Annual Influenza Vaccine Consent Form-FLU SHOT and NASAL SPRAY
Section 1: Information about Child to Receive Vaccine (please print)

month_________ day________ year __________
Section 2: Screening for Vaccine Eligibility
Please mark YES or NO for each question.

The following four questions will help us to know if your child can get the seasonal influenza vaccine. If you
answer “NO” to all of them, your child can probably get the influenza vaccine. If you answer “YES” to one or
more of the following questions, your child may be able to get the seasonal influenza vaccine, but we will contact

you to discuss your options.
1. Does your child have a serious allergy to eggs? 2. Does your child have any other serious allergies? Please list: _________________________________________________ 3. Has your child ever had a serious reaction to a previous dose of flu vaccine? 4. Has your child ever had Guillain-Barré Syndrome (a type of temporary severe muscle weakness) within 6 weeks after receiving a flu vaccine?
There are two kinds of seasonal influenza vaccine. Your answers to the following questions will help us know which of the two
kinds of vaccine your child can get. If you answer “Yes” to any questions, your student will receive injectible.
1. Has your child gotten vaccinated with any vaccine (not just flu) within the past 30 days?
Vaccine: ___________________________________ Date given: month______day_______year___________ 2. Does your child have any of the following: asthma, diabetes (or other type of metabolic disease), or disease of the lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, nerves, or blood? 3. Is your child on long-term aspirin or aspirin-containing therapy (for example, does your child take aspirin every  day)? 4. Does your child have a weak immune system (for example, from HIV, cancer, or medications such as steroids or 6. Does your child have close contact with a person who needs care in a protected environment (for example, someone who has recently had a bone marrow transplant)? Section 3: Consent
I have read or had explained to me the 2010-2011 Vaccine Information Statement for the seasonal influenza vaccine and understand the
risks and benefits.
I GIVE CONSENT to Polk County Public Health and its staff for my child named at the top of this form to be vaccinated with this
vaccine. (If this consent form is not signed, then your child will not be vaccinated)

I DO NOT GIVE CONSENT to the Polk County Public Health and its staff for my child named at the top of this form to be
vaccinated with this vaccine.

Signature of Parent/Legal Guardian ________________________________________________________ Date: month______day______year___________
Section 5: Vaccination Record

Date Dose
Vaccine Manufacturer
Lot Number
Name and Title of Vaccine Administrator


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