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Pharmacy Technician

RESPONSIBLE TO: Team Leader, Pharmacy
Our Vision:
NMDHB’s vision is to work with the people of our community to promote,
encourage and enable their health, wellbeing and independence.
Our Values:

Respect - We care about and will be responsive to the needs of our diverse
people, communities and staff.
Innovation -
We will provide an environment where people can challenge
current processes and generate new ways of working and learning.
Teamwork -
We create an environment where teams flourish and connect
across the organisation for the best possible outcome.
We support an environment which expects openness and honesty in
all our dealings and maintains the highest integrity at all times.

Providing a customer focused Pharmacy service with best practice guidelines
achieving optimal outcomes, under supervision.

J:\Human Resources\JOB DESCRIPTIONS\WAIRAU\Pharmacy\Pharmacy Technician - Generic October11.Doc 1. Provision of Pharmaceutical • Maintain imprest stock levels on designated wards
by conducting checking against the specified list. Issue stock to departments, pick, pack and deliver goods and have pharmacist/technician check the • Make seasonal increases and decreases to imprest • Participate in all rostered duties of the pharmacy department as designated by the team leader. • Re-pack medicines according to Ministry of Health, Pharmacy Services Standard and as per pharmacy policies and protocols. • Dispense prescriptions and medication charts to ensure operational running of the dispensary. • Dispense clozapine*, methotrexate* and • Undertake “second checking” of pharmacist • Complete patient medication cards (Yellow Cards)*. • Maintain records of Section 29 medication for 2. Controlled Drugs
• Controlled drug weekly stocktaking on a rostered 3. Clerical Responsibilities
• Photocopying, filing, data entry, answer telephones • Arrange submission of monthly prescription batch. 4. Chemotherapy (assigned
• Generate chemotherapy and sterile drug orders position)
(e.g. Infusor Pumps) for the purchasing assistant. • Dispense incoming chemotherapy (adult and paediatric oncology and haematology) to specific patients. • Print patient biochemistry and blood counts for • Liaise with oncologists, haematologists and oncology nurses to organise patient charts and times. • Paediatric chemotherapy (including intrathecal) – liaise with paediatric chemotherapy nurses. • Pharmaceutical Cancer Treatment (PCT) Claiming • Add required information (e.g. special authority) to • Advise business analyst monthly dollar claim J:\Human Resources\JOB DESCRIPTIONS\WAIRAU\Pharmacy\Pharmacy Technician - Generic October11.Doc • Upon claim return, send information to finance and check “line by line” matches payment. • Monitor incoming chemotherapy pricing to ensure • Keep up to date with changing chemotherapy prices • Delivery of chemotherapy to clinics and wards. • Manage the weekly methotrexate patient dispensing, ectopic methotrexate and fluorouracil eye syringes. • Manage the bladder mitomycin and eye mitomycin • Manage the morphine and baclofen syringe orders. • Manage compassionate supply dispensing (nilotinib • Maintain chemotherapy drug file on pharmacy system (Windose) using pharmaceutical schedule, pharmaceutical company price lists and other reference material. • Load new chemotherapy drugs for both Nelson and • Check stock expiry for chemotherapy drugs on a • Unpack incoming chemotherapy drug orders • Provide advice on chemotherapy spill training (in conjunction with the oncology pharmacist). 5. Maintenance of Stock
• Unpack drug orders on a rostered basis. • Participate in regular pharmacy stock takes. • Assemble and dispatch checked internal and • Maintain systems for disposal of waste from 6. Quality Assurance
• Adhere to the objectives set in the Pharmacy • Monitor and document pharmacy fridge • Carry out ward fridge temperature audits. • Complete Pharmacist on-call statistics. • File and send pharmacy monthly reports to finance. • Participate in the annual hospital wide fridge • Actively participate in service quality improvement activities and in relevant training programmes. • Adhere to all Hospital Policies and Procedures. • Adhere to all Pharmacy Policies and Procedures. 7. Personal Development
• Participate in pharmacy department staff meetings. • Identify and pursue opportunities for developing • Actively seek feedback from colleagues about J:\Human Resources\JOB DESCRIPTIONS\WAIRAU\Pharmacy\Pharmacy Technician - Generic October11.Doc 8. Internal & External
• Effective communication and liaison with others is Networks
facilitated including: Medical staff, GPs, General Managers, Heads of Department, external agencies. • Liaise with designated wards (e.g. Nurse Managers) • Intra-departmental effective communication is essential. Maintain harmonious interpersonal relationships with colleagues. 9. General
• Other duties as negotiated with your Manager. • May represent and carry out the duties of the Health • Organise archiving of Pharmacy documents via • Provide cover for other technicians when they are • May be required to travel between hospital sites to • Meet obligations contained in Appendix 1. *subject to completion of training program J:\Human Resources\JOB DESCRIPTIONS\WAIRAU\Pharmacy\Pharmacy Technician - Generic October11.Doc PERSON SPECIFICATION:
QUALIFICATIONS: • NZ National Certificate in Pharmacy (Technician), or working towards it • Sixth Form Certificate or NCEA Level 2 (including Maths) desirable • Current driver’s license EXPERIENCE: • Relevant word processing/data entry experience is essential • Experience of MS Office 2007 applications essential. • Previous experience in the Health service, especially pharmacy an advantage • Previous Pharmacy Management System experience (Windose) KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES: • Ability to be accurate and precise in record keeping • High standard of oral and written communication skills. • Competent keyboard and computer skills PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES: • A high level of personal initiative, and motivation and ability to work without • Be able to work/liaise closely with staff at all levels of the organisation. • Ability to work under pressure, constantly prioritising as deadlines change. • A person of integrity who will respect the confidentiality and sensitivity of the • Pleasant disposition, sense of humour and ability to work with a high degree of • Be versatile, innovative and able to accept change. • Must have a knowledge and empathy for bi-culturalism • Committed to providing a quality service. J:\Human Resources\JOB DESCRIPTIONS\WAIRAU\Pharmacy\Pharmacy Technician - Generic October11.Doc APPENDIX 1
General Responsibilities of an Employee of Nelson Marlborough District Health

Professional Responsibilities
As an employee of Nelson Marlborough District Health Board you are required to: Maintain any qualifications, including registrations and practising certificates, Keep yourself up to date on knowledge, best practices and legislation relating to Make a personal contribution towards effective and efficient working relationships within your team and with other NMDHB departments. Ensure you carry out your work in a way that is customer-focused and meets In conjunction with your manager, identify your own training needs and plan to Manage your own time and prioritise your work effectively. Legislation, Regulations and Board Policies
You are also required to be familiar with and adhere to the provisions of: all Board, hospital and department policies, the “Employee Obligations” which accompany the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board’s Disciplinary Policy and Procedures. Risk Management
You are also required to:
Support and promote actions and initiatives in your work area which enable risks to be identified and eliminated or reduced. Be especially aware of those risks which have high cost or safety implications. Complete an accident/incident report for any accident, incident or near miss Respond to complaints according to appropriate policies. Occupational Health and Safety
You are also required to:
Carry out your work in a healthy and safe manner. Encourage and assist others to work in the same way. Report and rectify any unsafe workplace conditions/practices. Complete an accident report for any accident or injury which has taken place at work, ensuring, in the case of injury, that your supervisor or manager is notified within 24 hours. Co-operate with, support and promote occupational health and safety actions and Read and understand the health and safety manual, any relevant chemical Keep your knowledge of identified hazards up to date. J:\Human Resources\JOB DESCRIPTIONS\WAIRAU\Pharmacy\Pharmacy Technician - Generic October11.Doc Security
You are also required to:
Wear your identification badge at all times when on site or when carrying out Notify Human Resources of any changes required for your ID badge. Report any suspicious or unusual occurrence to the security officer, orderly or Complete an incident report for any incident which has or might have compromised the safety of staff, patients and visitors. Confidentiality
Adhere to the Privacy Act 1993 and the Health Information Privacy Code 1994 and subsequent amendments in regard to the non-disclosure of information. Strict confidentiality of patient, applicant and employee’s information is 7. Quality Improvement
Employees should participate in quality improvement processes in their area of

8. Treaty of Waitangi
Nelson Marlborough DHB is committed to its obligations under the Treaty of As an employee you are required to give effect to the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi, Partnership, Participation and Protection.
9. Smokefree
Nelson Marlborough DHB is a Smokefree Organisation. This applies to all staff and contractors working within NMDHB buildings, grounds and vehicles. Staff are also obliged to comply with the policy and ensure all visitors, patients and others are informed of the policy. It also applies to Nelson Marlborough DHB staff employed on Board’s business in the community. Signed:……………………….……………. Date:…………………… J:\Human Resources\JOB DESCRIPTIONS\WAIRAU\Pharmacy\Pharmacy Technician - Generic October11.Doc Appendix 2
The preferred candidate is required to complete a Pre-Employment Health
Questionnaire. The table below outlines the tests to be carried out - depending
on the nature of the position applied for.

Information to include in job description
No person with active pulmonary or laryngeal tuberculosis (TB) is allowed to be at work in NMDHB Staff who expect to have contact with patients or infectious materials must have assessment of previous TB exposure at the time of employment No person who is susceptible to hepatitis B is allowed to have contact with patients or human materials (e.g., blood) unless they have taken part or agree to take part in a blood-borne virus education, prevention and vaccination program No person colonised or infected with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is allowed to enter clinical areas1 (except IDSS, Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol services) or work in the microbiology laboratory No person with a skin condition that by virtue of its site and type could be an infection risk is allowed to have contact with patients, food, microbiology samples or sterile items No person who is susceptible to measles or rubella is allowed to No person susceptible to varicella-zoster virus (chickenpox) is allowed to have contact with newborn babies or pregnant women No person who has detectable hepatitis B e antigen or high levels of hepatitis B virus DNA in their serum is allowed to undertake or assist with exposure-prone surgical procedures2 1Clinical areas include those areas where patients undergo assessment, diagnostic investigation or treatment, such as wards, outpatient clinics, Rural Health Centres, Radiology, the Renal Unit, operating theatres, long-stay hospital-level care facilities, Physiotherapy and other allied health worker areas, Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol inpatient, outpatient, or community services 2Exposure-prone surgical procedure = a procedure where there is the potential for direct contact between the skin (usually finger or thumb) of the health care worker and sharp surgical instruments, needles, or sharp tissues (spicules of bone or teeth) in a blind or highly confined anatomic site such as a body cavity or in poorly visualised and/or confined body sites. Such sites include body cavities encountered during emergency and trauma procedures, abdominal, cardiothoracic, obstetric/gynaecological, orthopaedic and oral surgery J:\Human Resources\JOB DESCRIPTIONS\WAIRAU\Pharmacy\Pharmacy Technician - Generic October11.Doc


The legal framework applicable to practices of pharmaceutical companies

The Legal Framework Applicable to Practices of Pharmaceutical Companies With Respect To Parallel Trade Cleary Gotlieb Steen & Hamilton, Brussels As you know, Articles 81 and 82 are the EC Treaty provisions that pharmaceutical companies must watch when dealing with parallel trade. Article 81 does not apply to unilateral conduct, but it does apply to agreements and concerted practice


Resolution of Upper Gastrointestinal Symptoms Associated With Chronic Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug Therapy has a Positive Impact on Patient-Reported Productivity Peter Wahlqvist,1 Klas Bergenheim,1 Göran Långström,1 Jørgen Næsdal1 1Clinical Science, AstraZeneca, Mölndal, Sweden Table 1. Productivity results for all patients at baseline and for responders/non-responder

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