr. were also instrumental in evolution for the past 40 years. One of the first Dominican Boricua his development. Aníbal began performing as a founding (and active) Nuyorican women to publish a recognized volume of poetry in the member of the Rock en Español group SOULSA. His love for Indy film led United States, she is the recipient of numerous awards and fellowships him to recording credits in several films; “Taino”, “Vote for Me”, “Rhythm including: a Pregones Theater/NEA Master Artist Award, 2010; The Edgar Allan Poe Literary Award from the Bronx Historical Society, 1992; and a Poetry Fellowship from the New York Foundation for the Arts in 1985, Transnationalism, Diaspora. She is also the editor of Hispanic Caribbean among others. For more info, to read her poems and view her art go to Literature of Migration: Narratives of Displacement (Palgrave 2010) HYPERLINK “http://sandraesteves.com/” sandraesteves.com. Sandra will be sharing a poetic tribute to Frida Kahlo. Puerto Rican poet Prisionera is the author of two poetry collections, “Mi Brooklyn born, Puerto Rican artist Yasmin Hernandez’ work is rooted Corazon” and “Puro Ritmo y Patriotismo.” She follows in the traditions in struggles for personal, spiritual and political liberation. Known for of Julia de Burgos as a poet and as a member of the Puerto Rican exploring social justice themes, Yasmin received an Artist/ Activist of Nationalist Party. Her patriotic poems speak of Puerto Rico’s political the Year award in 2006 from Art for Change. Her project Bieké: Tierra realities past and present. Today Prisionera will be sharing a piece by de Valientes explores the people’s fight against the US Navy, militarism Julia de Burgos entitled “A Julia de Burgos” or “To Julia de Burgos.” Much and contamination on Vieques island. With support from the National like Frida Kahlo’s painting “Las Dos Fridas” Julia’s poem reflects this Association of Latino Arts and Culture, The Puffin Foundation and the conflict of duality, seemingly dividing into two selves, a confined woman Center for Puerto Rican Studies, the project debuted at Vieques’ Museo of society and a liberated self who watches over her other half. Fuerte Conde de Mirasol in 2009. Working with the premise that the personal is political, recent projects borrow from the artist’s own life experiences to make connections to the greater human struggle for Born in Bayamón Puerto Rico and raised in The South Bronx, Angel has survival and liberation. Inspired by the natural homebirth of her son, dedicated his life to preserving and sharing our music and culture. a recent project explores the liberation of the birthing experience from Through his skills and knowledge as a master percussionist and an over-medicalized, male-dominated birthing industry. Channeling educator, Angel continues to teach (for the past forty fours years) and her family’s spiritist heritage to explore the transcendence of spirit, inspire future generations with great passion and desire. He has led another recent project provides healing after the recent loss of her workshops at The Point (South Bronx) such as “Living Legends” and brother to cancer. Yasmin attended the LaGuardia High School of the Arts “Mambo to Hip Hop”. Angel played his first gig at the age of 13. Since in Manhattan and earned a BFA in Painting from Cornell University. She then, he’s performed/recorded with countless artists including Junior has exhibited at the Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning, El Museo del Gonzalez, Paquito Guzman, Hector Tricoche, Tito Puente, Lalo Rodriguez, Barrio, el Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, among others. She has lectured Orlando Marin, Dave Valentin, Lionel Hampton, Hilton Ruiz, Wynton at various campuses throughout the United States and Puerto Rico and Marsalis, Billy Taylor, Dizzy Gillespie, Carlos “Patato” Valdez, Martha her paintings can be found in collections at Columbia University, Oberlin Wash, Vanessa Williams and many, many more. Angel’s currently College, the Center for Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College and the working on his highly anticipated debut album “La Timba De Ayer”. University of Texas at Austin. More information on her work can be found on her website www.yasminhernandez.com. mia Roman Hernandez: Art By mia, inc.
Mia Roman Hernandez is an internationally recognized self taught visual and Mixed Media Artist, Curator, Designer, and Educator whose Dylcia Pagán was the first Puerto Rican Woman TV producer in New visual works have been exhibited and are part of private collections in York City and has also worked as a writer and filmmaker developing London, Mexico, Nevada, California, Florida, Puerto Rico and throughout investigative documentaries and children’s programs at NBC, ABC, CBS, the United States. She published her first limited edition poetry book and PBS. In 1978 she established a film and photography school in East in 2009 simply titled “ A Path Paved in Words “ She has performed her Harlem and was subpoenaed to a grand jury concerning the arrest of poetry in such places as the famous Nuyorican Poets Café in NYC, The her then companion, William Morales. At the time of his arrest Dylcia was Notice Lounge, World Culture Open and at several visual arts galleries three months pregnant and refused to testify becoming a Grand Jury and lounges throughout the US. Her paintings reflect spirituality, culture, Resister. Sometime in 1979 she went underground with her son and humanism, reality and speak of advocacy for women and current was arrested in 1980, charged with Seditious Conspiracy for fighting events, while her jewelry designs embody the beauty of nature and for the Independence of Puerto Rico. She was sentenced to 63 years the divine Goddess within. She currently teaches Mixed Media Art at of imprisonment in state and federal facilities in the US. When she was The Children’s Art Carnival in NYC to youth. Mia, Founder of Art by Mia arrested in 1980, her young child, whose safety she feared for, was and Chamaca Arts a creative forum for Women has curated several hidden from the government. He was sent to Mexico where he was shows in and out of the NY area including but not limited to … Visions raised in the safety of a loving adoptive family. This difficult experience of Puerto Rico, Latinas En Foco, Women’s Journey, United for A Cure, is the subject of the award winning documentary that aired nationally FEMICIDE, FAREWELL SILENCE which was a global collaboration of over on PBS in1999, “The Double Life of Ernesto Gomez Gomez.” That same 200 women sharing their voices through pen and paper and Most year Dylcia Pagan was released from prison after serving almost 20 recently Afro Latino American Crossroads. Her works have appeared years for fighting for the Independence of her homeland Puerto Rico. She in numerous exhibitions and reside in many private collections locally has since beens been residing in her native Puerto Rico where she was and internationally. Mia Roman Hernandez a self taught Artist and received by thousands of supporters as a national hero. Vanessa Perez Rosario, Ph.D. is an assistant professor of Puerto Rican J.F. Seary poet/actor/educator has been writing and performing her and Latino Studies at Brooklyn College, City University of New York. Her poetry for over ten years. Her performance career began at Binghamton research focuses on Latina feminism and cultural migration. She is the University. Since then she has performed at the Nuyorican Poets author of the forthcoming book Becoming Julia de Burgos: Feminism, Café, the Bowery Poetry Club, Cemí Underground, 5C Cultural Center, and other venues. She has performed her poetry around the country including Los Angeles, Chicago, Orlando and Providence. Her poetry has been published in La Voz, a Binghamton University publication and the Sofrito for Your Soul online publication. She is currently a member of the NYC Latina Writers Group and Fantastic Experimental Latino Theater’s Fantastic Latina Playwright’s Lab and she is on tour with Urbintel Productions’ HerStory. She currently resides in New York City and is very excited about participating in the Soldaderas Mural Opening, ashe. www.
“La Reina” Rhina Valentin“La Reina” Rhina Valentin is a jane-of-all-trades in the arts and entertainment industry. Her positions as an artist include working as a Producer, Director, Performance Artist, Emcee, Comedic Actress, Dancer, Writer, and an Arts Educator. She is a 2007 BRIO Award recipient for Best Actress, 2006 UAI recipient in performance arts and 2005 Hola Award Recipient for Outstanding Female Performer in a Featured Role. The Village Voice crowned her “DIVA” in 2000 and Siempre Newspaper proudly granted her the title “La Diva de el Barrio”. Her most recognizable written works have been featured in the 2007 Latina Poets Festival at The Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre and Latinas Don’t PMS at The World Famous Apollo Theater in 2006. As an Actor Rhina is recognized for her role as Reina in HBO‘s “Betty La Flaca“. Since 2006, Ms Valentin has been the Host of talkshow “Open” which airs Live every Friday on Bronxnet Channel 67. Valentin most recently has accomplished legitimizing her Production company La Reina Del Barrio, LLC. She has produced and created: Diva Attack! (March 2001), Mirrors (March 2002) co-written with Sandra Rodriguez and Metrogroove (March 2003) later presented by The Point (June 2004).
She has also had much success with her original piece OHMen co-choreographed by Awilda Sterling-Duprey, accompanied by the celebrated Dominican/Haitian Band Palo Monte. It opened in 2004 at the Baad! Ass Women Festival was later presented at Hostos Center for the Arts and Culture (March 2005) and was televised by award winning local cable show Bronxlive (August 2005). Her pride and joy is that of being a Theatre Arts Director/Producer/Instructor of 5th-8th graders at CIS 166 for The Children’s Aid Society, since 2005.

Source: http://www.eastharlempreservation.org/docs/SoldaderasMuralProgram.pdf

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