c. sept from third ventricle by pars art c. left bronchus is wide & obtuse than right 6. physiological calcification is seen in Physiology
11. Ca+2 metabolism organs do not take part Biochemistry
16. all are used for separating protein acc to size d. SDS poly ceramide gel electrophoresis 20. phopholipid in cell have following functions except 24. True about genes coding for light & heavy chains d. site of action of restriction endonuclease Pathology
30. all of the following pigments are seen in hepatocytes except 31. von vil ibrand disease is diagnosed by c. monoclonal proliferation of B cell in matured state d. monoclonal proliferation of B cell in early stage 43. Following are true of Sarcoma botyroides c. associated with DES consumption in pregnancy 44. Thrombotic microangiopathy most likely resembles Pharmacology
47. in acute severe asthma which can be given to induce sleep 54. methicil in resistant staph is treatment by 55. Drugs used in attention deficit disorder Microbiology
58. young male presents with diarrhoea and pus cells, following causes b. less no of spores sufficient for pulmonary anthrax c. primarily disease of carnivorous animals d. mac fadyen reactions is characteristic capsular swel ing reactions 62. staphylocci found in stools in large number in 63. culture of causative organisms from lesion can be done from b. meningoccus from skin lesions (pustules) a. decreased T cells in paracortial areas of lymp node Forensic
d. bruising and ecchymosis below the ligature mark Medicine
76. two important test in a patient with polyuriaand polydipsia 79. least diff between systolic BP of both limbs that is abnormal 86. what occurs in CPR,injuries seen in al except 99. ineffective erythropoiesis is seen in Pediatrics
c. prolongation of physiological jaundice maintained body proportion with decreased bone maturity Ophthalmology
Advantage of posterior capsule preservation in ECCE staphylococcal blephritis causes all except to reduce infection after cataract surgery best method is Anesthesia
b. blood patch is treatment of choice at initial stage recurrent laryngeal has an abberent course d. between the branches of inferior thyroid e. Secretory otitis media is a present in adults True about syphilis congenital from present as snuffles Radiology
e. Opportunistic infection with TB , P.carini c. opportunistic infn with TB , P. carini rights of children are protected by article c. 48
d. 42
insulin resistance is increase in pregnancy in presence of progesterone withdrawal bleeding indicates breast conserving surgery CI in all except sphincter saving operation in Ca rectum is CI in al except 30 yr old hypotensive patient comes in shock USG shows splenic tear treatment Mn b. single dose of ciplox is treatment of choice b. ligation of sapheno femoral perforation c. flush ligation of sapheno femoral junction varicose surgical treatment is indicated if Schul er Duval inclusion bodies found in long standing gastric outlet obstruction causes perforated peptic ulcer treatment includes in traumatic transection of ent femoral A and vein c. repair of A & contralateral sympathectomy in ulcerative colitis malignancy is mostly likely in b. present of crypt abscess with cell abnormal cytology in strangulated inguinal hernia investigation done is all except which of the following arise in epiphysis c. mild degree in children needs no treatment Osgood shel er syndrome osteochondritis of mallet finger is due to avulsion of extensor tendon of Dermatology

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Chronic kidney disease - not diabetic - Management Scenario: Testing for chronic kidney disease Definition Chronic kidney disease is said to be present when there is persistent impairment of kidney function, or evidence of kidney damage (such as proteinuria or haematuria) or structural abnormality of the kidney. Worsening renal impairment is associated with a wide range of complications


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