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EGH3 News Issue 308 November2010

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Run 1009
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Two Left Feet and
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19 December 2010
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01 January 2011
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16 January 2011
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Alan and Brenda
30 January 2011

The Mismanagement

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In Memoriam Mike Mandeville
Conjure up an image of Mike Mandeville and more than likely it will be one of him throwing back his head and laughing. He did this more than most because he loved life more than most. The old optimist/pessimist test didn’t work on Mike - for him the glass was half full even when it was completely empty. This was especially true when he was travelling. I was fortunate enough to spend time with him (and later on, with him and Patsy) on some of his overseas jaunts - in India, in Thailand and in Australia. You could not wish for a more easy-going companion. When our accommodation turned out to be unrecognisable from the promotional literature, Mike would shrug and find an enjoyable distraction in the surrounding bars and restaurants. For him it was still an experience, notwithstanding its low quality, and his ever-present positive attitude cheered anyone who needed cheering. He never lost his curiosity about the world; he loved long journeys of exploration, and he gave setbacks and advances equal weight in his pursuit of enlightenment. Perhaps it was inevitable that his gentleness of approach to all things and all people would lead him to become a Buddhist. It was something I hadn’t realized about him at first because he got on with it quietly. He never forced his beliefs on anyone, never condemned their opposing views, he simply acted with the good manners of the consummate gentleman that he was. It then becomes hard to explain how he blended in with the rough and tumble of Hashing. I can’t; but nobody in the Hashing community can deny that he belonged with the best of them. Was it because he met the “half a mind” standard of qualification by being delightfully bonkers? His performance on the dance floor might have led you to believe that. It was as unrestrained and exotic as his demeanour off the floor was calm and considered. Did Patsy have something to do with it? Throw away the old notion of opposites attracting. When Mike met Patsy it was a meeting of minds. Since we already knew Patsy was delightfully bonkers, the fact they instantly found their soulmate in each other goes to reinforce my theory about Mike’s mental shape. Let me pose another question. Has anyone seen a couple draw more pleasure from each other’s company? For me they were a beacon, and I hope others gained as much encouragement as I did from watching them wring happiness out of life together. A few years ago Mike and Patsy asked to borrow a tiny house I’d inherited in France. They insisted on paying rent for the months they’d be there, and I accepted enough to cover the bills – or so I thought. They set off for France in their Smart car, that ridiculous contraption which is nothing more than the front half of a real car. They set off with all their possessions miraculously crammed into it – via Russia, of course (see above: bonkers). By November they’d reached the Lot valley and settled in. The first electricity bill arrived on my mat in January – for 960 euros. “Mike, check the meter, EDF have really cocked up”. EDF hadn’t. My guests were the first to spend winter in the house, in sub-zero temperatures, with no insulation whatsoever, in a country where you burn your furniture rather than switch on electric heating. They’d just proved it. A few weeks later Mike and I were at the nearest bricolage buying rolls of rockwool. These things were two metres long and foil wrapped. By opening the tailgate of the Smart car and jamming in three rolls together, you could drive off while gripping the ends from the passenger seat even though five foot projected straight out the back. It looked like a version of the space shuttle moving horizontally along the country lanes and it drew astonished looks from the villagers. It was beneath my dignity to react, but Mike waved cheerily to all and sundry. And that was the point. Mike and Patsy knew them all. To be kind about our intrepid Hashers’ grasp of the French language, you could only describe it as limited, and of the 400 souls in the village, none spoke English. But Mike and Patsy had immersed themselves in village life, going to bingo nights, the library, coffee mornings, flower arranging, fetes, fairs, anything that said sociability - and the whole village held them in high regard. After their stay, I was always asked how Pat-see and Mee-shel were doing. My next visit will be the one on which I break the news about Mike. Others have their own stories of Mike’s affability. There was no need to search them out while we believed we’d draw fresh material from the years ahead; but all that changed on EGH3 News Issue 308 November2010

October 30th when the supply ended and memories suddenly became more precious. Some
of those memories were recounted aloud by members of the congregation at the Buddhist
ceremony held on November 6th - our farewell to Mike Mandeville. For my part the stories
were doubly moving as I learned how varied and far-reaching this man’s impact had been in
yet another of the communities that he graced.
The ceremony took place in the entrance hall of Anner Castle where a year earlier 20
members of EGH3 had enjoyed Mike’s hospitality. His coffin stood silently on the spot where
we had piled our beers. We would never again hear his words, but surely he was sending a
silent message that his departure warranted the downing of just a few more pints. At least
that’s what I want to believe.
Blue Suit

Run Reports

The Old Oak Inn, Caneheath,
W) to be found on the run was
Sunday 7 November 2010
have enough flour to lay SCB?
Bagman and Meths
EGH3 News Issue 308 November2010
Everyone drank to the fond
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