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Annex II:
N e g a t i v e L i s t o f P e s t i c i d e s ( W H O I a + I b )
World Health Organisation classifications

The WHO classification measures acute toxicity. FAO recommends that WHO Ia and Ib pesticides should not be
used in developing countries, and if possible class II should also be avoided. Not that a ‘weaker’ formulation will
move these active ingredients into a lower hazard classification.
Extremely Hazardous
Highly Hazardous

Reference: The WHO Recommended Classification of Pesticides by Hazard, 2002-2002 Annex III:

List of pesticides and chemicals with carcinogenic potential

These pesticides and chemicals should not be used in cut flower, fern, plants and foliage (based on EPA List dated January 22, 2007) 1) Acetochlor 52) Heptachlor 53) Heptachlorbenzene (HCB) Annex IV:

Additional prohibited Pesticides and Chemicals

A) PAN Dirty Dozen and PIC-Pesticides (Prior Informed Consent)


B) Gaseous or volatile Fumigants (WHO Table 8)

1 Aluminium
Annex V: Wildlife Toxicity of Pesticides
A) Toxic to Fish
Acetochlor, Alachlor, Aldicarb, Aldrin, Allethrin, Amitraz, Azamethiphos, Azinphos-methyl, Azocyclotin, BAP, Benzfuracarb, Bifenox, Bifenthrin, Bromadiolone, Bromophos, Bromophos-methyl, Bromoxynil, Butylate, Cadusafos, Captafol, Captan, Chlordane, Chlorethoxyfos, Chlorfenvinphos, Chlormephos, Chlorpicrin, Chlorothalonil, Chlorpyrifos, Cloethocarb, Copper Oxychloride, Copper Oxide, Cyanofenphos, Cyhalothrin, Cypermethrin, Dazomet, DDT, Diazinon, Dichlofenthion, Dichlofluanid, Dichlorvos, Diclobutrazol, Diclofop-methyl, Dicofol, Dieldrin, Dienochlor, Difenoconazole, Dinobuton, Dinocap, Dinosep, Dinoterp, Diphenylamine, Dodine, Drazoxolon, Edifenphos, Endosulfan, Endothal, EPTC, Esfenvalerate, Ethion, Ethoprop, Fenbutatin-oxide, Fenoxaprop-ethyl, Fenpiclonil, Fenpropidin, Fensulfothion, Fenvalerate, Fludioxonil, Fluvalinate, Folpet, Fonofos, Heptenophos, Jodfenphos, Malathion, Maneb, Mephosfolan, Metam-Sodium, Methasulfocarb, Methomyl, Methylisothiocyanate, Monocrotophos, Naled, Niclosamide, Nitrofen, Oxadiazon, Oxamyl, Oxyfluorfen, Parathion, Parathion-methyl, PCNB, Pendimethalin, Permethrin, Phosalone, Phosmet, Pirimiphos-methyl, Promecarb, Prometryn, Propachlor, Propargite, Propiconazole, Prothiophos, Pyrazophos, Quizalofop-ethyl, Resmethrin, Rotenone, Sodium arsenite, Tebufenpyrad, Tefluthrin, Terbutryn, Tetramethrin, Thiophanate-methyl, Thiram, Thiodicarb, Tralomethrin, Triazophos, Tribufos, Triflumizole, Tolylfluanid, Zineb.

B) Toxic to Bird

Aldicarb, Aldoxycarb, Aldrin, Azamethiphos, Azinphos-ethyl, Cadusafos, Carbofuran, Chlorethoxyfos,
Chlorfenvinphos, Chlorpyrifos, Demeton-S-metyhl, Diazinon, Dicamba, Dichlorvos, Dimethoate, Dinobuton,
Dinoseb, Diphacione, Drazoxolon, Endosulfan, EPN, Ethoprop, Fensulfothion, Fonofos, Formetanate, Isazofos,
Lindane, Metaldehyde, Methamidophos, Mevinphos, Monocrotophos, Oxydisulfoton, Parathion, Parathion-
methyl, Phorate, Phosphamidon, Phoxim, Pirimiphos-methyl, Propaphos, Sodium arsenite, Thiodicarb.
C) Toxic to Bee
Abamectin, Acephate, Azinphos-ethyl, Bacillus thuringiensis BT, BAP, Bifenthrin, Bromophos-ethyl, Carbaryl, Carbosulfan, Chlorfenvinphos, Chlormephos, Chlorpyrifos, Cloethocarb, Copper sulfate, Cypermethrin, DDVP, Deltamethrin,Demeton, Demeton-S- methyl, Diazinon, Dichlorvos, Dicrotophos, Dieldrin, Dimethoate, Dinobuton, Dinoseb, Dinoterb, DNOC, Esfenvalerate, Ethron, Etrimfos, Fenitrothion, Fenpropathrin, Fensulfothion, Fenvalerate, Fonofos, Heptachlor, Heptenophos, Jodfenphos, Lindane, Malathion, Mephosfolan, methamidophos, Methidathion, Methomyl, Mexacarbate, Monocrotophos, Naled, Omethoate, Oxadiazon, Oxamyl, Oxydemeton-methyl, Oxydisulfoton, Parathion, Parathion-methyl, Permethrin, Phenothrine, Phenthoate, Phosmet, Phosphamidon, Pirimiphos-methyl, Promecarb, Pyrazophos, Quinalphos, Resmethrin, Tetrachlorvinphos, Tetramethrin, Thiometon, Tralomethrin, Triaziphos, Triflumuron. Ref: Crop Protection Handbook 2004


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