011 E.MAlumni Board 2.0 e­meeting (12 Jan 2013, 14 h CET) – Meeting Notes
Attendees: Corinna, Cristiano, Iva, Krisztina, Lynn, Monika, Sofia Adoption of the Agenda: The agenda is centred on the finalisation of the organisation of t ○ GC arrivals: one participant (Anastasiya) is not able to come b ○ Accommodation: 14 confirmed rooms at Villa Cipro as of 12 Jan 2013○ Catering ■ Career Day coffee breaks will be informal (coffee machine at the Monastery)■ Fri Evening Networking event: there are two options associated with different costs: pizza at the monastery or at the airport. A form for the Masterini (Cristiano to prepare and send to Angela).
○ We need to remind current students (Masterini) about the GA. Corinna will reach out to Angela to make sure that the current students are informed and will beattending to the extent that they are still available at the end of the semester.
○ All EIUC staff have been invited.
■ Prof. Benoir-Rohmer and Prof. Marrella won’t be able as they have another commitment elsewhere. We will record and play a video welcome message
by Florence (Corinna to contact FBR before this Tuesday).
■ Angela Melchiorre (E.MAlumna and E.MA P and is looking forward to delivering the welcome speech.
■ Marco Baldan (Global Campus Project Manager) was invited to deliver a welcome speech during the GC AAs launch and a presentation at the GCmeeting.
○ Representatives from the Venice authorities and the EU institutions have not ○ Cristiano to ask Alberto Tositti to produce an arrival chart for all BMs
○ Registration Desk (Two or more board members will be at the desk)
○ Welcome Speeches (Cristiano & Lydia to prepare and circulate a draft)
011 E.MAlumni Board 2.0 e-meeting (12 Jan 2013, 14 h CET) – Meeting Notes | Page 1 of 2 Increase welcome speech time in the agenda (Cristiano)
Ensure coffee & snacks for early arrivals (Corinna)
Status quo of the E.MAlumni Assocition: Cristiano and Lydia mke a
general introduction and each bord member presents a project as

● Fundrising (Lynn)
● E.MAhubs and E.MAmbassador (Monika)
● E.MAlumnInTheField (Sofia)
● E.MArrivals Project (Cristiano)
● E.MAg + E.MAday Project (Corinna)
● Career Service (Iva)
● E.MA Mentoring Programme (Lydia)
■ Pilot progam of E.MArrivals will launch this year- Cristiano will prepare a
GDOC tor E.MAlumni and E.MA students. He will ask Angela to
circulate it among the sudents.

○ GC Individual presentations (Cristiano will email GC reps)
○ Working Group Discussions: e
Community Building (Sofia & Monika, Lynn)
Career Services (Lydia, Iva)
Institutional Strengthening (Cristiano, Corinna)
Monika, Iva, (Krisztina - remotely)
Board Development - Software Developer Update ● The Board is on the way to select a Software Developer and to proceed with bureaucracy.
● Four candidates have been shortlisted for interview● Two candidates out of the four have been shortlisted and Krisztina is contacting the references provided for these two candidates.
Email candidates with a status update (Cristiano)
Use Board 2.0 vs. B
oard 2.1 i
xisting d
ocuments (Cristiano w
forum to explain)
Next Board Meeting: Jan 20 (Sunday) at 1:30 pm CET 011 E.MAlumni Board 2.0 e-meeting (12 Jan 2013, 14 h CET) – Meeting Notes | Page 2 of 2

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