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Integrated ABPM and Pulse Wave Analysis underlines I.E.M.'s
technology leadership

Stolberg (Germany): I.E.M. announced to launch their integrated pulse wave
analysis (PWA) Solution as an upgrade to their well proven ambulatory 24-hour
blood pressure monitoring system Mobil-O-Graph NG. This new feature has
been developed together with ARC (Austrian Research Centers) and once
again underlines I.E.M.'s claim as technology leader in the field of hypertension

For the accurate diagnosis of hypertension, measurements of blood pressure as well
as the analysis of pulse wave are crucial. As a first result of the cooperation with the
Austrian Research Centers - Austria's largest research organization for applied
research – I.E.M. has integrated pulse wave analysis algorithms with their well known
ambulatory blood pressure monitor device (Mobil-O-Graph NG®). Until now, pulse
wave devices were (due to their high cost) previously reserved exclusively for
hospitals. Thanks to the I.E.M. technology, the PWA cost has come down far enough
to make this diagnostic available to cardiologists, internists and general physicians
and thus a large number of patients as a standard diagnostic procedure.
Previously it was assumed that the blood pressure on the arm reflects the pressure in
other parts of the body. But studies show that the pressure measurement to the aorta
by the simple standard method of measuring blood pressure, supplemented by the
pulse wave, is a more accurate and more appropriate method to find a better
prognosis for the blood pressure therapy and control of hypertensive patients. To
manage arterial hypertension and diagnose potential damage of the arterial system
early, the European Society of Hypertension Congress in 2007 strongly
recommended the analysis of pulse wave as part of the evaluation of hypertensive
The implementation of pulse wave analysis in the standard diagnostic protocol for
hypertensive patients is the logical result of the outcome of the Conduit Artery
Functional Evaluation (CAFE) study. Despite similar brachial systolic blood pressures
within the study results, amlodipine-based treatment was more effective than
atenolol-based treatment at lowering central aortic systolic blood pressure and
central aortic pulse pressure, which were proven to closely correlate with the
probability of future CV events among study participants.
I.E.M. GmbH - Cockerillstr. 69 - D-52222 Stolberg - Germany All I.E.M. devices provide their collected data via the Bluetooth communication standard to a mobile phone or modem without user interaction necessary. In accordance with the high European standards of data security and encryption, the information is transferred automatically via the mobile phone network to an electronic medical record. Medical Doctors and patients are able to receive alerts via e-mail, facsimile, letter or short message service SMS. About I.E.M.
I.E.M. GmbH, founded 1993 in Stolberg/Germany, is a worldwide recognized specialist for blood
pressure management, sensor and communication technology, e-health databases and electronic
medical records. The product range focus is on medical monitoring equipment for weight, long term
and mobile blood pressure measurement. I.E.M. cooperates with patient care givers and health
insurance companies in several countries. The latest product, a PWA analysis solution was jointly
developed with the Austrian Research Center in Vienna. More than 40,000 Medical Doctors and
500,000 patients worldwide trust in I.E.M. products and solutions.
For more information contact:
I.E.M. GmbH

Cockerillstr. 69 - D-52222 Stolberg, Germany Tel: +49 2402 95 000 - Fax: +49 2402 95 00 11 Internet: I.E.M. GmbH - Cockerillstr. 69 - D-52222 Stolberg - Germany


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